RMR: Exclusive Interview with Charles Hugh Smith (04/19/2017)

“V” is joined by Charles H Smith to discuss the power and future of bitcoin. Charles also shares his thoughts on the current economic outlook and effective ways to prepare for various economic hardships.

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  1. The only legitimate crypto currency is Bitcoin. All the others, like Etherium and Dash, are basically pump and dump schemes. They have not been through the trials and tribulations that Bitcoin has for all these years and they have almost no transaction history per day. And they are centralized currencies started by known personalities where the state can target and destroy them if they want to. Bitcoin is none of this with no CEO’s or known founders and even if they discovered who Satoshi Nakamoto was it wouldn’t even matter. If not for the absurd and nonsensical latest attack on Bitcoin by Bitcoin Unlimited the price of Bitcoin would now be at 2000. Roger Ver and his BU has sowed confusion but that is little by little being remedied. Etherium and Dash have picked up money only from people who got scared with Roger Ver’s talk on hard forking Bitcoin but once people realize that Segwit will eventually be activated on Bitcoin everyone who pumped up Dash and Etherium will go back to Bitcoin and the prices of the alt coins will plummet back down to where they were prior to Bitcoin Unlimited. Once Segwit gets accepted finally on Bitcoin by the miner holdouts and layered on top of that will come technologies like Lightning Network it will curtains for the Alt coins. There will be no need for them because Segwit/Lightning Network will make transactions so fast, cheap, anonymous and private that there will be no need for Dash and Etherium. In fact with Segwit/Lightning Network development you will be able to do everything that Etherium promises to do to be done layered on top of Bitcoin.

    By the way V, instead of just getting one point of view about Bitcoin scaling from Bix Weir, it would be great to get on someone who actually knows a lot about Bitcoin like Trace Mayer, Tone Vays and Andres Antonopolous. You’re giving your listeners only one point of view and an uninformative one at that.

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