W the Intelligence Insider, RM Radio 03/03/2017

W the Intelligence Insider, a veteran extraordinaire of the covert operations to hasten the demise of the Soviet Union during the (mostly) peaceful conclusion to CW1 in the 1980s, joins the Guerrilla for over an hour of hardcore analysis. W brings up during the first ten minutes not only the infamous hot mic episode where then President Barack Hussein Obama promised Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ‘more flexibility’ after Obama’s reelection in 2012, but also a seldom discussed incident when U.S.┬áSenator Obama was delayed in transit to the AfPak theater during a mid-2000s refueling stopover in Russia. Obama’s history as a CIA operative in Operation Cyclone-era Pakistan, and the ‘Purple’ colored revolution shenanigans of George Soros and Obama running a ‘shadow White House’ blocks from the real thing, as well as the coming comeuppance for certain McCainiac GOPe saboteurs of Trump’s agenda are also discussed.

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