Rumors of War with Russia Part 9: BBC Airs Baltic World War Docudrama, a UK Psyop Ahead of Turkey Attacking Syria?

Turkey is officially denying Russian allegations that the NATO member Muslim country is preparing to invade the territory of its neighbor Syria. A Turkish “source” told CNN last week that the Russians are just trying to divert attention from civilians suffering under Moscow’s air strikes in support of the Syrian Arab Army’s ongoing offensive north of Aleppo. The Turks’ rebuttal came after Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov accused Ankara of making covert preparations along Turkey’s southern border for military action against Syrian forces in the area — implying that Russian drones and other forms of electronic surveillance had tracked a build up the Turks were unsuccessfully trying to hide from the world or even their American allies.

Ft. Russ, translating Elijah J. Magnier of Kuwait’s Al-Rai News: Russia is Preparing the Syrian Army to Repel Any Turkish Incursion

Is War Imminent?” by Viktor Kuzovkov at and translated for

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spent much of his time during a tour of South America seeking trade deals for Turkish companies that have lost exports to Russia complaining about Russian air strikes allegedly targeting civilians. But Erdoğan’s thuggish security guards grabbing women by their hair and necks after they called him a killer in Spanish over Turkey’s repression of Kurds did him no favors in terms of his or Turkey’s image in Latin America.

As roving Asia Times correspondent Pepe “Empire of Chaos” Escobar wrote for, the Turkish leader’s strategy of toppling Assad or even establishing ‘safe zones’ in northern Syria via proxy is in tatters. If Erdoğan wants a piece of Syria as a haven for jihadists and to keep the supply lines open to the Islamic State, his army must fight for it. Otherwise the total collapse of Turkey (and by extension, Washington’s) ‘moderate’ jihadi proxies looms, as does the isolation if not encirclement of the ISIS ‘Caliphate’ capitol in Raqqa.

Troubling Signals, But Not Yet ‘All Systems Go’ for a Russo-Turkish War Fought in Syria

While CNN dutifully reported the Turkish denials of any intent to roll armor and troops into northern Syria, on February 4 the U.S. State Department issued a curious travel warning against Americans visiting southeastern Turkey, citing an alleged heightened threat of terrorism (worse than members of the Islamic State freely going back and forth as they pleased in the area for the past two years you mean, dear Foggy Bottom?).

Never ones to allow their proxies to suffer humiliating defeats without at least some token acts of bluster, the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. issued this tweet, threatening to send Saudi troops into Syria to ‘fight Daesh’. As longtime Rogue Money readers can imagine after reading here about Riyadh’s disastrous war of aggression against impoverished Yemeni tribesmen, this tweet was greeted with a fair amount of trolling:

Secretary of Defense Ashton “Ash” Carter of course, welcomed the Saudis willingness to ‘contribute’, just days after complaining that U.S. allies weren’t doing their part to fight Daesh (perhaps because, like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, they’ve been funding or arming the Daesh bags all along):

The U.S. Can’t Count on Anyone But Turkey Invading Syria Without American Protection from Iranian and Russian Counterattacks — and a Lame Duck President Obama Isn’t the Guy to Provide It, So Forget About a ‘Sunni Coalition of the Willing’

It is unclear if Secretary of Defense Ash tray really believes this nonsense about Saudi soldiers who ran away like Brave Sir Robin from battles with the Houthis being willing to take on Daesh — and the battle hardened SAA/Hezbollah units that would surely oppose their presence inside Syria. The Russia Analyst’s best guess is no.

However, SecDef Carter may wish to use Saudi troops and those of a few other Arab states to provide some sort of ‘multilateral’ fig leaf for Turkish aggression.

Unfortunately for the hopes of (don’t call him Jimmy) Carter, since the Arab League already condemned Turkey’s recent incursion into northern Iraq without Baghdad’s consent as illegal under international law, SecDef Ash(tray) probably can’t count on Saudi officers accompanying Turkish tankers invading Syria to mean anything, neither to the ‘international community’ nor to the SAA and the Russians.

Aside from the Sauds, only the government of U.S. ally and 5th Fleet host Bahrain and the UAE have announced so far that they’re wiling to join in any Syria invasion. And any Bahraini and UAE contingent in Syria would be dependent on the U.S. for logistics as well as human shield protection from Russian or Iranian attack, as Syria has a 1980 mutual defense treaty established with Moscow that is still in effect, as well as a mutual defense pact with Iran *(from Israeli attack).

Without American troops to provide muscle and human shielding even this tiny sampling of an Arab ‘coalition of the willing’ to invade Syria may prove too difficult for SecDef Ash(tray) to keep together. As the UK Independent (owned by a former KGB agent turned oligarch) wrote, even the Saudis admit they will require a “consensus among coalition leaders” before acting:

On Thursday, Adel al Jubeir, the Saudi foreign minister, gave interviews to foreign media outlets. Surprisingly, he failed to make any mention of the proposed Syrian intervention.

This came, instead, later from a relatively junior official, Ahmed Asiri, a spokesman at the defence ministry. The statement was carefully worded. Saudi Arabia “is prepared to participate” in a ground operation in Syria, it said, “if there is consensus among coalition leaders”. In other words the Saudis would join a ground force rather than be one themselves.

There is a possibility that the Saudis may join the Turks if Ankara tries to set up a buffer zone, as they had proposed in the past, inside Syria. But such incursion may lead to clashes with the Kurdish YPG group, enemies of the Turks, but allies of the Americans against ISIS.

For their part, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps reaction to the latest Saudi threats has been “bring it on”:

(CNN) – Saudi Arabia’s fresh public willingness to send ground troops into Syria is drawing ridicule from the kingdom’s chief regional rival.

The commander of Iran’s revolutionary guard on Saturday mocked Saudi Arabia’s declaration that it is prepared to commit ground troops to fight ISIS in war-torn Syria.

“They claim they will send troops (to Syria), but I don’t think they will dare do so,” Maj. Gen. Ali Jafari told reporters in Tehran, according to Iran’s semiofficial Fars news agency. “They have a classic army and history tells us such armies stand no chance in fighting irregular resistance forces.”

“This will be like a coup de grace for them. Apparently, they see no other way but this, and if this is the case, then their fate is sealed,” Jafari added, according to Fars.

Since Turkey has spent the past several months sending a surge of humanity Europe’s way as part of a cynical game to blackmail the EU if not Islamify Europe, the Turks are stuck with incompetent, proven to be piss poor in combat Saudi and Bahraini soldiers to accompany them in a Syria campaign. Despite claims of pending clarification at an upcoming NATO meeting, the Turks are unlikely to be accompanied by a single soldier from a NATO ally in this neo-Ottoman adventure. At best, a Turkish armored spearhead might be trailed by spooks or Blackwater types whose primary job would be to observe the performance of Russian weapons systems in actual combat against a NATO member.

All of this reminds us of the current joke going around in Ukraine that goes like this: a member of a pro-Kiev volunteer battalion gets asked, “Why are you fighting in Donbass?” “Because there are Russians there.” “Why aren’t you fighting against the occupation of Crimea, rather than sitting on your arse with this ‘blockade’ of the peninsula?” “Because there are Russians there.”

At this rate, not even the hardcore Ukro-Nazis may wish to sign up for actual combat operations that run the risk of firefights with Russian spetsnaz or getting incinerated by a SU-34 strike. At the most, Ukraine’s contribution to a Turkish war against Russia would probably consist of providing the Russian speaking intelligence officers from the SBU that NATO would not loan out to Ankara — and these would stay safely inside Turkey, far from the front lines along the Euphrates.

What the Weasely Turks Are Most Likely to Do –Stepped Up Border Provocations and Harassment of Russian/Syrian Aircraft

We think retired Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst Patrick Lang (Col USA ret) put it well this past week, when he wrote:

It appears to me that Kerry and Erdogan now realise that the latest Syrian offensive signals the beginning of the end for their fictional moderate, democratic rebels who are not really jihadists, just misunderstood.

The Peace talks? They remind me of Napoleon III trying to “negotiate” with Moltke and Bismarck after the French were defeated at Sedan. What cards do the rebels have to play – “The gratitude of the Syrian people?”.

What Kerry and Erdogan are now probably doing is contemplating  what  a reunified, jihadist free, Syria is going to look like along with a resurgent, sorry, I mean “emboldened”, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran. My opinion is that they are going to remake the Middle East to the detriment of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The question then becomes whether Turkey and the U.S. are going to permit that. There are suggestions on another thread that Turkey may try to take military action in Syria under the “responsibility to protect” mantra. I do not see that as a winning military strategy unless the U.S. and NATO can be prevailed upon to support such a venture. Are we stupid enough to do that?

Yes, with all due respect to the retired Army Green Berets Colonel Patrick Lang, I think ‘we’ by which I mean the Empire’s triumphalist, semi-autistic human sub-zoological experiments in Washington D.C. could be that stupid. At least judging by The Washington Post op-ed page, and GOP presidential candidates like Florida’s U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and ex-Governor Jeb “please clap” Bush who were positively ecstatic last November about the Turks shooting down a Russian plane and murdering the parachuting pilot. But neocons and failing presidential candidates aside, the primary question is the one asked by Al-Masdar NewsIs Erdoğan Mad Enough to Invade Syria?” For now, so long as Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States, the answer would appear to be ‘no’ (as Rogue Money godfather “W” the Intelligence Insider likes to say, Chicken Legs is not the one you go to war with — that’s probably the next President who won’t be Donald Trump or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders).

The Turks won’t invade Syria without at least covert U.S. backing in the form of intelligence and logistics support, plus diplomatic smoke blowing about how “Russia’s bombing of Syrian civilians provoked this [Turkish] reaction” by Obama’s crazy eyed interventionist Ambassador Samantha Power at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The consensus among Russia-Turkey watchers we’ve read is that Ankara’s military will refuse to risk their power and prestige on an invasion of Syria that could quickly turn into a bloody debacle. Particularly in the wake of the neo-Ottoman Sultan’s purge of the Turkish Army’s high command in the last decade, can he really count on the generals and colonels to stay loyal as casualties mount against enemies far more potent than the PKK or YPG? We doubt it. Instead, Ankara may try more harassment of the SAA through cross border artillery strikes, tests of Russian air defense systems/electronic jamming capabilities and playing chicken with the Russians by using armed F-16s flying aggressively up to the border (but not QUITE over it) and trying to radar lock on to Russian or Syrian jets.

SU-35s, AWACS and Ground Radars on Latakia Mountain Tops: How Russia is Trying to Protect Its Forces from Turkish Ambush Tactics Along the Border

Thanks to the reporting of Al Rai’s Elijah J. Magnier and the team at the Ft. Russ blog, we know Moscow has taken steps to deter such aggressive moves by the Turks. As we wrote in a previous post here at RM, Magnier detailed how the Russians have modernized Syria’s MiG-29 fleet and added better long range radars and R-77 missiles to their armament. As my friend Andre Raevsky aka The Saker points out in a Friday post at his blog, this gives Moscow plausible deniability if a Turkish F-16 gets blown out of the sky. The Kremlin can use its re-arming of the Syrian Air Force to create political cover for EU politicians and reluctant NATO members (Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary cough cough) who would question whether a Turkish F-16 was downed by the driver of a Syrian MiG-29, or a Russian SU-35 pilot.

Another heartburn inducing development for the Turkish Air Force, reported by both Southfront and Ft. Russ, is that the Russian Air Force has sent A-50 AWACS plane/s to Syria in order to be able to more effectively spot F-16s loitering at lower altitudes close to the Syrian border. That means any Turkish F-16 driver attempting to repeat the ambush tactics the Turks used against a Russian Su-24 on November 24th could be in for a bad day, when they fire their AMRAAM missiles and turn to retreat deeper into Turkish air space, only to get an S400 fired from Latakia topping out at Mach 8+ in the butt. For how can the Turks and for that matter their U.S./NATO ‘colleagues’ be so certain that the latest generation of Russian AWACS planes are incapable of sending homing signals on a target to the latest generation of Russian SAMs? That would be a particularly nasty surprise, to pair up the long range search capabilities of an airborne radar at 40,000 fleet with the hypersonic speed and 250+ km range of the S400s in northern Latakia!

According to the Russian Defense Ministry channel Zvezda (Star) TV, Moscow’s SU-35s deployed to Syria come equipped with the “Khibiny-M” electronic jamming pod that is designed to make beyond visual range (BVR) radar guided missiles like the AMRAAM miss due to ‘ghosting’ or overloading their seeker heads with too many phantom targets. The Khibiny-M shares the same name as the system that Russian propagandists claimed was installed on an older model SU-24 that allegedly shut down the combat information systems and radars on the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea off Crimea, back in April 2014.

So even if Mustafa the F-16 driver gets off his missiles while supposedly defending “NATO airspace” from alleged “Russian aggression”, there’s no guarantee the AMRAAMs will hit their intended targets — or that Erdoğan’s latest hero pilot will make it back alive from tangling with Mother Russia’s finest operational fighter jets. But these are the kind of weasely tactics, like firing artillery at the SAA across the border and then calling Syrian counter-battery fire “Russian aggression”, that we can rate as highly probable from the ISIS aiding neo-Ottoman Sultan.

Doing much more than that risks exposing Turkish pilots, troops and armor to crushing counterattack in northern Syria, without Erdoğan being able to go crying to NATO and the Atlantic Council/MSM shills that Russia has shot down an American ally’s planes in “NATO airspace” (as if NATO is no longer an alliance of supposedly sovereign nations, but a transnational global military empire). Which brings us to our next topic in this post: psyops. As in Russian allegations that new TV programs depicting their country as aggressors against NATO member nations are precisely that, psyops.

Calling Up ‘W’ — Is the Big Mideast War the Intelligence Insider Has Been Warning RogueMoney Listeners/Readers About at Hand? Is this the Russo-Turkish World War Event Elder Paisos of Athos Prophesied? Or is It All Mideast Conflict Theater to Distract from Financial Collapse?

Is the constant drumbeat of “Russia + aggression” and “Russia + war” operating at the conscious and subliminal levels in the mainstream and social media platforms a psychological smokescreen for anticipated near term military moves, like the expendable Turks going for broke in Syria? Do the Russians perceive BBC2 airing a docudrama about Moscow invading NATO member Latvia as a sign of gathering U.S. aggression, or just more of the same old Cold War 2 paranoia we’ve been subject to since the Maidan coup d’etat and the return of Crimea to Russia? Or is all this propaganda and boasting of quadrupling the amount of American defense spending devoted to Europe just a toxic brew of election year war-mongering politics, spiked with fears of Washington losing its death grip on the Continent due to Russia sanctions and immi-destabilization fatigue?

Seeking answers to these troubling questions, on Thursday night the Russia Analyst called up Team Rogue Money’s ‘godfather’, ‘W’ the Intelligence Insider. We told him that we haven’t seen the ‘war with Russia’ propaganda ramped up to such hysterical levels in Western and especially British mainstream media since the downing of MH17 in July 2014.

In a separate email to ‘W’ and the Guerrilla, we also mentioned how the war propaganda is even managing to seep into ads for financial services, with one online brokerage posing two actors speaking to each other about “Russia shooting down a NATO plane” as an event that had driven down the stock market by over 2% in a video ad. The sense of the surreal we felt over seeing such an ad in an elevator in the financial district of the major Midwestern city where we live and work was so intense, we wondered if we’d hallucinated the mention of “Russia” and “NATO” in this near-subliminal ad.

The trailer from the new British BBC2 docudrama about an imagined World War III between NATO and Russia starting in…Latvia, of all places

War Propaganda vs Russia is Hitting a Fever Pitch — A Sign of Imminent Action or Distraction as Part of the Globalists’ Magick Act?

On the telephone, we mentioned to “W” the BBC2 docudrama “In the War Room” that aired this past week depicting a Russian invasion of Latvia escalating to a nuclear strike on British ships in the Baltic. We talked about Russia’s highly publicized build up of SU-35 air superiority jets and S400 surface to air missiles as possible signals from Putin to deter the Turks and more importantly, get Washington to restrain Ankara from any rash moves to save its jihadist proxies from defeat. We also brought up Dr. Henry Kissinger’s highly publicized meeting this week with Putin at the Russian President’s official residence at Novo-Ogaryovo just west of Moscow. Was the lifelong globalist and Rockefeller family consigliere Kissinger being dispatched to convey a message to Putin — a message of sufficient importance or sensitivity that it could only be conveyed face to face?

A Russian language segment about the BBC2 docudrama “In the War Room” with English language excerpts dubbed into Russian

What we forgot to mention to “W” in the same context but could have, is the recent Russian/alternative media chatter about Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland (husband to Obama and multiple GOP candidates foreign policy advisor Robert Kagan) threatening Putin’s trusted envoy Vladislav Yurievich Surkov with war and supposedly ranting about Putin the “f—ing tsar”. From former British barrister turned commentator Alexander Mercouris, writing for Russia Insider and The Saker blog:

The official line from the Russians is that the meeting was a “brainstorming” session aimed at finding ways round the obstacles holding up implementation of the Minsk II Agreement.

That scarcely makes sense.  How can a solution to a conflict like the one in Ukraine be found through “brainstorming”?

There have also been some very strange stories about Nuland’s behaviour at the meeting.

Supposedly she turned up to the meeting in a state of great agitation, warning a presumably baffled Surkov – with the FSB listening in – that “war is coming”, calling Putin “a f…..g tsar”, and talking luridly of plots in the US to do away with her and with the President.

Although Agent “W” did not confirm or deny our thesis that Europeans and especially Britons are being bombarded with propaganda about an imminent threat from Russia. “W” couldn’t tell us whether this is preparation for an aggressive act by a NATO member towards the Russian contingent in Syria. But “W” did hint at major events brewing around the last week of October 2016, an ‘October surprise’ in the world markets just before the U.S. presidential elections. “W” also suggested but made no guarantees that the timing for the biggest market shaking events planned for later this year was not quite right, and that the planets and numerology of the elites needed to align in certain terms first.

Hammer blows: the SAA backed by Russian airpower is now starting to advance more rapidly and threaten jihadist-controlled border crossings. Thousands of civilians as well as military age males who may have abandoned their heavy weapons are fleeing to the Turkish border crossings

The Turks Are Running Out of Time, and Globalists May Not Be Able to Use Erdoğan as an Expendable Pawn Soon the Way They Used Saddam

However, if the globalists really do plan to use a Russia-Turkey war as the curtain raiser for markets Götterdämmerung, then in the Russia Analyst’s military opinion they’d need to do it sooner rather than later — before the Russians have the opportunity to arm the Syrian and Iranian militaries to the teeth and have them sitting victorious on the Turkish border. As we have documented here at RogueMoney, Erdoğan may not have until October before his jihadist proxies are routed from northern Syria. Their supply lines are being cut off by a Russian/Syrian/Kurdish alliance. There are reports that the Kurdish YPG that Erdoğan swore to bomb if they crossed the Euphrates river to cut rebel supply lines have now done so, confident that Mother Russia owns the skies over northern Syria.

If Erdoğan wishes to save Turkey’s grandly dubbed ‘Army of Conquest’, the CIA’s so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ TOW jihadis, the Al-Qaeda loyalist Jabhat-al-Nusra, or the logistical lifelines to the Islamic State’s capital in Raqqa, he may have to act soon. Which brings us back to the question of: what did Putin and Kissinger discuss in their meeting last week? Was Putin handed his “instructions” from the globalists on what to do next? Or was Kissinger, of whom Putin speaks highly, simply conducting back channel shuttle diplomacy on Washington’s behalf? Perhaps both?

In light of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff revolting against a planned U.S. military attack on Syria in August 2013, will the U.S. ‘Deep State’ back Erdoğan, or disavow him? Are there good people inside the Pentagon and intelligence agencies who will leak and expose any New World Order plans for American troops to be provided to the Turks as human shields for their aggression, and thus block the 4th or 5th attempt (depending on who’s counting, according to “W” to drastically escalate the war in Syria)? We certainly hope so!

Out of gas: with supply routes cut Syrian jihadists may soon start running out of fuel for their Toyota Hillux pick ups aka sweet jihadi rides

Not a good week at the Bild boobs and propagandastaffel offices for #JihadiJulian

The Team RM Conclusion: Stay Frosty Friends and Watch for Big Mideast Events and European Fighting in the Streets to Be Used as Cover for NIRP, Bank Bail-Ins, or Similar Financial Mayhem as the Globalists Accelerate their ‘Great Work’ New World Order Agenda

After having to conclude our plus 20 minute telephone conversation with “W” Thursday night, we couldn’t help but feel a nagging sense of unease in the pit our stomach. “W” did not provide definitive answers, but we came away feeling like a clever student in Newtonian high school physics being given a primer on Quantum Mechanics and Quarks 101. As “W” always says on multiple appearances both on Guerrilla Radio and the John B. Wells program, the globalists fancy themselves magicians. Theirs is a magic act, and the politicians they direct — including Vladimir Putin, in “W”‘s estimation — are actors on an elaborate stage.

NTV program about advanced Russian electro-magnetic weapons reportedly capable of detonating incoming missile warheads…

While the world may be stunned at the recklessness of Erdoğan or the technological tooth and claw of an angry unleashed Russian Bear, whatever wider war planned for the Mideast has plenty of ulterior motives. It will be, in the words of Jay Dyer (of another researcher whose patterns of argumentation often run parallel to those of “W”, an act of alchemy through destruction…matter meeting anti-matter…the Third Rome and champion of the Orthodox Christian world (now apparently in serious talks with The Vatican, judging by Friday’s stunning announcement that Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All the Russias will meet the Pope in Cuba on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12) clashing with the neo-Ottomans who would be caliphs of Islam, rising to conquer Europe

This footage from the video game Battlefield 3 released in October 2011 depicts fictional combat between Russians and Americans inside Iran…

While the alternative media will be caught up in the fireworks in the Mideast, the globalists will quietly usher in their negative interest rates policy across the entire Western world if possible, while also pushing their war on cash agenda to close all avenues for escape. To those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, precious metals, food, barter items and for the tech savvy bitcoin will all beckon as exits from the fiat system before the doors to the sacrificial chamber are shut, and the great monetary bonfire begins.

Enjoy the Super Bowl friends, and watch out for the esoteric winks and nods in the Coldplay/Beyonce/Bruno Mars (the Roman god of war) halftime show

I [the Western bankers – JWS] used to rule the world Seas would rise when I gave the word Now in the morning I sleep alone Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes Listened as the crowd would sing Now the old king is dead long live the king One minute I held the key Next the walls were closed on me And I discovered that my castles stand Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing Roman cavalry choirs are singing Be my mirror, my sword and shield My missionaries in a foreign field For some reason I can’t explain Once you’d gone there was never Never an honest word And that was when I ruled the world

It was a wicked and wild wind Blew down the doors to let me in Shattered windows and the sound of drums People couldn’t believe what I’d become Revolutionaries wait For my head on a silver plate Just a puppet on a lonely string Oh who would ever want to be king?

I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing Roman cavalry choirs are singing Be my mirror, my sword and shield My missionaries in a foreign field For some reason I can’t explain I know St Peter won’t call my name Never an honest word But that was when I ruled the world

Oh oh oh oh ohh oh

Hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing Roman cavalry choirs are singing Be my mirror, my sword and shield My missionaries in a foreign field For some reason I can’t explain I know St Peter won’t call my name Never an honest word But that was when I ruled the world


  1. “As “W” always says on multiple appearances both on Guerrilla Radio and the John B. Wells program, the globalists fancy themselves magicians. Theirs is a magic act, and the politicians they direct — including Vladimir Putin, in “W”‘s estimation — are actors on an elaborate stage.”
    They are still losers who will fail, only if we can stop hiding behind the false idea of some savior coming to rescue us and regain our common sense and reality from the chains of religious mind control in pursuit of unfiltered Truth and Knowledge, deep self-introspection of the mind traumatized by past events and proper critical examination of long held belief systems that only serve to perpetuate walls of separation and conflict.

  2. That coldplay lyric sounds like the scripted ‘endstate’ of the ‘final war’ in which the West is meant to lose. Where the ‘good guys’ of the East are to meant to prevail over the ‘bad guy’ West.
    Though not mentioned in these lyrics, I think the ‘Grand Deception’ is thrown in there somewhere as well in late 2016, as the recent Pepsi production of ‘Black Knight Decoded’ seeks to reinforce.

    I’m also reminded of this odd bit of esoterica/numerology spread widely around the web in 2013, by someone under the pseudoname of Promethius Locke. About a 100 year _secular_ prophesy embedded in the works og Huxley, Orwell, and apparently. SciZFi author Philips K. Dick, who the elits have honored by building one of the first andriods to look like him. The Esoterica is here:

    Runs right to the end of September of 2016, right into early October, and corresponds well with W’s hint about a war between Russia and NATO.

  3. Pepsi’s Black Knight Decoded mini-film, which is actually spelled this way: BLACK KNIGHT DECOD3D
    Not coincidentally, the satellite resembles strongly, a serpent’s head.

    This has been rearranged/interpreted as ‘DEC30DD’, or on Dec30, 2015, ‘Devil Descends’ as Satan is ‘fallen’ and the whole gist of the mini movie by Pepsi, is the effort of a ‘scientist’ and his followers to coerce the Black Knight satellite into ‘coming down’.

    Meaning, the year 2016, is when ‘All Hell breaks loose’.

      1. O.K. I clicked on your link. Sorry, I don’t buy that this thing even exists, let alone discovered by Tesla, whom would have no way of discovering it with the limited equipment he had at his disposal…
        Given the huge number of radio frequencies available. it would have been a tour de force to find that one frequency that this fairy tale was supposed to be using, when you have no reason to look for it or expect it.

        The actual letter in the link you site gives few details of his ‘encounter’ but I suppose the ‘True Believer’ MUST associate that with the Internet fiction known as Black Knight. It really could have been a lot of things, and as Tesla went totally nuts in his later years, one needs to be skeptical. How soon his eccentricity decayed into madness is not knowable, but having space beings ‘contact’ him could very well be an early symptom..

        My only point from the ‘religious site’ was in the potential numerology in the title of the predictive programing video done by Pepsi, in terms of timing. I don’t necessarily endorse the rest of it.

        Looking further down the page your link gets funnier and funnier. Maybe it’s comedy site.

        Proclaims boldly, Space Probe from Epsilon Boötes(!) Wow, what a claim. Must be the mushrooms they smoked. Or something.

        1. One does not have to look far to know why Nikola Tesla went mentally ill in his later years. Do some research on his inventions and his long term vision for the future before they were cut short by those with a lot of money who wanted to make even more from those who would be forced to rely on metered electricity.
          We wouldn’t have anything to do with the Middle East, the fake war on terror to rob the region of oil had his inventions come to pass.

          “So, just make sh*t up, and call it true. Yeah, that works.”

          That’s how the mind virus called religion including the horse manure called ‘God’s chosen people’ has run the human species into the ground.

          Google search has been shown to limit searches by region and search habits of individuals. Google is run by the former head of the black project institute called DARPA.

          The CIA has had a history of using paid agents to debunk sightings of UFOs. They also use well-known tactic to insert false stuff mixed in with real stuff to overall discredit the site. The ‘moon landing was a hoax’ recently disproven by Chinese satellite images in lunar orbit was just one of many.

          “Well, I needed some laughs today, and I got them..”

          No more than the dark occultists who piss themselves laughing that there are enough people out there who would defend their varying levels of ignorance where they dismiss whatever doesn’t fit their reality.

          You are right, we are the biggest joke in the Universe when we think we are important enough to be ‘saved’ or ‘raptured’ and we know it all, when history has shown we can be easily tricked into doing horrible things, all the while we believe we are doing good.

          1. “One does not have to look far to know why Nikola Tesla went mentally ill in his later years. Do some research on his inventions and his long term vision for the future before they were cut short by those with a lot of money who wanted to make even more from those who would be forced to rely on metered electricity.”
            No, that’s not what happened. Tesla suffered from a very severe form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It got worse and worse as he got older, as these things often do. It was the same form of the disease as the late Howard Hughes suffered from. He was afraid of doorknobs, touching people, became a recluse. It was NOT because of abuse, or suppression by other elites. He was predisposed to this illness, and his OCD was a necessary factor in why he had high intelligence in the first place.


            Nikola Tesla- (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) Nikola Tesla was an inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer. He is best known for his many revolutionary contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th century. After his demonstration of wireless communication (radio) in 1893 and after being the victor in the “War of Currents”, he was widely respected as America’s greatest electrical engineer. Much of his early work pioneered modern electrical engineering and many of his discoveries were of groundbreaking importance. He is stated as being “the man who invented the 20th Century” by some. He was a germophobe, hated touching round objects, disliked hair other than his own, found jewelry repulsive, and tended to do things that were either in 3’s or in numbers divisible by 3. For meals he insisted on estimating the mass of everything he was about to consume, always used 18 napkins, and refused to eat alone with a woman.

            People with this disorder eventually loose contact with reality, their skills deteriorate, and in Tesla’s case, his final ‘inventions’ were really just wild assertions without any documentation or working prototypes. His last writings taken from his safe, were largely undecipherable, but that is often the case as genius breaks down… The Tesla cult never seems to uncover these basic and well documented facts about Tesla’s condition, which are found in many great scientists. These types end up less than coherent as their condition worsens.


            “That’s how the mind virus called religion including the horse manure called ‘God’s chosen people’ has run the human species into the ground.”

            You just seem, in my view, to have gone to a different kind of manure. Actually, there are millions of Christians and Jews that live quiet lives and unless you asked them, they won’t even bring up what they are. You conveniently don’t mention those people.

            I think your position is, some Christians have done bad things, so let’s abolish Christianity.

            Well some Boy Scouts have probably been found torturing small animals, why not abolish the Boy Scouts, then? The Creed doesn’t work.


            Some Cops, who are sworn to ‘serve and protect’, have turned out to be bullies or even murderers, so why not abolish all police forces?

            There are always going to be sociopaths that seek positions of trust and respectability, in order to ensnare their victims, So your answer is, ‘abolish the systems of trust’, rather than, ‘expose and remove’ the sociopaths.

            If you don’t believe the Christian narrative, well thats one thing, but if just want to remove the whole culture and replace it with what? Alien worship? What the hell is that? I don’t see that you’ve really thought any of this through.

          2. O.K. I don’t mean to be so heavy, but you’re accusing Christians and Jews of ‘running the world into the ground.’
            Do you really think the robber barons of the 19th century were Christians? Yes, as sociopaths they would probably show up in some Church on Sunday to look respectable, but that isn’t how you establish credentials as a Christian. One has to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

            The people at Lockheed Martin, pushing drone sales, you think they’re Christian? Really?

            Or the monsters at Monsanto?

            Haven’t you noticed that the first people in the West to blow the whistle on the New World Order were Christians and Jews? Many paid a steep price for it, and some still are.

            One of the earliest, a Jewish man named Myron Fagan released a 3 record set on Vinyl about the NWO.

            That was 1967. The full audio from the records is here:


            Anthony Sutton was a Christian researcher who documented with great care the functioning of Skull and Bones in our society. He pretty much lost his career over it. That was in the late 1970’s.

            I have more recent books from the 1980’s and 1990’s mostly Christian, trying to expose the agenda, these are the people carrying the torch, as are the people here at Rogue Money.

            How you arrive at the idea that the people that run the world into the ground are Christians and Jews is beyond me. The Faux ones maybe, but one needs to be able to discriminate one from the other.

            Without that ability, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

          3. That doesn’t detract the fact that his inventions were stolen or suppressed by JP Morgan’s withdrawal of funding for his work, although your reasoning for his cause of insanity is plausible.
            Yes, the police forces must be abolished as well. They are the House Slaves of the Establishment and enforcement of government tyranny under the excuse of ‘doing my job’ and ‘I need a paycheck’.

            They don’t realize they have owners, the dark occult running the establishment who call them ‘pets’ and ‘dogs’ because they are willing to take other people’s Rights away (and their own) for pieces of paper. Their badges contain occult symbols that only those who have been initiated to the meaning behind these symbols will see that its mockery.

            An example is the color of the police lights, red and blue. Both are occult symbols of the left and right side of the brain. When the lights flash (almost never at once), it symbolizes their brains exist in neither state.

            Also the checkered band around the policeman’s hat is a reference to the Freemasonic checkered floor which is symbolic of someone who doesn’t know what is right and wrong (also behind the meaning ‘checkered past’).

            Some police badges have 8 sides which is a 2D projection of the Tesseract ( that is an occult symbol understood only at the higher levels to suggest the complete suppression and control of the intelligent mind, because of the box within the box,

            Ultimately all man-made laws made under a fancy letter head by legislation is enforced by threat of violence. Yet they tell us not to be ‘violent’. Try to jump their rigged court system for refusing to pay government tax (which is theft of what you earned through work, using your body, hence they own your body by proxy), and they will send the army and police after you and hunt you down like an animal.

            This is the big lie of ‘the need for organized structure to build civilization’ propagated by the dark occultist psychopaths so we continue to support and justify government, the institution of violence and slavery.

            Cosmic Law makes it clear that when one group of people has authority over another, physically (government+police/military) and through the mind (like religion), chaos exists. And look at the world today and you can’t deny it is in chaos.

            I rather take charge of my own security (the purpose of the 2nd Amendment). Have an entire civilian population armed and taking care of their own security and we don’t need the police/military. Thomas Paine had these ideas and he became a minor character in history as his anti-archy ideas became inconvenient to the establishment. The seeds of destruction of the United States were planted in 1776 once a position of power was established.

            Research on Mark Passio’s stuff and his Natural Law seminar (Youtube).

            I have myself encountered enough decent religious followers in my life. Even then they display an unwillingness to think outside the box and parrot what’s in their respective religious text, just as someone living in the mainstream media bubble will read out what was the day’s headlines without questioning it.

            Religion is tyranny over the mind of man. Doesn’t matter if you can give me a couple billion ‘nice’ religious individuals, it just means we have a couple billion whose mind is in chains. A mass of individuals whose mind is in chains leads to a world in chains. The formula is the unwillingness to question the harmful action once it comes under ‘God’s directive’.

            We can talk all day about who funded the Islamic State, CIA, US government, etc, but the fact remains there were enough individuals from around the world (including at least 1 from Singapore) who made the deliberate choice, however ignorant it was, to join a group of murderers.

            Would the Islamic State exist if these individuals were operating from higher consciousness and aware of the consequences of their actions to others refused to travel to Syria?

            Anyway the reason why I posted that link of the Black Knight was because the subject was brought up from the beforeitsnews website. I haven’t personally seen it or heard actual signals of it, but to discount it entirely would be just as narrow-minded as someone blindly believing it. The CIA has put out debunking agents targeting the UFO community, so there’s a deliberate intention to steer people away from the subject. The next obvious question would be why.

          4. Tesla–time to move past it. On the bell curve of the upper .01% of IQ’s , we know that with 8 billion people, something like 20 times the world population of his day, there are thousands out there world-wide with his abilities + education. That’s how bell curves work. A few will be even brighter. Whatever he knew, someone else knows it by now, somewhere. And no, you won’t hear about it.
            I’m well aware that police badges and so forth are full of occult symbols. So are corporate logos, most Government buildings and a host of other things. If you don’t want police, you will end up with vigilantes. Take your pick. Humans are not universally peaceful, so you will live with something, one way or the other.

            Militias are O.K. I have no problem with them in theory, but you won’t smoothly transition to those nationwide from where we are now. First you have a breakdown, and the militias that have already formed are mostly in rural areas. The urban areas won’t see that for a while, until things settle down.

            The most astute and awake people are Christians. The Rogue Money team, of V, Ken, Wolf Gray and James are shining examples of that. The fact that you have millions of Church goers who are un-awake precludes them from being Christian (my opinion). Jesus was radical and awake, and his true followers are also.

            You fundamentally don’t understand how Christianity is meant to work, as it’s been infiltrated and degraded for a long time. It is anti-Hierarchical, anti-big, anti-occult, anti-war.

            It is Governments and elites who forced it in the opposite direction. Don’t confuse the degraded result we have now with it’s original plan.

            There is no God’s plan, written in stone anywhere. A body of people who are Christians discover purpose in much the same way others do, by perceiving where needs exist that must be addressed. They just do it in groups at prayer sessions, which sets a certain mood. Governments hate it when they’re functioning well, as they have no control over the conclusions reached.

            As for Black Knight, extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence. Inconsistent Internet chatter and a commercial push by a multi-national corporation like Pepsi, purveyors of junk food and mildly toxic drinks, neither produces said evidence, nor any sense of confidence with regard to motive.

      2. Another really funny thing, is the Black Knight thingy never looks the same in any of the photographs (or are they ‘artists conceptions?) provided in your link. None of these, in turn, look anything like the object depicted in the Pepsi mini-movie. So it can look like anything at all, I guess…LOL

      3. Another great phrase from the site about the bogus satellite, under the heading, ‘Valis by Philip K. Dick’:
        “The reason I tie Philip K. Dick’s experience with pre-Sputnik satellites is that his experience has some very close similarities with other accounts of people getting hit by beams coming from the sky that grant them some kind of special knowledge. Of course, there’s good old Paul (aka Saul) from the Bible. But I also seem to recall anecdotes about Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli also getting the “pink beam of light from the sky hitting them in the forehead” treatment, which later resulted in them coming up with some awesome theory or another.”
        I went to Google first, then Dogpile, which uses ALL of the search engines, together. No real reference anywhere to Einstein or Wolfgang Pauli needing to be hit with a beam of light or anything else to do what they did, except threads on minor chat rooms referencing each other..

        So, just make sh*t up, and call it true. Yeah, that works.

        Well, I needed some laughs today, and I got them..

  4. Just now, from Zerohedge:

    “‘What do you want me to do? Go to war with Russia? Is that what you want?’” the aid worker said Kerry told her.

    MEE also says the US has completely abandoned the idea that Assad should step down. Now, apparently, Washington just wants Assad to stop using barrel bombs so the US can “sell the story to the public.” “A third source who claims to have served as a liaison between the Syrian and American governments over the past six months said Kerry had passed the message on to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in October that the US did not want him to be removed,” MEE says. “The source claimed that Kerry said if Assad stopped the barrel bombs, Kerry could ‘sell the story’ to the public, the source said.”

    Of course Kerry won’t be able to “sell” that story to the Saudis and the Turks, or to Qatar all of whom are now weighing their oppositions as the US throws in the towel. “Kerry’s mixed messages after the collapse of the Geneva process have put more pressure on Turkey and Saudi Arabia,” MEE concludes. “Both feel extreme unease at the potential collapse of the opposition US-recognised Free Syrian Army.”

    And so, as we said earlier this week, it’s do or die time for Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha. Either this proxy war morphs into a real world war in the next two weeks, or Aleppo “falls” to Assad marking a truly humiliating defeat for US foreign policy and, more importantly, for the Saudis’ goal of establishing Sunni hegemony in the Arabian Peninsula.

    The only other option is for John Kerry to face the Russians in battle. As is evident from the sources quoted above, Washington clearly does not have the nerve for that. (as far as we know..)

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