China and Japan both blink from President Trump’s unorthodox foreign policy

As Mexico, Australia, the European Commission, Iran, China, and even Germany are quickly finding out, Donald Trump is not the type of cool, calm, and collected diplomat that they have been able to run roughshod over in the White House for the past 8 to 24 years.  In fact, as one former Australian National Security Adviser acknowledged yesterday, Trump has made everything assumed of America in the past null and void.

From Australia to Iran, and from Germany to Russia, no one is safe from President Donald Trump’s blunt, win-the-deal approach to diplomacy. As The Wall Street Journal reports, his style has U.S. adversaries and some allies struggling to assess its impact for their countries and puzzling over how to react if they land in the new American leader’s crosshairs next.

“The troubling thing for allies is this kind of hard-edged, transactional approach, where longstanding relationships and all that shared history and shared military sacrifices going back to World War I just doesn’t seem to count for anything,” said Andrew Shearer, who served as national-security adviser to two Australian prime ministers.

“Every deal is a struggle between a winner and a loser,” he said of Mr. Trump’s style. “That approach might work in business, but as someone who’s been around foreign policy for a long time, I just don’t see how it’s going to work internationally.”

“In the short run everyone is trying to get a handle on the new administration,” Mr. Haass said. “But in the medium and long run, whether governments like or loathe what they’re seeing, I believe what every government will do is essentially rethink its relationship with the United States.”

— Zerohedge

Yet even as many of these world leaders are quickly finding out, their long-standing security from being under elitist and globalist protections are quickly dissolving before their eyes with President Trump, as they are now finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of potentially losing all that they had acquired from years of U.S. welfare.

Make no mistake however, some of these nations are quite powerful in their own right, and could easily choose a path which would isolate themselves from Washington and from Trump aggression.  But the sad fact of the matter for nearly all nations is that globalism is a two-edged sword, and being interlocked with everyone else means that to disconnect from the foundation (U.S.) would mean very harsh consequences in the short and medium runs.

(Just look at how it took Russia nearly three years after receiving and implementing sanctions to economically recover by having to establish new markets and financial partnerships)

Which begs the question… do most of the nations on President Trump’s hit list have that amount of time before civil unrest in their already financially fragile economies tears them apart from within?  Even vaunted China is right now dealing with growing unrest over currency issues, and capital controls that are forcing their people to have to keep their money at home domestically.

The answer of course is no, or at least no for the majority of them.  And it is this inside knowledge that is giving Donald Trump the upper hand in his sensationalist rhetoric because world leaders have no idea if he is being serious in his intentions, or simply ruffling their feathers before coming to the bargaining table.

Either way, it seems that a few countries aren’t willing to wait long to find out, and in just the past two days a couple of them blinked, and are rushing in to appease the America First President to ensure their good standing with especially, the American consumer.

Japan offers to invest in the U.S. and create up to 700,000 new jobs

As the world continues to assess what the election of US President Donald Trump is bringing to global trade and economic policy, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has taken the bull by the horns in proposing a cooperation plan with Washington.

Japanese media have reported that Abe’s plan, a draft of which has been obtained by reporters, has blanks for specific numbers, but a government source says it will involve creating “several hundreds of jobs” in the United States, while some sources report a more specific figure of 700,000 jobs and $450 billion of investment.

— Sputnik News

China wants to expand cooperation with the U.S. in all areas

China and the United States share extensive mutual interests, and continuous cooperation would be mutually beneficial, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi told US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

China and the United States share extensive mutual interests, and continuous cooperation would be mutually beneficial, Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi told US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

”China hopes that the new US government can work hard together with China, to strengthen high level and other exchanges, maintain the political basis for bilateral relations, expand cooperation bilaterally, regionally and globally in all areas, manage and control disputes and sensitive issues,” Yang told Flynn in a telephone call, as paraphrased in a Friday Chinese Foreign Ministry statement, quoted by The Indian Express.

Flynn reportedly responded by saying that the US government was committed to strong bilateral relations, and was willing to promote communication with China in order to achieve cooperation with regard to bilateral, regional and global affairs.

— Sputnik News

In just two weeks President Trump has expanded upon Teddy Roosevelt’s axiom of speak softly and carry a big stick, to that of speak loudly and carry an arsenal of clubs.  And where Roosevelt was willing to support and fund separatists in Columbia to create the isthmus known as Panama just so that he could build his canal, The Donald has shown so far that nothing is yet out of bounds, and leaders around the world are quaking in the aftermath of what Trump’s aggression may mean for their economies, and their futures.


  1. Hey Ken, love everything you do. I was just wondering if karatbars was something you and the guys at roguemoney support? Also, are you for Trump collapsing the system to fix it, if so won’t a lot of people die?

    1. Gene –

      Both V and I are in Karatbars and believe in the CONCEPT. However lately there appears to be some schisms between top leaders and Harold Seitz over a number of issues so for now I’m in watch mode vs. recruit mode because communication outside of these new Karatbar currency bills is pretty sparse.

      And in regards to your other question Gene… in my honest opinion I dont believe we will get around ALOT of people dying. The reactions we are seeing today by the millennials and the left are the result of 40 years of Socialism and free stuff… and their internal sub-conscious fears that Trump is going to take it away from them… and they aren’t prepared to take care of themselves.

      So you can imagine what will happen during a REAL financial crisis where the dollar is involved, and the government is limited for awhile in what it can do to help.

  2. The only ones to shake in their boots are the leaders of globalist installed regimes like in Germany, France, Italy, etc. Trump’s bluster against both China and Iran is just that, bluster. Iran is not easily scared. They’ve been threatened endless times since 1979 and Iran has managed to keep its independence. Iran has a very capable foreign affairs ministry second to none and know how to respond to threats and bluster from the US. This is par for the course. Nothing new here. The US is in a very weakened position in the middle east and especially in Iraq so Trump has a weak hand to play and no amount of bluster either from him or Flynn is going to change that fact which Iran is well aware of. The reason that the US hasn’t already invaded Iran is because it would be catastrophic and just imagine the carnage directed against US forces in Iraq by a simple phone call from Ayatollah Khamanei.
    Regarding Trump’s bluster against China, ditto. China also has great and able diplomats and won’t be easily cowed by either Trump’s huffing and puffing or his charm. China will of course pretend to be alarmed and will seem to bend to Trump but the action will take place away from the public. Two can play this game of chicken and China also has very strong cards to play.

    Trump and Flynn will just have to learn the hard way that in this era of weakening unipolarity, you can’t just threaten your way and expect powerful nations to just bend to your will. It’s too bad that Trump and Flynn are behaving like inexperienced teenagers and will have to learn the hard way and become adults like their predecessors before them.

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