Hey India, Got Gold?

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With a view to curbing financing of terrorism through the proceeds of Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) and use of such funds for subversive activities such as espionage, smuggling of arms, drugs and other contrabands into India, and for eliminating Black Money which casts a long shadow of parallel economy on our real economy, it has been decided to cancel the legal tender character of the High Denomination bank notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations issued by RBI till now. This will take effect from the expiry of the 8th November, 2016.

— Official Press Release, Prime Minister Modi of India

The people of India woke up this morning to this news: after midnight tonight, your Rupee 1000 and Rupee 500 bills will no longer be legal tender. In a bold move to crack down on a national crisis of out-of-control fake money (sound familiar?), or #BlackMoney, Prime Minister Modi of India announced the recall of the entire nation’s bills of those two denominations and an issuance of new currency.

The Prime Minister even prepared the hospitals for a rush of patients in anticipation of the heart attacks that this news would cause. Think of that! And this is a country whose people have pursued an ongoing love affair with gold for thousands of years. Imagine if such a thing was to happen in a country where citizens have been brainwashed into believing that gold is nothing but a barbarous relic. Whoops, have I said too much? In the USA, we’ve been receiving signals for months that the #WarOnCash is in full bloom. Now you know what that looks like when it happens in a heavily populated, leading economic nation of the world

The rest of this news is told below strictly via Twitter graphics. I feel this presents a clear enough picture. Get ready, Amerika. This is what happens when financial corruption finally hits a brick wall and the counterfeiting of your legal tender suddenly becomes too great to tolerate any longer. Let these images burn a path inside your neurons. Jim Willie has told us for years that a new Dollar will likewise come to be issued in the United States. This is what such a process looks like.

There was no warning. Regular people did not see it coming. It simply happened overnight. Got Gold?

Prime Minister Modi gave a speech to the nation to explain the announcement. The second half of this video is in English. (Fast forward to the 41-minute mark.)

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  1. "Its been a matter of concern for all of us that corruption and black money [Quantitative Easing much?] tend to be accepted as a part of life. This type of thinking has afflicted our politics, our administration and our society like an infestation of termites. None of our public institutions are free of these termites. Now its time to change this." – Prime Minister of India

    Dear Prime Minister of India,

    I am sure you are aware there is a gigantic termite mound growing in Washington DC. Its gotten so high, reports are coming in that the termites at the top are suffocating from a lack of oxygen.


      1. Here’s the kicker, a nature documentary said if we could scale termites to the size of humans, their termite mounds would be over a mile high. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest in the world at 880m, is half that height. So lies the challenge for future civil engineers.

        Jokes aside Trump has a lot of stuff to deal with, see Wolf Gray’s recent article.

  2. SOF,

    Most likely the insiders have already got wind of this months ago and taken the appropriate steps to insulate their potential losses from this ‘exercise’.

    This move is just to rob the middle classes..

    Seems like Indian bankers are moving lock step with the Western banking cabal..

  3. Dear Bankster Slayer,

    Any idea as to why now for the Indian government move?

    Nothing happens by accident – what do they hope to achieve (it should definitely not the BS they say in the news)?

    1. KW, I’ve been thinking a lot about that very thing. Yes, indeed, WHY NOW? Granted, the counterfeit problem in India has become ridiculously bad. But why do this with no pre-announcement? No advance warning at all? Why, were they afraid the counterfeiters would have time to learn how to mimic the new money? pfffttt, they’re going to do that anyway.

      No, as always, my approach is to look at the FOREST rather than the TREES, and to do that in the context of ancient history and a long-term agenda of NWO puke-heads. Western banking systems owe so much of its origins to both the gold and the mysticism of India (hehe, by coinky-dink, my Youtube plug for my recent Bee In Eden show addresses that very topic.)

      It must be apparent to all what the founding BRICS nations all have most in common: drum roll, please …. GOLD. Is it possible that this little Rupee exercise in India might have multiple purposes:

      1). to force the Indian people to admit how vulnerable they are to live with a worthless paper fiat monetary system? And thus will they demand that, in order to never go thru this again, we must return to a metals standard?

      2). to provide a warning example to — ahem!– a certain western global-reserve nation who even now sits clueless as to what is coming … and to show us publicly what it’s like when your paper becomes worthless overnight. So when that day does come, the Banker Priesthood who will have placed themselves in charge of the next world currency can honestly say, "Hey, can’t say we didn’t warn you."

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