Congressional McCarthyites Win on Anti-Russia Bill Trump Opposes

Presidential Press Secretary Sarah Sanders indicated Sunday that the President would likely sign the bill, though that is to be seen. The newly negotiated bill originates in the House, lets Congress block any lifting of sanctions within 30 days—though providing that the Senate must be first to do so—but removes the prohibition of oil companies’ deals with Russia, and delays some of the sanctions.

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche: “Our Victory Will Be Strategic, Won or Lost on an International Stage”

“The big Achilles’ heel is the economic financial policy of Trump. Seven months into his Presidency, he has not yet done anything which would really carry the message that he means it in terms of his election promises — Glass-Steagall, the American System, Alexander Hamilton, Lincoln, $1 trillion investment in infrastructure. That’s probably still what he intends to do, but it still hasn’t happened yet. He only has appointed about one-third of the people who should fill posts in various departments like the State Department and other departments. And he still has people like [Secretary of the Treasury Steve] Mnuchin there, and it’s clearly the weak flank.”

“We are under the Damocles Sword of a collapse worse than 2008. There are many voices apart from our own warning that all the tools of the central banks have been used up; quantitative easing has just led to an increase of the profits of the speculators at the expense of the common people. The gap between rich and poor has been widening; the corporate debt, the state debt, all of these factors are much worse than 2008. If this thing would collapse, you would have chaos instantly. We are not away from the danger of the threat to the existence of civilization. The NATO maneuvers are still taking place, and that is still a source of danger. But right now, the biggest danger is the collapse of the system leading to instant chaos.”

— Helga Zepp-LaRouche, July 16, 2017

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Putin-Trump Bringing Progress to Syria, War Party Responds by Escalating Against Trump

With Trump’s [election] victory, the “globalist” neo-cons who ran both the Bush and Obama administrations, moved to prevent this challenge to their control over policy.  With networks in British intelligence taking the lead, the narrative of “Russian meddling” became the weapon they wielded against Trump.  This story, concocted by British GCHQ and MI6 officials, was then spun by Bush-Obama networks in the intelligence community and spearheaded by former FBI Director Comey, former CIA Director Brennan and Director of National Intelligence Clapper, and has dominated Trump’s presidency from Day One.  

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Trump Has Set the Stage For Russia-China-U.S. Cooperation for Development

There is unquestionably an upsurge of anger in the U.S. at the attempt to overthrow President Trump, and at the Russophobia which is at the center of that effort. This anger can and must be turned into optimism, based on the fact that the new Russia-China-U.S. cooperation provides a basis for bringing the United States back to its historical role as a “Beacon of Hope” to the world, rather than its role under Bush and Obama as a tool of Wall Street austerity and British neo-colonial warfare.

Lyndon LaRouche, in the same conference call yesterday, said that to bring this to fruition, there must be a national movement, an organized process to deal with the ongoing breakdown of the nation’s financial institutions and the decrepit infrastructure of our nation.

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Warning Signs Abound for U.S. Economy

When the Fiscal Year 2018 budget began July 1, there were 9 states which had no budget, due to significant revenue shortfalls, including the once-wealthy state of Connecticut, and formerly industrial states, including Illinois, Wisconsin and New Jersey. Though some of the states subsequently passed budgets, with significant budget cuts, Illinois hovers on the verge of bankruptcy, with the State Controller saying “derailment is imminent.”

What this partial picture underscores is that decisive action must be taken at once, to prevent a total breakdown of the United States. President Trump won his election in part by pointing to the fraud of the Obama “recovery”, and putting forward major initiatives, which reflected to some degree the policies promoted by Lyndon LaRouche in his Four Basic Laws, including restoring Glass Steagall, launching major infrastructure investments, and an emphasis on reviving NASA as a science driver. As these initiatives have stalled, in part due to the efforts of opponents of these policies to remove Trump from office, the situation for the average American has worsened.

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In Suspense—Be Prepared for Big Things Ahead

On July 7, as the G20 opens, there will also be an international conference, co-sponsored by the Schiller Institute, in New York City, on “Food for Peace: The New Name For Peace Is Economic Development,” where participants, including diplomats, agriculture experts, and U.S. farm representatives, will confer on solving emergencies, and moving ahead to a world of food in abundance, and a “common destiny” of development.

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A Crucial Week For Real Independence: The American System Against the British Empire UPDATED 07/05/17

The Schiller Institute, the China Energy Fund Committee, and the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture will hold a crucial conference, “Food for Peace: The New Name for Peace Is Economic Development,” in New York on July 7, during the two days the G20 are meeting in Hamburg.

There is great potential this week, but also considerable danger from strategic confrontations and even new acts of war. Every effort and support has to be thrown into the balance for real independence, and the American System of economy.

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Attempt To Set Up New U.S. Bombing of #Syria with Deadly Consequences?

On June 26, President Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that the President had evidence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces were preparing for a “new” chemical weapons attack. President Trump responded that Assad would pay “a heavy price” if an attack were attempted.

Now the British press agency Reuters has circulated a claim late on July 1, that al-Assad government forces attacked rebels and/or civilians near Damascus with chlorine gas…

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How Trump Can Defeat the Coup Plot

Now that it has been confirmed that Trump will meet with both Xi Jinping and Putin during the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, one can expect more actions to disrupt his efforts.  The shooting down of a Syrian jet, which seems to have been done on the command of local U.S. military officials, may be the first of even more provocative actions, designed to sabotage his diplomatic efforts.

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