Nice Terror Attack Open Thread

This is an open thread to discuss the jihadist-driven truck plowing through a crowd terrorist attack on the Bastille Day celebrations in the French Riviera city of Nice.

Below is the Guerrilla Economist’s take on the attack. – JWS


  1. Ladies and gentlemen, it seems to me this is start looking once more as some false flag. They already found the"ID-cards" of the suspects in the truck. Wow!. I am so impressed with the perpetrators’s politness. They really Went their way to make easy to track the "responsables" of the crime. Those falseflags are so used now that they not longer even have creativity of changing the script.
    Sincerely sorry for the victims and their families.

  2. It been 3 strikes for France. I wonder why the "powers that be" are targetting France for major terrorist activities. Hmmmm…..

  3. Horrible murder in Nice. This must be the worse of all of them, the children and all. However there is some great news from the middle east. The subjects are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria and Russia. Things are going our way, baby. I’m convinced that the world, outside of western Europe and the US of course, is in time going to be wonderful. I’m not a religious person by thank god for Russia. Russia is the great balancer in the world. Here are the two articles from terrific websites, Syrian Perspective and News and Views from the Nefarium. By the way V you’ve got to get Joseph Farrell on your talk show if he’s open to interviews. I think you’ll have the same chemistry with him as you do with Bix. You two guys chatting would be awesome!

  4. Early reports are that the driver of the truck used as a weapon had a criminal background but was not in any way radicalized. Also the early report that the truck was carrying grenades and small arms of an undisclosed amount smells. It appears the issuance of the governments decree limiting the rights and freedoms for the French people that was about to expire has of course been extended in order that the authorities can keep the people safe[sic]. The ultimate place for the blame lies with the western elites who have orchestrated this chaos from the beginning. Odd how these events never target the actual policy makers of this chaos but always and only "the cannon fodder which, unfortunately, populates the earth". – David Lang, banker speaking at a bankers confab to establish the land acquisition bank named the Global Environment Facility.

    My sympathies to those killed, injured and affected. Someday the tables will turn.

  5. Boston Breaks method… hijack car (truck) by electronic remote control. Drive truck via the comfortable convenience of your laptop.

  6. Jim Stone suggests remote hijacking of the truck. Locked doors to keep the ‘culprit’ inside ensures the masses don’t figure out that remote hijacking is not a tin foil hat conspiracy and the narrative of a crazed radical driver is maintained.

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