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A news story was published in China’s “People’s Daily Online” on March 08, 2016 that should raise the eyebrows of anybody who is trying to figure out what direction the world’s economy is taking. We wanted to mention this news here on RogueMoney because it fits into the overall picture that many RM contributors have been painting of that “breakaway civilization” of powerful Money Magicians who owe no allegiance to any particular nation but who are nevertheless bent on shaping the world according to their corrupted Hermetic vision.

The introductory paragraph of this article reads like this:

The first quantum communications satellite developed by China is expected to launch in July of this year. The Beijing–Shanghai quantum private communications line will also be opened in the second half of this year, according to Pan Jianwei, academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, during an interview with China Youth Daily.

The article goes on to explain:

In recent years, quantum communications is considered to be supportive research for next-generation communication technology because of its transmission efficiency and absolute security. Pan said that, as quantum technology is indivisible and cannot be cloned, it may be implemented as an information carrier for the distribution of sensitive information, thereby guaranteeing the secure transmission of important content.

Now mull that over in your mind. Why do you suppose that China has a need for the world’s first quantum communication satellite tool, a tool specifically engineered to serve Chinese interests in that line between Beijing and Shanghai? The first thing that should pop into the minds of RogueMoney readers is the rise of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and all subsequent events due to happen as Asia leads the world to a metal-backed global trade system. Indeed, the final paragraph of that article connects the dots between this telcom achievement and management of China’s future financial system.

But hold that thought on the back burner because there is more.

In his blog posted the same day, Pepe Escobar commented on the apparently failed attempt by the western Empire of Chaos to inspire regime change in Brazil. If anybody is still wondering why Brazil remains an integral member of the BRICS coalition, this statement by Escobar should help answer your query:


Myriad reasons for the attack include the consolidation of the BRICS development bank; the BRICS’s concerted push for trading in their own currencies, bypassing the US dollar and aiming for a new global reserve currency to replace it; the construction of a major underwater fiber-optic telecom cable between Brazil and Europe, as well as the BRICS cable uniting South America to East Asia – both bypassing US control.”

Now you may be tempted to stand up and cheer the apparent impending destruction of the western cabal of Elites. However, this comment below, posted in The Daily Bell, cautions, “Not so fast.” The rise of these powerful information networks may indeed signal the end of U.S. hegemony, but, according to the editor below, a faction of western Elites is still seated at the Asian table. Remember, we are talking about a breakaway civilization that feels no allegiance to the United States nor to any other political entity:

Please note:

  • Russia, China and Brazil use Western-style central banking economies. Western elites were instrumental in installing these systems in all three countries.

  • The global strategies these countries use to oppose Western power and influence – such as the creation of a BRIC-IMF – are also Western in design and intent.

  • Finally, even the name “BRICS” was developed in the West by a Goldman Sachs banker.

The BRICS are in many senses Western.

How is it that the West is entering into a new Cold War with countries that were essentially nursed into their current success and power by Western elite interests?

Having been painstakingly created by the West from an economic standpoint, these three huge countries (and perhaps India too) will now provide determined opposition to the Western model much as did the USSR before its mysterious collapse.

The Daily Bell writer then posits these questions to the reader:

Are we looking at a new Cold War … Or Cold War propaganda?

Are we facing political history … Or a super-sized Hegelian dialectic?

And what would be the synthesis? A merger of all parties concerned into a truly global leadership structure?

And then comes the Pin to burst your Bubble:

It is perfectly possible that we are headed in the direction of a new Cold War…. but not merely as the outcome of defensive necessities. Instead, as the result of elite manipulations leading to the further evolution of global governance.

Well, that’s a bit of a downer, isn’t it? So we’re still stuck with these same people who have inserted themselves onto the thrones of gods, with the only difference being a change of venue as they prepare to move the throne from Washington D.C. to Shanghai? That’s not a very comforting thought.

Making matters worse, we seem to be witnessing the repetition of an 800-year old playbook. Once a Venetian oligarch, always a Venetian oligarch, I suppose. During the Middle Ages, the infamous Council of Ten who ruled Venice and kept Europe in a stranglehold did the same thing.

Notice these comments below by author Joseph P. Farrell from his book “Financial Vipers of Venice,” pages 100-101. The first key in maintaining empirical dominance is the ability to acquire and secure INFORMATION.

Venice’s superb communications and the almost legendary stability of her government had made her Europe’s principal centre of espionage, an international clearing-house for secrets of state. By now all the principal nations of the world were represented there, by embassies, agencies, banks, trading centres or other more clandestine associations, and for many of them the gathering of intelligence was a primary function. 

It would have been odd if Venice, with an intelligence system of her own far more highly developed than that of any foreign power, had not maintained a close eye on all these covert activities and, where possible, used them for her own ends. Every embassy, every foreign household even, was thoroughly penetrated by Venetian agents, reporting directly back to the Ten details of comings and goings, of letters received and conversations overheard. A special watch was kept on leading courtesans, several of whom were paid by the state to pass on any information that might prove useful, for blackmail or otherwise. There was also an active network of double agents whose task was to feed false or misleading information into foreign systems.

The ubiquity of this surveillance system, particularly within the territories of the Republic itself, meant that the “contents of any discussion among the oligarchs or citizens was routinely known to the [Council of] Ten within twenty-four hours or less,” and the Doge’s palace was punctuated with numerous mail-slots in the shape of lion’s mouths marked “Per Denontie Segrete” (‘For Secret Denunciations’) for those who wished to call to the attention of the Ten and their monstrous bureaucracy individuals stealing from the state or otherwise violating the law.

It’s beginning to look as if the Daily Bell’s distasteful conclusion is not far off the mark. However, not wanting to end this blog on such a deflated sentiment, we conclude with these encouraging words from Catherine Austin Fitts, author of a recent Solari Report devoted to the investment possibilities of new Space technologies. Ms. Fitts often speaks about the gigantic hidden system of finance that has been used to develop a space-based economy. That is where all the money went!

During the final 10 minutes of her interview by USA Watchdog, Greg Hunter, Ms. Fitts says:

We need to talk about where the $40 Trillion went and how do we get it back. That $40 Trillion went somewhere and we have an ownership interest in it. For people to take responsibility, they need to know the truth. Tell the people what the problems are and give them the tools.

Yes, indeed, Catherine. The people need to be told the truth and be given the tools to recover all that has been stolen from them. Moreover, that theft includes more than just abstract money. It includes stolen Hope and stolen Destiny, and the stolen right to enjoy life on Earth, free from religiously-inspired debt servitude.


  1. @BanksterSlayer,

    Very interesting post. I had heard of NSA as the customer for DARPA experiments in quantum computing to crack codes before, but not about quantum encryption via satellites or fiber optic cable networks that can be periodically ‘audited’ or physically tested to look for tampering, like the U.S. Navy trying to tap into the undersea cables with robots (generally it would seem to be much easier and cheaper for the 5Eyes spooks just to set up Prism nodes at the physical fiber hubs on land).

    Catherine Austin Fitts interview with the Saker is worth reposting here once I master the video embedding function, she mentions space competition between the U.S. and Russia as well as NASA and Star City being doomed to cooperation about halfway through the interview.

    1. Thanks, James! In less than eight weeks, we have seen a steady stream of news headlines in the Space industry that indicate that Russia-China have now firmly taken the reins of a new Space Race. Here are six stories … my absolute favorie was the announcement on Feb22 that NASA will now require its astronauts to LEARN RUSSIAN!

      1. Russian will become a mandatory subject in NASA’s space training program

      2. Next stop, Lunar City: 3D-printed space pods to form permanent ‘moon village’

      3. Zoom to Mars in 6 weeks with new Russian nuclear-fission engine

      4. ‘Mars landing’ after year on ISS: Russian cosmonaut’s suitability for interplanetary flights tested

      5. Russia rejoins space tourism race

      6. China Plans Historic First Landing on Far Side of the Moon

  2. I also had listened with interest to Greg’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. While listening to it I remembered Joels Skousen has also made reference to secret space-based weapons being used to prosecute a war against Russia and China–these weapons being brought out by the West, who he calls the ‘Anglo/American predators’ who will provoke China and Russia to war. I remembered V saying one time that China and Russia have a choice: Kill the Dollar or WWIII. Skousen says the trigger to war will be when North Korea launches against South Korea. Hopefully such alternative sites as RM and others will continue to get the truth out and stave off world war, which is totally unnecessary among sentient humans on this planet.


    Also, regarding protecting liberty and the Constitution, a very compellling argument has been made by Mark Levin on LevinTV last night in support of Ted Cruz for President:


    Thank you again for your spiritual eye-openers, Bankster Slayer.

    1. Myrna, yes, it’s all about Advanced Energy Technologies/Weaponry now. I would suggest keeping up with anything that Fitts has to say on that subject. And I suspect that "the really cool stuff" has already been developed by the Russians. However, I would caution people against thinking of "West vs East" in the usual political sense. We’ve got that third component to deal with — why is it always three? Oh yeah, The Metaphor, see my next blog — the Breakaway Civilization who believe they stand above West vs East.

      Had to chuckle at this petition. I like that somebody is publicly requesting that Putin take the lead in revealing all of the secret technology that we have all paid for:

  3. I am a new listener Rogue Money folks and all I can say is thank you for honesty and sooo much better thinking.
    I simply have not been able to listen to any main stream sedation stations I call them here in Toronto for a long time. They make me feel like disemboweling myself . Found you through a Gold program.

    1. Great line: "I feel like disemboweling myself." I might use that someday. Also, "drawn and quartered." Accidentally let the TV channel tune in to Fox News the other day and within seconds I could feel my airways closing up.

  4. "We need to talk about where the $40 Trillion went and how do we get it back. That $40 Trillion went somewhere and we have an ownership interest in it. For people to take responsibility, they need to know the truth. Tell the people what the problems are and give them the tools."

    Judging from the level of intelligence in the alternative community in general attacking and critiquing researchers for the smallest details the situation for humanity’s ability to take back control of its destiny from the psychopaths is grim.

    I will leave it to Thomas Sheridan to explain it:

    " The Long Sleep of Death is Creeping Upon the Human Story

    I have been thinking a lot recently about the moment when humans began to devolve, and the point at which humanity became a species within the unavoidable throes of its own social, cultural and intellectual entropy. Mainly this question came about so as to try and answer why so many people could be easily duped into thinking the earth was flat.

    Flat Earthers are but one example of proof that humanity is in decay as a species. The proof is all around us now from art, to culture, to economics and social breakdown. Many humans do not even look like humans any more and many are speeding up the mutation with cosmetic surgery and self chemical castration.

    It is mainly the abundance of bullshit and bling which is preventing us from coming fully to the realisation that we exist within a dystopian environment.

    At this point in human development, we are merely short-sighted rats living inside in the most brightly wallpapered sewer and the vast majority are too busy admiring the patterns on the wallpaper to notice the sea of toxic shit flowing around our ankles and getting closer to our knees…

    …On old maps of cities you can tell a lot about the society at the time. In the 19th century urban landscapes were dotted with ‘Lunatic Asylums’ created and populated due to chronic nutritional deprivation among the poor leading to a breakdown in their cognitive processes.

    Maps today are now covered with Starbucks locations filled with the chronic intellectual deprivation of people all racing each other frantically to the bottom of the nicely wallpapered shit hole around them.

    We now live in a world, thanks to the personal computing revolution, where delusions, hatreds, and psychosis can be spread around the world in a microsecond. The compensatory mythology has lost so much ground against our social ‘trajectory’ (I won’t say evolution), that our collective psyches simply cannot cope.

    There are no more accessible archetypes within most people’s deep cognition to warn them when to stop and apply the brakes on our ‘OMG!’ reactions.

    People have become borg-minded and collectively delusional only to lose their compassion due to the lightening speed of the Internet supplying them with the addictive memes and tropes surrounding all kinds of events from sports to celebrity gossip to science and culture.

    An image of a child in the Middle East with its brains hanging out, shared on social media followed by a waffle recipe from the same person within seconds of one another.

    Collectively, the human psyche finally gave up for good when the likes of ‘Meet the Kardashians’ became the supplied compensatory mythology. The Kardashians were not the end of civilisation, just the validation that we are now ending the present human story. The final validation that the game is over and we have no more coins to place in the pin ball machine of civilisation.

    The fact that many thousands of people around the world now believe that the earth is flat should be the final nail in the alternative culture coffin, which until that point may have presented our last chance of a collective escape. Perhaps the Satanists are correct when they say it is natural for humans to destroy themselves, so why try to stop them?…


    Give up on there ever being a great awakening. The sleep of death is upon the world. It is your personal duty to look for an open drain to lead yourself and the ones you love out of the wallpapered sewer.

    Once you realise this, and that only you can save yourself, then the archetypes and personal mythology you need will arise up from deep within your cognition to assist you.

    Steve Jobs is rotting in his grave, while Bill Gates is taking our nature and putting it inside his large storage freezer for himself alone up in the Arctic on the top of a planet which thousands and thousands now believe is flat and not a globe.

    Keep moving upwards and f#ck the wallpaper."

    Full Article:

    1. Well said, love the way Sheridan nails it. Every day I wake up and hope that today is the day when the plug gets pulled on The Matrix. What’s that line, you only need 5% of the population to get on board to effect a successful revolution? Well, wake up you 5%.

      1. I am not sure of the figure myself especially now with technology. At 7 billion people 5% of the world population awake would be 350 million people.

        Mark Passio of raises the bar much higher at half the human population to pull the plug on the Matrix.

        Another thing I wanted to say was whether the Daily Bell did a Chicago Herald Tribune ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ by calling it said and done, or we are going to a global governance and perhaps the ‘fear porn’ of Alex Jones was right after all.

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