The Rules are Wrong, Jump!….Go Ahead, Run that Red Light..!

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In this installment we are going to revisit the critical crossroads issues facing us at this moment.  The “Crossroads” installment from over a year ago is accurate in principle, but now obsolete, as the news is changing on a daily basis.  By the end of this installment the Wolf will be slightly pissed off.  As he can’t change TIME, the only factor that shows up in any and all business equations.  And any and all life equations.  TIME..!

I will attempt to bridge the crossroads gaps with another review of how important it will be to not follow the crowd, yet!  On the other hand, once the dust settles, post the King Dollar Collapse moment, being a part of well informed crowds may very well be a major plus.  In the meantime, the news events of late have become semi-bombastic.  “Semi,” because bombastic means “high-sounding with little meaning,” and the events of late are starting to have plenty of meaning.  A quick example for review is necessary.  Some of it is so deep I can’t begin to fathom the meaning.  Check this out…..

If tv is boring you to tears of late, check out the videos in the latest article from ‘rogue’ colleague “Bankster slayer”……….

That stuff has me at a loss for words (which I put into the comments section beneath Bankster slayer’s article), absolutely amazing.  For now I need to gear down a bit from those bazaar rituals, as the messages in this installment will revolve around on the ground timing and the rules of TIME.  With a final musical message from a ‘super band’ across the US’s northern border, one that I should have used sooner since much of their writings come from Ayn Rand’s works, but their is no “RUSH” to get there just yet.  

While you still can, count your blessings folks.  Some people have bigger problems than we do, and that will be the point in the final segment.   Which will highlight a “TIMING” issue the “Economic Great Ape” & I discussed the other evening.

First and as usual, a review of the news, with an attack on the majority of the western paper.  Any of the paper that has been on any of the government drawing boards since 1910.  If you want to skip the news bites, and evidence ranting by ole WG in this installment, then just watch this 30 second paper tip from Lou Brown, and then head straight to the end with … “So You Think You Got Problems”.


                                                  RM Think Tank Items

Item #1:  Are the BRICS/”RICS” really that smart or are we just easy opposition.  I say the latter.  Imagine what we would be saying about the Chinese government encouraging their citizenry to buy gold, if we still had a gold backed system in place.  “Gee can you believe that, those guys still don’t get it, they just can’t understand the value of real money!”  Maybe they ain’t being that smart, they are just playing the cards dealt to them by a moronic opponent.

Item #2:  Many of the Wolf Gray associates rightfully direct anger toward the mighty Zero, the Duffus in Chief.  Truth be known, if America had a true form of capitalism in place Zero would have never made it past go in 2008.  That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.  

Fascism was already on the move, it was the newest & hottest game in town. Put into hyper warp speed after the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999.  In overnight fashion it’s repeal made the biggest of corporate dogs richer, and the bottom 99% poorer.  Zero was the perfect insurance policy to put in office to fortify the fascist foundations, since his views are hardly capitalistic.   

America is not a capitalistic nation anymore, we all need to get over it, and once this thing is over then do something about it.  Pain must be administered first, I see no other alternative.  There are still way way too many people that think the election will do something about it.  All it will do is change the timing a wee bit.  “We the People” are still the answer, not a system that we seem to worship in “The District of Corruption”.  A beat down will happen, and the sooner the better I say, and so do most of the Wolfpack.

Item #3:  The astute Bill Holter of ‘’ has called the ownership of GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins), a wise form of financial insurance.  Agreed, but let’s expand on that analogy.  A DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) including GSBC’s is an insurance policy you can collect on.  Collect on, with well over 100% restoration of your investment.  I sold all forms of paper, and insurance is the one form of paper contract, that the majority of us don’t care to collect on.

Item #4:  As stated many times in the past I suspect the US will become a 3rd world nation, the numbers indicate no other alternative (on that descent as I type).  But the inflation & debt problems to come from this new classification will be difficult for the Sixpacks.   A point mentioned on RM many times in the past.  The defaulted level of pain will be transferred to the weakest economic component of the society, once again we Sixpacks, the 99% gang.  The only way I see to reject the punishing pain to come is with a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).  

Thanks to becoming an import nation for vital needs based goods over the last several decades, we now hold few cards at the bargaining table.  Or try this on for size.  Does anybody with a slight level of business acumen think foreign debt holders, some being the same debt holders who also import our goods, are going to accept ownership rights in 10 yr. treasuries below 2% in yield?   I don’t think so.  That hardly qualifies as a proper interest rate for the risk assumed for holding or buying our bond toilet paper.  

Translated; “If you don’t make arrangements to protect yourself from the guaranteed “odds” of future inflation, your family will suffer mightily.  And I would put the odds of seeing high double digit annual inflation well over 99% for US residents.  Get the picture?  DHAP anyone?

Your mind now wonders a bit on the points made in the prior two paragraphs, because your anger is fantasizing about someone to press charges against.  Why?  Because being sold out, is a feeling that comes with resentment, and an urge to hit something.  Be patient folks, the time will come to correct this problem.

The above 4 Items for RM Think Tank Review, fire away folks, if you feel so inclined…………….

                                    The News Trail to Fiat Paper Failure

In this next link, another group of paper workers are sacrificed by the putzes at the top that knew far too well that this announcement was coming.  Bet the unemployed dudes feel just like Lou Brown at this moment…..

Folks get this picture ingrained in your head, you, me, and these workers are “sacrificial lambs” at the hands of higher level ‘Bernie Madoffs’.  For “NOW”, the only way to fight back is with a well thought out “Personalized DHAP”.  For the moment, and the near term future, that is your only ammo.  And btw, I don’t feel my DHAP is filled out to perfection, and I have been semi retired with plenty of TIME, and it took me easily two years to get situated.  If you ain’t started, get started!

And as a follow up to that, recall that last week we touched on the loss of the human connection in the business world today.  With that in mind, check out this next article where it touches on my belief that online business is not a sales tool, it is an information tool.  As a sales tool it is only a crutch for real sales & marketing, as it has no ability to relate to the human condition.  In fact, visit number 14 in the article from Michael Snyder in the link below….

Well Wolf, referencing #14, you can’t equate actual online job applications with not having effective business employment in online business!  And to that I say, “Really?”  This is a new phenomena that is now in reversal to the recent trends to source jobs through the internet.  Impersonal business will fail.  

And here is a Wolf Gray guarantee, it will possibly be viewed as untrustworthy post the King Dollar Demise/Collapse.  To heck with possibly, it’s a lock.  Increased information & potential advertising outlets are useful via the internet, but final sales delivery processes are dehumanized when in a higher volume via an online format and thus have to be limited to be successful.  A beat down is needed and is likely coming.

So that explanation is to prehistoric for ya, well, would it apply to physical metal possession as opposed to paper??????  

Trust is going to be hard to come by, especially what you can’t see or touch.  Who said that?  You, me & Team RM.  Hey, that is what we have been preaching for some time now regarding physical ownership of gold & silver bars & coins?  Just Do It!!!  And that is due to what?  It is due to a loss of trust.  And once paper blows up, trust is going to be even more hard to come by.  Which will definitely leave final sales from the invisible hand on the other side of a computer screen with sure fire poor sales to closing ratios. 

Take it from a guy who made a good living selling intangible goods, selling in any form after this fiat paper collapse will require a good song & dance from the corporate “Trust Departments”!

Next up, I am going to skip by my 5th grader for logic on this one, and head straight for kindergarten.  Reference the link below, and then imagine being in a time machine and heading to the centuries distant future.  Then ask any youngster over the age of 5 to give their take on the pontificating crap in this article.  It would be unanimous.  “These NATO guys, whoever they are, are a bunch of big mouth bullies who seem to be running their pie holes but letting other people get punched.  They are all cowards, Mr. Wolf Gray!”

This is pathetic.  Our leadership isn’t……….”Good or Moral”…….Could we be any damn dumber?  “No!”….so sayeth the future kindergarteners….And if you want even greater color on this issue check out this link from last week by the brilliant mind of “Rogue Money’s” the Russian Analyst….

In this next link from Zerohedge, the following excerpt says a mouthful regarding NIRP (negative interest rate policy)

“We suspect the words “it could never happen here” were uttered numerous times in Switzerland, Japan, and Germany’s halls of officialdom over the past few years…”  ZH

Clearly the paper weapons are laughably out of ammo.  And as a follow up to the NIRP stupidity, check out this thought provoking article from Charles Hugh Smith…

Referencing Mr. Smith’s article, we could point fingers all day and still need them pointed our way…but with an assist from the middle finger salute.   After all, who is it that “reportedly” took (at gun point) 1.2 trillion from the Japanese Public pension fund to prop up their own failed paper systems in attempt to stop total implosion?  USA…USA…USA…USA!  Immediately forcing Japan’s Abe to crank up the printing presses to a new “Formula 1” level of rpm’s. 

Nice to have a compliant lap dog available to bully, and a population willing to eat shit.  In the meantime we might want to check our taste buds in with the maître d’.  Remember as reported in a recent installment, Abe is meeting with Mr. Putin rather furiously of late. 

Bullies don’t bully forever, at least successfully, and remain the bullies of the “Kingdom of Debt” without some blow-back.  Great article by Mr. Smith, but we best check our “glass house stone throwing licenses” with the maitre d’ as well. 

Another great business might be scissors manufacturing, as I can see our credit cards getting cut in venues everywhere.  You can argue this point, but it is only the degree of debt blow-back that can be argued in an intelligent conversation.  In the meantime those who refuse to pay attention might as well get back on their cell phones and take some more selfies, for the next issue of “Morons are Us….”

Sticking with the mind of Mr. Smith, check out the next article on de-industrialization in Venezuela, the current in vogue example of Keynesian economics.

Regarding the above article it occurs to me, and I would suspect to all the regulars to RM, that Venezuela may have de-industrialized, but they still ain’t got that super impressive flood of currency units coming ashore.  I know a bunch of geniuses that will though.  Which leads us to the moral of that comparison, “you better load up on “TP” folks, another one of the many DHAP staples.”

                                             Go Ahead, Run the Red Light

As a rule of thumb most people are being told all is well, and that conforming to traditional rules is the only way to future prosperity, or at a minimum, the way to retirement safety and good health.  This time around is no different.  But even putting a new guy in high political office, another of the traditional standards, will not matter.  At least not early on.  The ponzi line spewed is that the tradition of safety is only available if you follow the methods as spelled out over the last century, and more specifically as spelled out over the last couple decades.  Sorry folks that narrow minded line of ‘bs’ will not work this time around.

It is time to veer away from the crowd and their paths at the upcoming intersection.  The intersection of “Paper Safety Blvd.” & “No Work Needed Ave.”.  Do whatever is necessary, make a U-turn, or go 4 wheeling, but don’t go down any of these traditional roads paved with false promises that can’t be delivered.  Make a commitment to yourself, to blow thru the traditional red lights, and fortify your position of safety with real hard assets via a DHAP, the only turn that can save you and your family.  Let’s continue with some more evidence……

In this next link, the primary subject of the article is scary enough, but one of the other points made is even more dangerous to the reigning king of the paper world……

As predicted on the 01/01/2016 “Guerrilla Radio Program”, it was likely, and it would be significant once it happens, that being the neat guy/neat gal world would be starting to topple.  The wann-be’s if you will.  The massive technology layoffs highlighted by Intel recently didn’t bode well for the high paying tech world.  Other technology outfits have also reported less than stellar numbers, see prior installments.  Additionally, and not the headline to the link above, but much more dangerous in WG’s view, note the reference to investment by venture capital is down 20% for the first quarter as compared to the prior 1st quarter.

Put into simple redneck country boy terms, it appears someone doesn’t see the value in “tech” anymore, “The Smart Money can’t Justify the RISK…!” 

Eventually a mad rush to ‘tried & true natural resources’ will hit the entrance doors at the same time, with bodies being trampled, and the biggest beneficiaries will be GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins).  Why “GSBC’s”?  Because no guess work is required.  It’s a sure thing.  You know it is going to work, and the smart money that has yet to capitalize on it, will make an emotional play for it.  Followed by the super dumb money that wouldn’t listen, and sadly after that you will get to the sheeple’s money.  At which point there will probably be no inventory available.

Remember as highlighted almost two years ago, and once again very recently in an installment, emotions drive the initial massive surge in prices.  That is true of any product, paper or tangible.   The magnitude of this move will very likely be something not seen by anyone alive today.  Say what WG?  The calm, cool, sterilized fear of missing the next leg up in an up & coming product has been the initial driving force for the last 65 or 70 years.  Remember that is a “calm cool sterilized fear”, this will be an unbridled panic with a strong dose of terror.  Put on your helmets, tighten the chin strap and the seat belts…this will be a wild ride.  It has almost no other place to go…!!!

Got GSBC’s??????  Let the visual evidence mount…….

In this next interview with “The Watchdog”, Jim Sinclair, and Bill Holter of ‘’ lay it on the line brilliantly.

The whole interview is good, but pay special attention to the 29:00 mark where Jim Sinclair defines the people who will be hurt the most by the coming paper apocalypse.  He feels it will be at either extreme, with Joe & Jane Sixpack being cannon fodder, and the super rich at the top getting slobber-knockered (31:05 mark).  As I have stated many times before, I feel the greatest pain will be felt by the wanna-be rich dudes & dudettes, who continue to salute the system.  And, why would that be Mr. Wolf Gray?   It is the system that the ‘wanna-bes’ tie their successes to, without it they have no success, no identity.   

Whether you are a Sixpack, a wanna-be, or a rich dude, prepare yourselves now folks, or reap the whirlwinds of needs based poverty.  Wolf Gray

As a supplement to the information in the prior interview by “The Watchdog,” the following interview with Dr. Jim Willie hosted by Jason Burack has a few great pearls of wisdom….The whole interview is good though….

Note the 5+ minutes following the 15:55 mark, and the way Dr. Willie hammers the belief that the “Blunderberg Meeting” has any meaning anymore.  Great great analysis, and something I totally agree with.  It occurs to me, that maybe the real puppet masters (those never in attendance), are providing pitch fork targets by making, the “Blunderberg” attendance list public.  

Also pay attention to the cool comments in the minute or so that comes after the 45:20 mark on propaganda.  Kind of ties together with the in depth analysis highlighted a few links above via the views of the Russian Analyst.  

And next in the informational video review, here is one of my favorites Rob Kirby in a great interview with “The Daily Coin”, and as usual he is on fire, with some humorous ways to express his viewpoints.  A great interview worthy of a full review, but… are some highlights that grabbed my ears….

@ the 1:45 mark he expresses what I feel, and what everyone here at RM is well aware of.  Except Rob lights it up, with some comforting thoughts within the first minute.  As he says, “I am at a loss, what else is left to say these days!”

@ the 9:20 Rob gets back into the Wolf Gray theory of the powers of the ESF (exchange stabilization fund), and their control over the Fed. munchkin Janet Yellen.  Credit where credit is due, I got my ESF views from Rob Kirby, backstopped by the 5 part interview on ‘’.  Following his diatribe on the ESF, he puts some great color on the absurdity of Morgan Stanley being able to float 8 trillion of debt vehicles.  Yeah right!

@ 18:05 Rob brings up a great quote after a review of the Trump movement, and the possibility he will be whacked……“Ideas are Bullet Proof!  Good one, I like it, “Ideas are bullet proof!”

@ 37:00 Rob jumps on the “Money Junkie” analogy, of “free money”.  As we at RM are well aware, “Paper money is a whore going to the easiest, best paying trick!”

@ 38:45 Rob delves into what the Wolf likes to get into, how history will be rewritten regarding the fall of the US economic edifice, followed by his versions of a new precious metals pricing structure.

Next on the ‘evidence trail is a summary of an interview by “King World News” with Egon von Greyerz…

Pay particular attention to the date in the very first line, 1999!  Please note that he says this is when the recent bull market in precious metals began.  Isn’t that ironic, as it coincides with the timing of one of Wolf Gray’s favorite theories.  The theory that the turbo charging to the paper bubble blowing effort began after the repeal of Glass-Steagall.  And as we all know that was in, 1999…!  

So might it be possible that the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) knew the game was coming to an end in the 90’s, and decided to extend it the only way possible, by merging the underwriting authorities of the “Triple Headed Hydra”.  “Might” my arse.  They damned sure knew, and the smart players recognized it was time to go on a precious metal buying spree.  

The smart players knew that the brain trust of insurance, brokerage & banking would lead to massive corruption.  Hello Global “double” Crossing (cannon fodder for the Wolf Gray’s pocket-book btw), hello Bernie Madoff, hello M.F. Global, hello Enron, hello NASDAQ bubble, hello twin towers, hello real estate collapse 1.0 (2.0 waiting in the wings), hello Wachovia (Wells Fargo absorbed now) & drug money, hello HSBC & terrorist sponsorship, hello Barclays & LIBOR, hello the US & the kick off to the Ukraine fiasco, and hello Lehman…just to name a few.  And as you well know there are too too many to list in a single installment.  

Folks this will come to an end, an ugly end for those that are unprepared.  Again the “light switch” King Dollar collapse moment was in 2008, and the remodeling of all the fiat paper wall switches is under way.  How complicated is this, just note the scenery?  The east is rapidly making transitions to new foundations for alternative methods of accounting for their trading partners (CIPS…China Interbank Payment System), and what are we doing?  Nothing!  Oops, actually I am wrong.  We are busy trying to intimidate them from competing in honest business ventures.  Nice business strategies, western morons in charge.

Oh Wolf, you are getting too emotional again in your rants…how about some current evidence.  Well then then how about this timing issue, straight from one of the biggest of “forward” indicators.  One that has always been a harbinger of any potential new businesses springing up.  I have wore this company’s numbers out here on the pages of ‘’, but here we go again…..

I have used “Cat” as an example of what the real economy is doing time after time after time.  By the way, these numbers from Caterpillar are important leading indicators of future business.  So the really big question is, what will be the following indicators?  The on the ground beat down at any attempted build up of business expansion.  

By the way, if you are wondering, we are in ‘beat down mode’ now.  And how long does that typically last?  This is the bad part.  Normally longer than the beat down experienced by the leading indicator.  And just what is that now?  42 consecutive months according to ZeroHedge!   Is that guaranteed to be the numerical case?  No, but you can bet “the following indicators” will continue to happen with a ramp up in pain, and it is just the issue of “time” that can’t be pin pointed.

How about another indicator from a semi insider?  Remember when Trump realized he was about to get the nomination, and shortly thereafter he started letting almost all press outlets know that economic hardships were headed our way.  News flash, he is wisely prepping his “media pitch fork proof vest” just in case people weren’t paying attention.  

Make your preparations now, so that when the time comes for the rebuild you can have the option to participate, or survive in dignity.  Go ahead run the red light, time is running out, just don’t tell the cop that I said to do it…..

When things look low
You’ve gotta keep stong
Feet to the grass
You’ve gotta walk it off
The bows been tied
Too tight to laugh
Feet to the ground
You’ve gotta walk it off

You can run a red light
You can run a red light…..Jonny Lang


                                          So You Think You Got Problems

Amid the Orlando shootings something else caught my attention.  How could that be?  The esteemed Paul Craig Roberts wrote:

As I said in the beginning, I do not know what happened or why. What I see in Orlando is the same pattern as in the other events: no bodies, questionable shootings, crisis actors, an official story set at the moment of the event’s announcement, no EMTs, conflicting testimony, no investigation by media, just endless repetition of a set story.  PCR

Is that accurate?  I don’t know, as bad as it was, something else had my attention…….

I can’t comprehend what emotions face the souls of the father or mother that witnessed the face of their child going away as they fought to the point of hospital worthy injuries to save him.  “Time“….for those two parents will be frozen forever, over & over in recurring nightmares.  Till their last breaths.  I don’t give a flying shit who you are, “Time” is the one factor you can’t control.   Most things don’t remain the same, except the predictable human ego.

Those parents will face multiple outside problems.  Unfortunately, they will probably face the bloodsuckers of humanity, the legal parasites, who will try to make money off their spent emotions, just as blood suckers always do.  Will it take away the pain they face?  I darn sure doubt it.  Emotions weren’t meant to be a big ticket item, but here in the west it is what we market for real goods and services.  When the blood suckers arrive, it is ususal wrapped up in a well cloaked stack of false pretenses.  Allowing them to prey on the emotionally vulnerable, with visions of being able to repay for horrors frozen in TIME.   WRONG!   Applying this to the geopolitical/economic/business landscape…..

I predict there will be no monetary awards for pains suffered after the King Dollar’s demise/collapse.  You will just have to face them on your own, as the ponzi scheme will have run it’s course.  Including the emotionally drained Sixpacks struggling for needs based products.  Prepare your spirit, prepare your mind, and get ready to rebuild business in the way it was meant to be, wrapped in honesty, without futile attempts to collect money for horrific frozen emotional King Dollar Collapse TIME…! Wolf Gray

Based on the comments here at RM most readers understand you can’t stop nature, but for the not so astute, “So you think you got F…ing problems heh?  Get your arse in gear, damn-it..!”   Wolf, calm down.  What does this all have to do with business/geopolitics?  Everything!

Events that will rewrite history are approaching right now, events that by God’s grace you can prepare for.  Because once the damned thing is done, you ain’t got a shitting chance.  Though it will hopefully not be as terrifying as what the parents in the above situation faced, and are going to face over & over & over.  Prepared or not, you are going to be facing events that will change the course of your measures of “TIME”.    TIME……. FROZEN in your Mind, but with the bite of economic reality in your needs based supplies.

This is a recent subject “The Guerrilla” and I have discussed, and we both feel it is worthy of a special future project laced with positive solutions.  A real discussion of the “Time Value of Life vs. the Time Value of Money”.  Note the common element “Time”.  Can the topic be done effectively with real needs based solutions to combat the ravages of a fiat paper collapse?  Who knows!  TIME is running out.  But we both agree it has to be a damned sight easier than what some people are facing.  Time takes no mental prisoners, and we are all about to witness some historically scary events where time will mentally stand still for all of us.  I will keep you posted on the status of this solutions based product.

For now, it is the Wolf Gray’s opinion that you need to freeze your positive moments in time now…!  In the mean-TIME don’t let the future moments be negative, because you didn’t take the TIME to prepare for what you saw coming.

Start freezing the good moments in TIME.  Maybe a 49 year old fart, wrestling with 2 elementary school aged super heroes.

Or further down the road, like a 61 year old fart, getting orders from his Australian job superintendent.

Oh Wolf now you are becoming self indulgent?  Damned right, I like looking at those photos.

I will let the genius of Rush fire away at the musical message.  Take note of the drummer Neil Peart, the big man is considered to be one of the best to ever play the drums.  In this musical video he is close to 60 years of age, and the big man can play with some pace.  I bring him up, because he was the primary Ayn Rand, libertarian voice of Rush that wrote this very song…. Please listen to it…….

                                    I’m not looking back
                                    But I want to look around me now
                                    See more of the people and the places that surround me now
                                    Time stand still
                                    Summer’s going fast, nights growing colder
                                    Children growing up, old friends growing older
                                    Freeze this moment a little bit longer
                                    Make each sensation a little bit stronger
                                    Experience slips away
                                    Experience slips away
                                    The innocence slips away…..Rush

Time is about to give you some incredible memories.  Prepare for it accordingly, you sure as hell have been warned!  

So do you really think ya got problems?

God Bless the parents dealing with the loss of a 2 year old, a loss they had a chance to bravely fight for, and lost in real TIME.  A point in time to sadly live over & over forever, and so it will be with us, we just haven’t seen what it is yet.  Survive then thrive…!

Wolf Gray

ps…If paper is giving you the heebie jeebies, just give Lou Brown a call, he’ll know what to do…..

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Dixie, Zerohedge, Team RM, “The Guerrilla”, Michael Snyder, Charles Hugh Smith, Paul Craig Roberts, The Watchdog & JS Mineset, Jim Willie & Jason Burack, The Daily Coin & Rob Kirby, Major League/Lou Brown & Jonny Lang & Rush


  1. can’t help thinking that this planet is being run as a farm for harvesting misery…. and this website doesn’t even cover health and their obsessive efforts to make us ill and deny us the cure (something I’ve been studying for 4 years)

    1. Great observation "Andy", and I have broached the subject of health several times, with the introduction of natural health issues, and have given out the name of my homeopathic friend. But, it is a economic oriented site, so I try not to stray too far from the typical subject matter.

      Your other observation about harvesting misery could be a very deep subject, as I think it has a lot of merit. Especially since misery requires a cure for reaching happiness. If you are the provider of the cure, or the provider of some distractions to the misery, then you become the person in control. Might be fodder for another installment, if I can get my brain around it. Got a feeling the same people providing the cures, are the same people providing most of the misery

      Thanks for your observations.

      Wolf Gray

      1. I believe that pathogenic mould inside people’s bodies is causing all kinds of illness. Exposure to electromagnetism causes moulds to release more spores and release 60,000% more mycotoxins. People are just decomposing before they are dead; that’s what cancer is! But I shall try not to completely derail this website!

        I have to sort out my health because, if the economy collapses and I can’t get my prescription, I’m dead!

  2. Wolf Gray.
    Your instincts are razor sharp. Here we have more proof the BRIC Alliance is lining up for the kill shot.,-Deutsche-Bank-and-BBH-back-Chinese-ETF-launch-in-Europe/

    Just like an old girl friend who has seen the back seat of the car one to many times, America has unknowingly groomed its own replacement by lusting after cheap money and cheap crap. Lets be honest. Rob is right. America dug its own hole, and once the central banks are done picking the golden carcass clean, America’s chickens will come home to roost in the form of dollars no one wants as the reset takes center stage.

    WG- I have just about given up posting anything that has any real meaning, because most people don’t really understand the depth of the pain that is headed our way. We are about to be handed the biggest cluster screw the world has ever known and yet 99% of the people I know are still living in a "Yippy Skippy" world thinking the biggest question of the day is "where should a transvestite pee"? OOPs I meant transgender. Do you see what I mean?

    In my little world it comes down to simple choices. Where do I want to dig the hole for my outhouse? Spam, or freeze dried beef? What happens when toilet paper runs out? And of course my all time favorite, what is a toothpick really used for in an MRE? Yes we all have problems. God bless and keep up the good work.

    1. Interesting find in that link Jerry, as usual you are ahead of the curve. Love the "back seat girl" analogy.

      W’s interview with John B. Wells from two nights ago is awesome, and in one segment he discusses Putin doing a 3 hour "Q&A" session where he was clearly talking to the American people not the audience in attendance.

      In W’s view, he was trying to tell us our government is trying to pick a very dangerous fight. As he said, and would so easily recognize…"It was a role reversal, with Putin being Reagan in the ‘Cold War or WWIII" era. Incredible analogy.

      The beat down cometh, let’s get on with it in final form already. And as I tell Mrs. WG knowing what is going on, and having so few to talk with intelligently about it, is "LONELY AS HELL"

      Wolf Gray

  3. Third World USSA it is. I believe the build back, if and when it does come, will take a lot longer than most people think. The long night is near and the transition will be very painful for most and terminal for many. The ENTIRE country must be reset and built back up from the foundations with guillotines for the causal cancerous few and associated prostitutes. The former Republic, like a thoroughly termite-eaten house, can not survive with a few replaced support beams and a new coat of paint. The "Delay and Pray" option ain’t gonna fly no mo. I wish I could be more positive, but dem is da facts. Get your "Insurance" on or y’all is done.

    Taking what was considered old and making it new again.

    Lastly, a recent interview with Ben Fulford. Interesting genealogical info.

    "May the Hobbits destroy the Templar State of Mordor (Switzerland) before its too late" – Sloopyjoe

    1. SJ that "Thunderstruck" version was awesome…! And, your well chosen words are spot on….

      "The former Republic, like a thoroughly termite-eaten house, can not survive with a few replaced support beams and a new coat of paint."

      Thus, the very reason I say let’s get on with the final act…!

      Wolf Gray

      1. Wolf,

        Thanks. A little musical fusion contribution for the future. Just showing that even though Clan Rockefeller and Co. have almost destroyed and brainwashed the minds of most Yankistanis, a few resistant cockroaches escaped the farm to continue the fight.

        The "Final Act" will be a long and drawn out one. The Bear’s patience is wearing thin, but the clock is on "Dragon" time. Death by a thousand cuts seems to be the plan. All exits are being closed for the Cornholio few. 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey according to Chinese Astrology.

        An excerpt "The point here is this is the qi flavor of the coming year. Key words are: erratic, irrepressible, ingenious, clever, unpredictable, resourceful, adventurous, selfish, magical, quixotic, amoral. In other words, keep your wits about you because anything, absolutely anything, can happen. All manner of apple carts could be turned over in the most surprising ways. This will be a test of your ability to stay calm and unruffled in the face of relentless and unexpected challenges. But remember—on the other side of chaos is magic and transformation. Be brave and keep your sense of humor; never forget that there’s spiritual gold at the end of the tale".

        People need to grow a pair and not get Punked by Grannies.

        "Carpe Diem"

        1. Top notch excerpt partner. Indeed stay calm, keep your wits about you. Made more easy by knowing your preparations are the best they could be. As well in advance as is necessary.

          Good stuff, "SJ"

          Wolf Gray

  4. The dark pools are not so dark and the sheep are waking up..

    Core groups are being is getting so mainstream and no longer tin foil…

    No wonder Russia and China are getting ready for a fight as it is probably close to the end. We are getting to the most dangerous phase of the reset as the elites are getting desperate.

    1. Damn KW88, that 2nd sentence in ‘thesaker’ link is rather sobering to say the least. Like I said, fasten your seat belts.

      Wolf Gray

  5. How much of all this is problem-reaction-solution and what those orchestrating events will want in return for their solutions is the question we will have to wait to find out. Hopefully we can survive long enough, and not be taken down as many will, until the next shift in paradigm then takes place. The west may go into isolated stagnation while the east just gets on with it, provided they can survive their massive debt bubble also. The only two things I fear is a WW III scenario or a derivatives crash that wipes away all but the very base economy and what that base economy would look like.

    1. Indeed what will it look like BRF, that is one heck of a big question. I suspect you are right we in the west will probably be looking down the barrel of a "p-r-s", problem-reaction -solution. A p-r-s that will be presented as trustworthy, but oone that is anything "BUTT"… Thus the very reason to provide your own solutions, but I suspect you already knew that.

      The interview with "W" a couple days ago with John B Wells on CTM, brought up some interesting points regarding a war. When "W" speaks on the subject of international conflict I listen, as he was the tip of the spear, and even threw the dang thing, with respect to victory in the "Cold War" or as many have called it WWIII.

      My take, we seem to be a real "unnecessary" burr under Putin’s saddle. Unnecessary being the key word. How long will that continue without retribution? Who knows, the only thing I know to do is prepare accordingly. I still think WWIII or WWIV, if you will is not in the cards, but madmen are running the show.

      Wolf Gray

  6. WG,

    It’s interesting that Rob Kirby says in that interview that he doesn’t know what to write about anymore (and thanks for posting it, btw, I missed that one). He says anyone who doesn’t see what’s coming must be completely blind.

    It’s also interesting that the whole Alt media seems to be reflecting that. There aren’t really many major developments to report. It’s sort of like everyone’s in the fort waiting for the attack they know is coming any minute now. Everything is just a repeat and summary of the past few years: silver, gold, bitcoin, supplies, DHAP in one variation or another according to the source or commentator, the shits gonna fly any minute now. I think some people are so prepared and so disappointed it didn’t have sooner, they’re starting to desert.

    And this supports your theme about time. It’s really just a matter of time any time now. I feel like I don’t have to follow the news anymore, and that there really isn’t any news to follow, and that the only really important news is the actual explosion and collapse that all the zombies can see. That’s when the action starts. Until then it’s a waiting game. This is the worst time to give up and walk away.

    If it wasn’t for the Twitter game of finding webbot hits, I wouldn’t bother looking for "news".

    1. Thorny, it’s a lock it’s going to happen, it is operating on it’s own schedule, and your paragraph was brilliant……It’s on a schedule being controlled by Economic Mother Nature not the PPPTB. Here’s your paragraph…..

      "It’s also interesting that the whole Alt media seems to be reflecting that. There aren’t really many major developments to report. It’s sort of like everyone’s in the fort waiting for the attack they know is coming any minute now. Everything is just a repeat and summary of the past few years: silver, gold, bitcoin, supplies, DHAP in one variation or another according to the source or commentator, the shits gonna fly any minute now. I think some people are so prepared and so disappointed it didn’t have sooner, they’re starting to desert."

      I am with you buddy, I don’t follow the mainstream news anymore, and we ain’t the lone rangers. I actually find paying attention to the msm just dulls the "ole common senses". Mrs. WG keeps up with it for me, and then reports it so I can have my comedy moments.

      It’s like a battlefield being set up, the key is almost everything is in place, but not just perfect yet. Again the kicker, is I don’t think the PPPTB have real control, they just think they do. The fuse is lit, but no one has the final "boom" e.t.a. just yet.

      Faith & preparation is all we can do. Your paragraph was spot on…

      Wolf Gray

    2. This could be proof of some sort of collective conscious at work, but I have been barely able to make it through the latest interviews with people I normally pay attention to, even with a video game like SCS Software’s ‘American Truck Simulator’ [which might become a novelty as the real thing grinds to a halt owing to non-existent manufacturing] running at the same time to keep myself awake. Some interviews I just see the headline and use my gut based on the first ten minutes if I want to listen to the whole thing. Granted I should be paying attention and listening to as many interviews as possible but time and energy is a luxury I do not have.

      Its the same endless thing you are talking about and I feel these are just for those who are newcomers to the awakening and have much less time than we have had to prepare.

      1. Yep. That’s about it. More time with the wife now. We watch the X-Files. Amazing how prescient that show was.

  7. Love that you are playing Rush. I am in Toronto and close to where Rush grew up.
    I am 60 ….your generation and first saw them in 1974 in a high school setting when we were all
    so much younger Wolf.
    It was and is their lyrics that attracted me to listening to them.
    But yes the boys can play!
    I’m assuming WG when the shit goes down we here in Canada right across from Rochester and Buffalo on Lake Ontario in our case ,will be in the same crap as ya’ll down south.
    Thanks for keeping us posted brother.

    1. You are more than welcome my friend, and yes those dudes could play…all three not just Peart. Musical geniuses each one.

      Strong Spririt, strong mind, strong body…. I think it all works out. As my tough as a "50 cent steak" buddy likes to say "Life finds a way WG it always does"

      Wolf Gray

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