Special Broadcast with “W” The Intelligence Insider

A very eye opening interview with “W” The Intelligence Insider.  “W” shares how a whistle blower is revealing convert means of data mining and surveillance has occurred through security agencies. 


  1. Still unable to access the W interview.

    I get the following message ‘Cannot load M3U8:crossdomain access denied (2048)’

    Could someone do something about this?


  2. It looks like the access problems have been solved but the audio quality did suffer from around the first quarter mark to mid-show. Still one of the best interviews yet in tying together the fake Obama birth certificate, the Arab Spring/massive proxy war on Syria, and John ‘AlCIAeda’ Brennan with the illegal surveillance Dennis Montgomery exposed.

  3. I use TOR Browser and also cannot get the video and have no intention of using less than TOR

    I suspect, today, you are losing many viewers, who also now use TOR

  4. Fascinating interview with W as always. Thanks very much.

    By the way Ole Dammegard has put together a wonderful breakdown of the Westminster Bridge false flag attack on 3/22. I understand he is a good friend of Sean at SGT and was wondering if you would be able to set up an interview with Ole Dammegard. It would really be worth it.


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