With China’s Belt and Road conference, few noticed the AIIB added another 7 nations to its coalition

The Belt and Road Forum had both Russia’s President Vladimir Putin meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping on the progress of the Silk Road project, and on other programs the two leaders of the BRICS coalition have underway. And while the U.S. chose to send only a token representative to this historic conference, an interesting thing occurred outside of the Forum that signals the continuing global movement away from U.S. hegemony.

And that event was the acceptance of seven more countries into the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB), which brings the total now to 77 nations signed up for China’s version of the IMF.

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French Rope-a-dope: Macron’s agenda shows he may actually be a puppet of the Rothschilds rather than the assumed tool of Germany

During the final debate between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron leading up to the runoff election, Le Pen made an interesting observation that may end up being one of the best political rebuttals in all of 2017. And her response to the moderators was that no matter who wins, France would be ruled by a woman… either her, or Angela Merkel.

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As retail investors capitulate after eight years of avoiding equities, insiders cheer as they now have useful idiots to dump their shares on

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This of course is a famous axiom that has acted as a reminder to people to always be aware when someone seeks to get you to perform an action that deep inside you know isn’t good for you.

And for eight years following the stock market crash of 2008-09, this has worked well for the retail investor who was fooled the first time in 2000 when the Dot Com bubble burst, and then a second time when they let down their guard to be a part of a stock market that grew from the artificially spun housing bubble.

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President Trump’s Inner Circle looking more like a group of ‘Hollow Men’

One of the biggest problems with filling a Presidential cabinet with older politicians and generals is that they are extremely limited in being able to see and adapt to a changing world. And while the eventual rise of Vladimir Putin in Russia helped that country to progress and thrive because they cast off the trappings of the former Soviet Union for productivity and international cooperation, the U.S. has remained trapped in a ‘Cold War’ mentality which has been run for the past 30 years by a group of what we might term, ‘Hollow Men’.

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It’s finally come… Wall Street wants your 401K

Ever since the U.S. financial system came hat in hand to beg taxpayers for a bailout back in 2008, it was only a matter of time before either Wall Street, or the government, would seek to find a way to steal the $19 – 25 trillion Americans have in their myriad of retirement accounts. And not withstanding Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s attempts to connive individuals into shifting their 401K’s and IRA’s into government backed debt, most retiree’s money has been relatively safe over the past eight years since the Fed was providing enough ‘stimulus’ to feed the hunger of the banks and hedge funds.

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