Trump vs. the Globalists: The Views of Southfront, The Saker and John Helmer

Donald Trump promised a “new era of peace” during the first stop of his “Thank You” tour in Cincinnati, Ohio, vowing that the US will stop trying to overthrow world governments and will cooperate with countries fighting terrorism.
The president-elect also promised to cooperate with any country interested in destroying Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

”We will partner with every nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump told a large crowd at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati on Thursday evening, as quoted by TASS.

”We will destroy ISIS. At the same time, we will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks,” Trump said, as quoted by The Washington Examiner.

”Our goal is stability, not chaos because we wanna rebuild our country. It’s time,” he said.


Link to video of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s full speech in Cincinnati, OH
Thursday, December 1, 2016

Aussie independent journalist John Helmer is the longest serving Western reporter in Moscow.
Aussie independent journalist John Helmer is the longest serving Western reporter in Moscow.

“The Empire’s Last Gasp — Anglo-American Journalism Chokes On Its Own Digital Model”
by John Helmer November 30, 2016

MOSCOW — For empires to rule, their agents must hang on to their monopoly of force, fraud and subversion, inside the home country as well as in its far flung dominions. Subversion means persuading people to believe what is true and good, when that’s false and bad for them. Propaganda, in short.

It was a close run thing in Russia during the time of Boris Yeltsin and the Clinton family.    But nowadays on the Ukraine front and the Syria front,   Russian force is prevailing. On all the other US war fronts Washington’s agents are losing; that includes small islands like Cyprus and big ones like the Philippines.

The British voted for Brexit; the French for François Fillon and Marine LePen; and the Americans for Donald Trump because the fraud enriching their ruling elites became too pervasive, too obvious for the subversion of public opinion to explain it away or cover it up.

The US and European sanctions against Russia have been a colossal miscalculation because they give Russians a rationale for the misery that has come, not only with rouble devaluation and the loss of oil and gas export income,  but also from the inequality inflicted by the oligarch system which replaced the communist one.  In cutting the Russian oligarchs and state banks off from the international capital they regularly stole and converted into offshore assets, the sanctions have forced self-sufficiency on a reluctant Kremlin, and neutralized, for the time being, the most powerful Russian lobby in favour of Americanization and — what amounted to the same thing, globalization. What’s left of the fraud and conversion lobby in Moscow  – Anatoly Chubais, Alexei Kudrin, Alexei Ulyukaev – is now under one form of house arrest or another.

Whereas the first assault on Russia by western journalists,  a quarter of a century ago,  was the sign of the collapse of Russian resistance, this time it’s the reverse – the signs of US and Anglo-European collapse,  and Russian revival.  We’re going to have to live a long time to figure out which side turns out to be civilized, which barbarian.  Uncertainty like this used to be called the Dark Ages.

The digital media model developed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the State Department for regime change in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Ukraine has more than failed – it has  produced counter-revolution, civil war, anti-Americanism, terrorism, refugees,  and chaos. The CIA’s only successes at subversion of public opinion, media, parties, parliaments – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Canada, Australia – are also failures. That’s because these are puppet states, too weak in arms, too small in capital, too inconsequential outside their borders.

In more serious places the digital business model for media like the Guardian, Financial Times, Washington Post, and New York Times is failing to sustain audience numbers or solvency, forcing them into becoming apps for telephone companies, internet merchants,  and government budgets.

The collapse of the digital model in both politics and commerce hasn’t convinced the digital model peddlers that their model is at fault. Rather, they think their model has been outclassed or overwhelmed by a Russian version of it. Americans, according to the digital model peddlers, turn out to be more gullible than Egyptians — only Estonians and Australians are more gullible than that.

It stands to reason for American peddlers that there’s political gain and commercial profit to be gathered from the state budget and from the internet market,  if they can make click bait of the Russian enemy in hope of shocking the American audience into believing what they are told.  That’s subversion, propaganda. It is exactly what the Washington Post tried in a special Thanksgiving edition entitled “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say”.  The reporter was called Craig Timberg.

When the experts started to run away from his report for lack of evidence, the newspaper stuck to its (unloaded) guns. “I’m sorry”, the reporter emailed, “I can’t comment about stories I’ve written for the Post.”..

“Actual journalism”, as Propornot calls it, started with a man called Joel Harding. Exactly how he is connected to, or directs the website, is not yet clear.  Between the Washington Post, Propornot, and Harding there is conviction in, if not yet guilt by, association.  The conviction is: “We call on the American public to be aware that Russia is trying to supplant actual journalism (that has editors and fact checkers who impose accountability for mistakes), with fake-‘media’ online propaganda that Russia influences or controls. Spread the word: Russia is attempting to manipulate the American people through online propaganda.”

One of Propornot’s recommendations is to pay money to read the Washington Post’s advertising for Propornot.  “Obtain news from actual reporters, who report to an editor and are professionally accountable for mistakes. We suggest NPR, the BBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post… Support them by subscribing, if you can!”

Harding lives with his wife Denise at a modest home in the Washington Post catchment area of Lorton, Virginia, not far from the Lorton Workhouse and Reformatory. That’s a heritage site now. It was a century-old prison for Washington, DC;   and also a bunker for a Nike missile battery to intercept incoming Soviet missiles, as well as for emergency government communications in the event the Nikes missed, and the Soviet missiles struck their Washington targets.


Harding describes himself as a one-man Nike missile and emergency communications centre against the Kremlin’s current war operations. He is, he says, “an adviser and consultant for information operations, strategic communication and cyberwarfare. Joel spent the past 35 years working national security issues, beginning with a career as an enlisted soldier on a Special Forces Operational Detachment – Alpha, followed by a career as a military intelligence officer, and since the mid-1990s he has worked and supported information operations at all levels. He has worked in the department of defense, in the corporate world and as a subject matter expert at a not-for-profit professional trade association, the AOC. While at the AOC, he was the director of the IO Institute, editor of the IO Journal, the organizer of InfowarCon and spoke in Canada, Russia and China about information warfare and cyberwar.” Harding’s autobiography can be read here.

These claims cannot be corroborated. That Harding has a Nike-sized incoming problem of his own, launched from Los Angeles, not from Moscow, is revealed by court papers filed in the US district court nearest his home. The significance of the case evidence is that the self-described expert on information warfare and the cyber soldier has turned out to be an easy target for a California internet lure and extortion racket…

Read the rest at the Dances With Bears site aka…

“Is Donald Trump Really Only a Showman Who Will Prepare the USA for War?” 
By The Saker (an extended excerpt) read the whole article at The Unz Review 

Let me begin by immediately say that I have the utmost respect for F. William Engdahl and that I consider him a person far more knowledgeable of US politics than myself.  Furthermore, I want to also make it clear that I am not going to refute a single argument Engdahl makes in support of his thesis simply because I believe that his arguments are fact-based and logical.  I strongly urge everybody to read Engdahl’s article “The Dangerous Deception Called The Trump Presidency” in the New Eastern Outlook and carefully consider each of his arguments.  Of course, Engdahl only offers indirect, circumstantial, evidence and only time will really show whether he is right or wrong.  What I propose to do today is to consider the other possibility, that in spite of all the evidence presented by Engdahl, Trump might not be a fraud and a showman.  You will see that this conclusion is not necessarily more optimistic than Engdahl’s.

My main argument is much more primitive than Engdahl’s and even more circumstantial: I see clear signs of a *real* struggle taking place inside the US elites and if, indeed, such a struggle is taking place, then I conclude that Trump is not a showman who has been “selected” (to use Engdahl’s words) by the US elites but that quite to the contrary, his election is a nightmare for these elites.

My subsidiary argument is that even if Engdahl is right and if Trump is a showman, the ploy of the US elites to save the Empire and prepare for war will fail.

Let’s take them one by one:

The reality of the struggle inside the US elites

Frankly, I don’t believe that the imperial “deep state” was so devious and sophisticated to order the mainstream media to organize a year-long hate campaign against Trump because the “deep state” has calculated that only such a demonization of Trump would make him popular and get him elected. Why? I just don’t believe that the US propaganda machine is that flexible.  You look at freaks like Rachel Maddows or Martha Raddatz and you can tell that they are for real, in the sense that they were never hired to parrot a specific political line but they were hired because they are the living embodiment of a specific political line.  And that goes for 90% of the Trump-bashing media.  Yeah, maybe some are cynical presstitutes, but most of them come from what I would call the “tribe of assorted minorities” which viscerally hates everything Trump stands for.  Their hate is sincere, it is pure, it comes from their very identity.

Likewise, when I look at the fawning in lockstep before Hillary which the mainstream media carefully nurtured I can only conclude that this is the logical outcome of decades of brainwashing by the liberal propaganda machine.  This machine was built around hating the “common” American, the “deplorables” in Hillary’s parlance, and this machine could not do anything but to worship her 24/7.

I am therefore convinced that Donald Trump got elected in spite of, and not thanks to, the “Patriarchy of loveless old men like David Rockefeller or George Herbert Walker Bush“.  Furthermore, when I see the desperate efforts by Soros & Co to organize some kind of “color revolution” against Trump under the slogan “not my president” and the efforts by, again, Soros & Co. to get Jill Stein to get a recount only in the states were Trump won, I come to the clear conclusion that the Neocons have still not accepted their defeat and that they are still trying to prevent Trump from occupying the White House.  In contrast, Engdahl writes that,

We should not imagine for one second that the Patriarchy– those loveless old men like David Rockefeller or George Herbert Walker Bush or unnamed others– were so overwhelmed by the political genius of candidate Trump emerging from every scandal more powerful than before, that they were surprised, out-foxed, and just groaned and let it happen.  The Trump Presidency has been planned in minute detail by them and their think tanks

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t get the feeling that what is taking place today is the result of something carefully planned.  I fully agree that the US deep state did not just “groan and let hit happen“.  But rather than letting it happen, I see the US deep state fighting against Trump with everything it has!  I don’t think that the post-election anti-Trump hysteria has been planned by the likes of Rockefeller or Bush at all.  What I see are the Neocons using every bit of “ammunition” they have to try to oppose and sabotage a Trump presidency.

Engdahl also brings some very strong arguments against the nomination of General Mike Flynn who not only is known for his rather crude anti-Islamic rhetoric, but who even co-authored a book with the notorious Neocon Michael Ledeen. That a man like Flynn could find no better co-author than Ledeen should set off “red alert” alarms in the minds of everybody who understands what Ledeen stands for and represents. And Flynn is most definitely one of the better people around Trump.

In fact, a closer look at the folks around Trump reveals a lot of Neocons, Israelis and Judaics and all in key positions.  There is a definite Likudnik smell to a lot of the people Trump has surrounded himself with. But that argument could also be reversed – if indeed Trump is “securely surrounded” by doubleplusgoodthinking Zionists, why their big panic?  Could it be that these doubleplusgoodthinking Zionists have some very strong concerns about what Trump might do as a President once he is in full control?

Last but most definitely not least: not only has Jill Stein been used to trigger a recount in some states, but there are now rumors that some Electors are now being pressured not to give their vote to Trump, as the law says they should.  Whether true or not, this kind of rumors clearly indicate that the Neocons are willing to do anything and everything to prevent Trump from getting into the White House or, if that is impossible, to maximally weaken him even if that puts the entire country at risk.

Why do I say that?

Because events have a way of getting out of control which makes the kind of reckless doubling-down the Neocons are currently engaged in extremely dangerous.  Of course, nobody currently expects the Electoral College to refuse to nominate Trump.  But the unexpected seems to be happening a lot these days.  So what if something like that happens?  Or what if some states accept Trump’s victory, but others don’t?  What if the “not my President” slogan really goes viral and infects the minds of many more people than right now?  Or even worse, what if this absolutely irresponsible rhetoric ends up in violence with either protesters or Trump himself being shot? 

We know that the very same US deep state which organized and executed 9/11 also used snipers in Vilnius in 1991, in Moscow in 1993 and in Kiev in 2014 to bring about an insurrection.  There are also report that such snipers were used in Libya, Egypt and Syria.  Is there any logical reason to think that this time around the deep state would not use such snipers *inside* the USA?

While it is possible that the current situation has been triggered by the US deep state, it is equally possible that the US deep state is losing control of the situation which might now be developing a momentum of its own.  Would the US deep state really take such a risk just in order to put “Trump the showman” into the White House?

The plan

According to Engdahl, Donald Trump was put into office to,

prepare America for war, a war the banks of Wall Street and the US military industrial complex are not presently in a position economically or industrially or otherwise, geopolitically, to win. His job will be to reposition the United States for them to reverse the trend to disintegration of American global hegemony, to, as the Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz Project for the New American Century put it in their September, 2000 report, “rebuild America’s defenses.”  To do that preparation, a deception strategy that will fatally weaken the developing deep bonds between Russia and China will be priority.

It’s already begun. We have a friendly phone call from The Donald to Vladimir the Fearsome in Moscow. Russian media is euphoric about a new era in US-Russia relations after Obama. Then suddenly we hear the war-mongering NATO head, Stoltenberg, suddenly purr soothing words to Russia. Float the idea that California Congressman and Putin acquaintance, Dana Rohrabacher, is leaked as a possible Secretary of State. It’s classic Kissinger Balance of Power geopolitics–seem to ally with the weaker of two mortal enemies, Russia, to isolate the stronger, China. Presumably Vladimir Putin is not so naïve or stupid as to fall for it, but that is the plot of Trump’s handlers.

If that indeed the plan, then I fully agree with Engdahl – Putin is not so naive or stupid to fall for it.  In fact, such a possibility has been discussed many times by Russian experts on various Russian talkshows and they all agree that while Russia will definitely tone down its criticism of the USA if Trump appears to be interested in collaborating with Russia, there is no chance in hell that Moscow would in any way let the Americans weaken or otherwise affect the unofficial but extremely strong strategic partnership between Russia and China.  Besides, the USA have nothing very interesting to offer the Russians anyway.  Why would the Russians spend any capital on a clearly dying Empire when they have an extremely beneficial alliance with a growing superpower? 

Does anybody in Washington DC really think that two decades of rabid Russophobia have suddenly been forgotten or that anybody in Russia will ever trust a word coming out of an American politician’s mouth?  For the past two years Russia has been scrambling to prepare for war against the USA and NATO.  Now that the danger of President Hillary has almost certainly passed, yes – the Russians are delighted that a thermonuclear war has become unlikely.  But they will never forget how close it came and they will most definitely not stop their preparations.  At most, they will somewhat slow down some programs, but that’s it.  Fundamentally Russia will continue her rapid pace of military development which, considering the situation in the Ukraine and in the Middle-East, is a sound decision regardless of what the Americans do or say.

I think I can very accurately predict what Russia will do during the next four years: Putin will meet with Trump and try to work out with him as many of the outstanding issues between the USA and Russia as possible (that is, assuming the Neocons around Trump don’t torpedo it all before it even starts!). If Trump wants a reasonable solution for Syria and the Ukraine, he will get it from the Russians.  If Trump is serious about forcing the CIA & Co. to stop using al-Qaeda & Co., that is to say if Trump is serious about smashing Daesh, the Russians will help him too. And if Trump wants the Russians to help secure a deal for Israel and Palestine, or help mediate some deal with the DPRK – the Russians will oblige again.  But what will not stop is the massive re-armament of the Russian armed forces and the Russian efforts to politically decouple the EU from the USA.  These are strategic goals of Russia which will not be affected by the USA.  Furthermore, even if during the next four years the USA spends X billion dollars on “defense”, Russia will spend far less but get much more than the USA.  Why?  Because the entire US military-industrial complex is corrupt to the bone and the US armed forces [are] in an advanced state of decay.

Contrary to what some Russian (and non-Russian) hurray-patriots think, Russia is still much weaker than the USA, but she is catching up at a rate which the USA is simply not able to match, Trump or not Trump, so the power ratio of the USA to Russia in four years will be even more favorable to Russia than it is now.  If the Neocons really think that they can somehow reverse or even significantly affect this trend they are wrong.  The USA are going down and Russia is going up, and nothing can stop this process…


  1. The USA are going down and Russia is going up, and nothing can stop this process…

    James, I see this too. Demographics are not favorable in the U.S. It’s a headwind that neither Trump or anyone else can totally prevail against. Also concerning is the possible appointment of ‘asset-stripper’ Romney to the State Dept. What statement about Empire does that suggest but that the U.S. would continue to be one, since asset stripping is what Empires do. Maybe just not run by Globalists this time.

    I posted a link on Ken’ Daily Economist comments section today about an interview by Michael Hudson on the Real News Network a couple of weeks ago, asking for his evaluation of it’s validity as a viewpoint. Michael Hudson always seemed to me to be a pretty balanced guy, and he sees Trump’s infrastructure ploy as basically using public money to fund infrastructure that gets privatized and turned over to the American ‘Rentier’ class, as in roads that are repaired and then reopened as toll roads, for example.

    This is another permutation of asset stripping (of the public) as far as I can tell, and the psychology of that makes me wonder if he really will restore the Republic as he claims he will. Likewise, it makes me wonder if American Imperialism will finally be laid to rest under Trump. I’m having my doubts.

    1. Mark,

      FWIW we do not internally within Team RogueMoney have a consensus on Mr. Trump, and you should also know no one certainly not V has ever told me what to write or not write about The Donald. I went from being lukewarm about Trump and merely seeing him as the lesser of two evils versus Hillary to being much more enthusiastic as time has gone on. That is not to say he will not disappoint me tomorrow as he surely will, especially with so many Bush 43 retreads and neocons trying to infiltrate his administration where the #NeverTrump ers and Establishment spectacularly failed to stop him through the ballot box and media smears.

      ‘W the Intelligence Insider’, as he has made plain in several appearances on the show, is more pessimistic regarding whether an ultimately nuclear global war can be averted than myself and the Guerrilla. That would place W’s viewpoint as closer to Engdahl’s, even if you or I happen to think Trump may be sincere, the Washington Swamp is still going to try and absorb him like the horror movie creature The Blob.

  2. Hi James,

    I posted Engdahl’s piece because I found it interesting, not necessarily because I agree 100%. I tend to think there are always people behind pulling the strings and if Trump were to really go against them his life would be endangered. My thoughts are that the shadow government always plans for either possibility. They are not the kind of people that leave things to chance.

    For whatever reason, they put their fingers on the pulse of US and decided to work with Trump over Hillary. ( Pizzagate perhaps?) I don’t necessarily think he is this big globalist, nor do I think he’s the savior as many others do. I seem him as being a pragmatist. He will listen to the advisors he puts in place that know more about the military than he does. Trump has never even been in the military. He is also a WWII generation guy who respects the old school tough generals, who remind him of Patton.

    Just the fact that he has had two meetings with Kissinger suggest to me that he is not going to try to go against the globalists and that the shadow government will run things. Russia has already gotten a very big stronghold in the ME and Obama managed to weaken our position substantially, so it will be interesting to see how Trump deals with Iran, Syria and Turkey. He can help get the terrorists out, but that will not give him back the strategic foothold.

    I agree that Putin is not going to stop building military strength and I think that at the end of the day this is liable to result in tensions between the US and Russia because of the type of military people he is putting in.

    The call from Taiwan was interesting too. The press didn’t all say it but it was initiated by Taiwan supposedly, so to what end, to further put tensions in the relationship with China. China is already talking about scaling back holdings in US real estate because it’s too expensive.

    I don’t see Trump as a Kennedy or even a Reagan. I think he is pragmatic enough to protect his own life and because of who he is, he will act more like an elite than a middle class person, so I think his policies will continue to benefit the same people’s that Clinton’s would have. Lowering taxes on the middle class is impossible. It’s too big a tax base and the country can’t afford to increase the deficit. He will help the corporations and the wealthy, and some of that may spill over to the middle class, in the form of more jobs etc.

    He is liable to face a large economic crisis very early in his Presidency, which will force him to alter his plans a bit. The situation with the banks in Europe is not looking good at all. I think the euphoria over him is a bit overdone to say the least. Americans tend to look for a savior in their President and underestimate the tremendous pressures there are on that office from behind the scenes.

    Those who have brought the country to the place it is now are not going to sit back passively and allow everything to run smoothly for him, as we have already witnessed with this Purple revolution. At the end of the day, he may not have a choice but to go with the globalists.

    1. Joyann,

      I agree with you! V is considerably more bullish than I am thanks to the ‘Trump effect’, while I am less apocalyptic than W is. I guess you could say I’m stuck in the middle 🙂

      The European banking crisis is not resolved, and pulling the plug of ECB funding on Austrian banks, unless Germany vetoes it due to the spillover effect from derivatives on teetering Deutsche Bank, would be a great way for the EUrocrats to punish the new incoming FPO government. A government that is very Russia friendly BTW — pour encourager les autres. I think the banking crisis will start in Italy after December 4 and spread to Austria and thence to Spain/Portugal/Greece and thence the ‘strongest’ pillars France and finally, Germany.

  3. James,
    Unfortunately I agree with you although I think we are further along on the prophetic timeline than many think. In that sense, I might side with W.
    All of the cashless, biometric stuff is pretty ominous. Israel is pushing biometric identity cards, India seems to be moving toward cashless and has biometry. Satellites are going be able to cover every part of the earth which makes a worldwide gps system which can track everyone feasible.

    December 4 is very close, so we will know shortly what happens in Italy and subsequently the rest of EU.

    Trump will be a better candidate to usher in any dramatic changes because he has made a point of saying he is anti-globalist so when the proverbial stuff hits the fan, he can say he didn’t have a choice and circumstances dictate that he act in a certain way. Clinton had no credibility whatsoever.

    The euphoria that we have seen post-election is wishful thinking. We would all like to go back to the Father Knows Best Days, but we will not. There is a lot of spiritual damage that has been done with no repentance. In that regard, I would line up with Jonathon Cahn and say that building towers which is a sign of pride which in biblical terms in not good. The answer is humbling ourselves before a holy God and confessing our sins and the sins of the country and asking him to heal our land, according to the great King Solomon. Solomon had a lot of building projects too, but he did not end well because he forgot to use the wisdom God gave him.

    Deep wounds cannot be superficially healed. The nation has killed many innocent both in wars and in abortions, we’ve waved our fist in God’s face and said we can do what we want. Well we can but that comes with a price.

    If there is a huge pedophile ring and it is not exposed, that that would be another evil that would be horrible because that would mean those in the know are not protecting the innocent. I don’t think a holy God can bless a country that would sweep this under the carpet. It’s good to see the alt media trying to dig for truth. Perhaps too many big fish involved for this to be exposed. Time will tell.

    Trump is not the Messiah, nor should we expect him to be, but I think many are making the mistake of putting him on a pedestal because they are so fed up with what has happened the last 8 years. He will be subject to all the same pressures as anyone else in that position and he will have to fall in line. Human nature is such that we are always looking for a king. Isn’t that what happened to Israel when they chose Saul? They wanted to be like the other nations and forgot that God was their king. They needed a hero to save them. Finally God sent them a young shepherd who defeated Goliath because he believed God’s word.

    Having said all of that, it would have been tough to stomach Clinton.

    1. Joyann, thank you again for understanding that without a historical Biblical reference, all the unseen and underlying pieces cannot fit. Of course, we can never fathom all the intricate involvements but we can certainly benefit from "reasoning together".

  4. This very detailed 7 minute youtube describes what could be described as the first of two strategies the Bush-Clinton crime family may be using to steal the election. Tie up the electorial votes in the three contested states making them unavailable on the 19th, resulting in Congress being ‘forced’ to appoint a President that would be neither Clinton or Trump, but would be a ‘hidden hand’ of the Bush-Clinton crime family.

    The second strategy seems to be to coerce/bribe/ threaten Electors of the Electorial College to vote for Hitlery.


    This report suggests that the National Security state, aware of the softness of some of the electors, are taking steps to isolate those individuals who are clearly trying to put pressure on them.

  5. James, I still am very glad that Hillary didn’t win…I just try to stay in the mode that we have to hold Trump accountable for not feeding more Oligarchs as that will be the temptation, the path of least resistance to get things done…

  6. I really love this website. Such intelligent articles are precious. I originally posted Engdahl’s article because I think the writers and especially V needed to hear a different opinion from someone who I’m sure every writer on the Rogue Money staff would respect. Many people can look at Trump and see different things from different perspectives. Another analogy is that V sees the Trump glass as half full while Engdahl sees it as half empty. Both are right.

    I do share The Saker’s opinion that Trump was totally unexpected and was not planned by the Deep State. I agree that they’re not that sophisticated and flexible. C’mon everyone of these Deep State people are just as humans as you and me. They fuck up like everyone else. They’re not ten feet tall! It’s obvious for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that the main stream media did everything possible including throwing the kitchen sink to get Hillary elected. In fact the plan was to have a Bush/Clinton rematch. But Trump gummed up the gears.

    I do really agree with Engdahl that the foreign policy handlers of Trump still have dreams of dominating the world. However, the schism in the Deep State is over tactics on how to get there, not on outcome. Don’t believe for a minute that Flynn doesn’t in his deep heart hate Russia as an impediment to the US ruling the world. That goes also for Deep State dissidents such as Steven Pieczenik. Every last one of present and former state department leaders, intelligence professionals (with the notable exception of great people like Ray McGovern and Wayne Madsen) and Pentagon generals all agree that the US must achieve global dominance. Again as I stated above they just differ in tactics and timing. Go back and listen to Flynn’s speech at the RNC. Except for the omission of anything negative about Russia it was the most shittiest speech on foreign affairs that I ever heard and repeated the arrogant claim that the US is the indispensable nation and his anti-Iranian words were really just plain stupid. The speech reminded me of Madeline Albright. These deep state dissidents are really aghast at the stupidity of the neocons and the neolibs in screwing up the US position in the world. I believe that their idea of Fortress America is for the US to lick its wounds, build the economy and come back lean and mean for another chance at global dominance. Of course if this is their intent by the time they come back internationally the world will have changed immensely and a multipolar world would be irreversible.

    I also agree that any attempt to split Russia away from either China or Iran will fail. The secret of Russian success is that Russia is interested in becoming friends and partners with everyone. Period! This way they don’t make alliances which could limit their options. Unlike the US Russia can have great relations with both Israel and Syria who both are mortal enemies on one another, Pakistan and India who have been at war for the last 60 years, China and India who have had border wars in the past and Saudi Arabia and Iran who are at proxy war with one another. So unlike the Soviet leaders of the past, Putin, Lavrov and the rest of the Russian state are really intelligent and will know how to handle compliments and flattery from the Trump administration. Russia will not sacrifice relations with China and Iran to have better relations with the US.

    So in conclusion we need balance in our enthusiasm for Trump. During the campaign I was ecstatic for Trump because he refused to be Russia bated which was a first for any presidential campaign that I can remember. But a few days after the victory I became sober and realistic on what Trump may mean. I completely agree with Paul Craig Roberts that I will give Trump 6 months to see what he will do and who he will bring into his cabinet before I judge him.

    We must all make a pledge, Rogue Money readers and writers, that if Trump becomes a disappointment whether on purpose or otherwise, that we will not make the same mistake as the Obama zombies who stuck with him even after it was obvious that Obama was a wall street puppet and a warmonger. We must pledge that we will not become Trump zombies and will condemn him in the most powerful way possible. The way to avoid this is to always put principles and ideas above personalities.

  7. Gary,

    Worth having a listen to Jim Willie on about Nov.24. I can’t post it now for some reason. Missed your post, but I posted the Engdahl article for the same reason, not because I 100% agreed with him. Chances are the truth lies somewhere in between the extreme views.

    Jim Willie’s take is that Trump made deals with CIA and the Military but he has a bit to say about the drug trade. I don’t want to misquote him so I’ll let you listen for yourself. Jim likes Trump and is happy he was elected but is not quite as optimistic about how the economy will fare. He still thinks at some point a new dollar will be forced on the US and it will be devalued by 80%. I sure hope he is wrong but he does have some important points and also has good sources.

    I don’t think the shadow government has perfect control, but I suspect they are experienced enough to know they have leverage over who ever comes into the Presidency. . Whether it happens like it did with Reagan..a near assassination and flip control to Bush, or whether they have something over his head that he doesn’t want to come out, I cannot say, but I’m guessing he is not going be able to do anything he wants and we have an underlying economic situation that is pretty complex and difficult.

    Also we should never forget how the elite use the dialectic process to achieve their goals:

    Dennis worked in the Reagan administration too, and has a number of excellent books like "the Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan". You can read them online on News with Views.

  8. Trump did not arrive where he is now without some powerful backing by a distinct globalist or globalist(s)! Having said this much I am of the opinion that there is disagreements amongs the globalist and that possibly they are at war within their realms. One faction outplayed the other and won by putting their man Trump in power. Now what one must ask themselves is "what is the agenda to this particular faction?". If this faction is powerful enough to outplay Soros and company then we have a president Trump who is obedient to his masters the freemasons… Trump must be a freemason for he kept making the sixes hand signal throughout his campaign and made the ok sign with Farage at Trump tower. This is verifiable! It would explain why Trump is now faced with putting neocon psychopaths in his cabinet! If Romney is selected it will prove my point… Trump has been told to go for him! However there is such backlash right now about this selection I am wondering if we might not get a back down from Trumps masters!

    My 2 cents

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