Mythinformation and Forbidden Fruit

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You believe that we will soon be able to actually take the contents of our brains and somehow preserve them forever?

— TED interview with Martine Rothblatt

A couple of weeks ago, I penned the blog “To Err Is…Robotic?” [linked here]. A college paper was displayed that shows how some engineers of Artificial Intelligence are using lessons from the Kabbalah as a model for solving three levels of human sentience. Those models derive from the “Sephiroth,” or, the “Tree of Life” diagram that one encounters in any Kabbalah tutorial. 

The “Tree of Life” is that arbol mentioned in Genesis chapter two, a tree planeted exactly in the middle of the garden of Eden. Think of it as the “hub” around which all other life in paradise “rotated.” And you get extra bonus points if that imagery makes you think of “torsion energy.” But there was another tree, one from which Adam and Eve were expressly forbidden from eating. Eating of its fruit would lead to their physical breakdown and death. That tree was named the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad. We could talk for hours on what that tree symbolized — which we won’t do here. 

“The Fall of Man” by Lucas Cranach (Image: Wikipedia)

Suffice to say that God was engaging the first human couple in a valuable object lesson. “Knowledge” is just knowledge, a collection of facts without any moral character imparted to it. It’s like the Zero of our number system: neutral and impartial. But it sits as a fulcrum between the Positive and the Negative, the Good and the Bad. You can take a Thing, like Nuclear Power, and use it for beneficial purposes or for destructive ones. Or both. It’s our choice. And the exercise of that choice can lead to paradise or to ruination. Or both.

Think of Knowledge the way Jessica Rabbit described herself, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

Mind File Storage

Below is a 20-minute TED video with Martine Rothblatt [Wikipedia here]. This interview is intelligent, easy to understand, and worth your time. Regardless of one’s personal view of transgenderism, if you look at the raw vision that is being expressed here, you will come away from this video definitely having learned something new and intriguing. This is a perfect example of what I mentioned above: that Knowledge is just Knowledge. It can be used for something Positive or for something Negative. Sadly, we humans have a tendency to do both.

Ms. Rothblatt grew up as a Mr. Rothblatt in San Diego. Eventually ze (yes, that’s the gender-neutral pronoun being tossed around these days) … Ze is a genius in satellite communications. Rothblatt is the CEO of GeoStar and the founder of Sirius Radio. If that isn’t enough, along Rothblatt’s life path, zer daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease, a form of pulmonary hypertension. After waging many battles with Big Pharma, ze succeeded in buying the patent to a ziplock baggie that contained a bit of mysterious white powder. A few years later, Rothblatt turned that patent into a medicine that cured zer daughter and now generates $1.5 billion in annual sales.

But there’s more.

“Mirror, Mirror” (Screenshot:

These days Rothblatt heads a foundation called the Terasem Movement [linked here]. Ze is convinced that it is possible to upload our consciousness into a Mind File for later transfer to either a hologram body or a humanoid robot carved to look like us. My friend W. will recall the great conversation we had about how our consciousness does not sit inside our skulls but actually exists out there in the spectrum with all the other TV, radio, and microwaves. Our DNA is stranded in a Y-shape and acts like a tuning fork to connect our unique body to our unique mind-file all day long. (Let that simmer on the back burner all year; we will come back to it at a future date.) I know for a fact that Google is right now creating this Global Mind. And Martine is totally on board with all of that. 

Enjoy this clip and think about all that Rothblatt is proposing here:

Pandora Boxes and intellectual minefields abound. I do not write this to criticize anything that was presented in that video. I write this to ask the question: Do we have the wisdom to lob such a grenade into our future? It is an important question to ask as we venture out on this yellow brick road of Transhumanism. There will be much more to come on this topic. While you wait for the next blog in this series, feel free to chat with BINA-48. She’s already on Twitter.

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  1. Correction, it was "good and evil" not good and bad.

    The tree and the fruit was a test of the first law ever given. Eve was deceived/tricked by lies.
    The death was actually immediate spiritual "death" which leads to spiritual judgement at the end of time. The breaking of even just one law (a sin) leads to spiritual death. Thus to actually have real actual personal knowledge of evil, the law had to be broken. Good is keeping the law. Evil is breaking the law. This makes the phrase "you must be born again" make sense. It’s about forgiveness of sins leading to spiritual rebirth/regeneration.

    As far as this transhumanism is concerned, these people are insane. The flaw in their logic is that people are partially spirit beings in which they have absolutely no control over.

  2. Amazing and revolutionary and scary? as well.
    One thing is for sure…this couple, Martine and Bina, (Bina 48)
    are something magical to behold.

    1. Yes, Suzanna, exactly right: "amazing and revolutionary and scary." It reminds me of the line from Jurassic Park — which by the way spent quite a bit of time talking about CHAOS THEORY, very germane to this topic — "you were so busy thinking about how you COULD, that you didn’t stop to think if you SHOULD."

  3. The thoughts of this person (woman, man, don’t know) is very troubling. Firstly she-he rabbles on about men and women being converged into one or some other nonsense. What really raised my red flag was her mention and diagram of Ray Kurzweil, the evil genius of transhumanism. Martine also talks about how we’ll be able to have in stock spare parts for humans so we can live forever. Sounds to me like there are plans to make a human into a machine or car-like so all you have to do is go to your local Pep Boys of human parts. If you take this to its logical conclusion then if you replace every organ in the body and maybe even replacing nerves with electrical wires and arteries with plastic tubing what’s left of a human being. I guess it would be the melding of human and machine, but a lot more machine.

    One other thing that’s really disturbing is using millions of pigs to grow human organs. So not only is an entire species to be sacrificed by eating them but also now by providing organs to humans. It just doesn’t sit right with me to have an entire species, a very intelligent species at that, be condemned to serve humans with no right to a free existence.

    Seeing that human like head on a pedestal is really icky. I can’t explain right now why exactly it’s icky but it just is. I’m sure that Joseph Farrell and Katherine Fitts would be more ably to tell you why it’s disturbing along with her entire talk.

    Since consciousness is non local and is just energy waves somewhere in the universe or maybe in another universe for all we know there is no way you could download someone’s mind into a hard disk. All you could download maybe would be memories but that would not be the entirety of the human. What about the soul, can you download that! This is all just reducing humans to just a material machine and it won’t succeed.

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