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We wanted to bring this video featuring Jim Rickards and subsequent post by Yanis Varoufakis to your attention because this goes a long way in fleshing out the hazy outline of the globalist agenda that we see looming in the not-too-distant future. The bottom line here is that there is only one institution large enough to rescue the coming collapse of the world’s central banks and that institution is the International Monetary Fund, essentially the bank of the United Nations. Gold will be front and center whether this rescue plan gets implemented or not, as you will see further down in this interview. So all the gold bugs amongst us will at least have that in their favor.

Below is a review of the conversation between Jim Rickards and Max Keiser, published on May 03, 2016. And yes, while we agree that Rickards may be a “globalist shill” and that you would be well advised to keep him at arm’s length, it is precisely because of his globalist relationships that we ought to take notice of what he is saying. Further, the very next day after this video was published, Yanis Varoufakis posted an article that provides even more details to this plan. I’m not here to say whether the plan is evil or beneficial; I will leave that to the readers’ comments below this article to open up discussion on that score. 

What is clear is that this plan by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is no secret, has been waiting in the wings for 70 years, and is suddenly being vocalized by some high-flying circles of influence. You will see in this interview that China is taking the lead in promoting this IMF agenda. I know that statement is going to ruffle the feathers of some readers here at Rogue Money. Time will tell if that statement is true. That time may come as early as July 2016, as Rickards points out here in the conversation. If you ponder these words alongside the blog that our own Ken Schortgen wrote about China’s commercial force in the world, you may see how all the puzzle pieces are coming together.

Near the 15-minute mark of the YouTube video shown below, Rickards introduces what Keiser goes on to call Rickards’ “signature prediction” that the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are poised to become the world’s next reserve currency. That alone should prompt us to take notice because it means that Rickards does “hang his hat” on this prediction. So, if he’s wrong, he will pretty much lose all credibility and there go the book sales. Regardless of what anybody thinks of the man, I don’t think he’s that stupid. Below is my own paraphrased transcript of much of the dialog in the video.

Rickards opens up: “There’s 6,000 tonnes buried under the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. That gold belongs to Germany, Netherlands, Japan, the IMF … basically the countries from around the world. That’s the gold that’s at risk of confiscation.” 

Whoa, wait a minute. For the time being, set aside the debate about whether or not there is any gold at all under the sidewalk of NYC. Focus on what he just said about the IMF’s ownership of gold. Somehow, in all these years of hunting down globalist conspiracies, it escaped my notice that the IMF has its own actual gold reserve. And sure enough, as you can see on this page of their official web site, not only do they own gold but gold was used visibly to back their SDR currency for many years.

Who can bail out the world’s central banks? The only institution left is the International Monetary Fund.

In 1978, the IMF constitution was changed to take the SDR off the gold standard, but as you can see from their own fact sheet, gold still plays a powerful role behind the SDR. In fact, to this day, when member nations want to repay their loans to the IMF, they can pay it off with gold. Which begs the question, How in the world was Ben Bernanke able to refer to gold as that “barbarous relic,” that gold should not be considered the same as money when he knows full well that the IMF has been accepting gold as a form of payment forever? We’ll leave that for somebody else to answer because there is something much more important to consider related to the IMF, SDRs, China, Gold, and Digital Currency here in this interview. Let’s continue the conversation with Rickards and Keiser.

Rickards: I do expect the crisis that is coming to be worse than 2008. Go back to 1998 and the Russian bond default. [We referred to this history in a recent interview with Rob Kirby.] As you know, I was lead counsel for the bailout of “Long-Term Capital Management” or LCTM. Wall Street bailed us out because we owed $1,300,000,000,000 to the banks. LCTM was very close to failure. The markets were not deep enough to cover this. It would have taken down every stock and bond market in the world.” 

They bailed us out to save themselves.

So come forward to 2008. A bigger financial catastrophe. Now you’re just days away from a sequential collapse of every major bank in the world. So what happened? The Central Bank [Fed] bailed out Wall Street. So in 1998, Wall Street bailed out a hedge fund. In 2008, the Central Bank bailed out Wall Street. 

Keiser: It’s the definition of ‘moral hazard.’

Rickards: Correct and each bailout is bigger than the one before. in 2018, it’s going to be the central banks who will be in distress. Who’s going to bail out the central banks? There’s only one clean balance sheet left in the world which is the IMF. So the IMF will issue their world money, Special Drawing Rights [SDRs] to bail out the central banks. 

If I’m wrong about this it will only be because it’s happening sooner than I expected. 

Keiser: As we spoke about this earlier, anything that “can get rolled up, will get rolled up.” 

Rickards: That’s exactly what happened. In 1998, a hedge fund got rolled up into Wall Street balance sheets. In 2008, Wall Street got rolled up into the central bank’s balance sheets. And in 2018 [or sooner], the central banks will get rolled up into the IMF balance sheets.

But I do ask this one question. If the roll-up by central banks is the result of a loss of confidence in central bank money, why should people have any more confidence in world money [SDRs]? That’s when we get back to gold. I view this as a horse race. You’ve got 14 different kinds of currencies or 14 different horses running around the track. Dollars, euros, yen, yuan … but also BitCoin, gold, SDRs. These are all monetary horses running around the track. At the end, you might only have two standing: Gold and SDRs.

Keiser: And BitCoin…. So, your signature thesis now is the “SDR Roll-Up.” Central banks fail. They go to the IMF. They will then create whatever it takes, maybe a hundred trillion SDRs. They take all that junk off the central banks. And they keep the game rolling on. So that’s your theory.

China isn’t pushing for their Yuan to become world reserve currency. They are pushing the SDR as reserve currency.

Rickards: Correct, though it’s not a theory. You can see it coming. The pieces are all in place. But it’s now coming faster than I thought. As early as this summer, China has announced a new SDR trading platform. They’re going to roll it out in July. I’m only aware of one previous SDR trading platform. It’s within the IMF. They have their own secret trading desk…. The Chinese Yuan is not ready to become a world reserve currency, not even close. But the SDR is. China isn’t pushing for their Yuan to become world reserve currency. They are pushing the SDR as reserve currency.

The currencies in the IMF basket are used to determine the value of the SDR. Remember that the yuan’s inclusion in the basket becomes effective September 30, 2016. So the Chinese still have to be on their best behavior between now and then. 

For example, look at all the SDRs that China has received by allocation. Then look at the amount of SDRs on their reserve position which is published by the PBOC. Their reserve position of SDRs exceed the [amount they got in] the allocation. So where did they get the excess SDRs? They got them in the secondary market. So they are already trading in SDRs.

Keiser: They are net buyers of SDRs!

Rickards: They sell Dollars and buy SDRs. But now they want to take it one step further. China wants their corporations to stop issuing dollar-denominated debt and start issuing SDR debt. Why would you care about that? Because you want to create a liquid, deep market in SDRs. This will run the dollar off the road. 

Keiser: De-dollarization.

Rickards: Correct.

Keiser: So it seems that there is a collision course being set up here. Either A) this SDR scheme works, or B) the Ponzi scheme collapses and there’s a revaluation against gold. 

Rickards: And gold goes up either way.

This is where the interview ends. Obviously, those of us seeking an honest, debt-free economic system can spot a few warning bells immediately. First of all, the globalists are once again planning a “bailout” rather than an act of demolition. A bailout is like wagging your finger at an unruly, spoiled child. The act does nothing to reform the root of the problem. In fact, the bailouts that we have seen in our lifetime just tend to perpetuate the moral hazard — as Rickards and Keiser themselves admit!

Secondly, did Rickards even once refer to the taxpayers’ role in the 2008 bailout? No, he only referred to the Federal Reserve as the leader of that atrocity. By omitting the role played by the taxpayer and the resultant burden of government debt, we are being presented with a scenario in which the taxpayer and even the government do not exist. The BailOut Games have just been a re-shuffling of poker chips among banksters — and we are the poker chips. That should not surprise us. We see the same mind-set from GMO Monsanto monsters to Big Pharma corporatists. Go read the Georgia Guidestones if you doubt it. Human beings simply… do … not … matter … except as disposable tools by which the Gnostic Globalists achieve an age-old agenda of world domination.


Speaking of world domination, let’s move forward to the blog posted the very next day by Yanis Varoufakis entitled “Imagining a New Bretton Woods” in which Varoufakis speculates on the launch of a global digital currency that he imagines could be called the KOSMOS. This is sort of a spin-off from the IMF Special Drawing Rights. His speculation runs parallel with Rickards’ view but with a twist.

First, a little background on the very word kosmos. It is the Greek word by which we derive English words “cosmos” and “cosmology.” The Greek philosopher who is credited with first using the word was none other than Pythagoras who applied it as a term denoting the universal order out of chaos. However, note in that Wikipedia link that the word usage of kosmos was “hidden” for thousands of years and then “suddenly” was resurrected as recently as the 1800’s by a Prussian naturalist and scientist named Alexander von Humboldt. Here we go again, another gnostic, chance “discovery” of “ancient wisdom” as I have noted before in my “White Rabbit” blog series. Perhaps you will see a future “White Rabbit” article discussing the Pythagoreans alone, but for now I will mention this one comment by Joseph P. Farrell from a white paper published at his web site. (This article is from the paid subscriber area.) The idea of disciples of the Hermetica seeking to impose their twisted version of a “balance of nature” onto our human economic system should sound familiar to readers of Rogue Money:

Throughout my books I have presented a basic model that there were essentially two surviving elites or oligarchies from the “cosmic war” that may have persisted down to our own time. The Pythagoreans, in turn, were most likely involved, maximally, with the introduction of coinage in the Greek world, and minimally, with its spread and adoption throughout the ancient Mediterranean world. We thus have a clear connection between a secret society, with clear possession of ancient knowledge, and a financial oligarchy.


Christine Lagarde and Yanis Varoufakis, 2015. Photo courtesy of
Christine Lagarde and Yanis Varoufakis, 2015. Photo courtesy of

In my paraphrased summary of Varoufakis’ blog below, we cannot help but smile wryly at his deliberate recall of the Pythagorean word KOSMOS as a possible label of the ultimate, new, global “coinage” … a digital currency administered by the International Monetary Fund as they swoop in to rescue America and the rest of the world from her imploding central banks.

Varoufakis writes:

The 1944 Bretton Woods conference featured a clash of two men and their visions: Harry Dexter White, President Franklin Roosevelt’s representative, and John Maynard Keynes, representing a fading British Empire. Unsurprisingly, White’s scheme, founded on the United States’ post-war trade surplus, which it deployed to dollarize Europe and Japan in exchange for their acquiescence to full monetary-policy discretion for the US, prevailed. And the new post-war system provided the foundation for capitalism’s finest hour – until America lost its surplus and White’s arrangement collapsed.

The question asked periodically during much of the last decade is straightforward: Would Keynes’s discarded plan be more appropriate for our post-2008 multipolar world?

Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of China’s central bank, suggested so in early 2009, lamenting that Bretton Woods had not embraced Keynes’s proposal. Two years later, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then-Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, was asked what he thought the IMF’s post-2008 role ought to be. He replied: “Keynes, 60 years ago, already foresaw what was needed; but it was too early. Now is the time to do it. And I think we are ready to do it!

But then something tragic happened to Strauss-Kahn’s career only weeks later: the attempted rape scandal of a chambermaid at the Sofitel Hotel. Not only had DSK made this statement about dusting off that original Bretton Woods plan shortly before that set-up –er, I mean, arrest– but it has been widely circulated on the Web for years by Bob Chapman (before his death) and others that DSK “was arrested because he discovered that the USA was allegedly stalling in its pledged delivery of 191.3 tons of gold to fund the Special Drawing Rights to start what would become an alternative to reserve currencies.” Five years ago, that conspiracy theory was touted as nonsense. But now here we are in 2016 with globalist insiders loudly proclaiming that this plan has been on the back burner for decades and it’s ready to go with China taking the lead.

Varoufakis continues:

Within weeks, however, Strauss-Kahn fell from grace, without ever explaining what he meant by “it.” But it is not too hard to sketch out what “it” might be. [Skip forward down the page to get to the “dessert” of this whole plan….]

Keynes’ solution was an international clearing union (ICU) to which all major economies would subscribe. While keeping their own currencies and central banks, members would agree to denominate all payments in a common accounting unit, which Keynes named the “bancor,” and to clear all international payments through the ICU.

A common international clearing union could feature a common digital currency, perhaps called the “Kosmos,” to be issued and regulated by the IMF. The world could acquire its first global sovereign wealth fund.

Does that ring a bell? What is it that China just launched but a new international settlement system, the CIPS? Not to mention China’s intention to launch a public exchange platform to trade SDR’s in July 2016. Varoufakis then suggests a modified version of Keynes’ “bancor” idea:

Keynes’s proposal was not without problems…. But there is no reason why an ICU cannot be designed with variable exchange rates and simple, automated rules which minimize politicians’ and bureaucrats’ discretionary power, while preserving the benefits of Keynes’s original idea for keeping global imbalances in check.

A new ICU, or NICU, would be as Keynes had envisaged it. But, in place of the abstract bancor, it would feature a common digital currency – say, Kosmos – to be issued and regulated by the IMF. The Fund would administer Kosmos on the basis of a transparent digital distributed ledger and an algorithm that would adjust total supply in a pre-agreed manner to the volume of world trade, allowing for an automatic countercyclical component that boosts global supply at times of a general slowdown.

Foreign-exchange markets would function as they do now, and the exchange rate between Kosmos and various currencies would vary in the same way that the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights do vis-à-vis the dollar, euro, yen, pound, and renminbi. The difference, of course, would be that, under NICU, member states would allow all payments to one another to pass through their central bank’s NICU Kosmos account…. [and he goes on to detail a trade-imbalance levy that could solve some other problems with the system.]

Varoufakis concludes:

Suddenly, the world will have acquired, without the need for subscribed capital, a global sovereign wealth fund. This would enable the transition to a low-carbon energy system to be financed on a global scale and in a manner that stabilizes the global economy through investments in research and development dedicated to green energy and sustainable technologies.

Oh boy, he just had to mention “carbon energy,” didn’t he. However, we must admit, as I wrote in a previous “White Rabbit,” if all humankind had unrestricted access to the free energy resources that literally surround us, there would be no need of debt-based economic systems. True free-flowing prosperity results from free-flowing energy. 

Varoufakis’ final paragraph hints at what is coming:

Keynes was ahead of his time: His proposal necessitated digital technologies and foreign-currency markets that did not exist in the 1940s. But we have them today, along with institutional experience with international clearing systems. We also have a desperate need for the global green transition fund that a Keynesian Bretton Woods would automatically create. All that we lack is the political process, indeed a Roosevelt, to convene the players and catalyze change.

Hmmm, indeed, all that is lacking is “the political will.” Or as Kissinger described it, 

Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order:  tomorrow they will be grateful…. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.

Order Out Of Chaos, the very Pythagorean meaning of the Kosmos. All that’s needed now is the Chaos. We can all see that the chaotic, collapsing financial cake is being baked right now under our noses. Perhaps the only guy who will be laughing is Dominique Strauss-Kahn. 


At the same moment that I was posting this blog yesterday, Brandon Smith was posting “What will the global economy look like after the ‘great reset?’” which I wholeheartedly encourage Rogue Money readers to peruse. It runs parallel. Note that Smith mentions something that I have said many times: “the elites have no loyalty to any single corporation, nation or even central bank.” So don’t think of these events as being the fault of any particular nation or even the fault of a particular religion. A History Channel documentary once described the Knights Templar, for example, as “a state within a state; a religion within a religion.” Today many researchers would likewise apply the term “breakaway civilization” to this bunch. They are an extra-territorial brotherhood who sit above the illusion of “sovereignties” that they themselves have engineered as the Supreme PuppetMaster.

Partial quote here below from Brandon Smiths’s blog:

You are going to see long standing financial institutions sacrificed in the name of rehabilitating the global system. Do not assume that certain major banks (Deutsche Bank?) will not be brought down, or that certain central banks will not be toppled (Federal Reserve) as the reset progresses. Also do not assume even that certain geopolitical structures will not be brought into disarray (European Union). In the push towards total globalization and one world economic governance, the elites have no loyalty to any single corporation, nation or even central bank. They will chop off almost any appendage if they can achieve a one world system in the trade.

The dollar is a primary target of the globalists and will be brought down. It won’t disappear, but it will become progressively irrelevant on the global stage.

The globalist reset needs a trigger, a crisis which admittedly we do not have the ability to avoid. But, the reset also depends on the right people in place to rebuild the system after the crisis unfolds. Here is where the future can be determined.


China is clearly aiming at the re-establishment of an international gold standard.

The blogs that are being written to parrot this plan between China and the IMF are coming fast and furious now. F. William Engdahl published these words on May 18, 2016 in his article China Quietly Prepares Golden Alternative to Dollar System

A China Youth Daily journalist present in Paris noted, “Zhou Xiaochuan pointed out that the international monetary and financial system is currently undergoing structural adjustment, the world economy is facing many challenges…” According to the journalist Zhou went on to declare that China’s aim as current President of the G20 talks is to “promote the wider use of the SDR….”

To strengthen the recognition of the SDR, Zhou’s Peoples’ Bank of China has begun to publish its foreign reserves total–the world’s biggest–in SDRs as well as dollars….

Yet the Chinese alternative to the domination of the US dollar is about far more than paper SDR currency basket promotion. China is clearly aiming at the re-establishment of an international gold standard, presumably one not based on the bankrupt Bretton Woods Dollar-Gold exchange that President Richard Nixon unilaterally ended in August, 1971 when he told the world they would have to swallow paper dollars in the future and could no longer redeem them for gold….

Since 2015 China is moving very clearly to replace London and New York and the western gold futures price-setting exchanges. As I noted in a longer analysis in this space in August, 2015, China, together with Russia, is making major strides to back their currencies with gold, to make them “as good as gold,” while currencies like the debt-bloated Euro or the debt-bloated bankrupt dollar zone, struggle.

In May 2015, China announced it had set up a state-run Gold Investment Fund. The aim was to create a pool, initially of $16 billion making it the world’s largest physical gold fund, to support gold mining projects along the new high-speed railway lines of President Xi’s New Economic Silk Road or One Road, One Belt as it is called. As China expressed it, the aim is to enable the Eurasian countries along the Silk Road to increase the gold backing of their currencies. The countries along the Silk Road and within the BRICS happen to contain most of the world’s people and natural and human resources utterly independent of any the West has to offer.

In May 2015, China’s Shanghai Gold Exchange formally established the “Silk Road Gold Fund.” The two main investors in the new fund were China’s two largest gold mining companies–Shandong Gold Group who bought 35% of the shares and Shaanxi Gold Group with 25%. The fund will invest in gold mining projects along the route of the Eurasian Silk Road railways, including in the vast under-explored parts of the Russian Federation.

A little-known fact is that no longer is South Africa the world’s gold king. It is a mere number 7 in annual gold production. China is Number One and Russia Number Two.

On May 11, just before creation of China’s new gold fund, China National Gold Group Corporation signed an agreement with the Russian gold mining group, Polyus Gold, Russia’s largest gold mining group, and one of the top ten in the world. The two companies will explore the gold resources of what is to date Russia’s largest gold deposit at Natalka in the far eastern part of Magadan’s Kolyma District….

Gold has worth in its own right throughout mankind’s history. China and Russia and other nations of Eurasia today are reviving gold to its rightful place. 

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  1. "the IMF has been accepting gold as a form of payment forever?" I’m reminded here of the original central bank, the Bank of England, which as we learn from Cobbett was little more initially than a scheme for corralling England’s gold stocks and replacing them with paper. Is the IMF a similar scam then, one wonders, one run on a global scale? Plus I’m a little wary of all this on gold standard one minute then off it the next nonsense as it does rather suggest no currencies are ever on any gold standard, they just wish to appear as though they are so the greater fools will happily surrender their irreplaceable gold for entirely replaceable paper. I think the days of ‘Who has the gold, wins’ are behind us now as the tech isn’t there to confirm the gold in question isn’t really a mountain of plated tungsten and that there really is a scrap of genuine gold behind every scrap of paper. So it’s all fiat currency in a sense, always has been, just people uncritically assume that gold will believed in and other things won’t. We should bear in mind too countries come off the gold standard when they realise the greater fools are cashing in their paper and there’s no gold to back it up with, ie, their scam’s in danger of being rumbled (witness Nixon closing the gold window and the BofE dong the same thing centuries before). Oh well, switch to fiat then, no-one will mind. And they don’t. Business as usual. I can’t see any reason it will be different with the Chinese or the IMF.

    1. Thanks, Bill … yes it’s true that just as humankind invariably returns to Gold, after a while he always turns away from it again. The answer, as Joseph Farrell constantly reminds us, is to eliminate the need for money in the first place by letting everybody have the use of the free, inexhaustible energy fields that surround us. Captain Jean Luc Picard would concur:

      "You see, money doesn’t exist in the 24th century. "

      "No money? You mean you don’t get paid?"

      "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity."

      — scene from "Star Trek: First Contact"

      1. Who is the "everybody" using the free, inexhaustible energy fields? Working to better ourselves and the rest of humanity? I’m sorry, but all human history denies that as a possibility. As a matter of fact, none of the present economic machinations are new, but simply more sophisticated and far reaching. Romans 8:18-25 explains quite well the impetus we feel accumulating.

        1. The "everybody" using the free, inexhaustible energy fields, as I noted in my previous "White Rabbit" blog about free-flowing prosperity, is all other living things on planet earth EXCEPT mankind. You say that "all human history denies that as a possibility" — but with one exception: the original condition of man and woman in the garden of Eden. For a short time, Man knew what it was to live with access to the highest energy systems possible, including the benefits of the active force from his Creator. But when they chose to reject the loving oversight of their creator, mankind was quickly pulled into a system dominated by false teachings that have acted as a barrier ever since between mankind and his natural inheritance: the earth and all of its resources, including energy fields.

          We do indeed groan over our condition, as the apostle Paul well stated, because we know that this is not the way our Creator intended for mankind to live. His purpose for man was to take care of the earth, to enjoy it, and learn all about it. And if it’s really true that there is a Creator, then it must follow that his original purpose will not be thwarted.

  2. "If we ever get to the point where human society becomes so self-loathing as to seek its own enslavement and destruction…, it may be a thousand years before we ever see freedom again." -Brandon Smith

    Worlds die and the Universe gets over it.

  3. Fantastic and Interesting piece with the fragrance of rose petals. Since I’m the Thorny Bastard I’ll toss in the thorns.

    There are certain forests that stay healthy only by dying. Examples are the loblolly pine of the South and the jack pine of the north. Periodically these forests need to be devastated by fire in order to survive. The fire restores the ecosystem. Indeed, without fire the very seeds of these trees would not germinate to replenish their ancestors. Foresters try to maintain these forests with ‘controlled burns’. A fool’s errand. Eventually Nature gets to play its hand and clear out the brush and humiliate the foresters, some of whom die fruitlessly fighting Nature’s great conflagration.

    But are these thorns? It depends on if you are the forest or the forester. The best laid plans of mice and men……This all assumes the elites, whoever they are, can keep the reins on the burns. And I doubt they can. We will get the remedy by the whole frikkin forest exploding into a giant conflagration that kills trees and foresters alike. And the forest will thrive again.

    I love the smell of wood fires, don’t you? Sic Semper Tyrannus.

    1. Yes, Jim Willie has denounced the very idea that China might be working with the IMF for many years. I think Willie will soon be forced to modify his view slightly. I am starting to get the feeling that Russia-China see the various arms of the United Nations as a tool they can use rather than discard. We westerners have become accustomed to viewing the U.N. as a toothless, meaningless entity. It seems to me that the "closed metaphor" Bush-dominated elites have been suppressing the potential power of the U.N. to keep their own empire as the Top Dog . But in true Eastern-Think, I do believe we are watching Russia-China take that "weakness" and turn it into strength. Remember that, at the same time that China is launching this buying spree of SDRs, Putin is pushing to expand the permanent-member table of the UN Security Council. Xi and Putin together can get the U.N. to rise to its originally intended destiny as administrator of a "multi-polar" world. I’m not saying that is something good for mankind, because apparently we’re all still going to be pinned down by a militarized debt system, but that is how they see it.

      In other words, I do believe that Russia-China are going to unleash the dormant force of the UN to topple the Dollar. They need both the financial force and the military force of the UN to accomplish that feat.

      Again, this morning, as I peruse my usual list of alt-news web sites, I see yet another post echoing this idea of the new international currency and killing of the Dollar. This one comes from the Daily Bell:

      "But now is not a normal time. We’ve argued that the world’s financial controllers, the bankers and globalists, have embarked on an aggressive campaign to create a new, international currency.

      As part of this strategy, they are raising the value of the non-dollar currencies. Eventually, the dollar itself may be lose serious value on the world’s markets."

      posted today, May 12, 2016:

      1. Something else to keep in mind is that this is much easier to accomplish with the Eastern Mind. Angloes have always been a fiercely independent people who reject strong authority. This even goes back to the Roman accounts of the ancient Angles, Saxons and Jutes that became today’s English speaking peoples. There are certain characteristics in our psyche that made it impossible for Communists or Fascists to ever come to power in English speaking countries. No English speaking country has ever had a Communist elected to office, let us say overtly, to be precise.

        That all started to change with certain underground agendas that were launched in the 50s and further refined and supported with the kinds of programs, marketing and systemic changes we are all familiar with.

        A great summary of this cultural and political history can be read about in America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century—Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come by James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus. It explains deeply why America had to be transformed so much to accomplish this poltical agenda, and why it will ultimately fail.

        In the East however, the mentality and culture is completely different, and make them the perfect patsies for the elites to shift power eastward and corral the sheep and all their power. Russia and China are the perfect accomplices for such an affair. America on the other hand has been a very expensive and only partially successful project.

        1. This is what is of concern to me. East Asia has very little to speak of freedom in recent history.

          Frankly I am not remotely interested in the local culture or history as I do not want to have anything to do with a culture that worships authority and has no backbone. The control system propagates the false notion that humans are by nature too stupid to take care of themselves, to maintain the status quo. Authority is slavery.

          After reading the above article and the comments I will conclude that humanity is left with two choices, either to stand up and get together to abolish all forms of control (like this bailout/bail in banker money-magick control) or slide further into slavery. The latter will mean that we will be another failed experiment in the dustbin of Cosmic Evolution.

          Natural Law works flawlessly at all times. Worlds die and the Universe gets over it.

  4. The bankers are an ingenious lot. They ran the last gold standard into the ground and then switched to fiat, and in turn running fiat into the ground. The bankers do this by printing too much money as debts against real world assets all owed to themselves. With each shift in the issuance of a new type of money, owned by the bankers who create money from nothing, they increase their stranglehold of control over all human structure. So the question is with the coming shift to a world currency owned by bankers, SDRs or what have you, is this new type of money to be issued as debt in this perpetual debt machine the bankers own? The answer to this spells out the real agenda of the bankers, "to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all production, all construction, all energy, all education, all information, all human habitation and all humans,….have I left anything out" Rosa Koire. All the rest is noise coming from a distressed human economy collapsing under the weight of banker induced debts as they prey off of the labours of human kind, heads down busy with the construction of civilization on this planet. Who does human kind wish to control this natural experiment in sentience, bankers or the people, and why is there starvation in the midst of abundance? The creation of money must ultimately reside with the people (not the politicians) or the enslavement of all human kind to this perverse group will be for eternity.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself, BRF. And yes, these banksters have been gradually spiraling themselves up a ladder of control until they have now just about reached the top. They really have become that "eye at the top of the pyramid". And yes, the new system will still be based on the false gnostic, mystical, Kabbalistic concepts of "debt and balance," even though no such thing exists in our natural world that brims with abundance.

  5. Bankster Slayer, Have you see this?

    Collapse: We Now Know the Timeline – 40 days +/-

    Germany’s (almost bankrupt) Deutsch Bank is suddenly offering five percent (5%) interest to folks who deposit 10,000-50,000 Euros for a minimum 90 days. But this offer is only good until June 24, about 40 days from now. Is this a last gasp to lure people into the banking system before it fails? Some think that’s exactly what it is, especially given some new language included in the account contract "savers at risk of losing deposit . . ."

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