Could the elite be using Saudi Arabia and the oil markets to crash the global financial system?

It is said that when one thing occurs it is chance, and when two things occur that are alike in scope it is coincidence.  However, when several events tied to a specific thing take place in a short amount of time, it is wise to consider that it has gone beyond the scope of chance and is now in the realms of either a trend, or perhaps even a conspiracy.
There has been much speculation as to why Saudi Arabia chose nearly a year ago to purposely crush oil prices when their own economy relies primarily on the sales of this commodity.  Some have speculated that it was done to force U.S. fracking to go bankrupt, while others have suggested that it was done at the behest of the U.S. government to try to topple Russia’s economy.  Either way, the results have harmed the House of Saud, Canada, and even Venezuela far more that it has Russia, Iran, or American oil producers, so the question arises then for what purpose was this done?

To answer that question we must first put a few things into perspective.

1.  Rockefeller interests sell all their former oil holdings in 2015

2.  Oil price depression has forced nations to dump dollar reserves at record numbers

3.  Saudi Arabia to put its prize jewel Aramco on the market for public IPO

4. U.S. moves away from long-standing partnership with House of Saud to ally with Iran

So if we have at least four ‘sea changes’ within the 100+ year empire that is Big Oil, why would the top people and companies within the industry shoot themselves in the foot to not only drop the price purposely, but to also sell their assets when the markets are at their lowest points?

oil pump
oil pump

Here is one opinion on perhaps why this is being done, and for what purpose.

Selected Persian Gulf traders, and that includes Westerners working in the Gulf confirm that Saudi Arabia is unloading at least $1 trillion in securities and crashing global markets under orders from the Masters of the Universe – those above the lame presidency of Barack Obama.

Those were the days when the House of Saud would as much as flirt with such an idea to have all their assets frozen. Yet now they are acting under orders. And more is to come; according to crack Persian Gulf traders Saudi Western security investments may amount to as much as $8 trillion, and Abu Dhabi’s as $4 trillion.

There has been a huge increase in the Saudi and Abu Dhabi dump since the start of 2016. A Persian Gulf source says the Saudi strategy “will demolish the markets.” Another referred to a case of “maggots eating the carcass in the dark”; one just had to look at the rout in Wall Street, across Europe and in Hong Kong and Tokyo on Wednesday.

So it’s already happening. And a crucial subplot may be, in the short to medium term, no less than the collapse of the eurozone. – Sputnik News

The conclusion from all of this can point to nothing other than an end to the petro-dollar system as we know it, and a belief that oil will no longer be the primary energy source that runs the entire global economy.  And when you add in the growing push from the elite and even the Vatican for climate change programs and a move away from petroleum fuels, it appears very likely that something new is about to emerge on the scene, and is large enough to cause those at the top of Big Oil to willingly sell at any price just in time to get out of Dodge.


  1. The ideal of a new form of energy competing with oil make a lot of sense. Since #1,3 would have been done in summer of 2014 if they wanted to get out before the oil price collapse. Evidently they might have only recently been informed of a new type of energy. Maybe this:

  2. I followed the link about the Rockefellers selling their oil holdings. The article did not say about what will be the alternative fuel source in the coming decade.
    This is the price Generation Y will have to pay for the decisions of a few baby boomers with too much money holding on to old thinking patterns. Gen Y and the millennials will be spending the prime of their life fighting in the middle of the rubble of the Global Economic Reset, including those who have stored real hard assets but caught up in the crossfire of widespread anger and vengeance.

    Someone said, I believe it was one of V’s guests or Dr Willie that the material engineers and chemists will have to work on making copper and aluminum as effective as Silver when Silver becomes too expensive for electronics.

    Too bad PM dealers here won’t think of selling pure copper bars when its comparatively cheap to Silver at this point in time to get ahead of the game. Supposedly they were one of the first metals that required a serious furnace to extract the metal, if you believe official prehistoric-man academia, before they mixed copper and tin to form bronze.

    1. I didn’t have time to go back through a slew of Jim Willie videos where he talked about from his sources that Russia has achieved Cold Fusion, but it was also from those discussions that the good Dr. spoke on the Rockefellers selling all their oil holdings because the era of ‘fossil fuels’ (I personally believe in abiotic oil) is nearing an end.

      1. Russia is also the only country that has a running commercially viable nuclear breeder reactor that keeps using up the nuclear waste as fuel until 0% radioactivity in the waste is achieved.
        But the rapid rate the Rockefellers are selling it off means alternative fuel sources that can be implemented on a large scale are not far off. The next big piece of intel would be what the Rockefellers or some other rich family dynasty will be investing in which alternative energy stocks.

  3. LMAO! You’re dangerous.
    I’m gonna have to chew on this one. See? This is why America HAS to be different and not ‘more like Europe.” We’re the ones who aren’t supposed to buy into this crap and be the odd place where freedom loving people aren’t afraid to be seen as different or behind the rest of the world. Craziness always comes out of Europe.

  4. If a new form of energy is coming onto the world stage; there should be moves by the big boys to corner or control it to their benefits..any clues regarding the next global form of energy?

    1. This looks interesting: And we all know what’s going on with copper.
      But, we are most likely entering a new paradigm that will not have the same hanky panky as currently. There will be hanky panky, but it will be different hanky panky. So bet on T(current)PTB to do anything in the not-too-distant future. Soemthing else will be going on.

      If Martin Armstrong is right, many of the TPTB will be hanging from lampposts and bathing in turpentine if they’re still alive (to remove tar and feathers).

    2. Perhaps, but in reality no one ever said they were the smartest tools in the shed. US and Europe have shipped their production to the East, and China and Russia aren’t sharing their tech with the West without concessions.
      But interesting that Russia is sharing it with Iran. 😀

  5. Oh by the way, that would mean the petrodollar is toast as well as cutting off the takeover by China as the petroyuan does it not?

      1. Time is everything in business, but just as it has taken a bit of time to collapse the petrodollar, note it is still ongoing, imagine how long it will take to smoothly transition from an energy source that has nearly all manufacturing, and personal usages tied to it. Especially now that most everyone is “broke”, therefore might we just be seeing a pre-positioning with the best tools available in the insurance realm. The Dollar aint’ one of them, based on time tested items to be used in trade.
        I would suspect the retooling to go to a new energy source would make the transition out of the dollar, look easy. And, that even includes if the energy source is free, as alluded to by a few alternative media sources. Note; my bet is it ain’t going to be free in reality, strings will be attached.

        This transition will take one major item….TIME. And, it ain’t likely it is ready to be fired up immediately or the cat would have been let out of the bag by now. I suspect we are going to have to get through “the currency that is trusted for use,” issues first. And, that has been ongoing for a while.

        But, the dude peddling free or cheap energy would have almost total control over things if it were to be introduced. Total control: something that gets everyone in trouble due to “lust & greed!”

        Wolf Gray

  6. It doesn’t even have to be a “new” energy source. How about a suppressed one: Tesla (of course I’m talking Nikola, not the motor company). As for new, wave and tide energy look interesting.

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