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We had to do a double-take at the headline posted at Debka.com today, namely, “Erdogan locks US airmen, nuclear arms in Incirlik“. Keeping in mind that Debka, as with so many news services, may operate largely by the good graces of Israeli intelligence, it is nevertheless remarkable that even Debka feels a bit disillusioned at the apparent media blackout of this story. (See PDF version here if link is unavailable.) Quote:

Some 1,500 US airmen and their families have been locked in the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik together with a stock of tactical nuclear bombs since President Reccep Erdogan crushed an attempted coup on Saturday, July 16. In the four days up until Wednesday, July 20, therefore, no air strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq have been staged that Turkish base.

This extraordinary situation, reported here by DEBKAfile’s military sources, whereby a large group of American military personnel are held virtual captive by an allied government, was almost certainly raised in the phone call that took place Tuesday between President Barack Obama and Erdogan.  But the most outlandish aspect of this affair is that no American official has raised it in public – nor even by the administrations most vocal critics at the Republican convention which nominated Donald Trump as presidential candidate.

The situation only rated a brief mention in some Russian publications under the heading: “Turkish investigators enter & search Incirlik air base where US nukes are housed.”

A few items are noteworthy here:

1. Debka claims that NO air strikes against ISIS have been sent from Incirlik. However, mainstream media has been assuring us all week that airstrikes were being carried out in spite of the power cut-off to the base.

2. Has Donald Trump deliberately missed a choice morsel by avoiding this story? Did he actually choose to ignore the link between the donations made by Fethullah Gulen to the Clinton Foundation? And even the Russian media are treating the story very lightly? Hmmm, if so, then this story is much more classified than we had thought.

3. What is going on behind the scenes that is so bad that it has effectively hamstrung the supposed “most powerful leader of the world,” President Obama, from being able to take action against this obviously hostile action from a NATO-allied country?


Once again, the world is being treated to strong hints from the Madman of Turkey that there actually is a live, functioning super-state that has more power than the United States.


As we mentioned in our previous blog, ministers of the Turkish government have been screaming for the head of Muslim cleric and CIA favorite, Fethullah Gulen. Erdogan claims that Gulen is a ringleader of a “parallel state.” Our ears were pricked, again, at the statement copied below uttered by the Prime Minister, to the effect that a “state within a state” is being controlled by the clerical Pennsylvania resident. See: “As Erdogan’s Historic Purge Claims 50,000, Turkey Set To Unveil “Emergency Measures”

Meanwhile, Erdogan continues to focus the public’s attention on his hand-picked scapegoat for the attempted, if perhaps staged, coup. “This parallel terrorist organization will no longer be an effective pawn for any country,” Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, referring to what the government has long alleged is a state within a state controlled by followers of Fethullah Gulen. “We will dig them up by their roots,” he told parliament.

We could not help but recall that this same phrase has been used to describe a powerful network of would-be world rulers whose stretch extends over many centuries. The History Channel documentary “The Templar Code” used the same phrase to describe that powerful cabal 700 years ago, and repeated here in a comparable Wikipedia article: (link here)

This probably made Philip particularly uneasy, since just a few years earlier he had inherited land in the region of Champagne, France, which was the Templars’ headquarters. The Templars were already a “state within a state”, were institutionally wealthy, paid no taxes, and had a large standing army which by papal decree could move freely through all European borders. However, this army no longer had a presence in the Holy Land, leaving it with no battlefield. 

Readers of the continuous series of books from Joseph P. Farrell have run across this idea over and over again with regards to the Nazi International, those vermin who went underground after WWII while overseeing the rise of the ultimate Fascist network of banks and corporations that today seem to “be anxious to bring the game home.” The connection between the CIA and the modern reincarnation of the old Nazi fraternity has been traced by many researchers through the alliance between Reinhard Gehlen and Allen Dulles.

However, our big “whoa!” moment of the day came when Erdogan invoked the memory of 9/11. Many eyebrows have been raised over the possibility that Erdogan staged his own coup to give him legitimate excuse to arrest 60,000 Turkish citizens (and counting). When asked for his response to that claim, Erdogan replied: “It’s comparable to the claim that 9/11 was orchestrated by the US.”

We must stop and ponder this statement. Is Erdogan dropping a long-awaited 9/11 Truth Bomb here? Is he saying that the factions within the U.S. government were complicit in the horrific loss of life and property that day just as he (or somebody pulling Erdogan’s strings) is equally capable of pulling off his own coup?

And if that is true, then we must ask by whom did Erdogan come by this information. You don’t suppose he was directed to drop these cookie crumbs by the man to whom he came crawling the day after Brexit, to offer his apology for the shootdown of the Russian pilots last November — an act he now claims was perpetrated by this same CIA favorite Muslim cleric in Pennsylvania?

We have noticed the characteristic reticence of Vladimir Putin to make any truly noteworthy statements about the Turkey Coup events during the past week. Undoubtedly, the Master Chess Player has locked up the game in checkmate. So, we conclude this blog with the same two words I customarily offer in response to anybody who asks what exactly should they be watching for in The News?

Watch Putin.

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  1. I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on. Is the false flag coup allegation just propaganda? Are the CIA really that incompetent. Were the CIA impatient? Did the CIA launch too soon? Are the CIA desperate?! Are the purge details exaggerated or even true?

    etc etc etc!

  2. the problem with chess, is that you set up a brilliantly clever, sophisticated, subtle strategy, and then the enemy just declares "CHARGE!!!" and scatters your army all over the board!

  3. Turkeys internal politics are bit different and more complicated than a westerners eye can tell at first glance. I am not an expert on the subject but i come from a country that neighbors Turkey and everyone who has a slight interest in geopolitics always follows Turkish politics to some extent.

    I ll just mention some things that some people may not be familiar with: Gülen helped Erdogan to rise in power but afterwards they broke up, the "Deep State" are the kemalists (military etc.) and are(where) at the higher echelons of society, the major parties/directions in Turkey are Islamists ,Kemalists (1),Grey Wolfs (2) and as of recent the HDP (Kurds and others), Kemal left the Army responsible of the secular state (hence the coups when the Islamists come in power), Erdogan has done purges in the military before and is controlling the MIT (their intelligence service) .

    According to a reliable blogger that i follow (speaks turkish, ex intel, spend time there etc.) the coup was good organized but was intercepted and many of the organizers jumped the boat amidst the coup and changed sides. He also pointed that it did not have the blessings of the CIA this time and that is one of the reasons that it failed (example CNN Türk broadcasted his message).

    Erdogan at the time appears to be very powerful but he has not yet gone to Ankara , which is the capital and that says something.

    (1) If you have heard about ethnic cleansing/genocide/purging of christians and minorities in last century in turkey, these are the guys who did it.
    (2) Ultra nationalist , they hold a sign with the fingers that resembles a wolf, 3 pointed forward 2 up, somehow like the ones you see in a heavy metal concert. The gray wolf comes from their turkic traditions of central Asia (Kirghistan,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan etc.)

    1. You think maybe Ultranationalists given their traditional connections to other countries under Russian sphere of influence might have something to do with steering this coup? Some sort of deal where in exchange for forgiveness for Erdogan’s apology, Putin forced Erdogan to work his new ‘partners’?

      If CIA didn’t have a hand in this, then the panic of the Washington DC beltway would originate from the unexpected way the coup developed without them having any control over it.

      1. The whole thing to follow is really very complicated, i can’t make any assumptions at the moment, like the failed coup looked as if it was staged by Erdogan but the following days we saw that there was almost an internal war there.

        Putin is a very smart guy that took Russia from the shambles and made it a world power again (i have a practical example for people who disagree), Erdogan on the other side brought Turkey from IMF to the G20 not an easy task in itself (though he had help, amongst others the rich islamic countries) and he is the ballsiest leader we ‘ve seen in decades, we gotta give the man that! I tend to see all that as N.Y. Families sit down, we don’t know what was being said , so we ll wait and see…interesting times that ‘s for sure.

        CIA and the like (the way i see it) don’t create problems out of nowhere, the mixture is there but they ignite it when they see fit.There is a power struggle inside Turkey also. Islamist,Panturanists,kemalists,neo-ottomans the lines are not clear cut, they are intertwined to some extend, oh yes and the Kurds don’t forget them , they are up and coming.

        Have a nice day

    2. IMO the peoples who know Turks and the Turkish Deep State the best are:

      1) Azeris (of which Sibel Edmonds is one)
      2) Armenians
      3) Greeks especially Greek Cypriots

      Everybody else unless they have deep insider sources’ guess is as good as anyone else’s. Fortunately Moscow and Baku as well as Yerevan’s security services remain tight, which is why the Russians are so vigilant at clamping down on any ‘let’s you and him fight more’ Ngorno-Karabakh provocations, of which this latest hostage taking in Yerevan may be one.

      Having failed miserably to provoke your standard Soros backed pro-Western colored revolution with Electric Yerevan thanks to most Armenians seeing through the Maidan BS, the Langley boys went for a nationalistic one. This is what many writers translated at Ft. Russ say could be in the cards for Ukraine, a Third Maidan or a military coup spearheaded by the Nazi battalions’ led by Azov. This is said to be the motive for why Sheremet was killed, to give the Third Maidan a martyr to rally around.

      The problem that makes a nationalist or national socialist Colored Revolution unsuccessful, as with the initial offensives by the Nazi battalions grinding to a halt once they met resistance beyond small arms fire, is that there aren’t enough idiots to follow these punks into battle and keep bleeding and dying for the likes of Biletsky or Right Sector’s Dymtro Yarosh who quickly skedaddle to the rear when the s–t gets hot and the arty/GRADs are coming in. That’s basically what happened at Ilovaisk and again at Debaltsevo, the regular army was left to take the blunt of the bleeding and dying while the Nazi battalion commanders ran away leaving their men behind.



      1. This is not to say Ukrainians don’t have guts, please don’t misunderstand, if they didn’t Kiev wouldn’t have lost between 12 on the low end and 18,000 KIA on the high end. The point is the ‘every Cossack wants to be a hetaman’ or ‘all chiefs not enough good Indians’ tendency one sees time and again in Ukrainian history seems to doom the Ukrainians (or pre-Ukraine before the 19th centuruy Ukrainian existed ‘kozaky’) to piss poor leaders who become overconfident under the hands of the latest non-Russian hegemon (whether it be Swedish, Austro-Hungarian, Polish, or Nazi German) leadership. And once the foreign hegemon who’s using the Ukrainians against Moscow weakens or gets defeated; at Poltava, in the Brusilov offensive, or Stalingrad/Kursk, the Ukrainian ‘hetamans’ are scattered and the cultural and economic pull of Russia brings most Ukrainians back into Moscow’s orbit. That has been the sad historical cycle of Ukraine for something like 350 years since the union treaty was signed with the Tsar.

        As for the coup back in Turkey, I did read somewhere that if Erdogan staged this (which I don’t entirely believe, more like accelerated what was already underway in a controlled firebreak or demolition) it would be very similar to what an Ottoman emperor did to wipe out the feared Islamic fanatic Janissaries over 100,000 of them in a matter of weeks. A very devious technique not radically different from what the French king did on a smaller scale to exterminate (or so he thought) the Knights Templar.

        1. I come from one of these countries and i am Christian Orthodox , so you get the point. We are going down the drain, fast. The people who care about "national matters" we are a minority and a silent one at that. We have millions of undocumented Moslems (the most come to Europe from Turkey via Greece) who illegally came here, officially what i am writing now, is not accepted. The Government has a silent open border policy and implies that they just chill on the sun and then they disappear (i kid you not). The prism that everything is looked is a twisted leftist one, all the matters when analyzed by "scolars","experts" etc. like Brexit for example have questions of what should the left do, how should have the left reacted and so on. Demographics are at extinction level and the narrative that you can use in the open in that we have people (meaning the people i mentioned earlier). Without a common cause a nation is dead. That was about my country.

          Ukrainians if they think they ll have it better with the "westys" , they are in for a big surprise, been there got the T-shirt. They are much better of with Russia their Slavic brothers (yes i know what the SU did) in the long run. The west is dying not only economically but also demographically ,culturally , morally and anyway you see it.

          ps. i don’t write much normaly , i just had a lot of free time these days

  4. and then there is the ratings agencies, S&P and Moodys on the verge of dropping Turkey to junk status which will trigger a fleeing of investment capital from Turkey. While I do not understand the full implications of this, it is making a lot of economic/financial (bansksters) types very nervous.

  5. I just watched the latest video from the always fascinating Joseph Farrell’s News and Views from the Nefarium and he put forward a thought which funny I lately also have thought about. Apparently Turkey and Iran are in talks about the re-creation of the Caliphate which would be headquarted in Turkey. However, and this is important, the moslem religion that would form the Caliphate would be of the Sufi mainstream and not the vicious Wahhabi one. I think this would be terrific and would unite the muslim world under the peaceful Sufi strain. I think Russia would get behind it because it would stabilize the moslem world and actually drastically reduce the influence of Saudi Arabia. Also of course there are millions of moslems in Russia. Since in Russia there’s been a resurgence of Orthodox Christianity, the two great centers of Christianity and Islam (formerly Byzantine and Ottoman) which would reside in Turkey and Russia would be a powerful force for peace and development. There would be great synergy between Turkey and Russia and both would look at each other positively and not as a threat. Under the right circumstances the Sofia Church in Istanbul (formerly Constantinople), which could be a sort of Mecca for the Orthodox world, could be revitalized and a show of unity and friendship between Turkey and Russia would do wonders. It would help to end the hostility between Christians and Moslems (which the US has provoked) and would fit right in with the great Eurasian project. In addition re-establishing the Caliphate in Turkey would satisfy Erdogan’s ego and dream to unite the Moslem world but in a positive way unlike the totally destructive support he has previously given the Wahhabi strain in Syria and Iraq.

    1. Gary no offense but the region is more complicated, you either missing information or just playing us. For starters if you want a Caliphate do it your country. Christianity (orthodox) lived under the Caliphate for long time , it shrunk big time in many cases became non existent, so i ll just say thanks but no thanks!

      Some other infos: Iranian and Shia to Turanic and Sunni , there is more than meets the eye and they don’t seem to mix perfectly. The Church is called Hagia Sofia (Holy wisdom), in the City there still is the Orthodox Patriarch you might want to check it out. Some details now , the state was never called Byzantium, originally there was a Greek colony called Byzantio , emperor Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire there (the east was more affluent) and called in Nova Roma, due to the Hellenized majority of the eastern empire the name was changed later to Constantinople.The state was the East Roman Empire.

      For everyone interested in Europe,history,war economy,arts etc. and for the time that the west had Middle Ages and the south east Islam, do research on East Roman Empire , you will be surprised.

      1. Let the Marble Emperor, by the Grace of God Constantine Paleologos last Emperor of the Romans, sleep (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx0EyvrSeO0)…until a less restrained neo-Ottoman successor to Erdogan (restraint and Erdogan in the same sentence, I know) provokes THE BIG ONE through an invasion of the Balkans and attack on Russia’s Orthodox Serbian and Greek brothers that our own W the Intelligence Insider has foretold (which looks a great deal like the giant Russo-Turkish war prophesied by the late Elder Paisos of Athos (+1994) and Elder Joseph of Vatopedi):



        OTOH, the Elder Paisios of blessed memory, though undeniably a Saint, could have been mistaken. What a blessing it would be to see the Divine Liturgy and seat of the Patriarch of Constantinople restored to its former glory WITHOUT a world war.


        I must say while I am now glad the coup by those who very likely conspired to shoot down the SU-24 failed, I am not happy Erdogan remains in power, and the long term trend of greater Islamization of Turkish society fills me with foreboding as an Orthodox Christian. I do not exactly share the enthusiasm of alleged Old Believer Alexandr Dugin for a Russo-Turkish alliance. At the same time however, one must admit that without Turkey any NATO plans to re-militarize the Black Sea or even launch the hail mary pass of a joint U.S.-Romanian occupation of Moldova are essentially dead in the water, because the Russians could land a naval squadron with marines from Crimea on the Moldovan coast and crush the Romanian occupiers threatening Transnistria quick, and the U.S. would either have to escalate to nuclear war or beat a hasty, humiliating retreat. The neocons desperately wanted Turkish cannon fodder for an occupation of northern Syria to fight Russia, Assad and Iran to the last Turk, and now with the coup and Erdogan practically baiting Washington to kick him out of NATO, that won’t happen.

        1. James you said it all,the marbled Emperor, not sharing the enthusiasm of Dugin,the Divine Liturgy…. i could not agree more.

        2. I don’t think anyone is going to kick Turkey out of NATO as long there are 2000+ US servicemen/family members stuck at Incirlik AND approx. 80 nuclear weapons. As soon as Turkey is out of NATO they have no obligations regarding the base, its personnel, their families, or the nuclear arsenal. NATO is the only thing protecting them right now, such as they are.

    2. Nobody liked the Ottoman Empire and nobody would like any sort of partial birth aborted version of it in this day.

      Descendants of the Spartans fought them off, the Greek War of Independence of 1821-1823 having started in the Peloponnese Peninsula, and was assisted by the navies of Russia, United Kingdom and France. Russian involvement was likely their Orthodox connections to Greece detailed by the Russian Analyst.

      Under sub-topic ‘Modern Greece’

      Greek War of Independence:

      The way I see it there was a good reason why the Greeks, comparatively smaller to the Ottoman Empire, fought them and won independence. An empire never brings anything good in the long run.

    1. SOF thanks for the trust but i d like to make it clear that i am not an insider or someone in "the know", i just among other stuff like to read about history especially from the region and follow geo/politics from sources whom i (through the course of time) deem reliable.

      AFAIK Erdogan controls MIT , Hakan Fidan (the chief of MIT) is very close to him, so why would he need external assistance to find something out? Especially something involving so many people.

      I don’t know where all this is heading but the way i see it, in Turkey the temperature will rise from internal conflicts

  6. (9/11) A 21st. century symbolic, simulated-satellite controlled deep-state "Trojan Horse" executed at the highest levels of U.S.A. military command (formerly called Norad). Mayday became Payday for the "war-profiteers." (i.e. House of Bush/Rockfeller) and the House of Windsor/Rothschild).

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