The Daily Economist with Ken Schortgen Jr. – 2nd and 3rd episodes


  1. Ken,
    Great informative reports. These reports are really useful in reading in between the lines of
    current news stories. Thanks much.

  2. Great work!
    Ken, what are your thoughts on: how safe our trading accounts are. It’s hard to prognosticate as we’re so far out of chartered waters with cyber trading, war-on-cash and crim bankers and n/zirp on its way, I’m just wondering. Might it be wise to split up and have 2 accounts?
    No sense having anything much in a bank.
    Not that I have too much in my account, but I’ve been commandering my $ since 2009.
    Since no one offers stock certificates anymore and it clearly says in my brokerage account there’s no fdic (not that they have any $) I’m just wondering how they could steal what a few of us have stashed! Thanks for your research, Tracy

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