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“The pitchforks are being taken out of storage. The World of People is now fighting the Deep State,” Robert David Steele, Tana Bru, Norway, March 2017

Here is the second of two Youtube clips with remarks by Robert David Steele during his trip to Norway in March 2017. If you missed the first blog, it is posted here on RogueMoney. He was invited to speak before a small audience comprised of many Norwegian students and aspiring journalists. Sadly many people in Norway are under the impression that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are worthy public servants. Mr. Steele set them straight on that point.

I have created a transcript with some paraphrasing of the middle section of this 52-minute video. You can follow along with the minute markers that I have identified at breaks within the transcript below.


The United States is not a democracy. The United States is run by a 2-party tyranny that works for the banks. And that 2-party tyranny controls 17% of the eligible voters for the Democrats and 13% of the eligible voters for the Republicans. 47% refused to vote last time. And the other 70% are basically shut-out.


People don’t know about the Deep State or who is really ruling the world. Peter Dale Scott is the expert on the Deep State.

Essentially, the Deep State is (gesturing at the top with his hand) the Rothschild Family, the only family in the world worth TRILLIONS, not billions, of dollars, in land, in diamonds, in resources, etc…

I see the day coming when all of these companies and banks who own land and natural resources and gold mines and diamond mines … they’re going to lose it all. It will be taken away from them because the world cannot afford to have wealth concentrated in that way.

Professor Peter Dale Scott who basically coined the phrase “Deep State” years ago.


(Gesturing the next middle level with his hand) … So the Rothschilds, the Banks, then all of the Banks and their Corporations have figured out how to corrupt with bribery, or blackmail, politicians in the United States. For example, Senator McCain and Senator Graham are known to be blackmailed by the CIA…. Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer are also being blackmailed.

What most people don’t realize is that the National Security Agency has spent the last 20 years spying on our own politicians and all of your (Norway’s) politicians. I guarantee you that 20% of your politicians are being blackmailed in some way by the Deep State which includes the Vatican. The Vatican is THE biggest bank. But it also includes Saudi Arabia and Zionists in Israel.


I want to emphasize that “Israel” and “Jews” are not the threat. The threat is Zionists who are abusing their control of Israel and the blackmail and bribery that Israel is capable of.

Lolita Express

Jeffrey Epstein, the world’s most famous pedophile, is a Mossad agent. He was given a billion dollars by a real billionaire and told to go to New York and create a “no-name” hotel. These are hotels that are very elite and exclusive. They’re so exclusive that you don’t even know that they’re there.

Jeffrey Epstein, world’s most famous pedophile.


So he created a no-name hotel in New York and then Lolita Island, which Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton visited multiple times, BY THEMSELVES. Which is to say [ahem!] they each have different tastes.

Jeffrey Epstein has everybody who is worth anything on video doing something bad to a child. This is serious business. So blackmail and bribery are the way by which the Deep State controls the political parties at the top….

However I want to stress that within the Deep State, 90% of the people are good people trapped in a bad system! It’s just the 10% rogues at the top who are leveraging the power that they have from controlling those agencies.


For example, the real reason we have a thousand military bases all over the world is not to protect military power. It’s to provide the CIA with lily pads all over the world through which it can smuggle gold, guns, cash, drugs, and small children for the Elite. That’s why we have a thousand bases all over the world. We should close all of those bases.


It’s possible for government to be honest even with dishonest politicians if the civil servants have integrity and are will to say “No!” Anyone who doesn’t have integrity is a threat to the public. It’s not dissidents who are threat to the public. It’s people who are loyal to the Deep State who are a threat to the public.

Bring Out the Pitchforks


Donald Trump, for all of his flaws, is our single best hope against the Deep State.

What is happening now with #Brexit and the recent election in Holland and the forthcoming election in France and so on, is that the Populists are rising up. The pitchforks are being taken out of storage. The World of People is now fighting the Deep State. It would be much easier to fight the Deep State if Donald Trump were to address this as a problem. But right now he is being manipulated and betrayed….

Hillary and Obama are being misrepresented by a Media that is playing out a Deep State narrative. But now we have something even worse. In the social media, we now have the Google Gestapo. [#GoogleGestapo hashtag] During the election Google manipulated all the search result [to make Hillary searches land on positive spin and Trump searches land on negative spin, like, pages tagged “Trump plus Hitler”].

Now we find that Google, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are terrified because suddenly the Public is focusing on pedophilia. This is a big problem all over the world. And it’s a problem that has infected most political families.

They are testing their ability to censor people who are either talking about pedophilia or pro-Trump [topics]. They are censoring those people while at the same time elevating people who are pro-Hillary, pro-Obama, and so forth.

(The lecture then continues within the above Youtube clip for about another 20 minutes.)

Robert David Steele has various websites devoted to his many interesting ideas for promoting peace and prosperity in the world. You can keep up with his numerous blogs and online appearances at his website address of: http://robertdavidsteele.com

My contact information with link to my Karatbars portal are found at my billboard page of SlayTheBankster.com. Listen to my radio show, Bee In Eden, on Youtube via my show blog at SedonaDeb.wordpress.com.


  1. So, Twitter, Google, Facebook and Youtube protect pedophile politicians and business leaders.

    Full disclosure on all pedophiles is coming for the public to see.

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