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“There are four tracks to the destruction of Donald Trump.”

Robert David Steele, March 2017

For those of you in bad need of a Robert David Steele fix, I have transcribed some of the more tantalizing morsels from recent recorded statements uttered during this month’s trip to Norway. During the first week of March, Steele was packing for his trip to Oslo but was hoping to get an audience with President Trump just a day or so before he made his trans-Atlantic flight. Well, he was not successful in nailing down a meet-up, so he went on to Norway where Steele has been recommended for a nomination for a Nobel peace prize.

First up is the brief interview on RT’s “Watching The Hawks” show, posted March 9, 2017. All of the following are partial transcriptions and are slightly paraphrased. Do listen through the clips yourself to let the full import of what he’s saying hit you between the eyes.

#1. I think Obama stayed in Washington to be the Rothschilds’ personal representative as we go into a financial crash this summer.

#2. Obama is being laughed at by Soros and the Democratic Party.

#3. The leaks coming out of the White House are coming from disgruntled employees who weren’t properly vetted. Donald Trump has a rotten staff. He hasn’t done a good job of building his team. He needs to clean house….Trump is going to be destroyed this summer, I think…. There are four tracks to the destruction of Donald Trump.

Track 1 is the mainstream media and the lies that they’re telling. They’re carrying forward a narrative of the Deep State that has no basis in truth.

The second track is a racketeering conspiracy being led by Eric Schmidt which is engaging Google and Google surrogates, Facebook, Twitter, etc…. they’re testing their wings in censoring all pro-Trump voices and pro-Trump websites.

The third track is the Soros track. Obama is the lightweight here. Soros is spending close to $200,000,000, when you add other people’s money to his, and as soon as the weather gets warm, we’re going to see Berkeley times a thousand. Berkeley was allowed to go as far as it did because the governors, mayors, and university presidents are all against Trump. Law enforcement is being told to stand down. The governors want a violent America this summer. They want Donald Trump to go away.

The fourth track is what David Stockman has so brilliantly discussed about the debt ceiling problem in June. But also, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve …, everybody is going to kick out the props from under the economic bubble that we’ve been living in. They will crash the economy, plain and simple. They’re hoping that, by crashing the economy, and the media will report the lies, they will create the perfect storm, and Donald Trump will finally say, “I give up.” He quits. He’s gone.

Pence would then become the face of the Deep State. Jeb Bush might even then be brought into the White House. The Bush family has not given up.

Steele sees the only hope for the President to right his capsizing ship is to get a proper chief of staff, clean house, get the Trump news channel launched, and get the men who keep criticizing him outside of the White House back in line.

Pedophile Bombs About to Be Dropped

Having arrived safely in Norway, Mr. Steele sat down to be interviewed along with writer Fredrik S. Heffermehl in Oslo for this 28-minute conversation posted on Youtube on March 19, 2017. The context of the conversation is a discussion about the legitimacy of the process used to pick Nobel Peace Prize winners.

“The problem for Trump and Putin is that all of their generals are trying to start World War III. But if Trump and Putin were to have a private meeting in Hamburg, before the G20, and if they were to declare peace, and if they would adopt the idea of the open-source engineering and lift the 5 billion people up, which would keep all the refugees at home, then they would deserve the Peace Prize.”

(FF 3:00 MM mark)

“Putin has asked Trump for a private meeting in Hamburg, before the G20 [first week of July 2017]. That could be as important a meeting as Reykjavík was for Reagan and Gorbachev. If Putin and Trump declare peace in Hamburg, I think we begin a new era.”

“Just about everybody in the United States, except for the public, wants Donald Trump to be impeached or run out of office…. He is the first president since John F. Kennedy who is not a Deep State candidate…. Somebody asked the other day, “Is Trump the Bull in a China Shop?” And I said, “Yes! And the china that needs to be broken is called NATO, and war, and over-investment in all these bases, etc.” 

(FF 6:45 MM mark)

“The spy system is the front edge of the Deep State. (Gesturing with hands, from Top to Bottom) So you have the Rothschilds and the banks [at the top], and then you have the corrupt political parties that spend the public money on war, and then you have the secret intelligence services. It is now known in the United States that the NSA and the CIA have been spending most of their time spying on U.S. politicians in order to blackmail them. So the Deep State is basically blackmailing and bribing U.S. politicians.”

“Donald Trump is basically “unshackled.” That’s the word he used. The problem that we have right now is that Donald Trump is not focusing on the fact that the Republican Party is going to be destroyed in the next year by Wikileaks and by other revelations. I think we’re going to see senior Republican leaders resign, commit suicide, or go to jail over pedophilia among other things. There are some real big bombs about to burst in the United States.

(FF 12:00 MM mark)

“We should not be paying for dictators. The United States supports 40 of the 42 dictators on the planet. The only two we don’t like are North Korea and Cuba. And Cuba is a joke. Cuba is not a threat to anybody. There’s a true story: the American president asked the Mexican president to declare Cuba a national security threat to Mexico. And the Mexican president replied, “I can’t do that.” “Why not?” “Because 40 million Mexicans would die laughing!”

(FF 14:50 MM mark)

“If Trump and Putin were to agree to declare peace at Hamburg in July of this year, they could start by having the U.S. close a thousand military bases all over the world and have the U.S. withdraw from NATO. Because NATO is a pimp for the whores of war. NATO is how we sell arms. NATO is how we start wars to use those arms. That alone would be worth of a Nobel Prize.”

These two guys represent the two most powerful western nations in the world. Trump and Putin have the power to declare peace and move the entire energy as well as the investments in research toward doing what is said in the Lord’s Prayer: Give me our daily bread. [Actually, the line is: Give us our daily bread.] The Lord’s Prayer calls for everyone to have enough to eat.”

(FF 16:25 MM mark)

“The problem in Syria is directly related to Saudi Arabian corruption and the Saudi Arabian export of terrorism. Saudi Arabia created ISIS. Saudi Arabia is paying for ISIS. And the Americans are giving the Saudi Arabians money for their military which Saudi Arabia is not using against ISIS!”

“The solution in Syria is to end all U.S. support for regime change operations. To end all U.S. drone assassinations. To end all U.S. financial support for dictators and their militaries, and to end all U.S. financial support for Israel. Because Israel is the mastermind for Balkanizing the Middle East and creating conflict in order to turn everybody against Iran. In my opinion, Iran is the adult in the region. And we should be respectful of Turkey as well. Bottom line is we solve the Middle East problem by getting out of the Middle East and by identifying Saudi Arabia and Israel as the two greatest threats to peace for humanity, in my opinion.

Mr. Steele later delivered a speech in front of a modest group of about 600 people in Tana-Bru, Norway. This was posted on March 22nd and will be the focus of Part Two [click here].

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  1. Bankster Slayer, nice summary. The current news is very disturbing. Roger Stone says that Trump son-in-law Kushner is leaking to Morning Joe about Bannon, and suddenly Bannon is ejected from the National Security Council, almost at the same time that Trump starts talking like Obama about Syria in the latest false flag gas attack over there. The good guys are losing ground, I hate to say, and Trump is being turned by his son-in-law (someone got to him) and the steady pounding by the Media and Deep State. Not to mention the defunding of Social Media activists everywhere.

    Steele is saying a lot of important things, I reached out to him myself about a month ago when I saw his attempt at a meeting with Trump was going nowhere and coauthored with him a White House petition to get public backing for a meeting between Trump and Steele and a few others. The petition is still there but suppressed. Things are really, really bad, I hate to say.

  2. Here is Trump’s appointee to the U.N., Nikki Haley, just today:

    “Assad has no incentive to stop using chemical weapons as long as Russia continues to protect his regime from consequences,” she continued. “I implore my colleagues to take a hard look at their words in this council.”

    “We regularly repeat tired talking points in support of a peace process that is regularly undermined by the Assad regime. Time and time again, Russia uses the same false narrative to deflect attention from their allies in Damascus. Time and time again, without any factual basis, Russia attempts to place blame on others.”

    “There is an obvious truth here that must be spoken,” Haley continued. “The truth is that Assad, Russia and Iran have no interest in peace.”

    “The illegitimate Syrian government, led by a man with no conscious, has committed untold atrocities against his people for more than six years.”

    Trump’s getting so much pressure from the Senate Republicans that he needs to support his domestic programs that he’s caving in on one of the most important planks of his campaign, peace with Russia. Not Trump’s fault but he is so entirely surrounded by adversaries, that he’s slowly being neutralized.

    The Trump revolution appears to be fading, dying from lack of oxygen.


  3. Trump is the Republican mirror image of Obama. There was a lot of hope and change with Trump coming in as president but just like Obama it’s all BS. Trump huffed and puffed all during the election campaign showing that he’s a real man and an alpha male at that but once he became president he is showing that he really has no backbone. Hey Donald it’s tough to rule isn’t it. Here is what to expect from Trump.
    1. Imperial wars will continue and even be worse than Obama if you can believe that
    2. There will be no Making America Great Again
    3. Tax cuts for the rich and increases for the rest of us which will also get Democratic support
    4. No big infrastructure program to put America back to work
    5. Increased spying on people and the police state gaining vigor
    6. More draconian laws on marijuana at the federal level

    The only question remaining is when the Trump diehards like Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, V and others disassociate themselves from Trump or are they going to be in denial like the Obama retards were many years into the latter’s administration.

  4. I think it’s too soon to throw up our hands, but the rhetoric is starting to matter, when it comes from the top and not from neocon Nikki. I am getting very concerned Trump is indeed, as my friend the Saker says, getting neocon’d and told if he doesn’t want to get forced from office via fake and foreign intel service manufactured ‘evidence’ of collusion with the Russians the FBI/CIA/NSA could endorse he’d better play ball. Or alternatively not himself but his loved ones wife and children are being threatened. I pray I’m wrong. Thanks for posting this Deb I plan a follow up article shortly.

    Much will be shown by actions, not words, after Rex Tillerson’s meeting with Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on April 11-12.

    1. JTRA.

      I have a different angle on this.
      I think this could be DJT wagging the dog. Here is why:
      1) The whole Russian angle has been gaining momentum ( Putin owns Trump). Whether its a big deal or not does not matter, or true or not.
      There were some clandestine meetings and connections that look bad, doesn’t bother me, but it is building up a lot of momentum.

      2) There was very little “real damage” done, 1 death and 45 injuries. Many of those missiles hit nothing.

      3) What better way than to throw off this Putin stink then attacking his ally. At least that is the way it looks.
      4) He made some type of deal. He is still a very astute business man. I dont think anyone conned him or owns him etc, this was a strategic deal made.

      I think it was a “trade” made here. Dont know it all but there was. He can’t “bowl” everyone over here, not possible. He made a deal that satisfied a lot of his opponents, especially Republicans…this is just the way it is. Think may have been a very wise PR move. The closest distance b/w 2 points is not always a straight line.

      5) He called Putin first, so no Russians assets or people were hurt. I also wonder if Putin could have been in on it….Maybe this was there own “Operation Gladio”.
      Putin is well aware of the worldwide deep state, he is fighting them as well.

      6.) This was a lot of noise with not much effect, remember many of these missiles hit the dirt. Like throwing a firecracker into a garbage can, a lot of noise and not much else.

      7. Remember that every time they try to “get” DJT he turns the tables, when Rachel Maddow showed tax returns. He looked better after it all.

      I am not saying I am right but lets not forget who we are dealing with


  5. Now rereading the book “The Fourth Turning”. Published in 1997, it suggested a generational crisis by 2005, driven most likely by an Economic event. Well, 2007-2008 initiated the crisis mode, the book wasn’t far off. It further infers a MAJOR problem in 2020 or so. Their method doesn’t TRY to align with election cycles but this one seems to. Would seem, and I just feel this as well, that something goes REALLY wrong with the next election or election cycle, and given what a chaotic and contentious process THIS one was, seems plausible that we erupt and emerge into some kind of failed state with violence next time around.

    Just today Senator Nunes was deposed from the Russia Election tampering investigation, and is now under investigation himself. He’s one of the sane ones. If that can be done to him, then ANY senator that stands up to the Deep State will be taken down. Drawing the logical conclusion that the battle plan of the Globalists is now all out war WITHIN the institutions to purge them of Trump compatible people. The Deep State sees this as ‘their’ way of ‘draining the swamp’, and I find myself wondering if the demonetization of Youtubers is timed and designed to cripple the grass roots organizing that stopped the last try at a war on Syria, as well as eliminating organized resistance to what will be done to people of the likes of Senator Nunes. Could be we’re seeing the same battle plan that was meant to happen under President Hillary, with Trump just being a speed bump along the way. I fear that with all of his good intentions, the election of Trump has made us complacent.

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