Coup Attempt against Trump Faltering, As Americans Begin To See a Future Once Again

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When FDR died before the end of the war, Lyndon LaRouche despaired that a great man had passed, and warned that a very little man was taking over.

Looking back on 1945 from today’s perspective, do Americans recognize that the United States won the war based on FDR’s defeat of the British bankers on Wall Street, by restoring the American System of credit for development, not for speculation, through the Glass-Steagall legislation? Do they recognize that the “arsenal of democracy” which defeated fascism was possible only because FDR had created the greatest infrastructure boom in all of history, in a few short years, giving the U.S. an overwhelming advantage in production and logistics? Do they recognize that Roosevelt’s collaboration with China and Russia (the U.S.S.R. at that time) was indispensable in saving the world from fascism? Or do they believe the myth that the war was won by Truman’s incineration of Japanese civilians, and that the Cold War was necessary to save the world from “Godless Communism”?

These questions are crucial for today. After 16 years of austerity, permanent colonial warfare (“regime change”), and cultural degeneration under Bush, Cheney and Obama, Americans were threatened with death by pessimism and despair, by economic decay, and the cultural degradation of their human dignity.

But the world has now changed. The New Silk Road, since being declared by Xi Jinping in 2013, in a few short years, just as FDR had done within the U.S., has set nearly the entire world on a course of vast infrastructure development, lifting the platform of human productivity worldwide, and demonstrating that poverty can indeed be eliminated, throughout the globe, as the Chinese have nearly done within their own nation. China and Russia are uniting the nations of Eurasia behind this great enterprise, and reaching out to all of Asia, Africa and the Americas to join in.

And now in the United States, a President has emerged who rejects the Imperial divide of the world, who rejects regime change, and who promotes friendship and collaboration with Russia and China, both to defeat terrorism, and to cooperate in the Belt and Road Initiative to meet the common aims of Mankind.

The Empire has responded with a vengeance. Using every resource at their disposal — war-mongering neocons from both the Republican and Democratic parties, the putrid whores of the mainstream media, and the British operatives in the Bush and Obama intelligence communities — an effort was made to demonize Putin, claim Russia stole the election, and that Trump was a tool of Moscow. Trump was to be destroyed at all costs — a “color revolution” against our own nation. Leading the effort were the well known liars and traitors who led Obama’s intelligence agencies: John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey.

As the New York Post‘s Michael Goodwin pointed out Saturday: “J. Edgar Hoover kept his job because five Presidents were afraid to fire him. His insurance was the dirt he secretly collected on them. Comey is cut from the same cloth, but Trump wasn’t afraid to fire him.”

Now reality is setting in among the American people. Comey’s lies stand exposed. Trump refuses to back down to the war-mongers’ lies about Russia and/or China.

The question that remains: Will the American people revive the outlook of our Founding Fathers, of Franklin Roosevelt, of John F. Kennedy, by looking back at today from the future? Will New Yorkers adopt a vision of the city with high-speed rail connections in all directions, with maglev trains replacing the sweaty, noisy collapsing subway system? Will Americans dare to believe that the nation can be transformed in just a few short years, as FDR did, as the Chinese have done today?

Over the next few weeks, the Manhattan project will be sponsoring a series of events that provide the creative ammunition needed to answer that question in the affirmative. Upcoming is a June 29 Carnegie Hall event honoring Sylvia Olden Lee, which will be followed by a seminar on classical tuning and vocal placement. Further events with the Schiller Institute and our Chinese friends and others from around the world will follow shortly, continuing to provide direction to the revolutionary changes sweeping the nation and the world.


  1. I applaud your optimism, I really do, but I fear the Trump administration doesn’t seem able to contain the globalist vitriol here in the US. It seems as though Trump doesn’t realize the magnitude and virulence of who he is fighting. Tweets are not effective weapons. Honestly, how could he not have known how savagely the federal bureaucracy would wage war against him? I’m sorry but I don’t see “reality setting in among the American people”. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. I think the reason you don’t “see” reality setting in among the American people is that that the mainstream media only show the brainwashed, brain dead people and their opinions. I’m proud to say I finally joined the (thousands? millions?) of people who cut off my cable TV and don’t even watch or listen to their obvious propaganda and lies, even for amusement or just to see what lies they expect me to believe today. I think it’s safe to say that those people they show demonstrating (demonstrating what?) in the street are not the people that actually get the real work done to deliver the essentials of civilized life. Even when I occasionally hear the two minutes of news on the hour on radio I get a sense of “deja moo”, the feeling I’ve heard this bull before.

  3. ‘And now in the United States, a President has emerged who rejects the Imperial divide of the world, who rejects regime change, and who promotes friendship and collaboration with Russia and China, both to defeat terrorism, and to cooperate in the Belt and Road Initiative to meet the common aims of Mankind.’

    The above is insanity.
    Trump recently returned from KSA and Israel. Since when, KSA have opened a huge coms centre to aid the spread of wahhabism, no doubt also to help their brothers in tel Aviv, they have also began regime change efforts in Qatar. Add this to the $300bn weapons and other US goodies deal alongside yet more proposed expansion of the Zionist state and confirmation that the Golan heights will be annexxed for the long term, and none of your assertions make any sense…

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