Deutsche Bank, Japan Bonds, SDR China, Saudi USTs, One Heck of a Weekend: Open Thread

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Dear Rogue Money Readers: we are posting this Open Thread to encourage Reader Comments in the spirit of “if you hear something, say something” as the Maelstrom of Autumn 2016 begins to unfold. The specific data points that I am watching as Q3 winds down tomorrow are listed below. But, as W. has reminded us, “Expect the Unexpected,” and absolutely ANYTHING can happen now between today and next Monday… and beyond as we steer through the treacherous waters of October.

Shout-out to V. and to Ken Schortgen Jr. for sounding the preliminary alarm bells. You’ll want to start with these Youtubes:

1. Posted Thursday Sept. 29th, a 3-minute update. You’ll want to hit the Subscribe button at Ken’s special channel page here.

2. V’s interview with the recorded Wednesday, Sept 28. Comments on Deutsche Bank, the Silk Road, the potential for China to absorb the IMF into the AIIB and establish a Gold Control, lots more:

Honorary Team Rogue Money member Bix Weir has been busy. He reminds us that this past July’s “credit watch” of Deutsche Bank could easily turn into “credit downgrade” any moment now:


Recent ZeroHedge headlines related to our favorite German Piñata, Deutsche Bank, are listed below. By the time this article is posted there will likely be a dozen more. Feel free to post breaking news down in the Comments section.


And then there are the two stories from Saudi Arabia: the Kingdom’s continuous hemorrhaging of cash and their reaction to the JASTA Senate override of the Obama veto that now allows 9/11 victims to sue the Saudis. Will the Saudis follow through on their old threat to dump US Treasurys?


Holding our breath to see who gets downgraded below Investment Grade first: Deutsche Bank or the Bank of Japan.


Kabuki Theater (Pinterest)
Kabuki Theater (Pinterest)

For dessert, here comes the main event. The evening of September 30/October 01 marks the historic day when the Chinese Renminbi will be officially added to the SDR Basket of Currencies. This is an implied blessing from the High Priests at the International Monetary Fund. All Systems are now GO for the central banks of the world to load up on Chinese bonds. And if there aren’t enough of those to go around, well, we’ve got a special going on Market-SDRs. Hey Saudi, about those UST’s that you’d like to dump … hmmm?

We’ve written often about the coming of the marriage between China and IMF, like this article New World Currency on Steroids. Jim Rickards has been one of the loudest voices on the subject and he will be chatting with Max Keiser about it yet again next week.

In a related story, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited the United Nations this week (story linked here). The IMF is just one sector of the U.N. upon which the Dragon has set her sights. We found this video statement copied below by Liu Jieyi, China’s UN representative, to be thought-provoking. It has always seemed to me that a day would come when both Russia and China would realize the latent potential of this global governing body, an organization that has deliberately been kept tied to a leash of weakness by her Anglo-American masters ever since her creation. However, now with yet another escalation of the Syria tensions and China’s arrival into the UN’s financial framework, we wonder whether this pet beast will be allowed to play a more substantive role within the world’s new management team?

China will certainly work with all the members to make the United Nations a more effective tool in advancing the common good of the international community.

— Liu Jieyi, UN Representative

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  1. Maybe a small thing. maybe not.

    All Australians Escorted Out of U.S. Pine Gap (Australia) Spy Base! Only Americans Permitted now . . . . ?

    According to Wikipedia, the Pine Gap facility at almost the geographic center of Australia, is used for controlling military satellites "over the one third of the globe which includes China, the Asian parts of Russia and the Middle East.[6] Central Australia was chosen because it was too remote for spy ships passing in international waters to intercept the signal."

    This eviction of all Australian nationals could lead one to conclude that the U.S. is going to more of a war footing, or anticipating doing so.

    1. Pine Gap was where Stan Deyo used to work from when he did his study of ocean temperatures and earthquakes. It was also the location of a large alien craft event.

  2. There’s a one week holiday in China starting Saturday. Odd time for the RMB SDR to come online.

    One has to wonder that if the Chinese are involved, wouldn’t a one-week break in trading be a good time to watch other markets around the world collapsing? Hmmm.

  3. Should mention also, that tomorrow is considered to be a ‘black moon’. I’m sure the elites are aware of it, supposedly I’ve read ‘spells are more potent’. With so much mischief brewing, probably all ties in somewhere.

    1. From W: "As I stated several times over the last year or two as well as in the interview last Friday I’ve been tracking numbers including 111 and variations thereof 1111. 11-11-11 etc. a number of plane crashes have occurred on 111 and 1111 day cycles. There are 111 hr cycles in one particular market I also located several years ago soooooooo……. I find this tender nugget quite tasty…."

      "The black moon event will take place in the early hours of Saturday morning at 1:11am (GMT) for those in the Western Hemisphere.
      The black moon will coincide with Halloween for those in the Eastern hemisphere."

      1. Significant then that WikiLeaks is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, of 10 million documents leaked, at 10am Berlin time?

  4. It’s easy with all that’s happening to overlook that India and Pakistan are also as close to war as Russia and NATO. These nations have earlier generation atomic warheads.

    An article at speaks to this:

    Heavy price of India-Pak N-war: 21 million may die, half of ozone layer will vanish
    INDIA/PAKISTAN CONFLICT in progress September 29, 2016, by Ryan 721

    If India and Pakistan fought a war detonating 100 nuclear warheads (around half of their combined arsenal), each equivalent to a 15-kiloton Hiroshima bomb, more than 21 million people will be directly killed, about half the world’s protective ozone layer would be destroyed, and a “nuclear winter” would cripple the monsoons and agriculture worldwide.

    As the Indian Army reports striking terrorist camps across the border, and a member of Parliament (MP) of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) urges a nuclear attack and the Pakistan defence minister threatens to “annihilate” India in return, these projections, made by researchers from three US universities in 2007, are a reminder of the costs of nuclear war.

  5. So the rumour currently being floated now, mid-day on Friday, is that the DoJ is going to back down from the $14billion penalty that they were demanding from Deutsche. We’ll see next week if that’s just a rumor or not. If it’s true, then yet again, a TBTF bank that helped power the 2008 mortgage crisis will get away with just a slap on the wrist.

    Ya think DB’s counter-party of JPMorgan had anything to do with that rumor????

  6. I would not be surprised if Shimon Peres died months ago and the big funeral in Israel is really just a big meeting to tweak their plans.

  7. ASX up Monday with absolutely no mention of Deutsche Bank deal faux pas or Italian false account charges – WTF?!

  8. Oct05: Judge rules lawsuits may proceed against gold, silver manipulators… specifically, HSBC and ScotiaBank:
    However, far more important, was her ruling that investors may pursue antitrust and manipulation claims against Bank of Nova Scotia ("ScotiaBank") and HSBC Holdings Plc, clearing the way for silver manipulation price-fixing litigation.
    As a result, "the Clerk of Court is respectfully directed to close the open motions at docket numbers 73 and 75. Plaintiffs’ deadline to show good cause why leave to replead should be granted is October 17, 2016."

    This means that a US Federal Court has found that a lawsuit – the first of its kind – has merit and will now proceed to rule on the following claims versus HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia:

    employment of a manipulative device claims
    bid-rigging, and unjust enrichment.
    price fixing and unlawful restraint
    price manipulation claims
    aiding and abetting and principal-agent claims.

    And so the discovery process begins, which will expose just how much market manipulation takes place in the silver (initially as there is a parallel lawsuit taking place with regard to gold) market by major banks. To wit:

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