Joaquin Flores Connects the Dots Between Manufactured EU Refugee Crisis, NATO and the Empire’s Strategy of Chaos


  1. Bill Still of the ‘Still report’ put this out a short time ago. Interesting and unsettling, it goes into topics like George Soros, problems at the FBI, and the trail between the email scandal and the Clinton Foundation. Makes you marvel at the guts Trump has to attempt what he’s doing.

  2. And the "hits" keep coming. No I mean the hits really. The assassination of Seth Rich of the Democratic National Committee (or is that the Demonic National Committee) on July 10
    in Washington DC was almost non reported in the major media. Apparently he was telling what he knew about the Clinton Foundation to men he thought were FBI agents.

    Turns out they were a Government hit team. They were later captured but the story ends there as no names or department in which they worked was given. Move along, nothing to see.

    Last night August 3 the investigative reporter, Victor Thorn, decided to commit suicide at his home in Pa. Probably his most noteworthy books were the trilogy called "Hillary and Bill". The three very well documented volumes were Vol. 1 the sex volume, Vol. 2 the drug volume and Vol. 3 the murder volume. Well I guess one more entry needs to be made in the last volume.

    RIP to you two brilliant and courageous gentlemen.

    To those who say they could never vote for Trump because of his ego and his outspokenness,
    I say you probably wouldn’t have liked the American Revolutionaries either. Times of crisis require men not afraid to rise to the intensity of the moment with their ideas and rhetoric.

    How far did Ron Paul get being a politically correct "gentleman"? He got run over by an 18
    wheeler as will America if we are afraid to talk about real issues in the manner they need to be talked about.

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