Race Against Time to Create Computer of the Future Requires a Quantum Leap

Russia is making efforts to create a quantum computer. Late last year, two leading Russian quantum computing research institutes, the Russian Quantum Center and the MISiS National University of Science & Technology, also announced a joint project known as Quantum Center.

Also last year, Russian corporation Rosatom, the Foundation for Advanced Studies and the Ministry of Education and Science signed onto a joint three-year project on the development of a quantum computer.

In a recent interview, Dr. Chad Rigetti, a former member of the IBM’s quantum-computing research group and now the CEO of his own company, Rigetti Computing, stated that “computing superiority is fundamental to long-term economic superiority, safety and security.” According to Rigetti, the US must have a strategy that views quantum computing as a way to regain American superiority in high-performance computing.

But according to military observer and RIA Novostu contributor Ilya Plekhanov, “it is believed that investments into the development of quantum computers by companies such a Microsoft, Intel, IBM, D-Wave and Google make the US the leader in this field. But such confidence may be deceiving.”

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RT Documentary “Soft Occupation” About Washington’s Dominance of Germany

In April 2016, a study was conducted, exclusively for the Zeit newspaper which stated that the refugee programme could cost Germany up to 400 billion euros. The results of the study, carried out by the Mannheim Centre for European Economic Research suggested that the economic impact of the refugee crisis largely depends on the degree of the economic integration of the refugees. A government report at that time suggested that Germany might expect to receive as many as 3.6 million refugees by 2020, with about half a million people arriving each year until that time.

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20 Reasons Why the Agriculture Sector Is Seen As Critical to Russia’s Economy

What does legendary investor Jim Rogers know about the Russian economy that Washington’s sanctions hawks ignore? RogueMoney regular contributor London Paul had the answer back in February 2017 — agro-business has been booming across Russia, in part thanks to Moscow’s counter-sanctions on EU food stuffs that have boosted domestic producers.

Back on June 6, 2017 when he was promoting his new book “Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets” the 74-year-old Alabama-raised Singapore resident sat down in New York with Fox Business Network’s Mario Bartiromo and said he’d just returned from the 2017 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), where he dined with Putin. Rogers says Chinese investors and tourists are boosting a steady Russian recovery from the lows of late 2014 and early 2015.

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Persian Gulf – Black Sea Corridor Strengthens Iranian Ties in the Region

The Black Sea is a highly strategic body of water that is located in Eastern Europe and Western Asia, bounded by Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. It is also connected to the Mediterranean through the Sea of Marmara and to the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait.

Once fully implemented, the Persian Gulf – Black Sea corridor is an opportunity which will bring regional countries closer to each other and decrease transportation costs of commodities. In addition, the project will also lead to cooperation between Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Iran also sees this as an opportunity to improve relations with Georgia.

It was further stated that the transport corridor will transport goods from India, Iran and some Gulf countries to Europe and it is believed that the corridor will contribute to “the reconciliation of the people”.

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Germany’s Pivotal Moment in History

Despite its position of prominence within the EU, Germany has paid a huge price given it remains to this day a vassal state of Washington. Merkel is now deeply unpopular with both commerce and lawmakers, not least given that Germany has thousands of companies with a presence in Russia who have been hit by the economic sanctions imposed by the EU with regards to the Ukraine and the Minsk 2 agreement. Furthermore it should be noted that Russia has a strong presence in Germany, which has equally been affected by these sanctions that were a dictat via Washington.

In recent months we have seen evidence of a split within the political ranks within Germany…

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The #Kremlin’s Indifference to the US Grows Ever More Apparent

According to [White House National Security Adviser H.R.] McMaster, one of the top priorities of the US President’s trip is to develop a common approach to Russia and he added that Trump wants the US and Russia to have a more constructive relationship.

However, Putin stated earlier in June that while the US and Russia maintained dialogue across international platforms, the foundation of mutual cooperation had been ruined, placing bilateral relations at “the lowest point since the Cold War.”

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#ISIL – Target #Russia @TheSiriusReport

Under the direction of President Vladimir Putin, Russia is striking out against ISIL in Syria, and their actions have further intensified the hostilities of the terrorist group. Instead of structuring their retaliatory aggression against the West, ISIL now considers Russia their number one enemy, and they’re determined to launch a series of devastating attacks on the Russian homeland. ISIL fighters have their sights set squarely on cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, and they claim to have sleeper cells fully embedded and at the ready.

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London Paul on the Saudi-Qatar Crisis 06/12/2017

Regular Rogue Money guest The Sirius Report’s London Paul talks the Saudi-instigated crisis with Qatar and how it is backfiring on Riyadh. The Monday Mornings with V and CJ Show provided a preview of London Paul’s in-depth analysis of the power shift in the Mideast toward Qatar’s ally Turkey and the Qataris’ expanding ties with Iran, which is sending Doha food amidst a failing Saudi blockade of the gas-exporting peninsula’s only land border.

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