Washington Post’s #TrumpRussia Hysteria, as Seth Rich-Wikileaks Connection Confirmed

Just when the Russia Analyst thought we could turn to writing about Vladimir Putin’s piano playing at the One Belt One Road summit in China, along comes more manufactured #TrumpRussia ns! hysteria, courtesy of CIA’s old/new favorite mouthpiece, the Jeff Bezos blog known as The Washington Post.

Conveniently enough for the Democratic wing of the dirty deep state, this #fakenews story coincided with a report that would’ve been buried, were it not for a Trump ally and suspected informal counselor in the guise of the Internet’s headlines aggregator in chief Matt Drudge: confirmation from a private investigator and former DCPD detective hired by Seth Rich’s family, that the DNC staffer was in touch with Wikileaks before he was murdered.

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Computer held hostage by WannaCry

Was WannaCry Worth It?

Don’t you just hate it when the NSA keeps things to themselves? And then somebody finds out about it and turns that secret into an ugly prank? Who’s to blame: the hackers, the government, Microsoft, or hapless computer users who just didn’t feel motivated to plod through those annoying software updates? Read on to find out how the WannaCry brush fire got extinguished last weekend accidentally.

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The X Files of Turkey & US: The Conflict Is Out There

This is a guest post from our good friend Sophie Mangal from Inside Syria Media Center.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on May 12, 2017, that the U.S. support of the Syrian Kurds harms the strategic relations between the two countries. He explained his position on the issue by the fact that such terrorist organization as the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) is extremely dangerous for Turkey.

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RMR: Exclusive Interview with “Digicrypt” (05/12/2017)

Digicrypt is a Steemit Blogger and freelance writer. His work covers cryptocurrency, financial technology(FinTech) and economics. He is a cryptocurrency advocate who believes in financial independence and security. He hopes to aid in the effort of bringing cryptocurrency and decentralized censorship resistant systems to the people, with an emphasis on the STEEM blockchain.

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French Rope-a-dope: Macron’s agenda shows he may actually be a puppet of the Rothschilds rather than the assumed tool of Germany

During the final debate between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron leading up to the runoff election, Le Pen made an interesting observation that may end up being one of the best political rebuttals in all of 2017. And her response to the moderators was that no matter who wins, France would be ruled by a woman… either her, or Angela Merkel.

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Amidst Comey Firing Furor, Trump Hosts Lavrov

One day after he fired FBI director James Comey for incompetence and covering for the Clinton crime family, President Trump hosted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the White House. For the NeverTrumpers, and the #TrumpRussia ns conspiratrolls both paid and unpaid, and neolibcon Beltway bandits ranging from the Democrat Chuck Schumers to the GOP McInsanes, it was like boosting one upraised middle digit from POTUS to the Deep State Swamp with another.

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Kingdom of Crime

Sixty years ago, Congressman Keating warned that the breakdown of the Department of Justice would be one of the first signs of a totalitarian coup having taken place. Financial fraud researcher John Titus has taken great pains to explain how such a coup d’etat is already in progress within the United States. It’s almost too coincidental that his words are ringing in our ears even as we sit and watch the farce that is FBI Director Comey and whatever is the latest distractionary scandal du jour to be paraded in front of the sheeple.

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As retail investors capitulate after eight years of avoiding equities, insiders cheer as they now have useful idiots to dump their shares on

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This of course is a famous axiom that has acted as a reminder to people to always be aware when someone seeks to get you to perform an action that deep inside you know isn’t good for you.

And for eight years following the stock market crash of 2008-09, this has worked well for the retail investor who was fooled the first time in 2000 when the Dot Com bubble burst, and then a second time when they let down their guard to be a part of a stock market that grew from the artificially spun housing bubble.

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