V the Guerrilla Economist’s Interview with Jim Rickards (10/31/2016)


  1. Maybe I should start my own ‘Rags-to-Riches with Silver’ Club since I can’t join the elite clubs in my country, not yet anyway.

    In depth stuff with Jim Rickards, great interview.

    1. Watching it now.

      Another Greg Hunter interview I would recommend is Clif High. I believe his is one of the few to suggest that Silver might eclipse Big Oil in the future as we go beyond fossil fuels as a chief source of energy, with the crisis point for our dependence on Big Oil coming in around 2020, from the 32nd minute onwards. That might actually make Bix Weir’s insane predictions for Silver not so insane after all.

      "Also, in our data sets between 2019 and 2024, silver becomes the metal to have. . . . You need to have silver. The reason being the innovations that will be occurring over those next five years. Silver will become much more in demand than we can imagine now" – Clif High


      Even Greg Hunter was impressed enough that he forgone his usual ‘weekly news wrap-up’ because of this interview.

      V has interviewed Clif High before on 11th December 2015 while he was on Revolution Radio talking about the predictive trends for Bitcoin in relation to Silver and Gold among others.

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