#Munich #IranianGerman Terror Attack Open Thread

After considerable disinformation in the hours after Friday’s attack, and confusion about whether there were up to three shooters (not unlike the recent attack on police in Dallas), German authorities now say a single 18-year-old Iranian-German killed nine people at a Munich shopping mall, before turning the gun on himself. Where of course this radicalized young man got his firearm/s in a country with some of the most strict gun laws in Europe will be a subject of intense interest on both sides of the Atlantic. Other questions include why the shooter reportedly engaged in shouting matches with angry victims during his rampage, in which eyewitnesses recounting him screaming “Allahu Akbar!” as he gunned down children at a shopping mall and adjoining McDonalds.

There are claims that the gunman was called a ‘sh-tty foreigner’ and ‘wanker’ by angry onlookers in response to his shouts of “I’m a German”, which may have sparked mainstream media attempts to falsely connect the attack to white nationalism or anti-Muslim migration sentiments

Like many others, the Moscow-based Globalist Hipster™ and ‘Russia Without (Actually with Plenty of) BS’ blogger Jim Kovpak badly wanted the shooting to fit his Narrative. But he wasn’t alone:


The angry reaction on Twitter to what many are calling another jihadist terror attack like the horrific attack in Nice, France has led to complaints that the social media company’s search engines are deliberately blocking the hash tag #Munich or the subsequent search item #IranianGerman. 

Is this latest attack in the Summer of Chaos another way to distract the German people from the pending collapse of Deutsche Bank and the financial implosion of the EU, as Jeff Berwick hinted in his discussion of accelerated chaos during Friday’s Guerrilla Economist radio show? 

Please share your thoughts related to this apparent mass shooting terror attack, Munich, or German/EU politics in the open thread below.


  1. Surprisingly terse, James ;-P. But full of info and facts as usual. It won’t be long till Germans and other Europeans stand up and violently defend their culture and heritage. That day will be terrible, but nevertheless necessary. We can only hope they go after their leaders who orchestrated the invasion as well as the invaders.

  2. Angry Birds the Movie – the 3 protagonists The Bomb, Chuck and Red form the Tri-color flag of Germany, the has-been Eagle is the United States (pissing in the pond) and King Mudbeard is the only pig that has a beard that’s oddly Middle Eastern…

    ‘It’s time to get ANGRY!’ – Red

    ‘I mean, its just a kid’s movie, right?’


  3. There is ONE common denominator with the Nice and Munich terror attacks, Richard Gutjahr. What are the odds of the same "journalist" who is:
    1) Strategically located to record both back-to-back "terror" events in two different countries.
    2) At both cities in the correct locations at the correct times.

    I’m not a Statistician like Dr. Willie, but I would rate the odds of Richard Gutjahr recording both events in two different countries and at the correct times at being slim to none and slim just left town.

    Selected sections from the first link:
    "Richard Gutjahr (* 1973 in Bonn ) is a German moderator , journalist and blogger ."

    "Gutjahr is the former Israeli since 2007 Knesset -Abgeordneten Einat Wilf married. [24] He has a son (* 2010) [25] and a daughter (* 1994) [26]".

    "Einat Wilf (Hebrew: ???? ??????, born 11 December 1970) is an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Independence and the Labor Party."

    "Einat Wilf was born in Jerusalem. She studied at the Hebrew University Secondary School. During her national service in theIsrael Defense Forces she was an Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200, and reached the rank of lieutenant. […] In 2007, she ran for the presidency of the World Jewish Congress. However, she withdrew before the actual vote, and Ronald Lauder was elected president."



    Therefore, unless you are an absolute moron, the obvious conclusion is Mossad (Khazarian Mafia) is involved with both “Brush Fire Gladio” events to incite a Christian/ Muslim War. I had previously presented evidence that Israel was partially responsible for the Euro Refugee Flow. The whored-out Western MSM Stooges have been fanning these flames for quite some time.

    Are there other examples of "Israelis" recording other events? YES!!! Scroll down to the section on the "Dancing Israelis". Lots of other juicy info for the Non-GMO brain foods consumers.


    Israel also runs The Outhouse of Saud’s security. Is it not reasonable that Mossad would be involved in a soon-to-be Saudi Coup to suck up to the New Eurasian Pimp Daddies?

    Is it also not reasonable to conclude that the Rothschild Talmudic Tapeworms Et Al, who are under pursuit now in the “New Deck of One Ton Gold Per Headhunting Bounty Cards”, wish to create a world wide Goyim War (Georgia Guidestones) where they get lost in the noise?



    Hey. What do I know. I’m just an aware and critically thinking Pajamahadeen.

    1. Yeah Jim Stone of http://jimstone.is laid it down about Twitter deleting that piece of evidence on this Richard Gutjahr bastard, preserved by the Google cache.
      (url is relevant at time of posting until he updates it with new stuff)
      "The Mossad did France and Germany. Proof got expunged from the web post haste, but I have all the proof captured here, complete with proof they censored it. GUESS WHAT? The exact same guy who photographed the truck attack was miraculously in Germany for the mall shooting, where he got all the great shots of that too! AND GUESS WHAT? HIS WIFE IS PROVEN MOSSAD. How cute is that?"

      "Is it also not reasonable to conclude that the Rothschild Talmudic Tapeworms Et Al, who are under pursuit now in the ‘New Deck of One Ton Gold Per Headhunting Bounty Cards’ "

      It would be nice if it was true. I don’t entirely trust what comes out of Ben Fulford because some of his stuff shows he isn’t very aware of certain things. Like one article he did ‘we must have a one world government but it must never be fascist’. Yeah good luck with that in the real world.

      And then we would need a real version of the video game CoD Modern Warfare’s special operations ‘dream team’ Task Force 141 with the likes of Captain Price, ‘Soap’ MacTavish, ‘Sandman’, ‘Ghost’, etc to break through their elite guard and get them. Likely they would rather go out in a fireball than be paraded in a trial like restaurant meat on display.

      1. SOF,

        I don’t know if "Deck of Cards" are real. It may be. The Event Chronicle article previously had a contact number re Cards. Unfortunately, it was deleted in the update. I wish I wrote it down as I had planned to call and verify the offer.

        Further evidence of Talmudic scrubbing of information.


        Would you please respond to the links a I have posted above and in the previous posts in this RM article. I believe you are on the WRONG side of history if you choose to support Israel. The mountains of evidence is rather overwhelmingly against Israel. The Tapeworm Acolytes are REALLY getting out of hand.

        Truth Unites. Lies Divide.

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