Southfront Global Changes Chillout Mix and London Paul’s 2016 Year in Review

Listen to a concise 20 minute length audio summary of geoeconomic shifts in 2016 from UK citizen and RogueMoney guest London Paul, who sums up the rise of the New Silk Road/One Belt One Road (OBOR) as the biggest shift of the year.

London Paul also discussses the Panama Papers, the failed mid-July CIA-backed coup in Turkey, Hillary Clinton and the globalist cabal’s defeated regime change campaign in Syria, the internal crisis of Saudi Arabia and its rebuffed aggression in Yemen, and the stunning Brexit/Trump victories. London Paul also discusses the acceleration of dollar dumping and Russian/Chinese gold accumulation and Beijing’s global leadership role.

London Paul concludes with the Russia, Turkey and Iran talks in Astana, Kazakhstan — without the participation of the USA/EU — to end the war in Syria, and with hints that tactical and strategic nuclear missiles as we’ve known them for the last sixty years possibly being neutralized via Russia’s game changing direct energy weapons. This month’s revelations of last summer’s shockingly errant and embarrassing Trident SLBM test of the United Kingdom’s aging missile force in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida being a widely discussed speculative example of this purported phenomenon…


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Team RogueMoney Inauguration Day Special with X22 Report’s Dave, SGT Report’s Sean, Perpetual Assets, Ken Schortgen Jr., BanksterSlayer, The Prince, and W the Intelligence Insider

In case you missed it live on 20 January 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern time: listen to V the Guerrilla Economist and Producer CJ host Dave of the X22 Report, Sean of the SGT Report, Team Rogue Money’s The Prince, Ken Schortgen Jr., Deb “BanksterSlayer” Caruthers and W the Intelligence Insider for hard hitting analysis of American/global history in the making. — JWS

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Team Rogue Money Radio, Friday the 13th January 2017

V the Guerrilla Economist hosts Ken Schortgen Jr., Deb @BanksterSlayer Caruthers, and W the Intelligence Insider to discuss the major economic shocks coming in the rest of 2017, including the global bond market crisis of negative interest rates, the rollout of blockchain technology through EuroClear and SWIFT. Ken reveals that known CIA front USAID was involved in India’s chaos-inducing war on cash experiment, and also asks how gold and bitcoin prices would move if just one percent of the currency invested in bonds sifted into precious metals and the borderless, non-central bank controlled cryptocurrency. V also mentions the global 6.2 billion who are either unbanked or underbanked, from Africa to the New Silk Road slated nations of former Soviet Central Asia, and the decentralization of the Internet and crypto-currency transactions. – JWS

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Bradley C. Birkenfeld is the most significant financial whistleblower in history and the author of Lucifer’s Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy, (November 2016). As an international private banker he exposed how UBS, the world’s largest bank, helped ultra-wealthy Americans commit billions in tax fraud. His bombshell revelations cracked the impenetrable fortress of Swiss banks, proving that offshore financial institutions systematically aided clients’ tax evasion, corruption and terrorist activities. His case triggered monumental changes in banking laws, the federal tax code and international tax treaties.

In 2005, despite a thriving career spanning Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank and UBS, Birkenfeld could no longer keep silent about bank-enabled tax fraud. When UBS rejected his concerns, he turned to the U.S. authorities. Though jailed for 30 months, he was soon vindicated with a record-breaking IRS reward: his work had enabled the U.S. Treasury to recover $15 billion in back taxes, fines and penalties. The case set off a domino effect of international investigations into offshore banking’s secret crimes, including the Panama Papers and much more. Now retired, Birkenfeld is a philanthropist and supports whistleblowing efforts worldwide…(author bio/book page)

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