Yes Social Justice Cold Warriors, It’s All True — поздравление агент Дональд Трампа! за Родина!

A special message from James the Russian Analyst to snowflake Social Justice Cold Warriors, junk pic selfie attention whoring ex-spooks and ‘former’ Mossad consulting wannabe spooks Glenn Becking in their Illinois attics — yes it’s all true. Donald J. Trump really is the Siberian candidate, and Kanye is his Soviet spawned sidekick who was secretly birthed somewhere in Brighton Beach. Or did ya’ll think Kanye likes large derrièred Armenian women because he wasn’t actually conceived in the USSR? — JWS

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Putin: Authors of ‘ex’ MI6 ‘Swindler’s Dossier ‘Worse Than Prostitutes’, Southfront Video on the Geoeconomics of Russophobia

Earlier this week Russian President Vladimir V. Putin said during a news conference with Moldovan President Igor Dodon that the authors of the so-called ‘dossier’ on the germa-phobe Donald Trump cavorting with hookers on a urine-stained mattress in Moscow are ‘worse than prostitutes’. Putin also implied in reply to a long question from a reporter for that some of the same people (Soros cough cough) who backed the February 2014 Maidan coup d’etat in Kiev are now seeking to de-legitimize Trump by similar means as what they used against former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Whether Putin’s statements can be interpreted as a heads up warning from Putin to his soon to be negotiating partner in the White House that Maidan-style orchestrated street violence and attacks on police will accompany Trump’s inauguration is up to interpretation. What we do know is that the Russians are not only denying that they meddled in the November elections to help Trump, but pointing the finger at other foreign powers (Ukraine cough cough but also Germany) whose leaders either used their taxpayer resources to support Hillary or actively campaigned for her (on top of President Obama’s meddling in the choice of the British people prior to the Brexit vote, which went against Obama’s wishes).

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Rumors of War with Russia, Part 12: Tanks Alot Obama for the Parthian Shot in Poland

In ancient Persia the Parthian shot was associated with fierce horse mounted archers who could feign retreat, then pivot on their galloping steeds to let loose a fusillade of deadly arrows. As lame duck Barack Hussein Obama prepares to leave the White House, quite probably convinced by his own agitprop campaign that those hacking Russians cost his fellow Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton the White House, Poland is the scene of a Parthian shot involving a highly visible surge of American armor and artillery.

The alternative or new media is certainly joining the legacy media in hyping the deployment alongside Fox News Channel headlines such as ‘Knocking on Russia’s Door’ — for a brigade stationed at Zagan, far closer to Germany than to Russia’s Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad which borders northeastern Poland to the east — though other battalions will be deployed to the Baltics much closer to Russia. While ‘debunkers of Russian propaganda’ nitpick that ‘Kremlin TV’ like Rossiya report 3,000 total U.S. vehicles being shipped in the NATO deployment rather than the 2,500 mentioned in Stars and Stripes (with around 4,000 American soldiers), the fact is Obama is deliberately leaving Trump with yet another obstacle — this one a heavily armored one that’s politically difficult to withdraw — to the U.S.-Russia detente The Donald has advocated.

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Happy Old New Year! Reagan-Gorby Style Reykjavik Summit Denied by Trump Spokesman Sean Spicer

Late Saturday night, Zerohedge cited Bloomberg reporting that Donald J. Trump’s first trip abroad as President would be to the Icelandic capitol of Reykjavik, where President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary (later President) Mikhail Gorbachev famously held a summit putting ALL nuclear arms issues on the table between the USA and USSR in October 1986. However, according to President elect Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer the reports which also included the Washington based newspaper The Hill were false — although the Icelanders told Russia’s TASS news agency they were ready to host such talks. Trump’s first trip abroad as president has yet to be announced and may not be until after Friday’s inauguration. 

The timing of the reports comes days after The Washington (Langley mouthpiece) Post David Ignatius accused Trump’s National Security Adviser, who did not require Senate confirmation, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn of improper communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak. According to the WaPost’s intelligence ‘sources’ Flynn spoke with Kislyak several times by phone on the day President Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S., allegedly in retaliation for Russian hacking related to the elections and mistreatment of American envoys in Russia. But Trump spokesman Spicer denies the conversations were at all improper or usurping the lame duck Obama Administration, and instead concerned Flynn extending holiday greetings and condolences to the Russian people on the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble in a plane crash a few days before. Spicer also said Flynn was trying to arrange a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump after Trump is to take office.

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Seven Days Before the Inauguration: Orthodox Christian Saints Day of St. Melania the Nun of Rome (+439 AD)

Many observers in the new media have noticed an intriguing numerological ‘stat’ regarding the inauguration of president elect Donald J. Trump: after he is sworn in on January 21, 2017 he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. But there’s another ‘coincidence’ we just discovered about Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania Knauss (Knavs), who was born in the predominantly Roman Catholic country of Slovenia, in the former Yugoslavia on April 26, 1970 (and will be 46 when her husband takes office).

Today Friday, January 13, exactly seven days before Inauguration Day, happens to be the feast day under the old Russian Orthodox calendar of Melania’s patron saint, Melania of Rome, who was canonized by the Roman Church in 1908 as a godly patroness of the Faith who used her great wealth to spread the Holy Gospel

A timely reminder, that not all the numbers are playthings of the esoteric elites and those enslaved to the evil one. – JWS 

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Marine Le Pen Visits Trump Tower, Supposedly No Meetings With Team Trump

On Thursday January 12 French National Front politician Marine Le Pen visited Trump Tower. Her host was not president elect Donald J. Trump, but (Guido) George Lombardi, an Italian businessman friend and neighbor of Trump’s in the building.

According to Mr. Lombardi, speaking to the neolibcon rag The Daily Beast on Thursday night, counselor to the president and former Breitbart News publisher Steve Bannon was informed about the meeting by Lombardi and gave a verbal thumbs up. The subject of discussion, according to Lombardi, was fundraising for Le Pen’s run for president of France, which has been blackballed by French banks, due to her ‘far right’ views, but in reality as punishment for Le Pen defying the NATO/EU consensus on Russia.

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Southfront Trump-Trolls MSM With ‘Red Alert 3’ Theme trolls the MSM and Trump haters with a funny video starring Donald J. Trump, just days after the Russian Embassy in ‘London is the capitol of Great Britaintweeted out a triggering Pepe the frog meme asking whether Her Majesty’s Government trusts its closest trans-Atlantic ally when it comes to Trump’s planned detente with Russia.

There’s going to be so much winning in 2017 ya’ll are gonna get tired of winning. — JWS

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Seven Days in January: Trump Claims to Canary Trap Leaking ODNI/CIA Briefers, Calls CNN ‘Fake News’ Buzzfeed ‘A Pile of Garbage’

As the Russia Analyst predicted, team Trump is fighting back and the soft coup to de-legitimize the president elect of the United States is unraveling. Another prediction, from Team Rogue Money’s Intelligence Insider mentor ‘W’, made in an interview with V before the end of the year, that we would see a hard year for many who went against Trump is also coming true. The identity of the ‘ex’ MI6 officer who reportedly put together the dirty ‘pee-gate’ dossier on behalf of Trump’s political adversaries, has been revealed as 52-year-old Christopher Steele of Orbis Business Intelligence (a name he distressingly for Google searches, shares with an unrelated gay porn star).

Despite legacy media disputing Trump’s implication that intel services were involved in the latest smear of him, the UK’s Defence and Security Media Advisory issued a ‘D notice’ requesting British media not circulate Mr. Steele’s name Wednesday — even though it has been reported by the WSJ and numerous other American outlets. Mr. Steele has scurried away from his Surrey, UK home and is nowhere to be found by reporters, while the UK television tax-funded BBC is doing damage control to bolster the dossier and their beleaguered CNN colleagues across the Pond. We strongly suspect after January 20 Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the United States as well as British Prime Minister Theresa May are going to be hearing from Trump aides regarding the so-called ‘impartiality’ of taxpayer-funded (and historically, MI6 mouthpiece) BBC and whether Mr. Steele is in fact an ‘ex’ MI6 officer when the British government tried to treat him briefly as if he were still on Her Majesty’s Secret Service (aka the Russian expression that there’s no such thing as an ‘ex’ chekist).

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Seven Days in January: This Time CIA Soft Coup Plotters and #NeverTrump ers Have Gone Too Far

“Desperate people do desperate, stupid things”. – V the Guerrilla Economist

The Russia Analyst had been putting together his assessment of the shoddy, quite revealing (in an unintended and unflattering way for its authors) #RussianHacking assessment put together by the U.S. intelligence community, when the ‘news’ broke via CNN and the CIA’s other favorite stenographers at NBC News Tuesday evening, that President elect Donald Trump had been briefed on a Russian kompromat (dirt) file on him last Friday. Ok, we thought, big deal, rumors about the Russians blackmailing Trump dating back to The Donald and Ivana Trump’s first visits to perestroika era Moscow in the late 1980s had been circulated by The Donald’s adversaries since he got into the race.

Then we read that Buzzfeed, a clickbait site for hipsters with a neolibcon foreign policy slant, had published a dossier built by a former MI6 operative who had been hired to do opposition research by #NeverTrump Republicans and then Democrats. Said oppo file containing all manner of libelous BS — what #NeverTrump political operative and pervert @TheRickWilson referred to routinely in tweets as far back as March as ‘the thing’ that journalists should find ways to avoid ‘legal’ consequences for publishing. The ‘dodgy dossier’ as The Atlantic tried to cover their rear ends in ‘reporting’ contained not only clumsy errors about various locations in Moscow and tales of Trump aides jetting off to Prague for secret meetings with the Russians that never happened. The main allegations are that the FSB has video of Trump cavorting with hookers on a bed Barack Obama slept in at the Moscow Ritz Carlton — with scatological details thrown in for good measure to make #GoldenShowers trend on Twitter. Ugh…

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