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Pedigree. The best grapes ferment into the best wine. The best horses finish first in the race. The bluest blood produces that king who outlives all others. On January 20, 2017, a man who is keenly aware of his family’s genetics and pedigree will swear loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America and take charge of a whole new era.

Perhaps this is the main difference between the Clinton Era and the Trump Era: genetic stock. My apologies if that sounds dangerously eugenics-related. And funny you bring that up because if you want to predict where Trump is going perhaps you should look at where he comes from.

From the Land of Palatine

Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich (or, Frederick) Trump, emigrated to America in 1885 from the town of Kallstadt, Germany. In fact, the house where his grandfather was born still stands today. Kallstadt sits in the middle of a fabulous wine-producing area in southwestern Germany, not far from France. I had to chuckle at two things associated with names and nicknames of the people of this region as mentioned at this Wikipedia page for Kallstadt [linked here]. 

1). The town sits in the “Palatine” region of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. While I can’t find a definitive link between the word “Palatine” and “Palpatine,” as in the Star Wars’ “Emperor Palpatine,” I defy you to try and block a mental image of that famous war lord out of your mind now that I have verbally planted it for you. {smirk}

2). The historical local nickname of Kallstadt and its inhabitants is Brulljesmacher (Palatine German for “loudmouth,” via French “brouilles”, “troublemaker”). The idiom refers to the inhabitants as big-mouthed braggarts. I am quite sure — yes, QUITE SURE — that the new President would regard such a label as a yuuge compliment.

Kallstadt, Germany, from where the Heinz and Trump families emigrated. (Photo: Wikipedia)
Kallstadt, Germany, from where the Heinz and Trump families emigrated. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Another notable fact is that the Heinz Family, yes as in Ketchup Kerry’s wife, is strongly related to the Trumps. Both families came from the same town. By the way, the name “Trump” is a morph from its original German name “Drumpf” and derives from the German word for “drum.” So if you’re inclined to feel annoyed at the new President’s brash, loudmouth style, well, sorry … but that’s his rootstock. Both his family surname and his ancestral neighborhood bear this out. Get used to it.

President Trump also shares Scottish roots from his mother’s side. His mother Mary was born in Tong, Lewis, Scotland. [linked here]. The President’s father, Fred, is a native New Yorker who was born in the Bronx. The President’s given name of “Donald,” is, as I can attest from my own family’s heritage, about as Scotch as you can get. Here’s a special treat for our RM readers who remember my previous article about Trump Tarot cards from The Economist [linked here]. Per the Wikipedia page for the generic name “Donald,” now we have at least one interpretation of that card: “world ruler“. However, this may serve to simply deepen the mystery of its meaning:

“The name [Donald] is ultimately derived from the Proto-Celtic word elements dubno (“world”) and val (“rule”).”

Which brings us to the pièce de résistance and the title of this blog. Global dominance always rests upon the shoulders of the entity who has harnessed the highest level of Energy and/or Technology. In light of the new #DEW, or, Directed Energy Weapons, that Russia has been dangling in her showroom lately, we have reason to conclude that the new President is already well-informed on the subject.

A Physicist in the Family

Both the official Wikipedia page for Donald J. Trump and this largely unnoticed news item from 2016 [linked here] mention an important tidbit in Trump’s life that should have all of our eyebrows raised to full alert. The President’s uncle, John George Trump, was an MIT physicist who worked on both medical and defensive applications of radar during the 1940’s. When Nikola Tesla died in his New Yorker hotel room in 1943, John George Trump was one of the men tasked by the FBI to investigate the personal papers that Tesla left behind.

John George Trump, MIT engineer and physicist in the field of radar who had the privilege of studying Tesla's private papers. Uncle to Donald J. Trump. (Photo: Wikipedia)
John George Trump, MIT engineer and physicist in the field of radar who had the privilege of studying Tesla’s private papers. Uncle to Donald J. Trump. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Note that the above-linked news article from 2016 wants us to believe that John Trump reported to the FBI that there was nothing in those papers “that included new, sound, workable principles or methods.” In other words, “move along, nothing to see here.” And if you believe that, well then, there are bridges up for sale in New York. Or … the papers that are now in the possession of the FBI might not have contained anything revelatory, but, oh look, how did these other papers get into my briefcase?

The uncle of the new American president was one of the few people on planet Earth who had full access to Nikola Tesla’s private papers.

In other words, there is no way for us to know what trove of knowledge has somehow been transmuted from Tesla to the Trump family. Based on everything that I and others have researched about the history of secret societies down through the ages, isn’t that precisely the way that works? Careful guardianship of game-changing technology and power is handed down from one worthy family to another.

Amy Davidson wrote this during the presidential campaign:

He mentions his uncle so often, and in such extravagant terms—“brilliant,” “one of the top, top professors at M.I.T.”—that it seems worth asking what the professor and his arcane knowledge mean to him. There are two different sets of answers, which might be put into the category of foreign and domestic.

But first, given Trump’s tendency to wrap things in porcelain and gold and shoot sparks through them, it’s worth noting that John Trump really does seem to have been a brilliant scientist. He was at M.I.T. for decades, and the X-ray machines he helped design “provided additional years of life to cancer patients throughout the world,” as the Times put it in his obituary, in 1985. 

Trump was involved in radar research for the Allies in the Second World War, and in 1943 the F.B.I. had enough faith in his technical ability and his discretion to call him in when Nikola Tesla died in his room at the New Yorker Hotel, in Manhattan, raising the question of whether enemy agents might have had a chance to learn some of his secrets before the body was found. (One fear was that Tesla was working on a “death ray.”) 

As Margaret Cheney and Robert Uth recount in “Tesla, Master of Lightning,” Professor Trump examined Tesla’s papers and equipment, and, in a written report, told the F.B.I. not to worry: Tesla’s “thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character,” but “did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.” Professor Trump may have neglected to make that sort of distinction clear to his nephew.

John’s Wikipedia page [linked here] informs us that he, together with Robert J. Van de Graaff, developed one of the first million-volt X-ray generators. And “Van de Graaff Generators” [linked here] have everything to do with Tesla coils and Tesla technology, which may be one reason why Mr. John G. Trump was tapped by the FBI as a technical expert to examine Tesla’s papers.

Exhibition of Tesla coils and Van de Graaff generators. (Photo: Wikipedia)
Exhibition of Tesla coils and Van de Graaff generators. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Strap In and Buckle Up

In conclusion, we should remember that Donald J., the nephew of John G. Trump, was 42 years old when his famous uncle died. The two of them had years of time to spend talking with each other. Even today, President Trump will mention his uncle often, especially in context of discussions on the proliferation of nuclear weapons. As the new presidency unfolds and Mr. Trump makes his rounds with world leaders like Vladimir Putin, and as he visits nations that are nuclear-powered, remember Donald’s family background. Do not underestimate the treasure of knowledge that he may hold due to his familial connection with Nikola Tesla. It was Tesla’s vision that predicted the use of Free Energy, which, if used wisely, could be used to utterly destroy the tyranny of the Babylonian Bankster Priesthood once and for all.

I leave you with this Youtube video of one of my favorite PBS documentaries about Nikola Tesla. 

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  1. Speculation is great but only time will tell if Trump will be able to get past the inauguration unscathed and then be able to handle the scum of Washington DC.

    HW Bush’s latest ‘respiratory problems’ (he’s still alive? must be ‘#pizzagate’ blood) sounds like he’s taking out the old playbook of how he got JFK assassinated (he’s the only one who doesn’t remember where he was when JFK was assassinated) and polished it up with new stuff like a trip to the hospital.

    Me thinks the desperate deep state that knows its going to be fired or hanging from a noose will go for a spectacular event that involves mass casualties.

    1. I was thinking along similar lines with respect to Papa Bush. Oh boy, if he manages to die at the same that Trump is taking the oath of office, what kind of message would that send? In fact, I almost half expect such a development. It is the perfect "Destroy in order to Create" cycle among the occult crowd.

      1. Deb,

        Thanks for this article. I have wanted to learn more about John Trump Donald’s uncle who taught him about nuclear weapons back in the 1980s Pershing missile/nuclear freeze era. Some of Trump’s detractors (including ahem a certain trolly US Naval War College Professor who claims to be an expert on Russian nukes but barely knows what the monster Sarmat ICBM is) have said he knows nothing about nuclear arms, but that simply isn’t true — John Trump knew quite a lot about nukes and knew it from having talked to some of the physicists no doubt including Edward Teller who built The Bomb. John Trump was also apparently involved in developing some of the first targeting radars for the Army Air Corps’ bombers during WW2:


        1. If the Russian SVR/GRU are aware that the Trumps and Heinzes are distant kin from the same ancestral village in Germany, that could also explain why Maria Zakharova and the Russian MFA have been so complementary to SecState Kerry while basically dismissing the rest of the Obama Admin including UN Amb Samantha Power as the evil clowns that they are.

          1. Right, and I don’t have to tell you that in that part of the world, ancestry is taken seriously. I belabored on the part about Kallstadt because it’s located in that oh so special piece of European real estate, the Rhineland, close to France, such a monumentally pivotal area during the last 1000 years … not to mention Bavaria and all the Illuminati implications.

            Regarding Uncle John, one thing I have not ascertained is whether or not John knew or possibly collaborated with Tesla in person. I’ve got to imagine that he did, being that they were in the same field, in the same city. But very little on the Web about that relationship. Somebody is holding those cards very close to the vest, as we say.

            Some further speculation here that BIFF from the Back to the Future movies prefigured Donald Trump:

            "By the way Donald Trumps dad is tied to Nikola Tesla in a http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ElO5W7iEW8c youtube documentary i just happened to stumble on while searching for Trump news after having searched for Tesla previously and not erasing the search box. Tesla was heavily into some alien quantum communication claims and if Trumps dad knew him then Trump might have had some future knowledge that helped him get rich. Remember in the Back to the Future movies (which have some weird 9/11 references as discussed here https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/3nemq8/back_to_the_future_predicted_911/ ) Biff is a real estare casino owning mogul who makes a fortune in the future because he has the book that shows info from the future. Is Trump mentioned by name in the movies somehow? Very strange…."

          2. That’s right Deb, you don’t have to tell me about geneologies — I managed to trace mine back about six generations to Germany but didn’t do the 23andMe study yet 🙂

  2. It makes sense that John Trump would have been a pioneer in radar if he’s familier with Tesla. People contemporaneous with Tesla, were people like Maxwell, Marconi, Edison. All of these people were experimenting with what we now refer to as one of the four known fources of nature, electomagnetism.
    The other known forces are gravity, the weak force, and the nuclear ‘strong’ force.

    Electromagnetism is the only one of those forces that could have been readily experimented with using the available materials of the late 19th century in the time of these men. What did they have to work with? Copper wires and coils, ferric alloys, simple chemical batteries (lead-acid, nickel-iron, la clanche cells), Bell Jars as simple capacitors to store static charges, and various inorganic ceramic materials as insulators, wood for basic insulating frames. Semiconductors were unknown, and many of the elements of the period table were still unknown. This limits the science you can do.

    Because of the materials revolution of the20th century, we can effectively manipulate wavelegths from below 1HZ up through the Gigaherz range, which was not possible in Teslas day. Quantum effects were becoming known, but not yet ‘controllable’, because quantum entanglement happens so quickly in normal settings that only a very environmentally isolated system can permit control of this effect, and the materials and knowledge of how to perform this isolation was beyond the reach of the early 20th century, although statistical studies like the famous double slit experiment, as well as the discovery of electon energy levels as discrete levels (quanta) pointed the way.

    Bottom line, some of the mystification of Tesla is a bit over done, in my view. He was clearly a genius, yes, but he existed in a certain social and technological matrix that had certain inherent limits. Like most geniuses, he ‘stood on the backs of giants’, so whatever he could do was related to what came before and what experimental materials where available to him, which I have already outlined.

    He was able to produce induction coils that could push electric fields a fair distance to transfer power, but there is a lot of loss in doing this, and it’s not a great idea to stand between these things while operating, though he couldn’t know that. The induction coils were probably run off of banks of batteries, a technology that aleady existed. Any ‘free energy’ he could play with would be electromagnetic, as the materials of his day would not have been sensitive to anything else. We understand these things pretty well. It would have been possible to tap the ‘earth to ground’ electrostatic energy (that which produces the effect sailors refer to as St. Elmos fire), store this in Bell Jars or slowly charge batteries, to flash out concentrated bursts in a few seconds what would have been taken hours to accumulate. Free energy exists, but it’s not that great, and like most other natural energy sources like wind and solar, fluctuates quite a bit in intensity.

    I think a study of Teslas work is always worthwhile, in no way am I trying to minimize what he did, he was one of the Giants. In his later years, his severe OCD led him to behavior identical to Howard Hughes in HIS later days, not wanting to touch doorknobs or people, and his ideas became more fanciful, and less connected to experimental verification. This is remiescent to me of modern ‘string theory’ which looks great on paper but has remained unverifable for the entire 4 decades that people have been working on it.

    Just my 2 cents on the Tesla controvesy..

  3. Just to mention, my father used to work for the Bell System in Pennsylvania in the 1950’s and 60’s as a frameman in the local telephone office, The technology of the day for switching your phone to another phone used hundreds of thousands of relays (copper coils). These offices would constantly be deviled by ground currents that would travel between field offices several miles apart. This is related to ‘sky to ground’ or ‘earth to ground’ potentials that would put unwanted current through the telephone lines and cause malfunctions in the telephone switching network. It was part of the ‘free energy’ but it was also a nuisance.

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