Solutions Sunday: Dark Triad Man, Cryptocurrency Guru Chris Dunn and Solutions Matter Youths

What sets Team RogueMoney apart from other new media outlets is not only the breadth of its geoeconomic analyses, but also the focus on practical solutions and entrepreneurial spirit for ordinary people. In case you missed them, here are some recent interviews addressing these topics from Dark Triad Man author Ivan Throne, Jack Caroselli and Robert Jones of Solutions Matter, and bitcoin Skill Incubator Chris Dunn. — JWS

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London Paul on RM Radio, 02/06/17: Geoeconomics On the Trump Train

London Paul discusses President Donald J. Trump taking on the Establishment and opposition in the U.S. courts, efforts to sabotage DJT by the federal bureaucracy and education institutions that could be subject to funding cutoffs. London Paul also looks at who will be funding #MAGA re-industrialization, the financial ties that bind Washington to Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia, with the latter now subject to humiliating Yemeni ballistic missile strikes reaching all the way to the suburbs of Riyadh.

London Paul also says that Iran with Western technology is capable of producing crude at prices comparable to or cheaper than Saudi output, with tremendous implications for Trump’s plans to create American jobs via drill, baby drill stateside and or the House of Saud’s imploding finances. London Paul believes Washington’s bipartisan desire not to see a massive Saudi dollar dump may be behind the belligerent rhetoric towards Tehran we’ve been seeing from National Security Adviser Gen. Michael T. Flynn and others, but the Saudi Royals are teetering toward the abyss anyway. He also discusses how the Trump Administration is trying to balance Turkey’s fears of the Syrian Kurds with the need to crush ISIS in cooperation with Russia, a policy Vice President Pence refused to back away from during interviews with the legacy press. With SecState Rex Tillerson quietly backing off his confirmation hearing rhetoric toward China, and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s behind the scenes meeting after denouncing Moscow with Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin in New York, there are signs that a Trump thaw in great power relations may be on the way (despite fierce bipartisan neocon opposition in Congress and the legacy media). — JWS

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V and London Paul of the Sirius Report Announcement

V the Guerrilla Economist and London Paul of The Sirius Report announce they will be doing a weekly program on the RogueMoney YouTube channel around 10 a.m. EST/3 p.m. GMT. Full access to and five podcasts per week of ten to fifteen minutes each in length is available for a monthly subscription of $4.75 a month (click on the Premium Content page to subscribe). Joining the public Facebook list and subscribing to the email update alerts is free.


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