20 Reasons Why the Agriculture Sector Is Seen As Critical to Russia’s Economy

What does legendary investor Jim Rogers know about the Russian economy that Washington’s sanctions hawks ignore? RogueMoney regular contributor London Paul had the answer back in February 2017 — agro-business has been booming across Russia, in part thanks to Moscow’s counter-sanctions on EU food stuffs that have boosted domestic producers.

Back on June 6, 2017 when he was promoting his new book “Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets” the 74-year-old Alabama-raised Singapore resident sat down in New York with Fox Business Network’s Mario Bartiromo and said he’d just returned from the 2017 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), where he dined with Putin. Rogers says Chinese investors and tourists are boosting a steady Russian recovery from the lows of late 2014 and early 2015.

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Dying petrodollar could spell disaster for the Fed as they try to dissolve their balance sheet

When Janet Yellen spoke at the last FOMC meeting, she reiterated the central bank’s desire to begin drawing down their balance sheet after close to 8 years of stimulus and bond buying.  However, those who pay attention more to actions than from words understand that until the Fed actually begins to start selling their bond holdings, talk from the central bank is little more than the same rhetoric they used when promising a rate hike back in October of 2013, and then never instituting one until two years later.

Yet for just this instance let us take Yellen’s words as truth this time, and expect that the Fed will begin drawing down their balance sheet slowly sometime by the end of the year.  And this leads us to ask the unspoken question of…

Who will buy these bonds?

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Putin-Trump Bringing Progress to Syria, War Party Responds by Escalating Against Trump

With Trump’s [election] victory, the “globalist” neo-cons who ran both the Bush and Obama administrations, moved to prevent this challenge to their control over policy.  With networks in British intelligence taking the lead, the narrative of “Russian meddling” became the weapon they wielded against Trump.  This story, concocted by British GCHQ and MI6 officials, was then spun by Bush-Obama networks in the intelligence community and spearheaded by former FBI Director Comey, former CIA Director Brennan and Director of National Intelligence Clapper, and has dominated Trump’s presidency from Day One.  

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Trump’s War on Pedophiles Just Went Hot

It’s so refreshing, for once, to see a piece of quietly passed legislation that is actually something positive instead of nefarious. Don’t hold your breath waiting for CNN or the N.Y. Times to alert you to the fact that your president just strapped on his Terminator gear and has sallied forth in his war on human traffickers. Not just one, but three bills are on their way to the Senate. Read on for a preview of HR 2664, HR 2480, and HR 2200.

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Trump/Putin Post G20 — Early Results

RogueMoney reader ‘DP’ of Kansas emailed us asking the Russia Analyst’s opinion of the first Trump/Putin meeting at the G20 in Hamburg. A week has passed, and we still haven’t made up our minds — is the glass half full, with real U.S.-Russia detente now possible as our friends Harley Schlanger and especially London Paul would suggest? Or is the glass half empty and broken spilling its contents to the floor, as our friend The Saker and his acquaintance former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts concluded? The one thing that is certain — since the ill-advised and false intelligence based Tomahawk missile strike on Syrian government forces in April, the Kremlin and Russian people can only evaluate the Trump Administration on the bases of actions, not words.

Clearly, Putin and Trump spending four times their scheduled allotted time together at the G20 was a positive sign, and some would say, given the fits of Russophobic hysteria seizing Washington, a minor miracle. Now comes the follow up that will determine if Trump actually can deliver anything positive from the American side, or the first baby steps toward ending Cold War 2…

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Pope Francis

Regime Change in Dens of Iniquity

A rash of scandal has suddenly befallen the Vatican at the highest levels of power. While we may cheer at the apparent indications that those who would harm children are finally being flushed out, a larger agenda may also be at play as the global financial system marches towards inevitable upheaval. What is the relationship between sacerdotal orgies and the global economic reset? As usual, it’s always about blackmail and regime change. And the Holy See is just as susceptible to it as any other sovereign.

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Exclusive Interview with Marco Zanni and Harley Schlanger

The Guerrilla sits down with good friend Harley Schlanger and Marco Zanni who is a MEP in the European Union Parliament to talk about the disastrous economic policies of the ECB, bank failures in Italy and the rise of nationalism throughout the EU hegemony. Marco details such key important details like the recent failures of Monte Di Paschi Bank, how Europeans really view Trump and the United States and what is being done in the EU parliament in relation to the New Silk Road, China and Russian relations. This is an information packed interview, DON’T miss it.

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US Business Isolation Is In The House, It’s Only A Matter Of How Much And How Long

The US business isolation handwriting is on the wall. And the news broadcast of the above trade deals with a primary emphasis on media sales & marketing from the msm, in a high level form of promoting MSM (media sales and marketing) is more proof of US self isolation. How can you call it “self,” WG? It’s “self” because if we are right on top of our business/economic global trade game, especially with the vast natural resources we have at our disposal, then this news conference would have had three figureheads at the table, not two! A high price will have to be paid to get back to our normal game, with quality levels of business output, and then a possible reintroduction to the heads of table in key global trade deals.

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Persian Gulf – Black Sea Corridor Strengthens Iranian Ties in the Region

The Black Sea is a highly strategic body of water that is located in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, bounded by Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. It is also connected to the Mediterranean through the Sea of Marmara and to the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait.

Once fully implemented, the Persian Gulf – Black Sea corridor is an opportunity which will bring regional countries closer to each other and decrease transportation costs of commodities. In addition, the project will also lead to cooperation between Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Iran also sees this as an opportunity to improve relations with Georgia.

It was further stated that the transport corridor will transport goods from India, Iran and some Gulf countries to Europe and it is believed that the corridor will contribute to “the reconciliation of the people”.

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Trump Has Set the Stage For Russia-China-U.S. Cooperation for Development

There is unquestionably an upsurge of anger in the U.S. at the attempt to overthrow President Trump, and at the Russophobia which is at the center of that effort. This anger can and must be turned into optimism, based on the fact that the new Russia-China-U.S. cooperation provides a basis for bringing the United States back to its historical role as a “Beacon of Hope” to the world, rather than its role under Bush and Obama as a tool of Wall Street austerity and British neo-colonial warfare.

Lyndon LaRouche, in the same conference call yesterday, said that to bring this to fruition, there must be a national movement, an organized process to deal with the ongoing breakdown of the nation’s financial institutions and the decrepit infrastructure of our nation.

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