Terror in France, Again: Elderly Priest Murdered by ISIS Wannabes in a Normandy Catholic Church

This is an open thread about the murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel in a Normandy Roman Catholic church, the latest in a string of terrorist outrages in France committed by suspects known to the authorities.

One of the suspects, an eighteen-year-old who had unsuccessfully tried to join the Islamic State in Syria, had been assigned an electronic monitoring brace. – JWS


  1. Is this just so that France can send its warships and jets to Syria and bomb the shit out of the Syrian army / Syria / "ISIS" ?

    Or is it so that the politicians can reform the chain of command and give themselves direct authority over military forces instead of the generals?

  2. so an 11 year old boy is tortured and beheaded with a small knife (which means it wasn’t instant) by Obama’s moderate rebels and it barely gets a mention….. an elderly priest is killed and the media can’t stop talking about it

    moral relativism strikes again!

    1. As Northeastern U prof. Max Abrahms tweeted, behead someone in France and you’re a terrorist. Do it in Syria and you’re still a moderate rebel (who made a mistake that embarasssed your MSM think tanker supporters/apologists like Michael D. Weiss, Kyle W. Orton, and Charles Lister).

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