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We wanted to let you know that we had not forgotten about the Obama visit to Argentina last month. Let the reader be advised that this blog only raises more questions than it answers. As with so many events in the Obama experience, things are not always what they appear. Or, conversely, maybe they are. Due to there being so many unplugged holes, we invite you, the reader, to pass along any details that you might have read or be familiar with regarding this Bariloche trip down below in the “Commefnts” section of this blog.

The short summary here is that the First Family did indeed travel all the way to the southern hemisphere following their Cuban fanfare for a total stay in Argentina of only two days: Wednesday, March 23 thru end of Thursday, March 24, 2016. Let it also be noted that for this 2-day excursion, the President found it necessary to bring, not one, but two Air Force One vessels for supposed reasons described farther down this page.

The two-day visit kicked off Wednesday evening in Buenos Aires at a state reception hosted by Argentina’s President Macri and his wife. The official transcript of the Argentine’s speech is posted here at As the first Item of Weirdness in our tale, may we draw your attention to the bizarre comments about sorcery in Macri’s opening remarks:

“And let me tell you, Michelle, that I named my wife the sorceress, but after watching you today, I think that we have the visit of another one in Argentina.  (Laughter.)  Everybody has been fascinated by you.”
“And let me tell you that everybody is very excited and happy of receiving you in Bariloche.  But there is a little problem that I am trying to fix because they are a little bit disappointed because you are not staying a few days more.  But already I have solved it, so I forgive you, because I have promised that next year, you are going to come with more time and stay several days in Bariloche.

Now, we will grant you the possibility that since the speech was given in Spanish, perhaps something got lost in translation. Perhaps Macri simply meant to compliment the First Lady on her “bewitching” personality. Ok, whatever.

The Obama family stayed over that night, Wednesday, in Buenos Aires. Per the official schedule page, the Obama retinue departed Buenos Aires on Thursday morning at 11:20 AM on the smaller of the two Air Force One planes and headed down to southwestern Argentina. We presume the smaller plane was needed so that the primary plane could remain all cleaned and fueled-up in Buenos Aires for the trip home the following day. Or so we guess. Their destination was everybody’s favorite South American Nazi Hideaway, the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. (Or Bariloche, for short.) 

We would also like to mention at this point that the President of Argentina along with his wife and daughter were also heading to the same province of Argentina to ostensibly spend that Easter weekend on the estate of billionaire Joe Lewis. (More about him in a minute.) That estate is located farther south beyond Bariloche down in the quaint town of El Bolson.

This is where things become ripe for obfuscation, or, again conversely, perfectly normal.

The Macri Family touched down in Bariloche aboard Argentina’s version of their own “Air Force One,” a state-provided plane, at the Bariloche airport about one hour before the Obama arrival. Immediately upon landing, the Macri family hurriedly boarded a private, flashy, burgundy-colored helicopter owned by Joe Lewis and proceeded on their trip south. Or so we think. The transfer of the Macri family to the helicopter was made out of view of the press corps, much to their consternation. What we do know is that the flashy helicopter did depart Bariloche and we’re all pretty sure that President Macri, at least, was a passenger. The Macri family’s luggage, however, was transferred separately to a Coast Guard helicopter, and that helicopter headed south towards El Bolson.

Meanwhile, the entire Obama family, including Michelle’s mother, lands in Bariloche dressed in their hiking clothes around 1:30 PM. A melee of Secret Service guards and SUV’s transport the First Family to a beautiful, remote national park so that they can enjoy a 3-kilometer hike through Nature. “They hiked in Parque Llao Llao, which is part of the Nahuel Huapi National Park.” We emphasize the word “remote.” As you view the photos, it’s clear that anything or anybody could be met here out of sight of the public. For the record, all of this is happening during the aftermath of the Brussels terrorist attacks.

Once the hike was concluded, the Obamas were whisked away to their daytime relaxation at the nearby Llao Llao Hotel in their own private wing of that establishment (and yes there is a golf course). Bariloche residents and local news channel 13 gleefully shared video of the Presidential motorcade with us (Spanish newscast):

Likely following a period of refreshment and freshening up at the Llao Llao, the President, Michelle and Malia board the Modesta Victoria for a cruise of the scenic Lake Nahuel Huapi. The cruise lasts about an hour. Again, we see another possible venue for any number of pre-arranged meetings. Or maybe that’s just our conspiracy brain leaking again.

Back to the hotel for dinner and cocktails. Meanwhile, Argentine President Macri and his wife have spent the day at the Lewis estate down in El Bolson. However, they hop a helicopter and head back up to Bariloche in the evening and join the Obamas at the Llao Llao Hotel to bid them good-bye and exchange photos. At least one media outlet did mention that the two presidents did share a private brief meeting.

Official guest photo taken at the Llao Llao Hotel
Official guest photo taken at the Llao Llao Hotel

At 8:30 PM, the Obama family boarded their smaller Air Force One for the flight back to Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, the Argentine First Couple return south to Joe Lewis’s estate to rejoin their young daughter and spend the remainder of Santa Semana with an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. The Obamas land without incident in Buenos Aires late that night and then immediately transfer to their larger Air Force One craft for the long flight up to Washington D.C.

All in all, the officially reported events seem altogether natural. No eyebrows are raised. After all, there’s nothing especially conspiratorial about a First Family that suddenly has an itch to walk through some national park during Argentina’s autumnal equinox followed by a quaint cruise on a lake in an area long known to be a favorite of German immigrants, both Nazi and pre-Nazi. Granted, they did need a crew of 20 SUVs and a host of secret service people to scratch that itch. Ah, but those are the privileges of royalty.

Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Especially if we choose to ignore the connection in this tale between President Macri and billionaire Joe Lewis (Wikipedia: Joe Lewis ). Ol’ Joe is 79 years old now but still manages to dig his hands into multiple pies. He is perhaps best known for — and made his fortune with — betting in favor of George Soros during the event now known as Black Wednesday, when Soros and Friends made a killing shorting the British pound sterling to death. Lewis has suffered a few down days too. He is also famous for another financial debacle: the death of Bear Stearns on which he actually lost about one-fourth of his fortune overnight ($1.16 billion lost). 

Joe Lewis (Forbes Profile)
Joe Lewis (Forbes Profile)

Even so, the Fascist ties between Argentine elected leaders and corporate moguls have never been a secret in the southern hemisphere. So we might be tempted to shrug off the whole 2-day trip as just another American taxpayer funded extravagance if it weren’t for the curious news item that took off with a global life of its own only ten days later. We refer of course to what has now been dubbed the Panama Papers.

Yes, the Soros-funded leak of the Panama Papers hit the mainstream media on April 3rd. Dozens of world leaders were smeared and President Macri, his brother, and his father were not spared. Already, the Argentine president who was elected on a platform devoted to fighting corruption has begun his battle to exonerate his name among his constituents.  

So, we leave you, the reader, with these facts and suppositions. We do find it curious that the Argentine president, who is such a close friend of Lewis and, by proxy, of Soros, was the first Latin American leader to be smeared by #PanamaPapers. We wonder how many urgent phone calls were dialed and urgent meetings were held that Easter weekend. To this day, the local Argentine press has decried the lack of access to their president that weekend, made worse by the fact that he was being wined and dined by a billionaire who is not well liked by local Argentinians. As revealed in this local paper, President Macri appeared to have been missing-in-action to his press corps for at least two days and had not originally planned to stay on the Lewis estate at all:

“Macri and his family were not seen at their usual retreat in Villa La Angostura. According to published stories by the Buenos Aires press, Macri had decided to spend the weekend at the Lake Escondido estate owned by British magnate Joe Lewis, near El Bolson. Until last night [which would have been Saturday, March 26th], there has been no official information about where the president [Macri] can be found.” 

Or perhaps #PanamaPapers had nothing to do with it at all. There also remains the little matter of the investment Lewis keeps in the state Pampa Energy company. And then there’s the rumor that officials of NASA accompanied Obama to a meeting of officials of state-owned nuclear technology company Invap. NASA and Invap have a long history together and association with NASA Project Aquarius

In the back of our mind, of course, lingers George Soros and that ever present “Nazi International,” the “Fourth Reich,” and those New World Order developments of which we have all become spectators. We invite your comments, speculations, and any additional light that you might want to shine on the matter in the Comments Section down below.

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  1. Well, you don’t fly more than half way around the world for 7 hours of recreation. Too bad nothing has been leaked (that we know of) to indicate who else was there or what was talked about with them.

    A friend of mine suggested it was merely a trip so that certain parties could "show off their toy" to certain other parties. Hmmm.

    1. Yes, Thorny, I tend to agree with that theory … that the parties involved had to come down to the Rio Negro province rather than sit in Buenos Aires because whatever "it" is down there in Bariloche can only be viewed down there. And if that theory is true, then there’s probably something going on that involves the Invap nuclear research & engineering company.

      1. That has Nazi physicists and engineers written all over it. Curious location for such a highly advanced scientific and engineering multinational.

  2. Perhaps Macri was unintended collateral damage from the Panama Papers and Georgie sent Barry and Michael to smooth things over.

  3. Bankster Slayer, I suggest that you and other interested readers check out Harry Cooper’s excellent website and study his extensive research into the significance of Argentina and especially Barliloche after WWII. It’s probably most significantly know as the after war home of Adolph Hitler and many other high ranking Nazis… nope he didn’t die in the bunker and neither did Ava Braun. See for much info and photos. I also highly recommend his book "Hitler in Argentina".

    Cheers – Ragnar

  4. Perhaps the president went over there to make a deal of some sort. Macri, did not go along with it. Hence, panama papers smeared him.

  5. Esoterics here we come. I’ve sat on this for a bit to accumulate additional pieces of the puzzle.

    The coming One World Religion and the Unification of the Abrahamic Beliefs

    I am unaware of anybody else putting these pieces of the puzzle together. So this is a RM exclusive of my working theory. In addition, many long time RM readers are aware that I’m not a fanboy of organized religions and tend to be more critical of its scams/prognostications. Regardless, many people do follow these beliefs and will make what follows to be of significance. Here we go.

    If I told you ten years ago that there would be two living Popes (something that hasn’t happened in about 600 years) and shortly thereafter the unification of Western and Eastern Churches (something that hasn’t happened in almost 1000 years), you would have called me a card carrying pencil farmer. But these two events did in fact occur, so get over yourselves and open your thought processes.

    It all starts with the Temple of Solomon. The New Temple of Solomon is promoted as The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (or One world Religion and the Unification of the Abrahamic Beliefs). As far as I know, the main purpose of the Temple of Solomon is to house the Ark of the Covenant. After multi-decades of planning and FOUR YEARS to build at a cost of USD$300 million, The New Temple of Solomon was inaugurated on July 31, 2014 in Sao Paolo, Brazil to house a “Replica”. If you think someone went to all this trouble and costs to house a “Replica”, I have a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you. Is it not a curious thing that a rather significant Jewish Temple is built in a predominantly Catholic country? So where’s this Indiana Jones Ark? Does such an animal exist? Jim Marrs (via a remote viewing friend) stated on a recent DarkJournalist interview that there are three Arks. The Arks are most likely either an advanced ancient human tech or are of non-terrestrial origins.ão_Paulo)

    The Ark of the Covenant was publicly discovered by Graham Hancock in Ethiopia in the early 1980s while he was working for The Economist (Yes, that Rothschild rag) as its East Africa correspondent. The people of Ethiopia, after forced conversion to Orthodox Christianity, practice a pre-Talmudic form of hybrid Judaism. The Ark has been under the care of the Guardians of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church for thousands of years. The Ark was stolen in a highly disciplined manner on November 11, 2014. This was then moved to the recently inaugurated Universal Church in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

    Another piece of the puzzle points to advanced ancient human/UFO tech found and used by the Nazi International and Operation Paperclip descendants in Southern Patagonia/Antarctica. I suspect this tech is being revealed as part of a save your arse agreement by Nazi International. I submitted this link to the appreciative Señor Willie.

    So let’s throw in a few recent confirming events.
    1) During the recent Peace and Love Tour, Russian Patriarch Kirill passed through Brazil and most likely had his associates visit the “Replica”.
    2) Patriarch Kirill also visited the rather odd location of Antarctica for viewing of Nazi International reversed engineered tech and not to bless penguins.
    3) Mr. Obola recently visited Bariloche for a show and tell of said tech.

    So what are the coming pieces of the puzzle:
    1) The reunification of Sunni/Shia Islam after the fall of the Outhouse of Saud and reordering of the self-basting Turkey. Peace and Love Tour 1.5
    2) The installation of a Muslim (?) as its first combined leader for the Universal Church and unifying the Abrahamic Beliefs with much fanfare and horn blowing. Peace and Love Tour 2.0
    3) The coming fake alien invasion/destroyer comet used to unify the hordes of perpetually conned bent kneed zipper worshippers and distract the lemmings from the financial implosions and reset. 2018?

    So there you go. In a few years I will either be seen as a visionary hero or a goat.

    My $.02

  6. Great article and ty for sharing! Bariloche probably Hitlers home until Peron fell…then probably Colonia Dignidad in Chili. So now NWO stopping point. Bariloche long tied to Nazi’s and rumored tunnels to Antartica and base there. The lake the Obama’s toured has several points of interest 1) Hitlers rumored estate, which was purchased by friend of Soros Joe Lewis and 2) ex Peron nuclear development facility…all nicely protected with military like placements around the lake. Any idea if the Obama’s toured any caves?

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