1. Absolutely one of the best interviews with Bix Weir and V and CJ. Bix, you did a great job of explaining how Trump has brilliantly maneuvered his own Reverse False Flag as response to the treason that McInsane and Brennan attempted to pull over on the President. In his usual way, The Donald knows just how to dole out the rope to those who will now hang themselves. When Putin rolls out the Sarin Gas truth at the UNSC, Trump can now offer up his sacrificial Mossad lambs and be done with them.

    1. In April of 1985 Coca-Cola Company can out with the new Coke formula called Coke II. Well when the new drink hit the market people tried it and got angry, they made Coke know good and well that they screwd up big time. It caused at a minimum a national uproar about the change in flavor.

      It only took 3 months before Coke made the decision to drop the new formula for the old formula and called it Coca-Cola Classic.

      After that Coke recovered significantly and enjoyed great favor from among the people who enjoyed the drink.

      The CEO or CFO of Coke was interviewed because of this course of events and was asked if this was a marketing ploy.

      His answer, “we’re not that smart and we’re not that dumb”.

      That answer is exactly the correct answer regarding Trump and his fiasco’s.

      Trump should never deserve the kind of leash that Weir is giving out. I don’t care what Trump does after he lies to you and stabs you in the back. Trust is earned and once lost, especially in this day and age and on this scale, buddy Trump might as well die fighting the globalists before he is trusted again.

  2. Dear Bankster Slayer,
    You are the first account I check on Twitter every day! I think Bix Weir is totally correct about Trump’s reverse false flag. I think we will actually be liberated from debt slavery. Central bankers will be “slain” as your name implies!
    Thanks for posting smart things every day.
    Kirsten McCumber
    PS: I am a real person.

  3. Syrian strike is undoubtedly a collaborative spectacle. However if this so obvious to many, it must also be obvious to those who Trump allegedly is trying to take out. Hard to believe that they (deep state) will just sit and wait for Trump to continue with his kabuki. Unless “deep state” has a 100% confidence of Trump’s loyalty, they will take certain measures to ensure his loyalty, or remove him from the office using different known measures.
    Even if he manages to fool all, and eventually fires some CIA people and few more from different departments, where is the guarantee that he will eliminate all? What about the media? No sooner MSM sniffs treason, they will turn 180 on a dime and return to the same rhetoric.
    The only reason to pull off this stunt appears to make any sense from a stand point of buying time and assembling team of loyal to him people and bulldoze Washington. Unfortunately what we see is quite the opposite.
    I would like to share tripple A optimism of the speaker, but must down grade it to triple B.

  4. Hey Bix,

    It’s called betrayal!

    The first is the provocation of Russia through aggressively attacking Syria. As I mentioned in my recent article about Trump, his actions are an outright betrayal of the Christians because it was Asad who was defending them and who was supported by the Christians. The fact that Trump would talk about stopping ISIS and then outright attack the very people fighting against ISIS in light of his campaign promise is bald-faced betrayal. Politicians lie and do not keep promises all the time, but as with the example with a man and a woman sitting together, the issue here is the intensity and extend of the issue. This was a blatant, shameless betrayal against and attack on the people who supported Trump.

  5. It’s hard to say who is right yet…I pray Bix is correct and that the Tillerson-Putin face to face talks in Moscow were necessary to discuss deconfliction continuing and both sides understanding the others ‘red lines’ (notwithstanding the FAKEINT Russia-Iran usage of that phrase which didn’t happen).

    What concerns me is not necessarily Trump’s intentions, which may be irrelevant if he’s blackmailed or threatened regardless, but what the Deep State has planned with all that equipment rolling into Jordan and southeastern Europe in desert camo. A chemical attack on U.S. troops blamed on Assad to finally justify a march on Damascus? Push polls of Democrats that bombing Assad is awesome because Trump-RUSSIANS agitprop to prepare them for it?

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