Saudi Arabia is Bleeding More Than Red Ink: Over 2,000 KSA Soldiers/GCC Mercenaries Killed in Yemen

While Turkey’s invasion of northern Iraq with at least tacit support from Washington dominated headlines across the Middle East over the weekend, leaks reportedly from inside Saudi Arabia and criticism of the Kingdom from a Western ally are spotlighting power struggles in Riyadh. As the ‘W the Intelligence Insider’ and the Guerrilla Economist have been warning for months, the crisis in the Saudi monarchy is now too severe to be swept under the rug. The Kingdom that’s been a linchpin for the petrodollar since Henry Kissinger introduced the system as a substitute for the abandoned gold standard four decades ago is tottering.
As the Sam Smith soundtrack theme to the latest James Bond movie says, “The Writing’s on the Wall“. The House of Saud has been weighed on the scales of the globalists if not Heaven and found wanting. It’s Kingdom (or more accurately influence across the Mideast) will be divided and given over to the Medes and Persians.

Germany Warns About Saudi Funded Radicalism and Aggression

The latest piece of evidence for Team Rogue Money’s thesis about a potential collapse of the Saudi royals came from Germany’s partner agency to the CIA, the Bundesnachrichtendienst. The BND leaked a memo that says the Saudi Kingdom has become a destabilizing power in the Middle East, particularly due to the ambitions of its 30-year-old Crown Prince and Defense Minister Muhammad bin Salman.

Later in the week, when it seemed the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel was trying to contradict its own intelligence agency’s conclusions, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel backed up the BND report by accusing the Saudis of funding Wahhabist extremism in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag (incidentally the same German publication that reported the deployment of over 400 U.S. mercenaries to Ukraine in the spring of 2014). In that same interview, Gabriel told the newspaper, “I think the period of frosty relations with Russia should end.” (Gabriel said this the same weekend Marine Le Pen and her niece Marion’s National Front won big in French regional elections).

From the UK Daily Telegraph:

Saudi Arabia is at risk of becoming a major destabilising influence in the Arab world, German intelligence has warned.

Internal power struggles and the desire to emerge as the leading Arab power threaten to make the key Western ally a source of instability, according to the BND intelligence service.


“The current cautious diplomatic stance of senior members of the Saudi royal family will be replaced by an impulsive intervention policy,” a BND memo widely distributed to the German press reads.
The memo focuses particularly on the role of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the 30-year-old son of King Salman who was recently appointed deputy crown prince and defence minister.
The concentration of so much power in Prince Mohammed’s hands “harbours a latent risk that in seeking to establish himself in the line of succession in his father’s lifetime, he may overreach,” the memo notes.

Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s manifesto for change in the face of rumours of coup plots

“Relations with friendly and above all allied countries in the region could be overstretched.”

Prince Mohammed is believed to have played a key role in Saudi Arabia’s decision to intervene in the civil war in Yemen earlier this year.

Reuters added to the developing story:

The German government rebuked the BND agency for making such suggestions about Saudi Arabia, an important business partner that is involved in international talks to find a political solution to the Syria crisis..

“We need Saudi Arabia to solve the regional conflicts,” Sigmar Gabriel, the head of the Social Democrats (SPD) who share power with conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel, told the mass-circulation newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

“But we must at the same time make clear that the time to look away is past. Wahhabi mosques are financed all over the world by Saudi Arabia. In Germany, many dangerous Islamists come from these communities,” he said.

Saudi Finances Are Bleeding Out

The godfather of Team Rogue Money, Agent ‘W’, warned on his December 1, 2015 broadcast on the Caravan to Midnight program with John B. Wells that Saudi Arabia represents the weakest point of Washington’s petrodollar empire. If Russia can withstand a few more years of low oil prices also creating tremendous pain for the Russian economy, ‘W’ said, then the House of Saud might fall or at least be forced to make radical changes in its domestic and foreign policies favorable to the Eurasian axis, led by Russia and China. Starting with, according to Jim Willie’s source ‘the Voice’, accepting payment for Saudi crude in not only yuan but also Indian rupees and all sorts of other currencies besides the dollar or euro.

But will de-dollarizing be enough to save the Sauds? Or will the Kingdom collapse like the once mighty Soviet Union its old adversary in 1980s Afghanistan under the weight of its own contradictions?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates of the Saudis having at least five years of stored up capital to burn, ‘W’ warned, might be overly optimistic. At current or even worse lower oil prices crashing into the $20s per barrel, Saudi Arabia could go broke in approximately three years or less, the Intelligence Insider suggested.

Saudi Arabia has about $650 billion in foreign reserves to help it withstand the slump in oil prices. But at the country’s current rate of spending, it won’t take long before the supply of reserves runs out.

According to a recent IMF report, the drop in oil prices from around $100 per barrel in 2014 to $45 per barrel this summer has already cost oil exporters in the Middle East roughly $360 billion this year. Without drastic action, several countries are at risk of using up their cash reserves within five years. From the IMF’s World Economic and Financial Survey, published on Oct. 15:

“Apart from Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, under current policies, countries would run out of buffers in less than five years because of large fiscal deficits.”

Saudi Arabia, the region’s largest oil exporter, is particularly vulnerable as 90% of its export earnings come from the petroleum sector. The country relies on its reserves to help finance its public spending and has spent more than $70 billion of these reserves since oil prices began falling last year.

The decline in oil prices already has led Saudi Arabia to run up a deficit as a result of maintaining high public spending. The IMF reports that the country is expected to have a budget deficit of 21.6% of GDP this year, moderating to 19.4% in 2016. This compares with a deficit representing 3.4% of GDP last year.

Certainly the Kingdom can take some steps to cut back on the extravagant lifestyles of its royal family, who number into the tens of thousands. On the other side of the ledger, the Saudis could engage in both overt and covert efforts to temporarily lift oil prices. For example, the Saudis could try to negotiate production cuts with OPEC. But the massive glut of oil and lack of storage tank and tanker space all over the planet mitigates against that — as does arch-enemy Iran smelling Saudi blood in the water.

It’s no accident, as Dr. Jim Willie reports, that Iran will soon bring hundreds of thousands of barrels of daily production online at the very moment that Saudi finances are hemorrhaging red ink. There is also evidence that other members of OPEC besides Iran are in no mood to do the Saudis any favors — countries like Nigeria and Venezuela have historically had trouble enforcing production cuts anyway due to rampant corruption and in the case of the West African nation, oil theft by local warlords.

Russia meanwhile, under the highly secure presidency of Vladimir Putin, has also proven it can endure the pain of low oil prices far longer than Western analysts had thought possible without any signs of serious social discontent — though Putin’s likely successor would likely face trouble if the oil glut turns into an economic lost decade for Russians. Talks between Vladimir Putin and Prince Muhammad bin Salman seem to have been serious, and involved no fewer than two visits to Moscow since August. But the enthusiasm of those like my friends at Russia Insider for a flowering of a new petro-power alliance between the Russians and Saudis proved short lived, as much like the aborted Turkstream pipeline there was no way Washington would ever tolerate such independence from its ARAMCO and neo-Ottoman viziers.

Those of us on the outside cannot see any signs of abating Saudi enthusiasm for arming their jihadist proxies in Syria, but we can see countries that once facilitated the flow of arms and young Saudi men to the likes of Al-Nusra or ISIS such as Jordan losing their stomach for the whole project. We see Elijah J. Magnier, a Mideast analyst we’d never heard of before the Russian intervention in Syria, reporting about disastrous Saudi losses in Yemen and for their Syria proxies as well in a Kuwaiti-owned newspaper. While there historically has been no love lost between the Kuwaiti and Saudi royal families due to the latter’s slant drilling and longtime support for Saddam until the Iraqi dictator became an enemy of both the Gulf Arabs and the U.S., Magnier’s excellent Syrian military sources and Kuwaiti employment is a sign. A sign that the Kuwaitis may be quietly positioning themselves for the coming global economic ‘reset’ and already looking to China and Russia for protection once the petrodollar empire is no more.

At any rate, the combined Syrian/Russian forces, beefed up by more Russian and now Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps advisers and ground troops, are crushing Riyadh and Ankara’s proxies in Latakia, Idlib, and Aleppo provinces. Russian advisers have also posed for the cameras outside of the ISIS held ancient town of Palmyra, whose liberation by a rapid SAA/Hezbollah strike using Russia’s airpower would be a highly symbolic blow to Daesh (and a big ‘screw you’ to Washington’s ‘Russia isn’t really fighting ISIS’ propagandists).

Turkey’s Desperate Mosul Gambit and Why It’s Likely to Fail Like Saudi Intervention in Yemen

Meanwhile, the neo-Ottoman sultan in Ankara, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is running the risk of pulling a Saudi Arabia-in-Yemen inside northern Iraq. In response to a battalion if not brigade-sized incursion into Iraqi territory, some Iraqi Shi’a MPs have called for the government to invite the Russians in to bomb the Turks. Turkish media reports Ankara’s soldiers are alternatively training Kurdish peshmerga fighters under the corrupt, ISIS oil dealing leadership of (likely CIA asset) Masoud Barzani to take the city of one million people Mosul from ISIS, or establishing a ‘permanent’ base in the pre-WWI Ottoman villayet region of outside the ISIS-held metropolis.

For their part, Iraqi Shi’a militias backed by Iran have vowed to fight Turkey’s soldiers if they do not withdraw, and fight Americans if they come into Iraq without the government’s permission. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, still somewhat dependent on U.S. military supplies (but receiving almost zero combat support) for the fight against Daesh at Ramadi, has been more cautious. Abadi issued a 48 hour ultimatum to the Turks to pull their troops out, and has reportedly convinced Ankara not to reinforce their several hundred man garrison complete with tanks and artillery occupying territory inside Iraq.

Under the Bus You Go Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

As Joseph P. Farrell reported in his December 3, 2015 video edition of the Nefarium, it seems both Saudi Arabia and Turkey could be ‘on the menu’ of their former Western backers. A bloody Turkish intervention in northern Iraq that involves Kurds of the PKK and their YPG allies fighting the Turks and a handful of Barzani Kurdish loyalists and Sunni Arab tribes could be just the thing to destabilize Erdogan’s government and ignite insurgency across Kurdistan deep inside Turkish territory. What long term agenda the simultaneous destabilization of Turkey and its primary financial backer Saudi Arabia would serve, will surely be the subject of future team RogueMoney analysis. But as we have written several times here at Rogue Money over the past two weeks, it’s not an accident that GOP presidential ‘front-runner’ Donald Trump AND no fewer than FOUR ranking retired U.S. generals have either criticized the shoot down of the Russian SU-24 or accused the Turkish government if not the Erdogan family of trafficking in stolen ISIS oil.

Can the Saudi Kingdom Be Saved?

Turning back to the Kingdom’s ‘home front’, austerity cannot be implemented without creating additional discontent and pressure inside the royal family itself. Nor can the Saudis, having started not one but TWO all out proxy wars with Iran inside Syria and Yemen simply ‘back out’ without being perceived by all of their regional bought and paid for allies as a weak horse, a fading stallion bound for the glue factory. We’ve already seen as the Guerrilla has noted anonymous calls for real reforms in the Kingdom that would relax some strict Wahhabist Islamic sharia law restrictions on women’s rights, and trying to diversify the Saudi economy a bit from oil the way the United Arab Emirates led by Abu Dhabi have done with some success.

The answer to whether even a young ambitious prince like Mohammed Bin Salman has enough time in the next two years to make reforms though — or whether the Kingdom could like the Soviet Union survive its own perestroika — is almost certainly no. Or more bluntly, hell no.

KSA Body Count from the Yemen War — Over 2,000 Killed in Action, Thousands of Civilian and Yemeni Combatants

This past week’s leak of Saudi and KSA-hired mercenary casualties in the disastrous war against Yemen that Mohammed bin Salman reportedly instigated appears to be on more salvo in the Game of Thrones being played for the Kingdom’s future. But it may also be a message from Iran to the Kingdom that once aspired to lead the Sunni faithful to victory over the Shi’a dogs that Riyadh is on the brink of losing everything, and the whole world is starting to wake up to that fact:

In a series of tweets released on Thursday morning, the famous Saudi whistleblower known on Twitter as “@Mujtahidd” leaked more information from the Saudi government’s classified files, revealing the army’s death toll and the total number of lost military equipment during the ongoing Yemeni War.

According to the aforementioned source, the Saudi Army has lost almost 2,000 soldiers (4,850 soldiers reportedly wounded), 450 tanks, 4 U.S. manufactured Apache Helicopters, 15 other military aircrafts, 3 boats (destroyed by P-15 Termit anti-ship missiles), and almost 200 billion Saudi riyals in damage.

The Twitter user is well-known for his accurate information and his government leaks that have time and time again proven to be authentic, despite his unknown identity.



  1. “…as much like the aborted Turkstream pipeline there was no way Washington would ever tolerate such independence from its ARAMCO and neo-Ottoman viziers.”
    Perhaps the other reason why they did the shootdown of the Russian jet. It all comes down to western oil czars against the Eastern oil czars in a turf war, which is what Syria is about since it is the keystone to the flow of oil from Shi’a dominated Iraq and Iran oil fields. or the flow of Libya oil if the western powers take over it.

    The mainstream gets one layer of their truth, the alternative ‘mainstream’ gets another deeper layer of the truth, while the more fringe, independent media gets a better version that’s a little closer to reality, and the old boys club have varying layers of truth except for those who actually planned the thing.

  2. James,
    What is also interesting about this is if the Saudi royal family is no longer seen as the “defender of the faith” there are a number of other royal families that claim descent from the “prophet” ( small p) . That would include Jordan and Morocco, not to mention the other monarchies like Bahrain ( Sunni in a Shiite majority country) etc.

    This throws into question their power and has enormous implications. Jordan has about 5 mosques on the Temple Mount. Morocco has managed to avoid the Arab Springs, though most of the “terrorists” are coming from Morocco.

    The implications for redrawing map of the ME are very interesting. Love to hear what W thinks about that.

    1. Joyann, SOF: News late Tuesday/early Wednesday in Australia that an Aussie military veteran mercenary was killed fighting for the UAE in Yemen. Pro-Shi’a Lebanese source Al-Masdar News says a retired British officer also among foreign mercenaries KIA’d in Houthi attacks:

      Fact that Saudis were probably willing to pay top dollar to these experienced UK/Aussie and French soldiers of fortune reveals just how desperate they are to contain the increasingly brazen Houthi offensive into far SW Saudi Arabia/Jizan province. ‘W’ and the Guerrilla are indeed being vindicated, the House of Saud is not long for this world. I also have to wonder how many shoes are yet to drop in the PMCs/merc world in terms of the KIA from the Donbass war of numerous nationalities being ‘leaked’, especially by French or German intelligence seeking to undermine NATO denials that the Alliance sent mercs to fight for Kiev especially to retake Mariupol (the so-called Azov Battalion with their garbage dump truck ‘armor’ certainly didn’t do the job alone even against weak, sporadic resistance by locals equipped with AKs and light machine guns, not even with mortars or RPGs much less anti-tank missiles).

      Many ZeroHedge readers recall ‘out of my face’ guy from last January who spoke with a NE U.S. accent and was wearing an Azov uniform without the usual SS rune insignia (suggesting it’s either optional for some of Azov’s foreign trainers or the CIA/DoD asked them not to wear it to look less Nazi if ID’d in a photo by family or friends back home, as ‘out of my face’ guy almost certainly was). Earlier the Ukrainian SBU disinfo site ‘StopFake’ supposedly run by Ukrainian volunteers attacked RT and German Bild am Sonntag newspaper reports of U.S. ‘son of Blackwater’ mercs being dispatched to the Donbass in March and April 2014. Notice how they deflect and obfuscate from the fact that the ‘Ukrainians’ jeered by the angry anti-Maidan Donetsk crowd speak ZERO Ukrainian or Russian to the crowds, but remained SILENT throughout:

      U.S./NATO and Kiev/SBU psyops teams have done a lot of work denying the presence of foreign/NATO mercs in Kiev’s ranks. Joel Harding a former U.S. Army psyops officer who ‘volunteered’ his services to the SBU and even (probably drunkenly) sent an email to an American freelancer reporting from Donbass threatening him with arrest and likely torture by the Kiev authorities has also tried to insist the mercs aiding pro-Kiev politicians in Donetsk were RUSSIAN, not Westerners or NATO mercs from Slavic countries. Talk about chutzpah:

      Catherine A. Fitzpatrick writing for the Khodorkovsky funded website The Interpreter first claimed that out of my face guy was a Russian plant slipped into Mariupol behind Ukrainian lines, then when this ridiculous theory proved implausible claimed that the merc was ‘British volunteer Chris Garrett’. Except that Chris ‘Swampy’ Garrett had a beard in video shot the same day in Mariupol, whereas ‘out of my face’ guy did not and covered his face while Garrett made no effort to hide his from the cameras:

      All of which brings us back to the question of NATO’s secret armies aka what Putin referred to as ‘NATO’s Foreign Legion’ at the time of Kiev’s humiliating defeat at Debaltsevo, and their links to the GCC Saudi/Qatari/UAE funders. I’m wondering if the ‘white hats’ whether inside the DoD or more likely the British MoD, French and German ‘deep states’ plus Aussies aren’t starting to leak out regarding the deployments and casualties among the secret NATO/5Eyes Hessians:

      1. James,Interesting. Was traveling in some EU cities in recently and same some foreign legion soldiers working out. Now I think I have an idea what they were up too :0)

  3. As I have mentioned here in the past, there is freemasonry in the Arab world and perhaps this is why we see countries like Morocco and Jordan playing a different role. They are very much in bed with the West.

    Perhaps this is the foundations of Daniels last empire.

    This very much fits with Alice Bailey’s vision for ushering in the new luciferian age.

    1. How do you purify gold? You put it through the fire. Same with the Christians. Also the word church should not be capitalized. It’s not a proper noun. It simply means an assembly or crowd, the gathered out ones. Of course it’s been misconstrued to it’s present usage. There is no church (institution) as we are the temple now..

      1. Billy,Exactly, the Greek work “ekklesia”was used in the Torah to describe the “called out assembly” in the wilderness. The Greek Septuagint was written 170 years before Yeshua, so ekklesia always means the called out assembly.

        Yeshua said that he would build his ekklesia on the rock ( himself) and the gates of hell would not prevail. Paul later on tells us that Yeshua is the rock who brought forth spiritual water in the desert and that all that was written was for our instruction, upon who has come the end of the age. This negates the idea that Peter was “the rock” . Peter was a small rock, but throughout Scripture the rock is YHVH.
        He has built his assembly from the exodus to this day and we are one called out assembly, both Jew, Israelite and gentile. God is not a God of confusion. People’s ecclesiology is what messes up their eschatology. If you don’t know who the ekklesia is you will wrongly interpret the book of Revelations.

        The called out assembly will be walking in the wilderness. In Hebrew the word for wilderness is “midbar” and the root of the word ( Hebrew is a root language) is to speak. God brought Israel and the mixed multitude who were considered as part of Israel, into the desert and tested them, so that they could learn to “hear his voice”. The tests included living on manna, trusting him to bring forth living water, facing giants, trusting him to keep their clothing and shoes, not worshipping other gods when Moses was up on the mountain bringing back his instructions.

        It was all preparation for the promised land which they were supposed to occupy by kicking the enemies out. Most of the enemies were descendants of the Nephillim like Goliath. All David had to do was believe in the word of God, washed by the waters of time ( the 5 smooth stones) and he was able to defeat the giants.

        Joshua ( God’s salvation Yehoshua) and Caleb were also able to believe in God’s promises whereas the other 10 spies, said “the giants are too big, and we are like grasshoppers in their eyes”.

        Israel would have gone right into the promised land but they lacked the faith and wandered 40 more years in the desert and the next generation went in.

        They celebrated the Passover in the desert which points us to the Lamb who was slain, whose blood should be on the doorway of our heart. When we believe in the Passover Lamb, the angel of death passes over and cannot touch us. “

        Many lessons for our instruction, upon who has come the end of days.

  4. Relevant to those who follow the Baltic Dry Index and status of global shipping trade as an indicator of the health of the global economy:

    “Temasek Holdings has agreed to sell its entire 67 per cent stake in Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) to France’s CMA CGM, the world’s third-largest container shipper, which today (Dec 7 2015) announced a S$3.4 billion offer to buy the iconic Singapore shipping firm to expand its presence on trans-Pacific routes…

    The offer comes amid a prolonged downturn in the global shipping market caused by overcapacity, slowing global growth and weak commodity prices, with NOL having posted a net loss of US$96 million for the July-to-September period, its worst in six quarters.”

    1. “So the US “accidentally” bombs an SAA base and ISIS follows up with a ground attack. Yeah, that doesnt look suspicious at all. I’m sure its just a coincidence. Can someone tell me what the f**k is the ICC and the UN for? Why are no charges being filed?” – YT comment

      1. You won’t like my answer, but they are to usher in the NWO with the capital as Jerusalem an international city of the anti messiah :o(

      1. SOF,You really have to ask the question, how insane our country is after these last 8 years with O, John Kerry and Hillary to even consider her to be President. They are the architects of all this chaos. Not saying that Bush and Bush Sr weren’t either, but anyone who cannot see this is just blind or drugged. .

        What I should say is the whole Presidential process has been corrupted and only the puppets of the global elite can get into office whether Rep. or Dem. No serious candidate would ever win, and even if they did they’d be assassinated.

        I vote for taking the fluoride out of the drinking water.

        1. ‘Blind and drugged’ would be an appropriate term. But here’s how I would look at this problem you described.
          I remember when I wasn’t as awake some time ago (now coming to 5 years) it was hard to consider that the world was anything but the narrative that had been handed to me, until something comes along that forcefully exposed long-held personal beliefs as fraudulent to the degree I could not no longer dismiss as baseless.

          Even then it was a long journey of breaking down every other half-truth and deception like the paper asset fraud, just showing what a great lengths these people behind the curtain go to create a Truman-show-like-bubble so we believe in the fantasy.

          And all that was possible only because I had a habit of reading and researching stuff from the pre-internet days. I wonder how many out there know what a library is.

          I think that would be the real question to ask as to why so many are still ignorant and we have a long way to go to being an enlightened society. Do the majority even bother to ask questions or are programmed to blindly accept the narrative? I think dealing with this issue in the proper way would put our species closer to that Path to God that you talk about from the Bible often. Perception and an awake and alert mind and daring to ask the difficult questions (courage).

          Fluoride is a big part of the problem and so are preservatives in food to extend shelf life for economic reasons.

          1. Yeah, good for the shelf life but not your life. It’s like we’re living in Catch-22. When I look at the ingredients on a bag of chips and see that they used cottonseed oil I think back to the insanity depicted in that novel. Remember when Milo tried to get Yossarian to eat cotton. “People can’t eat cotton Milo”! “They’ve got to. It’s for the syndicate”.

          2. SOF,The fluoride remark and drugs was a little tongue and cheek. That’s only a small part of it. I think there has been a dumbing down in the education system, endless distractions like V talks about “Dancing with the Stars” , Kim Kardashian, Bruce a.k.a Caitlyn Jenner, etc. I think there are very sophisticated operations both physical and psychological to brainwash the population and I think the roots of it go back to Nazism if not before. ( maybe to the garden?)

            A great example is Albert Kinsey and the sexual revolution, funded by none other than the Rockefeller Foundation. He was a pedophile and yet, because of his work the society began to accept the unacceptable. The guy should have been thrown in prison for life for documenting sexual experiments on babies. How sick is that? Yet, our justice system looked to his so-called expertise to solve legal cases. By the way, he was a friend of Aleister Crowley’s.

            How could the US allow Nazis to form our CIA? This is nothing short of outrageous. They continued the work of Mengele doing experiments on unwilling human subjects. CIA was caught and supposedly stopped, if you believe that. I don’t. I think the experiments are just more sophisticated now.

            Like you, though circumstances, I had a number of events wake me up and I remembered what the Bible says, “the whole world is under the influence of the evil one”. I do think the hardest thing for average people, is to really grasp just how much evil is out there, and how pervasive it is. It’s a lot easier to refer to people, like people on RM as tin foil hat people and blow us off.

            It is painful to see the level of deception in our society, and the deliberate sabotage of our civilization, but then again when you know whose behind it, there is really no reason to be surprised.

            “your enemy Satan roams the earth like a lion, looking to see who he can devour and destroy”.

            At this point, the adversary, as Scripture calls him, knows his time is very short on earth, so I think he wants to do as much destruction as possible. He’s got nothing to lose. He’s already defeated, however people that don’t see his schemes, have a lot to lose because they are still redeemable.

            If you are not evil, it is hard to understand how others can be so blatantly evil, so I think a lot of people, including some in my own family, want to think “happy thoughts”. I prefer to be prepared at least on some level for what’s ahead, but honestly I don’t think any of us are really ready for it. We just need to hang on to God, and his grace to get us through. If I’m reading Scripture, we are in the birth pangs and very close to the opening of the seals of tribulation and Scripture lets us know that there was never a time on the earth like this, so you really have to have your eyes fixed on the one who is able to get us through, whatever that looks like.

          3. Don’t leave out feminism if you want to know about the real ‘sophisticated’ psychological warfare operation. The wrong idea of women’s ’empowerment’ sold by the western think tanks like Club of Rome and Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and via the western intelligence agencies has spread faster than AIDS as it has taken advantage of women’s emotional soft points and their ability to socialize in large groups better. Get the women, the men and children will follow.
            See also Aaron Russo’s interview with Alex Jones on his encounter with Nick Rockefeller and what he told Aaron about the real reason of the feminist movement. Doubling the source of government taxes, and isolate the kids so they will have to be put in a government re-education camp called pre-school at an earlier age. Housewife has become a dirty word and kids don’t even know their parents.

            Now the lure of divorces and the big payouts with more kids = higher alimony have ensured increasing numbers of men have stayed single and out of marriage. Family structure is gone, and so the population is below replacement levels. Same goes for western oriented Asian societies like Japan. In Japan the term ‘grass-eater’ is used to described men who have chosen to stay single.

        2. That’s why they won’t take out fluoride. Pagosa Springs, CO, stopped fluoridation by citing how expensive & difficult it was to remove for those who didn’t choose it. But like so many of the “choice” issues today, Americans have very few good choices. By Design.

          An easy protest: turn off the smart phone internet. Turn off all electronics for hours.

          I saw that the Taliban is removing the heroin trade in Afghanistan, which generates income for the US black ops. The tide must be turning.

  5. SOF,Absolutely, feminism was part of the destruction of the family, as is LGBT, etc. I think there has also been deliberate manipulation of hormones through food supply etc. The feminization of men is also geared towards attacking the family. Club of Rome came out with the Limits to Growth in the 70s where they decided we have too many people on the planet.

    Former members of Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei, Prince of Jordan ( 33rd degree mason) Ervin Laszlo ( systems theory and founder of the Club of Budapest), Gorbachev, Princess Beatrix of Netherlands etc. Club of Budapest looks like the whose who of the New Age agenda.

    There are numerous other organizations and think tanks that are dedicated to this globalist agenda. The list is long like Noetic Sciences, the Global Consciousness Project, Chatham House, CFR, Anna Lindh, all UN organizations like Alliance of Civilizations, Lucis Trust. The new age globalists want to attack “dualism”. It’s a form of pantheism where all is one.

    It’s the original lie “you can be like God”. This is why mysticism has been promoted for generations now. It’s the attempt to have humans merge with the creation so that there are no distinctions, no separation, “no dualism” as the new agers like to say. The whole global warming business is nothing but mother earth worship, pure paganism.

    Androgeny, the spirit of baphomet, the goat god or Satan erases gender distinctions and competes with the Genesis account, that God made man and woman in his image and told man to leave his his mother and father and join to his wife and be one flesh. Bone of my bones, in Hebrew is also the word for same substance, but we are the mirror opposites of which complement one another and make biblical “oneness”. God intended union of man and woman to multiply and fill the earth, the exact opposite of the UN, new age, climate baloney agenda.

    Finally when you look at what is happening today, it’s clear that all of it points to rebellion against God which the Bible says is the sin of witchcraft.

    1. Very interesting material Joyann. I had heard Walid Shoebat talking about Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman Islamist beliefs but hadn’t seen the AKP propaganda posters bragging about the conquest of Constantinople from the 2nd Rome the Orthodox Christian Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire. Erdogan’s comments about the Balkans in particular should send a chill up the spine of any Austro-Hungarian, Serb or Pole who knows their history (Jan Sobieski/Gates of Vienna battle, Lepanto for the Italians/Spaniards Holy Alliance) as well as Russians. If Erdogan keeps pushing at this rate even some European spooks will be strongly tempted to covertly aid the Iraqis fighting him outside Mosul…before Turkey gets so ambitious and crazy they start together with the Albanians menacing the Balkans and further open the Muslim migrant floodgates into Europe.
      The battle of Pelennor Fields in Tolkien’s Return of the King is an allegory for 1683 the Gates of Vienna battle, though ‘the white city’ of Minas Tirith has more in common with Constantinople which did fall to siege in 1453 rather than Vienna. But Tolkien was deeply Catholic and knew the history of the ‘holy alliances’ against Turkish aggression down through the centuries, betrayed by the British and French during the Crimean War when they sided with Turkey against Tsarist Russia:

      There are many reasons why even many who dislike Putin or Russia don’t trust Erdogan:

      Among the Poles in particular, not only Washington and their own Atlanticist elites’ unconditional support for ‘Banderites’ in Kiev and Lvov who glorify UPA mass murderers of Poles during WWII, but especially the Muslim migrant question has awakened protests. Naturally this type of ‘we don’t like Banderites or Muslims’ Polish nationalism is embarrassing to compradors like Radek Sikorski and his neocon wife Anne Applebaum.

      This was FYROM aka Macedonia in November, with riot police getting pelted by angry Mideasterners who’re stuck due to the construction of fences in FYROM and Hungary as well as being classified by the EU as economic migrants (meaning no free s–t for them in Germany but maybe in Sweden if they can get up there) from Pakistan and other Muslim countries not at war:

      1. James,I don’t doubt at all that Erdogan has delusions of grandeur, but it doesn’t seem realistic to think with modern warfare technology that he will be in a position to set up a caliphate with him as the head. Some think he is a candidate for anti-messiah. I think the anti-messiah comes after the chaos when people are sick and tired of war and ready to accept a false peace, but not being dogmatic about that.

        There is no doubt in my mind he has aided and abetted aspiring jihadis to traveling unhindered through his country, purchased Isis oil, etc. He certain detests Israel and would love to take Jerusalem.

        I saw that Europe had talked about opening discussions again with him for inclusion in the EU. They would really be delusional if they think that is going to stem the flow of jihadis. On the contrary, that will make it easier if Turkey becomes part of the schengen. As it stands now, EU is trying to suspend it and is introducing passport controls at its borders.

        Europe is eager to begin their business dealings with Iran again, which could pose problems with any relationship with Erdogan.

        It all looks pretty messy to me, but my understanding is a great deal of the refugees are from Africa, Afghanistan, Libya, etc, etc. Now with Yemen in a state of war, I suspect there will be Yemese refugees trying to get into Europe too.

        The other problem with bringing Turkey into the EU is that the right wing movement will get even stronger. Europeans are fed up with the immigration and it would surprise me if some of them don’t agree with Donald Trump ( who just screwed up some of his business deals in the Gulf).

        1. Joyann,
          “I saw that Europe had talked about opening discussions again with him for inclusion in the EU. They would really be delusional if they think that is going to stem the flow of jihadis.” With Marine Le Pen and the FN putting pressure on Hollande and the Italian ‘right’ parties especially the Liga Nord all staunchly opposed to full EU membership for Turkey I doubt even the USSA can twist enough arms to make it happen for Erdogan.

          1. James,It would be bizarre and the fact that the headline even surfaced is bizarre, although I read today that a German court is allow sharia law enforcement in Germany so who knows?

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