Cold Winds Blow Down Mt. Hermon

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“As long as Iran has money we will have money.” – Hassan Nasrallah

Golan Heights with Mt. Hermon in background. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Last Friday, March 17th, Israel launched multiple airstrikes against a Syrian air base near Palmyra, a remote base named “T4”.  The strikes were carried out by the Israeli military in retaliation for the the convoys of Hezbollah troops that have been driving southward from their Syrian base to take position at a camp on Mt. Hermon’s slopes. It is intolerable to Israel to allow Hezbollah troops to straddle this border region in the Golan Heights. It is Israel’s belief that Hezbollah is gearing up for battle to retake the Golan territory and bring it back under Syrian control, according to this Debka report [linked here.] Days before the strikes, Netanyahu had asked Putin for assurances that neither Hezbollah nor Iran would be allowed to deploy on the Israeli border. I found the reply by Putin to be interesting. The reply was, essentially, “No comment.” Debka reports:

Netanyahu had hoped that Putin would agree to stop the Hizballah convoy and keep his promise not to let Iran and Hizballah deploy on the Israeli border. However, the Russian leader was unresponsive. Not only were Russian commanders in Syria not instructed to restrain Hizballah, they acted to persuade Syrian rebels on the Hermon and the Golan to surrender to the Lebanese Shiite invaders.

The strikes on Syria Base T4 have necessarily turned into a poke of the Russian bear because, you guessed it, “this air base also houses Russian attack helicopters and special operations troops, whose presence there was trusted by Tehran and Nasrallah to be an effective shield against Israeli attack.”

Now, the reason we bring all of this up is because Rogue Money intel insider, our Mr. W., has been warning the team for months that he expects that an attempt will be made to start WWIII using the Israeli-Syrian tensions as a trigger. The timing of these attacks and whatever will happen next falls in line with a mid-April timing that he sees coming up in his number codes.

Indeed, a preemptive strike against the Lebanese Hizbollah forces might very well be in the cards, because such a strategy was already suggested decades ago.

Making a ‘Clean Break’ of It

In 1996, a neo-con study group headed by Richard Perle did create an Israeli strategy as an alternative to the “land for peace” Oslo Accord†that many people in Israel certainly wanted to back away from. Perle’s strategy would be an in-your-face “peace for peace” ploy. It was felt that a bold strategy of preemptive strikes against surrounding nations could signal a “clean break” by “abandoning a policy which assumed exhaustion and allowed strategic retreat by reestablishing the principle of preemption, rather than retaliation alone and by ceasing to absorb blows to the nation without response.” Hence, this document has come to be known as the Clean Break Report [linked here in Wikipedia.] At the time, Netanyahu rejected use of this new plan. However, in light of this past weekend’s events and the fact that regime change in Damascus does not seem to be going according to plan, we wonder now if the old gal has been picked up and dusted off. Our Mr. W. has also reminded us that Hezbollah is not just some local gang of thugs. Their network is global. They have agents operating in South America and even at the doorsteps of the United States itself. Any attack against Hezbollah in Syria is bound to see slingshot results in other cells all across the world. A global terrorist conflagration could easily result. The financing of Hezbollah isn’t going to dry up anytime time soon. As this news article [linked here] warned us in June 2016:

“As long as Iran has money we will have money,î Nasrallah added. ìHezbollah gets its money and arms from Iran, as long as Iran has money, so does Hezbollah.”

Where do you suppose Iran is getting her money? Why, from the phenomenally successful Gold-for-Oil arrangement that has been humming along smoothly between Iran, Turkey, and China. It was only last December when ZeroHedge reminded us that Shanghai is home to much more than gold [linked here].

Gold-4-oil-basket deplorables_0
Gold-For-Oil Works Quite Well (image: ZeroHedge)

Shanghai has also set her sights on establishing an oil contract to rival the WTI and Brent price indices. Considering the news that Team RogueMoney discussed last Friday [linked here] about Shanghai now closing the door on any further cooperation with The Fed, we’re quite sure that pretty much anybody will buying oil from Iran any day now.

Dugin’s Dream

What is Russia’s role in all of this? Naturally, Russia’s interest parallels the flow of oil and gas. But there are other forces at work here too. Researcher David Livingstone has made note of the influence that is possibly being carried out by the likes of Alexandr Dugin, a devotee of the “Traditionalism” ideology of Julius Evola. In his book “Black Terror, White Soldiers” [linked here], Livingstone says this on pp 566-567:

Dugin likes to see himself as the inheritor of the ìancient Eurasian order,î elements of which were already present in the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the secret service of the SS. He is also a follower of Sir Halford Mackinder, seeing Central Asia as a key aspect of geopolitics, but taking the reverse view, where he sees Russia as needing to create a Eurasian block to impede American imperialism. Duginís platform is the basis of the Eurasia Party which he founded in 2001….

Sometimes called Greater Russia, the movement is closely aligned to Pan-Turkism, and is described as a political aspiration of pan-Russian nationalists to retake some or all of the territories of the other republics of the former Soviet Union, and territory of the former Russian Empire, and amalgamate them into a single Russian state. Founded on the ideals of Traditionalism, the Eurasia Party therefore claims support by leaders of the Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Jewish faiths in Russia, as well as some military circles.

The party hopes to play a key role in attempts to resolve the Chechen problem, with the objective of setting the stage for Duginís dream of a Russian strategic alliance with European and Middle Eastern states, primarily Iran. As defined in his 1997 book, Foundations of Geopolitics, Dugin sees the need for an alliance between Turkey, Russia, Iran and the Central Asian republics against the Western hemisphere.

In conclusion, buckle up and strap in. President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” will likely be taking notes as its predecessor, “Greater Russia,” prepares to take center stage.

Don’t Make Vlad Mad (image: Andelino blog)

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  1. Great post Deb, just wanted to say that IMO Dugin’s influence while considerable through the Katehon website and Tsargrad TV channel has been wildly overstated in the (post)Western media. Dugin’s main role is to act as an ideologue and in some cases provocateur, while the work of Eurasian integration proceeds quietly. Certainly Dugin is a very intelligent man who understands the basics of the OBOR/New Silk Road, but his enthusiasm for Eurasianism is overwhelmingly ideological rather than economically rooted, whereas most Russians would accept it pragmatically while still viewing themselves as part of a greater Europe aka what disparate historic figures such as De Gaulle and Gorbachev spoke of, from the Atlantic beyond the Urals to the Pacific. A Euro-Siberia which would finally give Europe strategic depth rather than merely an acted upon arena of the Anglo-Americans.

    1. Thanks, James. Yes I’ve been thinking about that, about how Dugin doesn’t really hold influence over Putin. But I’ve also been thinking about our discussions with W., about how the Rothschild faction appears to be moving on top of the Rockefeller faction. I can see how Rothschild has been behind the Julius Evola crowd.

      BTW, Evola’s ideas are playing a big role in the domination of Antarctica, ideas which continue to burn like a torch as a sort of neo-Thule Society. And that again makes me wonder what is Putin and the Patriarch really preparing for?

  2. Israel can not come to terms that the game and the players in the region have changed and they can no longer dictate the agenda. Israel itself has changed, and the fuel of Zionism running the country and holding it together has also expired. This is evidenced by the defeat the Israeli army suffered from Hamas in 2006. Was it Kissinger who gave Israel another decade or so? Their recent moves can be construed as awkward attempts to bargain with Russian for which they received immediate scolding. On the subconscious level they understand that if they are to remain afloat they need to adapt to new realities. New political leadership. New agenda. Peaceful coexistence with others or dissolution into aether.

      1. Thanks. 🙂
        Zionism is a from of nazism. UN was about to recognize it as such in September of 2001, but a known significant event took place.

  3. Hezbollah has the makings of a formal military force, with uniforms, unit shoulder patches, ranks and hierarchy, they might as well be another branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Army.

    Israel has been the fiefdom of the Rothschilds. The Mossad planted the idea in Bible Belt America for them to believe that Israel’s existence was a pre-requisite for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ so as to further ensure United States support for Israel from that electorate.

  4. @SOF,
    Indeed the “second coming” of Christ tied to the protection
    of Israel is (in plain English) a scam. It is a silly idea, and it
    is a pain to hear people promoting it.
    As it is known, most of the casualties of war are civilians that
    never wanted any war in the first place. Regardless anti-Zionism
    in Israel, the people there may well support war to protect their
    country, if they fear attack. That will be a mistake, but there is that
    pesky “Sampson option” that has been revealed in the past.
    Excellent post Ms. Deb, and great comments as well.

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