#Malheur Acquittal Jurors’ Middle Finger to Feds/BLM, Social Justice Cold Warrior @CJCMichel Hardest Hit

Having a jury of their peers refuse to convict Bundy family members and friends represents a tremendous blow to those who had accused the family of being domestic terrorists. It also eats at social justice warriors who wanted desperately for the full force of the federal government to come down on the Bundys Ruby Ridge-style for engaging in non-violent civil disobedience at Malheur.

One of those individuals is Central Asia ‘scholar CJ Michel, who weve previously mentioned here at RogueMoney is a promoter of #TinFoilHillary Clinton’s vast right wing Kremlin conspiracy speech seeking to ‘link’ the online #AltRight movement to Moscow:

Like other Social Justice (Cold) Warriors (SJCWs)/neocon hipsters, Casey Michel (pronounced ‘Michelle’) thrives on irony, but can’t see any irony in seeing Russian agents everywhere behind Trump or the alt-right that has endorsed The Donald (but not, as with the John Birch Society’s endorsement of Ronald Reagan for Governor of California, the other way around).

Who is Really Trying to Turn the Power of the ‘Deep State’ Against Dissidents/Political Opponents in America, Trump or Hillary? Consider the Following State Sponsored ‘Conspiracy Theories’ and Three Letter Agency/Democrat Party/MSM Convergence:

Hillary’s proponents, including prominent ‘ex’ Deep State-rs like former Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell (what the Russians would call Amerikansky siloviki) and not Trump’s, are depicting their political opposition as willing tools of a hostile foreign power; it’s Democratic operatives, not Trump surrogates, who bragged of shutting down political rallies through violence and intimidation, and it is Hillary, not Trump, who is ‘shaping the battlespace’ of mainstream media to #BlameRussia n hackers for her shocking defeat on November 8 (or any challenges to massive voter fraud that could barely get her over the top). Because even after Brexit, the polls couldn’t possibly be wrong. If Trump wins, he cheated, the Rooskies hacked the machines for him (and any Republican Secretary of State who says the voting machines aren’t even linked to the Internet is lying)! Pay no attention to those Trump rallies drawing 20,000 plus people in Florida while Tim Kaine cancels events after getting barely thirty people to show up!

Ultimately what ties CJ Michel’s hostility to Trump together with his support for Cold War 2.0 isn’t Trump’s stated desire for detente with Putin. No, the roots run much deeper, and have to do with the fact that the same Soros machine that co-funded the Maidan coup in Kiev among other ‘Colored Revolutions’ worldwide also helped bankroll Black Lives Matter violence and the suppression of a Trump rally in Chicago. But hey Casey, look on the bright side. At least after Hillary loses following the latest bombshell dropped on her flagging campaign by FBI insiders sick of her lawlessness and Director James Comey letting her skate, you can always say that James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is a Russian agent to burnish your Soros-prog cred for a job amidst the post election layoffs of SJWs at VoxBuzzfeed or The Daily Beast.

To turn the tables on them using their favorite phrases, SJCWs such as @CJCMichel are just the useful ‘progressive’ idiots and Washington-approved tinfoil hat wearers…

— http://www.roguemoney.net/stories/2016/8/26/tinfoilhillary-grand-godfather-altright-putin

UPDATE 8:00 p.m. Eastern 10/28/2016: Casey Michel has responded to our post on his Twitter acount, dismissing RogueMoney as ‘some conspiracy site’. Which is hilarious, coming from a ‘conspiracy theory for me because the Rooskies and white nationalists are gonna take over oh my but not for thee, peasant’ hipster.

Again, these Soros sock puppets are too smug to realize THEY are the #tinfoilhat crowd now. @CJCMichel’s ‘tweep’ @SarahKendzior, another ‘expert’ on the authoritarian regimes of Central Asia, is calling Mother Jones a white supremacist web site for publishing an article on 3 Percenter militiamen (and their ‘scary’ but legal activities) who patrol the U.S.-Mexican border. Um ok Sarah, if you’re this triggered now…you’re probably in for a rough  November 8:


  1. Big shifts in the last 24 hours. All of the MSM turning on Hillary in the most severe ways possible. WSJ calls her ‘Grifter in Chief’, Morning Joe on MSNBC calling her out for being ‘Ethically and Morally challenged’. Then this from Investment watch:


    Wikileaks too big to ignore! “Bill Clinton Inc.” scandal is on the front page of today’s NYPost, NYTimes, WashPost, WSJ, and Boston Globe! MSM looking like it is trying to appear journalistic and fair before the Trumpslide.

    This reopened FBI investigation almost seems synchronized with this change in tune by the MSM…

    1. Hello Mark,

      I see the same thing happening. Part of it is MSM trying to retain what’s left of their credibility, just like the pollsters who had an ‘oh s–t’ moment when they saw the early voting results coming in from states that record them such as Florida, North Carolina and even Democratic-leaning Minnesota congressional districts in a blue state that’s gone for the Dems for the last four general elections since 2000! They are covering their rear ends.

      The other part of it is clearly a significant section of the FBI has had enough and is revolting, forcing Comey’s hand if he wants to keep his job or even avoid indictment for obstruction of justice via a Trump DOJ himself.

      Last but not least, part of the reason I wrote this blog post today was to trigger Social Justice Cold Warriors (SJCW) like @CJCMichel, but also to put any handlers he has in the general Soros/Dem camp on notice that nobody’s going to buy the bullcrap that Trump only won Florida after all those huuuuuge rallies because some FSB/GRU hackers in Siberia rigged the voting machines for The Donald. I have already reached out to the Guerrilla via email and asked him to urge Roger J. Stone if he’s still in touch with him to get Republican Secretaries of State to come out and certify which of the voting machines in their states aren’t linked to the Internet. If the GOP SoS’ won’t do it, especially in Ohio, then another option is to ask the Constitutional Sheriff’s Association guys led by Richard Mack to start pinging county by county to find out whether the machines can even be hooked up to the Internet. This way we head off any effort by the desperate pro-Hillary Deep Staters or that Soviet-born Atlantic Council blowhard at Crowdstrike to blame the Russians for a Trumpslide!

    2. Mark,

      ‘W’ shared his viewpoint about the election and how it’s tilting back toward Trump I’m not at liberty to discuss yet. I’ll let him speak to it in an upcoming appearance on RM if he wishes after he goes on the John B. Wells Caravan to Midnight program this coming week to talk about the Bundys case. I can say W, you and I would all agree with the Guerrilla that some switch has been flipped in the MSM, and permission has been granted from on high (read: Rupert Murdoch and the globalists who tell him what to do) to bring the knives out for Hillary whereas they were checked/limited before to Fox News and a few other highly partisan outlets. Despite the Wall Street Journal’s base being mostly Republican, the neocon warhawks of the WSJ editorial board generally preferred Hillary to Trump because ‘muh Cold War with Russia/No Fly Zone to save Al-Qaeda fighting Assad from Russian bombs’. Having them turn on her along with a house organ of the Democratic leaning side of the Deep State in the New York Times and even the CIA-ComPost on the Potomac having to cover their rear ends and retreat from their ‘Russia hacked the election’ gambit (I hope) is highly significant.

      I positively agree with you that once CJCS Dunford, despite his tough talk of calling Russia an ‘existential threat’ to the U.S. told the U.S. Senate that a Syria NFZ means war with the Russians, and the Russians firmly responded to the Deir Ez Zor bombing gambit, it was over for any direct American attack on Assad. At least before the election.

      All that was left for the neocons to do was try some clumsy false flag, and the Russians publicizing the strange case of the Ukrainian charter airliner going off course to Amman and instead skirting southern Syrian air space exactly where it could get shot down like MH17 forced the worst (Al)CIA(eda) dirty Deep State rs to pull back. There have doubtless been many brave acts by patriots or at least ‘white hats’ in the DoD, CIA, NSA (whom I still suspect were the ones who got ALL of Hillary’s deleted emails more than the Russians possibly could have) and especially, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) where Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn still has friends and former subordinates who think fondly of him and couldn’t stomach Hillary and Brennan’s treasonous support of ISIS/Al-Nusra to topple Assad and prop up the failing Saudi monarchy at any cost.

      It is important, even if one suspects the ‘Eastern’ players are making moves behind the scenes to ‘encourage’ the U.S. Deep State to dump the war hag, to acknowledge divine providence. The NWO, and particularly the nasty Rockefeller warmongering wing of it that owns Hillary, is not all powerful and does suffer significant setbacks, or rather, things like Brexit that may serve certain purposes over the longer term but in the short term seem to make a hash of globalism as it’s existed for the past 70 years. Of course W will spoil the party on Nov. 8 by reminding us that many of the globalists need to smash American if not hidden Anglo/City of London hegemony before the NWO phoenix can rise from the ashes, but for the moment, I am going to breathe a sigh of relief that I won’t die in a nuclear war soon and drink a shot of Russian vodka to celebrate Hillary’s looming defeat in barely a week’s time.

  2. Seems to me, lots of stresses and strains within the deep state, too. The NYTimes is often one of their mouthpieces, nothing comes out of that rag that the Shadow Government doesn’t tacitly support. So then, you’ve got top Generals telling soldiers to remember their oaths to the ‘chain of command’. Maybe the deep state was contemplating a clash with the alt-right and just blinked. Not about ‘warfare’ per se, but the people who make everything in this economy work could just ‘sit down’ and everything comes to a stop. Including, the war machine.


    As an added data point supporting my contention that the U.S. Military would find a Clinton presidency unworkable, this Rasmussen Report from one year ago tells you what the rank and file military thinks about Hillary:
    A national survey of active and retired military personnel finds that
    only 15% have a favorable opinion of Clinton, with just three percent
    (3%) who view the former secretary of State Very Favorably. Clinton is
    seen unfavorably by 81%, including 69% who share a Very Unfavorable
    impression of her.
    My guess, it’s worse now…

    Some sort of ‘passive mutiny’ could clearly result from Hillary in the White House. Not good when you’re trying to run an Empire.

    So, is the sudden change of tune of the MSM, synchronously in tune with the FBI reopening their investigation, just chance? My feeling is no.

  3. I’ll make a wild, outrageous guess. The FBI found a smoking gun relating to a recent murder by the Clintons and/or the DNC. There have been several ‘mysterious deaths’ in the last few months.. The Clintons been accused of everything else including treason, and still walk around free…what else could be this dramatic?

  4. James, I think Trump’s poll watchers are ready to be deployed, and even with some machine flipping, the Democrat’s credibility is so low and going lower so fast that I think they’ll lose any reasonable challenge to these machine’s performance as long as adequate documentation exists.

    Whatever is going on that is so extreme as to frighten Obama away from Hillary’s events, because he was either tipped off or was peripherally involved in whatever crime we’re seeing uncovered, this crisis in the Democratic party may cause many of these rats to abandon further tampering, as that just lengthens your jail time with more charges when the law convicts you… I think these people are crumbling as we speak.

  5. James, I saw an interview of Donald Rumsfield about a month or two ago, can’t remember which channel, but probably FOX news, he was absolutely apoplectic about the leaks from Hillary’s unsecured server, stressed that he would certainly support Trump. Right there I could see the National Security crowd was freaking out over Hillary’s carelessness. Summed up, it’s as though the Security state, and parts of the Pentagon that Flynn is connected to through the DIA is at war with Wall Street/Bankers + Neocons and the darker parts of the CIA whom Hillary represents. Does that sound like a fair characterization?

    It does seem true that Providence is tossing us a lifeline, no question. We’re staring into the abyss, as Alex Jones said last night, but events are pulling us slowly back from the edge.

  6. For me the significant stat was they weren’t guilty on "ALL" charges, and one of those was a real violation. Having weapons on FED property. NOT GUILTY…..This is the FED’s getting a big "Up yours," ya got to love it.

    And of more note, I haven’t seen this story anywhere except on the bottom screen crawls of a few of the msm outlets, and even Drudge hadn’t hit on it real hard in the first 24 hours. Only ZeroHedge offered a significant piece on it.


  7. astrologer Joni Patry has been talking about a New Year’s event for several months now..

    Kim dotcom

    Read through all of today’s tweets!


    from the twits

    She did. And Joe Bidens personal lawyer prosecuted me. The Judge they picked was a Disney lawyer. Corruption knows no boundaries in the US.

    Kim Dotcom added,
    she did referrs to who signed the extradition papers

  8. Newsweek Journalist Claims US Intelligence Fed Him False Putin-Trump Conspiracy

    An error made by a Sputnik News editor has revealed shocking information that US intelligence agencies may actively be trying to manipulate the presidential election, while also spying on Sputnik’s staff of US citizens.

    Last week, a 29-year-old American writer and editor for Sputnik News was duped by a viral — but out-of-context — screenshot from the WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails. The screenshot contained an excerpt from a story on Benghazi by Newsweek columnist Kurt Eichenwald, misattributed to Hillary Clinton’s long time confidante Sidney Blumenthal. The Sputnik writer, Bill Moran, jumped on what he thought was a scoop, and published an article based on the misattribution.

    Moran realized his error less than 30 minutes after publication and quickly deleted the story, which had accumulated around 1,000 views. It was an honest mistake. By the time the story was pulled, however, the same viral tweet had made its way to someone in Donald Trump’s campaign, and the candidate quoted the screenshot at a rally that day in Pennsylvania, claiming that Blumenthal himself acknowledged Clinton’s culpability for the 2012 attack on the US embassy in Benghazi. This perfect storm of human error resulted in a new Newsweek piece by Eichenwald, pushing a massive conspiracy theory and accusing Sputnik News — and therefore the “Russians” — of working with the Trump campaign. The story was dramatically headlined, “Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal.”


  9. The Saker on the Russian fleet in Syria, the obsolescence of aircraft carriers and their only purpose as enforcing gunboat doplomacy, and some interesting information on the ship Pyotr Velikiy:

    One of the comments under this article from a US navy servicemen who worked on 3 aircraft carriers is very telling as to why US foreign policy is really about being the playground bully who only knows how to bully the small and the weak. I am guessing V already knows what this serviceman is talking about having served in military think-tanks.

    ‘Having served on 3 American carriers, it is true that their life expectancy in a real shooting war with a major power was less than 35 minutes. 45 minutes at the outside of the envelope. This is why we trained SO hard to launch every flyable aircraft in less than that time. After that, it was bend over time (bend over and kiss your butt goodbye).

    No aircraft carrier is designed to survive a real shooting war, NONE. It is a HUGE floating radar reflector to begin with. It is USED to beat down children to the powers that be. Nothing more.

    A boat is a boat, it’s the crew that makes the difference. None would survive a REAL shooting war with the Russians or the Chinese. NONE.

    I served on the USS Independence, USS America and USS John F Kennedy. I have done temporary duty on the USS Eisenhower. I have been both air-wing and ships company.

    The best crew you can find and train will go to the bottom in 45 minutes in a real shooting war. You cannot stop a cruise missile barrage followed by several nuclear torpedoes.

    An aircraft carrier is a marketing piece. Remote airfield when you don’t want to get your hands dirty; currently being used by the putsch regime in power in DC to spread terror.’

    -Jon Geissinger

    The DC crowd built so many aircraft carriers because it is about being the schoolyard bully to enforce their shit dollar. Pathetic and lowlife way of the Anglo-American foreign policy.

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