Rob Kirby Show Prep for May 6, 2016

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The Rogue Money Team is excited to welcome guest Rob Kirby of for what will surely be an eye-popping education Friday evening, May 6, 2016 as he sits down with V. for a chat on Rogue Money Radio. To recap some of Rob’s recent radio shows, we present this selection of three recent YouTube recordings. We hope you enjoy this as show preparation for tomorrow’s guest spot. I’m pretty sure that V. and Rob Kirby will have much to say about Deutsche Bank. Here is my own paraphrased synopsis of these interviews.

1. March 20, 2016: “Rob Kirby-Coming Revelation Will Drive Gold & Silver Dramatically Higher.” Rob tells Greg Hunter to expect jaw-dropping revelations “very, very soon” that will finally blow the lid off price suppression of the gold and silver markets. (It should be noted also that Mr. Kirby had already been talking about this coming event at least as far back as March 13th on other radio shows.)

2. April 14, 2016, a day that will live in infamy for Deutsche Bank when two litigation suits were settled and D.B. admitted to illegal price manipulation of the precious metals markets AND agreed to sing like a canary against “other manipulators.” Shortly after Greg Hunter congratulates Rob on accurately forecasting that these earth-shaking revelations were on the way, more than a month in advance, Rob says something at the 15-minute market that literally causes Greg to stop dead in his tracks.

I think it’s going down in the next two or three weeks…. Like-minded people that I communicate with all over the world have been long speculating that this is what would happen. Well now we’re here.” 

3. May 3, 2016: “We Are Witnessing the Epic Battle Between Globalists and Sovereign Nations | Rob Kirby.” China has signed a MOU between SWIFT and the new CIPS network that provides a platform that can effectively cut the U.S. Dollar out of international trade settlement. Near the end of the show, Rob recounts the history of Jim Rickards with Long Term Capital and the fiasco that involved Goldman Sachs, the lease of Italian gold, the Euro, and collapsing Russian bonds.

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  1. What’s significant is this will be the first known member of Dr Jim Willie’s circle of insiders to be on V’s show. Another point is Rob Kirby is a hard hammer for Truth. My nickname for him is ‘The Gunner’.

    His timeline of 2-3 weeks since his April 14th interview with Greg Hunter is almost up though. "Its going down…" can mean many things, including what will it take for the mainstream crowd to realize there is a big problem with the entire web of lies they had been told and their worldview was built on disinformation.

    I agree with Rob Kirby the CN-BS and MSN-LSD crowd have to be held accountable for feeding false information and misleading people.

  2. Cant wait for Rob Kirby. Please get him to update his 2-3 weeks call as that time has now passed. Does he still think we are weeks or days away? Timeline

  3. any opinions on Bitcoin?

    1, is the blockchain becoming "unworkable"? Getting bigger and bigger until the internet grinds to a halt? Last i heard it was a 20gb download.
    2. so if bitcoins are essentially "prime numbers" that are computed.. I heard that James McCanney had found a way to calculate prime numbers!? Does the CIA know the equation?
    3. I’m sure i heard a reference to bitcoins and 666 on the Max Keiser show (?) which does not fill me with confidence?

  4. and WHY is there a little cartoon picture of a businessman with goat legs and two horns on page 13 of the economist 2016 ???

    1. Andy, I’m looking for the Economist centerfold cartoon of all tbe pre planned events for 2016. I googled it and havent been able to find it. Any help? Thanks.

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