EgyptAir Flight #804 and the Sign of 12

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The situation, as they say, is fluid. I wanted to lay out some first-glance observations of the sadly no-longer-uncommon event of yet another mysteriously crashed commercial airliner in the warm waves off the Egyptian coast. The tragedy of crashed EgyptAir flight #804 will continue to unfold through the rest of this month. As always, I encourage the readers here to post your thoughts, suppositions, and tidbits down in the Comments section below this blog. Keep returning to this page as updates get added.

Let’s start with what we know for sure. From an article at

Flight MS804, an Airbus 320, left Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at 11:09 p.m. local time (2109 GMT) on Wednesday and was expected to arrive in Cairo by 03:00 a.m. Thursday. A direct flight usually takes just over four hours. It went off radar screens just as it was leaving Greek airspace at 0230 GMT.

There’s our first red flag. The plane departed at 11:09 PM. Those of us who constantly see the Hidden Hand in play would immediately notice that hour and time as 9:11 in reverse. Hold that thought on the back burner.

Let’s return to the facts. The pilot appeared to be in a good mood as the plane passed through Greek air space. But shortly after his last communication with the air traffic controllers in Athens, the plane disappeared from radar. Rumors on the internet have indicated that ocean vessels in that vicinity witnessed a long streaming fireball in this pre-dawn sky.

Finally the news was broadcast that the plane did indeed drop out of the sky while being located 10 miles within Egyptian airspace. A Facebook message purported to originate from a Cairo airport employee claimed that the plane went down in the vicinity of the Egyptian seaport city of Mersa Matruh, not far from ancient Alexandria. For the record, the GPS coordinates of this city are 31°20′N 27°13′E .


In addition to the 9:11-in-reverse departure time, several other oddities began popping up. One of the most bizarre was this astute observation: the crash of this flight #804 appears to have happened exactly 804 days after the crash of the ill-fated #MH370.

Curiouser and curiouser. 

And then came the Numerology angle and the Sign of Twelve. This Spanish-speaking tweeter quickly noticed that 8+0+4 obviously equals 12. And so does 6+6; the number of human souls on the plane was 66. 

The Twelves kept on coming. When the passenger list was released, we saw that there were 12 nationalities represented.

As the search for wreckage ensued Friday afternoon, news reports began appearing that debris and bodies had been spotted near the Greek island of Karpathos, a small island in the Dodecanese chain. Dodecanese is a word that means, you guessed it, “twelve.”

What is the significance of the number 12? Well we could spend all day talking about that. There are obvious Biblical connotations, like the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 apostles. We know that the gnostic artist Leonardo da Vinci picked up on “12” in the famous painting of the Last Supper. In modern times, we’ve heard of the Council of Twelve as one of those networks always rumored to be associated with “the Cabal.” There appears to be some kind of association with this Council and the “Ascended Masters” made famous by occultists like Madame Blavatsky, Helena Roerich (whose husband Nicholas is credited with planting the occult design of the $1 Bill into the mind of Henry Wallace) and Manly P. Hall. We won’t drag out that subject as you can likely entertain yourself for days with a Google search on that score. Suffice to say that 12 is a very “foundational” number, indicating that the groundwork has been laid and new projects are ready to launch.


Another oddity I noticed was how quickly Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences.

It’s not odd that Putin expressed his condolences but that he did it so quickly. By my count, the search-and-rescue team was just getting started. So we’ll have to let that one simmer on the back burner as well. Naturally, the Kremlin would take a keen interest in any hint of a terrorist act in Egyptian skies as Russia still prohibits tourism to Egypt as a result of the last one. 

As expected, the Terrorism Card quickly began to be played in the mainstream news on Thursday afternoon. However, it is noteworthy that this card began to be dealt jointly by Washington, the Kremlin, and the Egyptian government, all together. We shall all have to watch in which direction events unfold with respects to a terror angle. As of this moment, there has been no official ISIS claim of responsibility, not even a hint.

That brings us to the point where I hit the “Submit” button on this blog at approximately 3PM Pacific time on Thursday, May 19th. Stay tuned for updates and by all means, do post anything relevant that YOU hear in the comments down below.


Truly the main update is that there is no update as of noon Pacific time, not really. We see news reports that satellite imagery failed to detect signs of a bomb explosion. We see reports that body parts and luggage are being found off the coast of Alexandria, which is close to the Mersa Matruh site mentioned above. We hear that no terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for the act. We do note the widely publicized animation of the sudden turn and resultant out-of-control spiral that the Airbus showed in this video at the 1-minute, 20-second mark:

The sudden hard turns and spiraling nose-dive made by the plane might be something we want to think about. Is anybody contemplating the possibility of a deliberate malfunction of the plane’s navigation system, some electromagnetic failure, a directed-energy tactic, perhaps? That could be the link to the 911-in-reverse message mentioned near the beginning of this blog. 

Another “12” that I neglected to mention is the age of this particular Airbus which is 12.5 years, for what it’s worth.

It might be helpful to also connect the dots to other news events that were also going on that day May 19th. The ASEAN conference was kicking off that day in Sochi, with the notable presence of Putin himself. There are headlines posted nearly every hour from this conference. It seems evident that De-Dollarization is full speed ahead.

Also noteworthy is a little-reported story from May 19 regarding the joint project between Russia and Egypt to build a nuclear power plant. The deal had been announced over a year ago, but relations between the two countries had cooled due to the crash of the Russian Metrojet Flight #9268 last October 31. Well wouldn’t you know it, but on this very day when another plane was due to hit Egyptian airspace, Russia actually went ahead and funded their share of the $25 billion loan for the project. Quite the coincidence, hmmm. Oh and the Metrojet colors and the EgyptAir colors are similar: blue and white.


Conflicting reports, nothing definitive. Neither the fuselage nor the larger sections of the plane have been located. Russia Today has filed this 10-minute report at their YouTube channel, linked below.

“There are no traces of explosives that would point to any type of bomb.” However, it was admitted that the small size of the salvaged body parts does point to death by some kind of explosion. Or possibly the small size is simply the result of high speed impact with the water. So, could we still be looking at some kind of blast, but not one detonated by the usual chemical methods that would leave residue? (That could include a Directed Energy device, yes?)

However, the person who provided the frosting on today’s cake was this angry Egyptian lawyer and news commentator who said that 90% of Egyptians believe Israel brought the plane down. To be fair, he also blames Israel for inventing “aphrodisiac bubblegum,” and who knows if that’s true? He also noted that the Israeli Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon, did resign his post in Netanyahu’s cabinet only a few hours later. Officially, the Ya’alon resignation was due to his lack of confidence in Netanyahu. As far as I can tell, Ya’alon has not yet publicly blamed Bibi for EgyptAir #MS804.


Only ten days have passed since this event and already any credible reporting of this EgyptAir incident is getting buried under the radar, if you pardon the pun. We should be grateful that alternative journalists like @21WIRE, 21st Century Wire, have not forgotten.

We encourage the RM readers here to review Shawn Helton’s update posted May 27th: “EgyptAir Flight MS804 — What the Media Won’t Tell You“. Near the end of the article, Helton mentions the drills that were going on in the Mediterranean Sea at the same time, known as Phoenix Express:

The presence of Mediterranean Sea drills, makes it even more unlikely EgyptAir flight MS804 disappeared from radar.

Did the AFRICOM-directed drill, described above, have anything to do with this latest EgyptAir tragedy?

While it is still unclear what exactly transpired during MS804’s final leg of it’s intended voyage, it seems unlikely that the various military present in the Mediterranean Sea, wouldn’t have known the exact location of the missing plane – not to mention the plane’s own tracking systems already in place.

There are serious questions surrounding EgyptAir Flight MS804. The world is still waiting for some real answers.

Joseph P. Farrell of @GizaDeathStar offered his own speculation that this likely terrorist act was engineered by Western Neocons as a message to France. His comments posted May 26th connected his dots to another recent blog by The Saker, about which we will post a RogueMoney blog later today [and I will return and hyperlink that article here.] Farrell says:

Expect, for one thing, to see more of what we have seen in Europe: German Laender politicians breaking openly with Berlin, to establish ties with Russia and quietly circumvent de facto what Berlin, in subservience to Washington, decrees de jure. Similarly, expect to see European corporations also establishing such ties, as we have seen recently from Italy in connection to agricultural cooperation between the two countries. 

But here, I suspect again, the key for the foreseeable future is not in Berlin or Rome, it’s in Paris. 

There the TTIP is under increasing scrutiny and attack, and the country remains on emergency status in the wake of last year’s terrorist attacks. 

I suspect that even the recent downing of the Egyptian airliner may not only be a terrorist act, but my intuition smells “deeper players” trying to send messages to France. France, I suspect, is having quiet but definite conversations of reassessment of the wisdom of rejoining NATO.

And that may mean there’s another De Gaulle waiting in the wings.

Farrell is here referring to the bombshell comments posted by The Saker on May 18th (same day that this doomed plane departed Paris). The Saker indicated that Germany (and France?) have already decided to abandon NATO … a decision sure to incite the ire of fading Western Neocons down to their last breath!



The cockpit voice recorder from EgyptAir flight MS804 has been retrieved by search teams in a breakthrough for investigators seeking to explain what caused the plane to crash into the sea killing all 66 people on board….

Egypt’s investigation committee said in a statement that a specialist vessel owned by Mauritius-based Deep Ocean Search was forced to salvage the device in stages because it was extensively damaged, but was able to retrieve the memory unit.

“The vessel’s equipment was able to salvage the part that contains the memory unit, which is considered the most important part of the recording device,” the statement said.

Egypt’s public prosecutor ordered that the recovered device be handed over to Egyptian air accident investigators for analysis.

Two specialist vessels, John Lethbridge and Laplace, are continuing to search for the second black box, which contains the flight data recorder. They have yet to detect signals from that device but have identified the location of the main parts of the wreckage.

The black boxes are usually located in the tail, so finding the wreckage and one of the devices narrows the search.

The investigation committee said on Monday the black boxes were expected to stop emitting signals around June 24. That would make the second device harder to find because the plane crashed in some of the deepest waters of the Mediterranean, about 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) below the surface….

They said on Monday that radar imagery obtained from the Egyptian military had confirmed previous reports based on Greek and British radar data indicating that the plane had swerved sharply to the left, then spun 360 degrees to the right before disappearing from radar.

That conclusion is important, one aviation source has said, because it goes some way to excluding the possibility that the plane was brought down by a mid-air explosion.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Muslim Brotherhood is really behind this bombing and of Metrojet Flight 9268. IMO, the goal is attacking President el-Sisi by harming Egypt’s tourism industry.

      1. The Gulf Arabs have the oil, but the Egyptians have al-Azhar University, the preeminent center of Sunni Islam, the ancient civilization of the pyramids, and the Suez (with offshore gas fields in the Med bordering the disputed Israeli-Palestinian Gaza bloc waiting to be developed by guess who).

  2. so the date was 2016/05/19 which in numerology is 6 and there were 66 passengers… so that gives you the 666

    1. Nicely done, Andy … see, that’s why we need readers to comment here. I kept going round and round in my head about May 19 … and of course the 66 told me that there must be a third 6 … and there you go!

  3. Wonder if enough people would crowd fund an effort to raise a bunch of cash, buy a shit load of silver on the comex and stand for delivery. Fuckin end this madness

  4. Interesting post. I have a few additional questions?

    1) Who of importance was on this fatal plane?
    2) Were they related to some backroom deal going on?
    3) Bomb/missile strike on rear left side of aircraft causing rudder failure? (This would explain the left veering and subsequent right 360 vertical down).
    4) Who is in charge of security at De Gaulle Airport? (Kabala Lady Boys?)

    Only the "Shadow" knows for now.
    Episode name: "He died at Twelve". Whoa!!!

    1. My initial assumption of location explosion may be incorrect. As more evidence is brought forth via analysis of the Black Box and debris found a more definitive physical answer of the final moments of EgyptAir MS804 should present itself. It is possible that cockpit targeting is the current fad similar to the ill-fated MH17 over Ukraine.

  5. A flash would indicate a SAM! Putin does not make silly mistake… more then likely is early condolences is sending a veiled message. One can think that sophisticated Khomeimin base radar might of picked up on this SAM and quickly let Putin know! Putin’s message is " we know who the culprit is"
    A Saudi is listed on the passenger list… could this take down be a message by the US to the Saudis! A very hot message… do not sell our treasuries!
    Anyhow this now 4 passenger planes shot down by the US indirectly or directly since 2015! MH370, MH17, ME9268, EA804!

    1. The Med off Alexandria would be a bit far for the S400 battery radar at Latakia to see, but maybe Russia has other systems, including IR missile launch detection early warning satellites just like the USA’s, that would detect an airliner going fireball.

      1. And before I forget … the chosen site being near ALEXANDRIA is of huge importance if you are looking at this from the perspective of a powerful network of people who have been operating for over 2,000 years. Again: messages being sent by those "in the know."
        The ancient Library of Alexandria was inspired by the even more ancient Library of Nineveh. As I mentioned way back with my radio interview by V., nothing has proved to me more that there really is a substantial body of ancient technology than the fact that Ashurbanipal was obsessed with gathering knowledge of a civilization that was even more ancient than his time, he being a king of Assyria around the year 700 B.C.
        All through history, a treasure trove of knowledge has been passed down and controlled from one site to another: Nineveh, Babylon, Alexandria, Constantinople, the Russian Hermitage, the Louvre, the British Museum … and no doubt many in the Orient that I just don’t know about. (And we know that because Christopher Columbus was in possession of the Piri Reis map, obtained from the Library of Constantinople via Chinese merchants. That map accurately described Antarctica’s coastlines.)
        I betcha dollars-to-donuts that when the New Silk Road Project really gets going, we’re going to see an explosion of "mysterious discoveries" of ancient knowledge as all treasure troves of EurAsia finally come back together.

    2. Exactly, Putin sent a message. And if we all remember back to 9/11, the Russians were quick to respond with intelligence as well. See:
      "Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly stated that he ordered his intelligence agencies to alert the US in the summer of 2001 that suicide pilots were training for attacks on US targets. [Fox News, 5/17/02] The head of Russian intelligence also stated, “We had clearly warned them” on several occasions, but they “did not pay the necessary attention.” [Agence France-Presse, 9/16/01] The Russian newspaper Izvestia claimed that Russian intelligence agents knew the participants in the attacks, and: “More than that, Moscow warned Washington about preparation for these actions a couple of weeks before they happened.” [Izvestia, 9/12/02]"

  6. ASEAN meet in Sochi with Putin meeting with the leaders of Southeast Asia, topped off with Russian Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Maria Zhakarova wowing the audience with her dancing the Kalinka.

    Very big move given Southeast Asia’s geostrategic importance.

    I was thinking Putin was able to send early condolences simply because if they can build the T-14 Armata, S-500 SAMS that can take out ICBMs, PAK-50 and superior electronic jamming technology, their spy satellites could see what happened easily live from space, although like one comment said, their radar in Latakia also could have smelt who did it.

    1. Yes, SOF … I have no doubt that the ASEAN conference has much to do with the EgyptAir disaster, if for no other reason than Fox News and CNN are telling you NOTHING about that conference.

      Good point about the Russian technology … golf-clap to Vlad for discreetly showing via his condolences that he knows exactly who scored that point.

  7. The plane disappeard on the 19th which gave us the third 6 in addition to the 66 passengers, but the departure from Paris was on the 18th. From what I know 18 is a very special number since 1+8=9 and the number 9 is very important. You can also do 9+9=18 and as i said 1+8=9 and thats 999, an upside down 666. And of course 6*3=18 or 6+6+6=18

  8. My concern is that the MS 804 and 12 (laying the foundation) story may not be yet finished. The plane was likely remotely hijacked and may be used soon (look out for June numerology) for another,(more sinister) mission………… please keep the story ON the radar.

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