#Race4Euphrates and France Bombing Raqqa; Did The Economist’s ‘World in 2015’ Cover Foretell 311 Days from #CharlieHebdo to #ParisAttacks?

As Washington’s hopes of toppling the Syrian government of Bashir al-Assad have faded with Russian intervention, the spin after Friday’s wave of terrorist attacks in Paris is depressingly predictable. Leave it to the neocon Daily Beast to be the first to call for a U.S.-led French/NATO march on Raqqa. The neocons at the Daily Beast certainly won’t be the last mainstream media outlet to insist the only solution to the Islamic State threat is now an all out invasion of ISIS territory, as failing GOP presidential candidate and ex-Florida Governor Jeb Bush also wants a U.S. invasion of ISIS-held Syria, followed by arming the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ to take out Assad:

Some shills for the neocons just refuse to quit…Jeb Bush during the fourth GOP presidential debate a week ago calling for U.S. to invade Syria and risk direct confrontation with Russia and Iran in order to save America’s barely existent ‘moderate’ ‘Free Syrian Army’ proxies

French bombs are already falling on the unofficial capital of the Islamic State’s ‘caliphate’ in northeastern Syria. RT reports at least ten French fighter jets struck targets in Raqqa overnight into Monday, operating from bases in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Given that French air strikes are being coordinated with the U.S. and crossing Syrian air space controlled by Russia’s most advanced air defense systems based near Latakia, it’s a good bet Paris has been coordinating the strikes on ISIS capital of Raqqa with Moscow’s blessing too


It did not take some brilliant burst of insight from the Rogue Money team to recognize that the situation in Syria had come to a critical point for Turkey and its Sunni Persian Gulf state allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar who created ISIS. Despite weeks of naysaying and poo-pooing the Russian military intervention into the conflict, Moscow’s air strikes in support of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its Iraqi/Iranian allies were starting to bear fruit in the days leading up to the terrorist attacks in Paris. According to The Saker, a former military analyst for a NATO member country (most likely France) during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s:

Up to this moment all the successes of the Syrian armed forces were limited in importance whereas the liberation of Kuweyres not only represents a huge moral victory for the Syrians, but it also has an “operational significance” meaning that it actually changes the shape and dynamic of the front (click here for a high resolution map of the area). Put simply: the Syrian have now seized the initiative from Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIS -JWS] and they are now on the offensive. As for Daesh, they now have to allocate their forces to prevent the Syrians from further exploiting their success in Kuweyres. Most observers, including myself, were hoping for, or even expecting, such a development, but now it has finally happened. This is very, very good news.

There was, by the way, an interesting if little noticed side story to this event: according to the Russian military, the “moderate opposition” gave key intelligence to the Russian to target the “terrorists” around the airbase.

The Saker and Southfront: SAA’s successful push to lift the siege of Kuweires military airport has the potential to decisively turn the tide against ISIS

All it takes is a glance at a map of northern Syria and where ISIS stronghold of Raqqa is located to recognize that if the SAA and Persians can link up with the Kurds along the Euphrates south of the Turkish border, ISIS vital supply lines to Turkey will be cut. After which the once seemingly invincible Islamic State’s caliphate will be chopped up into pieces with Iraqi forces pushing up the Euphrates valley from the southeast. ISIS was aware of the danger too, which is why it apparently lashed out, first with the terror bombing of Russian charter airliner 7K9268 on October 31st, and now with the Paris attacks.

According to mainstream media reports, Iraqi intelligence recently intercepted phone calls or other electronic chatter indicating some sort of attack on France was imminent, and the terror warnings were passed on to the U.S. and Iranian governments. Of course, it is difficult to believe that the Iraqis would have an independent SIGINT capability apart from either the U.S. or Russian militaries, the lattter of which set up a join intelligence sharing center in Baghdad that Washington has chosen not to participate in, due to the presence of Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps and Hezbollah fighters in this ‘war room’.

So far, all of this appears to make sense, i you believe the conventional story of what the Islamic State is and what ISIS motives are…but to those who doubt the official line regarding Daesh like members of Team RogueMoney, things aren’t so simple. The Saker also believes that the sponsors of the Takfiri terrorists who have ravaged Syria these past four and a half years, including the Islamic State’s not so covert backers, are getting desperate to salvage some portion of their investment in toppling Assad. If that includes using U.S. and French troops to invade northern Syria, then create enclave or zone in the territory east of Aleppo now controlled by the Islamic State. A de facto Turkish/NATO occupation zone where the so-called ‘moderate’ jihadists can lick their wounds after losing ground to Assad’s Russian-backed counteroffensive:

Still, it is way too early to celebrate. Following weeks of intense fighting and only tactical victories, the Syrians have now achieved their first operational breakthrough, but they will need several more before they can contemplate a strategic offensive against Daesh. This is something which the USA and, even more so, Turkey and Qatar are going to try to prevent with everything they got. Here again, it is important to repeat, that the very small Russian force in Syria does not have the means to, for example, prevent Turkey from moving its forces into Syria.

At this point in time, I would judge Turkey and Qatar as even more dangerous than the USA. Why? Because they both put way too much prestige and, especially, money into ousting Assad and building a pipeline across Syria to link their two countries and they know that as long as Assad or any other secular regime remains in power in Damascus they can forget about it. In fact, if the Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Iraqi-Hezbollah alliance is successful in flushing out Daesh from Syria, were will all the Takfiri freaks go? The risk here is not only for Turkey, but even for the Saudis!

Washington has been stymied thus far by Russia and China, but is still desperate to carve out a piece of Syria for the ‘moderate opposition’

The notion of course, that Ankara, Riyadh and Doha invested tens of billions in overthrowing the Assad government and paving the way for a gas pipeline from Qatar on the Persian Gulf to Europe via Turkey on their own without massive support from Washington is not only naive, it’s ridiculous. And so is the idea among some alternative media ‘flag wavers’ for Putin that all of these players would simply accept the Russian Bear marching in and screwing up all their plans for Syria in a matter of weeks if not months without putting up a nasty fight. The Empire’s counterattack against Russian intervention in Syria may very well have claimed the lives of 224 passengers and crew members on MetroJet flight 9268 on Halloween.

#DollarShaming and ISIS Growing Military Desperation Matched by Washington/GCC Fears Russia and Iran Just Might Rout Daesh

As The Saker points out above, the worst case scenario for Washington was not more terrorist attacks emanating from the ISIS-controlled portions of Syria, Iraq or Libya, but that the Russians might succeed together with their Syrian and Iranian allies in destroying Daesh so quickly, that governments in the region turned to Moscow and Beijing for protection rather than the U.S.-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Sunnistan coalition centered around the Saudis. Such a development, of course, would hammer the final nails into the petrodollar’s coffin while Washington has yet to implement the Trans Pacific Partnership (affectionately referred to by the Guerrilla Economist as the Toilet Paper Protocols) or any other tools it has left to save King Dollar.

Recall that no less than Secretary of State John Kerry himself said a few months ago if the U.S. could  not reach a peace settlement with Iran and resume relations due to the intransigence of [pro-Israel] hardliners in Congress, the dollar itself would come under severe pressure. Kerry’s statement received serious coverage in alternative and #dollarshaming media, but was largely ignored by the mainstream press. Nonetheless Kerry’s admission occurred in the context of the nation’s chief diplomat saying America’s allies like France and Germany were eager to resume major trade ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and would not pass on multi-billion euro/dollar investments in the former ‘rogue state’ while America tried to maintain a sanctions regime unilaterally. Never before in the post-Bretton Woods if not Nixon taking the U.S. off the gold standard era of the past forty plus years has an American Secretary of State made such an extraordinary admission of monetary and geopolitical weakness.

Southfront video regarding the Paris terror attacks — to be updated with more accurate casualty figures and details on the attackers.

As it stands today, the position of the U.S. in the Middle East is increasingly fraught if not in freefall, as the Saudi invasion of Yemen Washington supported has turned into a humiliating, costly fiasco for Riyadh (coinciding, conveniently for the Iranians, with a series of scandals and not so covert dissension within the House of Saud itself).

Meanwhile, the so-called ‘moderate’ Salafists upon which Washington had based its Syria policy and alleged hopes of defeating Assad and ISIS alike are either throwing in the towel or being slowly ground down by SAA/Russian firepower. While propagandists for the ‘moderate’ rebel groups including ‘#JihadiJulian’ Roepcke of the German tabloid Bild or the Daily Beast‘s Michael D. Weiss have boasted about modest counterattacks launched by the rebels since the Russian air strikes began in September, last week even Roepcke could not hide the tweeted panic in the jihadists’ ranks as the SAA consolidated gains around Aleppo, and threatened to encircle the rebels’ stronghold in that city.

Marine le Pen: France’s New Joan of Arc?

Madame President: barring foul play, a shock resignation for reasons of health or massive vote rigging in 2017, you’re looking at her

Simultaneous to the combat in Syria and Russia’s growing prestige gained from fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, is the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ exposing the cracks inside the European Union and unleashing a right wing nationalist backlash. This societal shift includes not only resentment of the migrants and EUrocrat politicians who opened the floodgates, but suspicion that George Soros (G)NGOs and Uncle Sam are somehow behind the deliberate socio-economic destabilization of Europe, led by Germany. It is no accident, for example, that Russian flags are often seen albeit in limited numbers at the every Monday rallies of anti-mass immigration PEGIDA protests in the former East German city of Dresden.

As Team Rogue Money member Ken Shortgen Jr. mentioned on the Friday night Guerrilla Radio program, Marine Le Pen and her anti-open borders, anti-radical Islam Front National were surging in French polls even before the Paris terror attacks. Who really knows how much support the National Front will gain as the French state purports to crack down on radical mosques and deport Salafist preachers who spread ‘hate’ (and whether the crackdown on alleged jihadists will also be used as a pretext to suppress nationalist groups outside of party politics)? Or how long Mutti Merkel will last in Berlin amidst calls for her to resign (#MerkelMussWeg) and the Chancellor’s own cabinet ministers undermining her crazy open borders policy for Germany?

Recent Guerrilla Radio guest Dave from the X22Report believes the massive ‘refugee’ influx into Europe was designed to bring about chaos

It was in this context in which the terror attacks in Paris were carried out, by nearly a dozen terrorists and unknown number of accomplices, with at least one of the perpetrators conveniently leaving a (likely fake) Syrian passport at the crime scene. The Guerrilla Economist was, like many others in the alternative media, skeptical of this story, as something we’ve heard before. Interestingly enough, the Guerrilla Economist tweeted out the fact that exactly 311 days separates Friday’s terrorist mayhem from the previous terror attacks in the City of Light:

Perhaps the terrorist who left behind the apparently fake Syrian passport failed to self-detonate, but in any case the questions regarding Salafist jihadists’ habit of bringing their passports along on attacks from which they expect to not return alive have persisted since the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo killings, also carried out in Paris.

After viewing a video put out by the good people at Sgt. Report, reading the weekend column of Ken Shortgen Jr., and looking at this other tidbit of numerology (from the in your face occult symbols laden “World in 2015” cover of The Economist no less) we would have to agree with the Rogue Money team and experts in semiotics like Jay Dyer of the Esoteric Hollywood radio show that there is something quite fishy/smelly about the attacks themselves.

Bloomberg’s Leonid Bershidsky, Komsomolskaya Pravda and the Vigilant Citizen’s ‘World in 2015’ Economist Issue Cover

The now infamous Economist's 'World in 2015' magazine cover, downloaded from the Vigilant Citizen blog referenced in Russian media speculation on 'the New World Order', much to the exasperation of Bloomberg's Germany-based Russian correspondent Leonid Bershidsky
The now infamous Economist’s ‘World in 2015’ magazine cover, downloaded from the Vigilant Citizen blog referenced in Russian media speculation on ‘the New World Order’, much to the exasperation of Bloomberg’s Germany-based Russian correspondent Leonid Bershidsky

Back in June the Russia Analyst reported Bloomberg reporter Leonid Bershidsky’s exasperation with the largest circulation tabloid in Russia, Komsomolskaya Pravda, for spreading ‘conspiracy theories’ about the New World Order revealing some tricks planned for the year 2015 on The Economist cover. In reality what KP was doing involved translating a detailed analysis from the Vigilant Citizen blog into Russian, then asking Russian analysts and polling its readers what they thought of the NWO hypothesis.

At that time, before the Chinese market tanked in August, we wrote:

Alternative media researchers particularly focused on the dates 11.5 and 11.3 at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s feet (lower right), plus the word ‘panic’ visible next to the muscular panda and the boy eating from a noodle bowl that represent China and its overheated and vulnerable stock market. The image of the Nagasaki nuclear explosion in 1945 Japan in the upper right hand corner is also ominous.

The Vigilant Citizen blog itself wrote more about the cover. Note the ‘green light’ and ‘sis’, in the context of the Paris attacks perhaps finally giving the Western globalist power brokers the ‘green light’ to send a large ground force into Syria to fight ISIS — something which President Barack Obama has thus far balked at doing, perhaps due to Vladimir Putin’s ‘red light’ for US/NATO intervention in the form of Russian boots and air defense systems on the ground:

Right under the Pied Piper we see a young boy with dumbfounded look on his face. He is watching a game called “Panic”. The words “Federal Reserve” and “Chi” (which probably stands for China) are on top while the words “Green light!” and “sis!” (which probably stands for “Isis!” or “Crisis!”) are at the bottom. The little boy watches as this twisted game of Plinko unfolds the same way the clueless masses watch powerlessly while various events unfold on mass media. As the name of the game states, the ultimate goal is to cause Panic around the world as crises are almost randomly generated by those who control the game. And that’s on a magazine cover owned by the Rothschilds.

Regarding Rothschild ownership of the Economist, it may not quite be a ‘slam dunk’ case, but a member of the world’s most famous family beginning with the letter ‘R’ other than Rockefeller most certainly owns shares in the magazine’s holding company:

Unlike others we have not been able to independently verify whether the Rothschild family is THE majority owner of The Economist — but Lynn Forester de Rothschild of New Jersey is CEO of the E L Rothschild holding company that controls the family’s Economist shares. Nonetheless, both the timing of and the citation of Vigilant Citizen several months after the original blog post of January 8, 2015 was picked up by Zerohedge on January 10, 2015 were most curious. Bershidsky was clearly looking back to see where the editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda got the idea to do a major story on one world government and its new Cold War waged against Russia.

The ‘coincidence’ of ’11-3′ on The Economist cover and 311 days between Charlie Hebdo and Friday’s Paris mayhem is certainly disturbing, but we leave it to those like Jay Dyer better informed in semiotics aka symbology to expand on this theme.

We also eagerly await Evolution Consulting’s upcoming analysis of the terrorist attacks, in terms of organization and methodology.


Team Rogue Money/’W’ the Intelligence Insider radio Friday, November 13, 2015 discussing the Paris terror attacks, Syria and Russian rearmament


  1. “Right under the Pied Piper we see a young boy with dumbfounded look on his face. He is watching a game called “Panic”. The words “Federal Reserve” and “Chi” (which probably stands for China) are on top while the words “Green light!” and “sis!” (which probably stands for “Isis!” or “Crisis!”) are at the bottom.’
    What also is interesting is that directly below the game called Panic on the Economist Magazine Cover is a “rugby ball shaped” earth clearly representing the Rugby World Cup which just finished in England on the 31st October. Obviously the PTB did not want any economic collapse to occur until after the Rugby World Cup Final had been held.

  2. Whatever else the Paris event meant geo-politically, as the idea slowly seeps in to a lot of the West’s populations that Governments are involved in these attacks one way or another, the response is to double down on the frequency and intensity of these false flags to try and keep populations even more fearful and less able to think rationally about what is being done to them.
    But they always feel the need to warn us, when they’re about to pull something, although the clues could be subtle.

    Here’s one:


  3. The Economist magazine also shows a small picture of Napoleon in the background, showing his ‘hidden hand’, greyed out, like the faces of the modern leader’s faces in the foreground of the picture. Some reference to France there I’m sure, and some indication that hidden forces are being revealed.

  4. There are elements of Albert Pike’s third world war in the current events too.
    “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.”

    Partial ‘check’, they are being setup in a hopeless grind against each other.

    “Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion …”

    Partial “check”. At least the West is pretty exhausted.

    “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization”,

    Check. ISIS looks like this scenario to me, and the build up of a reaction against them is in process.

    “(and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer)”

    They ‘wish’, I don’t think so…(though they are trying!) with escalating references to Satanism in movies, TV shows, sporting events, celebrity events, books, etc, etc…

  5. James,
    Marine Le Penn is the Donald Trump of France. At one time it would have been hard to see her elected because of her Holocaust-denying father, but she has managed to put some distance between herself and him.. whether by political motivation or because they really don’t agree is anyone’s guess.

  6. Of course, for Pike’s plan to work, the ISIS campaign should go on for a ‘long’ time, so as to give terrorized populations no respite or hope, sufficient to disillusion them with all that’s ‘good’. So when you hear nutcases like McCain and others talking about the war on terror could last 20 more years, I’m sure that’s what the original plan was all about. Exhaustion.
    Another reason the West hates Putin, as he threatens to shorten the agony considerably, and is acting to preserve Christian values. A real spoiler there, he is.

    1. I remember researchers into the global conspiracy saying there are also infighting going on within the Cabal ranks, with one faction being the Albert Pike type war hawks who want global control through what Albert Pike’s manifesto and others who probably are behind Putin (if he’s indeed just another mask) who want a more long term frog-in-boiling-pot for a more effective global control.
      What Putin is doing now in Syria may be the symptom of this infighting.

      1. I think there is infighting as you say. These are all Satanists, but they have divergent views of how they should express this. I think there are different views of the speed of depopulation also. The Western branch is more apocalyptic, which can be seen in the Denver murals, the East is more about having slaves.

  7. Part of the reaction to ISIS is scripted, as here:

    Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely, both warmongers, Fascist as anything, and Vallely used to work with Aquino (Church of Set) at the Presidio military base in SF. Aquino accused in pedophilia case, but beat the rap somehow. He’s still running around loose, I think.

    Aquino’s formal function in the military was ‘psychological operations’. It makes a kind of sense, when you think about it.

    It’s this ilk, that’s being put up as the controlled opposition to the meme of ‘Muslim/Communist/left, etc.

  8. Is there some kind of thing about Anglo-Saxon or Aryan cultures, that they’re so deadly and into widespread killing and destruction? If we look at the French and Spanish, they seemed to be somewhat like their Roman ancestors in the old world, and had a tendency to interbreed with peoples in the New World, though not without friction.
    The Anglo-Saxons on the other hand, were into wholesale slaughter and replacement (North America and Australia).

    The initial contact by the Spanish Conquistadors, who were also the more ‘Aryan’ of the Spanish, was also marked by acts of genocide.

    Even the original conquest of Celtic Britain by the Anglo-Saxons was marked by bouts of genocide and replacement.

    As if the bloodline of English royalty wasn’t gory enough, the fusion of the more intensely Germanic bloodline, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, seemed to bring in an even more intensely dark behaviour set into that tribe during Britain’s ascent to world hegemony. The British Royals who nourished the early Fascism of Europe in the early 20th century were hardly operating out of character.

    It’s just a thought, but I feel this set of bloodlines is prevalent in western elite Satanism, and may have been there a very long time, maybe hundreds of years, and helps define it’s extreme character. The Denver Murals are rife with Nazi symbolism, and images of widespread human death and environmental destruction, isn’t this just a continuation and technological enhancement of the genocidal and habitat destruction themes brought by the first waves of English to these shores?

    Note, in case anyone wants to know, I’m mostly of English ancestry…

    1. I’m of Hispanic ancestry and the Aztecs could certainly rival any culture for gory, Satanic sacrifice. Additionally, even a strictly historical reading of the Old Testament Canaanite nations is a study in horrific Satanic ritual and practice. My point is that either anthropologically or historically, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And God doesn’t grade on the curve, by the way. Anglo Saxon or not.

      1. For sure there have been other ruthless cultures and elites, but the Germanic variant went everyone one better and invented a tremendous technological base, and has subjugated at one time or another almost the entire planet, including other evil and twisted cultures that would have aspired to that same pre-eminence.
        In other words, it’s the whole package, the whole performance, really beyond anything ever seen before.

        As for God’s judgement, well, that’s up to Him, I don’t speak on his behalf, I don’t know what He knows. But from my limited standpoint, the Northern Europeans are a piece of work.

        1. I see your point about better organized, from Nietzsche to National Socialism to Prince Bernhard’s group. Concerning God’s judgement, we are either dead or alive and it is all the cross.I love that you’re processing and, you are correct, we have a limited standpoint.

  9. Does anybody find it odd that the French Aircraft Carrier, the ” Charles De Gaulle ” was sent to the coast of Syria prior to the recent “false flag ” attacks in France ? And wasn’t it the CEO of TOTAL Oil that said there was no reason for countries to settle oil payments in US dollars. Only to have his private jet blowup when it collides with a snowplow after talks in Moscow. Does this seem odd or is it me ? And what about the irony of the name of the aircraft carrier. the ” Charles de Gaulle “. How many assassination attempts did he survive during his tenure ? And wasn’t he the man that called the US out back in the 60’s on issuing more Gold receipts than they had Gold ? Only to repatriate France’s Gold a long time prior to Nixon closing the Gold window, August 16, 1971. Is it me or is this something that makes you go hmmmmmmm…..

    1. I think you’re spot on Angry Chef. This was all pre-arranged. We’re seeing a new law in France that is likened to our ‘Patriot Act’, and limits to free speech and public assembly. This was sort of a French 9/11.We know after our 9/11, the U.S. went on a military rampage, and now maybe this will happen to France.

      Then there’s this:

      Germany: Hannover Police Find Suspicious Devices Near Stadium and Train Station


      Germany is being targeted too..

    2. I think the PTB are trying to bring Europe rapidly into the kind of Fascism that has been pushed here in the U.S., maybe to get all of these failing western societies, ‘on the same page’.
      From that position, you can ask for ‘sacrifices’ from the people, wage endless wars (real, or not), suppress freedom of thought, expression.

      Whether this makes war with the eastern block more or less likely isn’t clear to me yet. Pike’s old formula was that all of the nations would work together: “Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization”.

      The form of Satanism that was to be pushed as the psychological damage to the worlds populations caused them to lose faith in their current institutions, was the New Age variant, all false goody-goody. Russia is solidly Orthodox Christian, so the plan may be modified, but I’m sure there’s still a plan. Just have to wait and see how this all plays out.

  10. I just noticed that Alice isn’t staring at the Cheshire Cat but at Obama, who is also grinning. Is he a Cheshire Cat? Is he going to disappear after wreaking havoc, grinning all the way?

    1. We have a pattern established now of attacks on satanic holidays. Friday the 13th and 1/7/15 (Charlie Hebdo), is known as St. Winebalds day, a day of human sacrifice.
      Found a list on the internet, says the 1st and 3rd of any month will do, as it still symbolizes ’13’.

    2. Probably doesn’t mean anything but the next Friday the 13th is 5/13/16, which is 311 days from the 2015 anniversary date of the 7/7 bombings on 7/7/15.

  11. Not only is France bombing Daesh oil production but so is Russia. This could be the good news that oil is waiting for. Did everyone just figure out if they get rid of supply that perhaps prices could go back up? Maybe if they cut off a few important routes in the Mediterranean or the Gulf, prices could really skyrocket.
    This would certainly help Total Petroleum and Russia. Is this why the stock market is rallying?

    Now Daesh has a slick, slick video of Times Square in Manhattan. Are we being prepped for another 9-11?

    The moron of a mayor de Blasio, just started up a new terror taskforce. The old one took heat for spying on the mosques. Can you imagine, spying on mosques of the peace-loving Muslims of NY? The only person who would have been worse than him for NYC is Weiner the sicko with his Muslim Brotherhood wife.

    In addition, we have the news of Syrians coming over the border. Are we being prepped for a false flag in the US, or must more invasion on our personal privacy. With each attack things become more and more draconian. Of course once again we see the language about the French attacks that these men “were known to intelligence services”.

    Then all I can say is the intelligence services are not very intelligent, if they allow jihadist kamikazes to run around large Western cities like Brussels, Paris, NYC, DC etc.

    In the meantime # Obama’s wife is hash-tagging for the refugees. You can see how meaningful her hashtags were to Boko Haram, #bringbackourgirls# . Does anyone have the feeling that there is some huge disconnect from reality because of the social media.

    If someone hashtags a message, because I happen to be Michelle Obama somehow it becomes like sacred text of Scripture or something. She gives the word irrelevant new meaning.

    The world is getting very surreal. We have women sleeping in the suburbs of Paris with explosive belts and the Presidents wife hashtagging us about refugees. She was over at a conference to empower Muslim women in Jordan when all this came down. Are you serious? Does she want them to be empowered with explosive belts? You cannot empower Muslim women because that culture does not empower them unless they happened to be married to the King. Then they can wear the finest designer clothes and look elegant and pretend to be working for the average woman. The average woman in Islam is a piece of property who has no say whatsoever over her life.

    If the voting machines aren’t fixed, I’m guessing Donald Trump might actually win the next election. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but there are no real candidates , just saying that the politicians are so disconnected from people’s real thoughts and feelings, whether these attacks were false flag or not, that they really sound stupider by the minute. Donald Trump’s ego is as big as Manhattan but he is at least saying things that the average citizen might actually believe like “bomb the s__t out of them”.

    We on RM know that this is all a ploy to do just that, and that will only further the goals of the NWO, so how absurd is it when a NY billionaire is the only saying exactly what average Americans want to hear but is not an insider in his party? Hillary is echoing Obama on the refugees while people with Syrian passports are being caught sneaking into Texas, while Obama is putting the full court press to take away people’s guns.

    I’m sorry if I’m rambling but sometimes the absurdity of life just hits you and we are going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    1. Joyann,
      No worries. I’m putting together an article on the French-Russian alliance and Washington-Moscow rapprochement for publication early Friday a.m. Short version: it looks like Thierry Meyssan and his buddy Webster Griffin Tarpley were right, Obummer or at least some of his backers wanted to cut a deal with Putin while the hardliners embedded within the State Dept., CIA and DoD Obama can’t fire if he wants to keep playing golf sabotage Barry and back the worst scumbags in Syria and Ukraine. Of course that dialectic is false Obama has his ‘I’m pretty good at killing people’ with drones sociopath or psychopath streak but perhaps there are differences reflecting real economic clashing interests (ie MIC which wants Cold War 2.0 badly to justify budgets vs more Russia friendly Big Oil eg Exxon/BP/Shell, for example).

      I’m sure the Guerrilla and ‘W’ have thoughts on the Syrians caught in Central America and at the Texas border. That and the ISIS threats against the Guerrilla’s New York City definitely scream staging for a big Paris style attack to finally get American troops in Raqqa soon to me. Jeb Bush was out there pushing a U.S. invasion of Syria (beyond the specops guys already there) Wednesday.

      Jeb knows of course he can’t win at this point but he’s pushing what he’s out there promoting what he’s told to say anyway. Rubio is probably his tweetle-dee too. Cruz meanwhile is quietly positioning himself as Trump’s VP choice (he would bring in Texas oil guys with some Wall Street/Silicon Valley Kurzweil libertarian types, except that those tend to like cheap H-1B labor). Cruz has shown a talent for showmanship, fund raising gobs of cash, and peeling off at least the more gullible of Rand Paul’s supporters (those who don’t know Ted’s wife worked at Government Sachs).

      1. James,
        You are way too prolific. I’m having a hard time keeping up with your articles lately but looking forward to this next one. It just gets more bizarre watching what’s going on by the minute. There is also a hostage crisis in Mali as I write this, another French stomping ground.

        Do you think Americans are really stupid enough to fall for another false flag on their soil? I’m sorry to say that enough of them might be. Pretty soon they’ll be willing to strip naked at the airport, while the government continues to ship refugees in through Mexico and on airplanes. As a friend of mine said when she was rudely groped by TSA, “now does that make you feel safer while your borders are wide open?”. Her name is probably now on some terrorist watch list.

        As someone whose family were killed in some of the camps in Europe, every time I’m on line at an airport, it makes me think of the cattle cars and how the Jews were psychologically conditioned to be herded up and sent off, many to their demise, instead of resisting. There was a resistance but not enough to stop many from going to the camps and the ovens. If W is right, and I believe he is, this kind of thing will take place on a worldwide scale or as the Bible says, some are destined for captivity, others for the sword. Sorry to be so depressing, but there are too many parallels to Nazi Germany. The good news is those of us who know where our help comes from will be able to stand, even if it’s hard.

        Personally, I think Obama’s two main objectives to really stick it to the Americans before he leaves office ( if he leaves office) is to disarm them like any other good tyrant and to break the economic camel’s back with some ridiculous climate change initiative which by stealth will become international law and to destroy any last vestige of sovereignty and the Constitution. That would be to add to his legacy of destroying true gender identity i.e. the way God made us, to destroy marriage between man and a woman, and finally to demonize faith in the God of the Bible, who he claims to believe in. We know that that was just a ploy to convince liberal Christians that he was their man.

        I’m in the chapter of Daniel right now, where the proverbial handwriting is on the wall, and really wanting to see the 007 film even though it got miserable reviews. Knowing that the elite use Hollywood and other media to broadcast their moves, even if it’s a terrible film I’m sure I’ll find it interesting. From the previews, it is supposed to be about NWO. Interesting that a James Bond film with Monica Bellucchi got bad reviews, but perhaps that’s to discourage people from watching the blatant Illuminati type hints.

        It was someone who said the reason that occultists do this, is that they have to openly state what they are doing in order for the curse to be effective.. thus the reason for the Illuminati card game from the 90s with airplanes going through the towers, school shootings, plagues, etc. In the spirit realm, there are laws that operate and so they will notify us before they do something, like at the Olympics or in the Super Bowl halftime comericals. God tells us in Scripture what he is going to do, but that’s completely different. That’s to open our eyes and to prepare us so we can keep our eyes on him.

        The famous occultist Alice Bailey of the Lucis ( formerly Lucifer trust ) had a book called “the Externalization of the Hierarchy”. It’s nasty and demonic but the idea is as the times get more and more dark, those things that have been done in the dark will begin to be done in full sight of everyone. I guess the idea is that people will be so blinded by this time that it will seem normal to many of them. The deceived have to reach critical mass for the occultists to openly deceive them. In the Bible is says, “a strong delusion” will come over people. It also says, if it were possible, even the elect could be deceived, but thankfully it’s not possible.

        There I go, off another tangent.

        1. Joyann,
          Thank you for your comments and warm words. I admit the writing has been prolific lately but will be slowing down as we get into the holiday season. Just like many other people we’ll have much more to do, starting with some possible snow shoveling here in the upper Midwest soon.


          Regarding Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin/The Writings on the Wall, I mentioned the Sam Smith theme song to the latest 007 movie on the Guerrilla Radio program several weeks ago. With both the Biblical and occultic meanings attached to that phrase, the Bond films of course referring to the latter rather than the former (though I mentioned the Medes and Persians taking over Mesopotamia, with an Iranian troop surge to fight ISIS also mentioned on tonight’s show). By far the best analysis of the new Bond film and Bond’s occultic symbolism in general emanating from the original Ian Fleming source material (Fleming being a social acquaintance if not colleague of infamous Satanist Alistair Crowley who ‘played’ the occult-obsessed Nazis including Rudolf Hess for British intelligence using a faked horoscope) belongs to Jay Dyer. See his stuff at Jay’s Analysis.com and on his bi or tri-weekly radio show, Esoteric Hollywood, carried by Natural News’ Mike Adams network: http://jaysanalysis.com/2015/11/17/spectre-2015-tentacles-of-the-all-seeing-surveillance-octopus/

          Jay Dyer’s initial take on the Paris terror attacks

          I didn’t have a whole lot more to add to my Russian economic update for tonight’s show and had more work to do this evening so I signed off near the top of the second hour. However, in my articles of late including about Reshetnikov I’ve mentioned occult/Illuminist symbolism more. If one of Putin’s top advisers who has VVP’s chief of staff signing off on his reports is a believer in the NWO theory, then that says a lot as to its validity. As ‘W’ might say men like Reshetnikov are trained to think in terms of conspiracy, the Russian word for spycraft is konspiratziya, but they are neither insane nor stupid. Even professional paranoids serving a historically paranoid state in the Kremlin have enemies.



          I’m in the chapter of Daniel right now, where the proverbial handwriting is on the wall, and really wanting to see the 007 film even though it got miserable reviews. Knowing that the elite use Hollywood and other media to broadcast their moves, even if it’s a terrible film I’m sure I’ll find it interesting. From the previews, it is supposed to be about NWO. Interesting that a James Bond film with Monica Belucci got bad reviews, but perhaps that’s to discourage people from watching the blatant Illuminati type hints.

          Monica Belucci also starred as Persephone, the beauty kidnapped by the king of the underworld in Greek mythology, in the second Matrix film.

          Do I think it’s an accident the latest Bond girl is not only French, but an heiress to THAT Schlumberger family fortune, and these terror attacks have happened in Paris 311 days since CharlieHebdo? Not a chance. Come to think of it, three of the last four Bond girls (and he didn’t sleep with the one in Quantum of Solace, played by Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko) have been French — Eva Green, Berenice Marlowe, and now Léa Seydoux.

          Cristoph Walz as Bond’s nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiFwQWv43ME

  12. Lord Christopher Monckton, key figure in exposing Climategate, shows why on climate change, Putin bucks the New World War by being a skeptic after initially supporting it, in order to preserving his nation’s economy. The Climategate scam is key to locking down the world in totalitarian control through control of our energy consumption, from the 21:30 mark with Alex Jones:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDTvt1jVVDg

  13. Seems like more than just a Paris style terror attack due here. I can’t believe the PTB would shove such radical Fascism down the throats of French _all at one time_ without trying to get America (and England) into a similar mode. We have backslid since 9/11, lots of awakening has happened (not enough!) but probably a lot more than what is considered tolerable. We’ve had so many false flag shootings and massacres over here that there is some desensitization to those kinds of events.
    To restructure the U.S. in the way they’re doing it to France, will take something uglier and different then what is being done there. Quantitatively and/or qualitatively different.

    Most importantly, if Trump is not a Trojan horse, his run to the Presidency is totally inconsistent with the goals we’re seeing being played out now in Paris. He would have to be stopped at all costs, and all political conversations similar to his would have to be suppressed. What would that take?

    1. Mlytleo- V’s bombshell dropped near the end of his Guerrilla Report this week in which he stated that the French security services and/or military have been covertly aiding the Yemeni tribes if not the Houthis directly engaged in fighting the Saudis changes things for me. It confirms what we suspected and Joseph P. Farrell has also hinted at with regards to the German BND spying on the Americans, Brits and other European nations diplomats and whatnot that there could be elements of both the French and German ‘Deep State’ not 100% controlled by Washington/London/Langley or perhaps receiving orders from the globalists that COUNTERMAND whatever we would expect D.C. to be dictating to Europe. Particularly with regards to Saudi Arabia and Russia. And who knows? Maybe some of the BND had dads and grandads who fought the Americans in WWII and told their sons on their death beds never to forget or forgive that Germany remained truly an occupied nation? We know for example, from the partially declassified archives of the KGB/SVR, that legendary KGB ‘illegals’ spymaster Yury Drozhdov ran a network of illegals in 1960s West Germany, including one ‘Romeo’ who seduced a BND secretary into unwittingly passing secrets to the KGB, by convincing her that he was the son of true German ‘patriots’ still loyal to their Oath to the Fuehrer and Fatherland (and thus it wasn’t treason, but passing secrets to the ‘true patriots’ of Germany who were building a 4th Reich underground). In other words, there were STILL Nazis or believed to be Nazis working near the highest levels of the CIA-run BND during the late 1960s when Drozhdov masqueraded as a Nazi aristocrat in a very successful KGB false flag recruitment op!

      I am reminded of that infamous scene in the movie The Lord of War where one arms dealer character tells Yury Orlov (Nicholas Cage) regarding the Iran-Iraq War, ‘What makes you think I don’t want both sides to lose?’ or something to that effect when Orlov asks him why he sells weapons to Saddam and the mullahs. When looking at the disastrous Saudi war in Yemen turning into a quagmire just as Jim Willie’s source the Voice who knows the Saudis well told JW, and the announcement that the U.S. and Italy if not France are going to sell thousands of new ‘smart bombs’ to the Saudi Kingdom, a cynic would wonder if the merchants of death simply want to make money on both ends of the deal.


      A ‘W’ would probably say that the globalists are playing the Saudis, first baiting them with offers of covert support and diplomatic cover for taking the alleged oil reserves and certainly New Silk Road chokepoint potential the Aden represents, then letting the French bleed the Kingdom with very discreet support for the Yemenis and Houthis indeed, all under the cover of blaming Iran who denies violating the UN Arms Embargo Russia and China reluctantly agreed to as part of their own deals with the Sauds. If it were not so evil and amoral one could admire the dark brilliance of it in fact. Because this Yemeni war at the very least will force a shift to the younger ambitious prince Muhamed bin Salman if not the overthrow of the House of Saud. Having used the Saudis to do our dirty work and likewise turned a blind eye or illicitly supported their Wahhabism for forty years or more, now we come to the end of the affair where the once faithful Saudi steed ridden by the globalists is being primed for the Ordo ab Chao glue factory.

      1. James, Yes, I listened to V’s analysis and realized the same thing, Langley’s not calling the shots here. The extreme measures being taken by Hollande still stands out as odd, but another piece of the puzzle may have come from Martin Armstrong.
        France Exempting Itself from all EU Rules


        Armstrong states that by Hollande declaring a state of emergency, this country, barely more solvent then Greece, can skip compliance with certain EU conditions. Which apparently makes his economic management easier, as long as turns France into a ‘war state’.

        The above link contains another link which I will post below…

      2. One really can see the NWO taking shape here. Without us. One wonders how many careers in D.C. will suddenly end when many of the operatives discover their new found impotence and irrelevance. Layoffs in spookville. I love it.

    1. There is a significant difference between a Pepsi Ad about Alien Disclosure hyped by a a devout religious writer and a scientific approach backed by Govt documents and high level contacts by Dr. Steven Greer who heads the Sirius Disclosure project. This is apples to oranges.

      1. Greer, like David Wilcox, is funded by Rockefeller money. A large percentage of alternate media is disinfo. You can learn more about this here, search for his name:

        90% or more of the people on Coast to Coast A.M. are disinfo agents. Greer is one of these…

        Wikipedia is a good source also. In it’s article about him, it states:

        “In 2013 Greer co-produced Sirius, a documentary covering his work and theories over extraterrestrial life, government cover-ups and close encounters of the fifth kind.[26] The film was directed by Amardeep Kaleka and narrated by Thomas Jane, and covers Greer’s 2006 book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge. The movie premiered on April 22, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, and featured interviews from former government and military officials.[27] Sirius depicted a six-inch skeleton known as the Atacama skeleton which Greer considered humanoid, and featured images and a DNA test of the skeleton.[28][29] Genetic evidence of the Atacama skeleton indicated that it lived only 6–8 years, and the mother was possibly “an indigenous woman from the Chilean region of South America”.[30][31]”

        1. Thanks for the interesting link. I didn’t see Dr. Greer’s name anywhere.
          Wikipedia is a good general information source though not entirely reliable as it can be edited by disinformation trolls.

          Several questions:

          1) Do you believe that there are other forms of life that exists outside of Earth? If not, why not?

          2) Have you actually watched the Sirius documentary and seen the six-inch humanoid skeleton with the MRI scans? The level of detail goes far beyond Hollywood special effects. It looks pretty damn real to me.

        2. I briefly looked at the linked site you provided and found a few significant problems.
          1) Obviously someone spent a lot of time and effort assembling and organizing this site. I see no pop up ads. And only a link to The Cult of Cupid, as well as, a donate button. So, who is funding this guy?

          2) I can only comment on things that I have personally spent time researching and/or have knowledge on. A BIG problem I noticed was his theory that a B757 hit the Pentagon. As a former Air Traffic Controller, I am quite familiar with large planes. Large planes have these things called 2 BIG FREAKING WINGS. No big wing debris found at Pentagon crash site. Nor large wing marks on the side of the Pentagon. Just a nice circular hole that punctured through multiple walls of steel reinforced concrete which happened to be where the missing Pentagon money records were kept. Only one Youtube video that I know of shows a leaked segment of what appears to be a missile, which in no way or form can be compared to the size of a B757. Therefore, his conclusion is blatantly wrong.

          3) I also noticed quite a few problems with his Historical timeline and events. Search images for: Gobekli Tepe Totem and Easter Island Moai bodies. Do a side by side comparison and you will note the similarities with hands held across the belly, as well as, other carved similar looking animals. It is unreasonable that two cultures separated by thousands of miles and according to Mr. Reijden many thousands of years to share so many obvious similarities in artistic style without them being closely related in time. Therefore, another busted conclusion.

          So where there is smoke there is fire. I would not in the future refer to Mr. Heijden’s site.

          1. I found Dr. Greer’s links to the above mentioned site but did not pursue this line based on my above comment.

      2. The Rockefeller clan has been one of the prime ‘social engineering’ families of all time, either spawning or directing most of the cultural movements that emerged after WWII. They are deep in the New Age movement, and if you ‘follow the money’ of anything New Age, Occult, or Extraterrestrial, you will find Rockefeller influence and foundation money. It’s all sourced from the same place, and as far as I’ve been able to find, no exceptions.

        1. I agree with you that the Rockefeller clan has indeed been a prime sponsor of “social engineering’ for quite some time ( Margaret Sanger, Women’s Suffrage, etc ). With all that money and power it is inevitable that they would have their fingers in many pies. However, I am not so sure that all the progeny would want to follow in daddy David’s ways. As in all dynastic families with numerous offspring, eventually the tree forks and the descendant inbreds will want to exercise their own ideologies ( i.e., House of Saud ). As for the source funding of Extraterrestrial Research it is difficult to say which progeny is responsible and thereby directing the show since they won’t let me examine their real financial statements. There may be some that are more open minded and benevolent than the others.

  14. I suppose the way I approach this is really this way, most people in alternative media talking disclosure are really wasting their time. If any civilization ‘out there’ really wants to let us all know that they’re here, they know our radio frequencies, all they have to do is transmit the way Radio Free Europe did, continuously over a reasonable period of time, and provide information that is novel and can be checked.
    We really don’t need any intermediaries whatsoever, and there’s no way to verify anything they say anyway. Some picture on the web, which most certainly can be photoshopped, and we know often are, doesn’t represent a field of study that most people will invest more than passing curiousity. You see the same thing with Bigfoot, which has in some circles been pulled into the alien arena. This hurts the field seriously, even fatally.

    I have no problem with people ‘researching’ this stuff, whatever that means, and people will do that, but my guess is it won’t be until people can routinely travel to say, Mars, and see tons of artifacts, that we will know anything for sure.

    As for ISGP site, I will never say that any site like that is flawless, or even could be. I find it generally useful in many ways. Everyone will pick their own favorites.

    Now, the sorts of people that Greer rubs shoulders with range from the creepy CIA types like Woolsey, to those that mix New Age and ET stuff with abandon like Wilcox, which makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t share that religion. There’s not much there that I can feel much compulsion about. What you should see more of is accusations of fraud within that community, and that’s not done, because the whole field is really shaky. Otherwise self-policing would be possible. Currently it is not.

    Overall the whole alien thing is clouded by 1.) Some of this stuff may just be demonic. 2.) It assumes that a form of travel that is not bothered by inertia is possible, and we just haven’t found it yet. (attractive, possible, but still an assumption) 3) It assumes various things about ET character and goals, ranging from evil to saintly, depending somewhat on the personality type of the promoter.

    Now, I have no doubt that there’s life out there, I have no doubt that people are seeing UFO’s. From that point on, I see a lot of hucksterism, and any pretext to science depends on having physical evidence in abundance, verified by multiple sources. That’s lacking.

    Since I know this disclosure thing is meant to be a big psy-op, and it’s being planned, as this has been leaked in many places, there will not be any serious researcher who isn’t going to be co-opted and/or swamped by the Rockefeller hucksters anyway. Because the scammers have to do this to make the scam work.

    Here on Rogue money some very bright people strain to discern the reality of the deep state, when we already know it exists, and even know the identity and past behaviour of some key players. The ET questions are a hundred time more nebulous then this.

    1. Mlytle0 — I have expressed my views on the ET question here at RM in the comments before, though not on the show with V. I think ‘they’ have been around us for a very long time and there is clear evidence of ancient technology and civilization/s that degraded later (see Farrell’s Giza Death star and the recent heat findings from the Great Pyramid, or the enormous visible from space/high altitude constructions in the Kazahk and South American plains, or the alleged megastructure in Malta, Stonehenge/Luxor Temple’s constellation/stellar alignments etc).
      But as far as the ‘aliens’ being from a different galaxy or star system in the Milky Way? No way. The only non-human creations that possess sentient intelligence are the angels and the fallen ones and/or disembodied spirits of the nephilim. The belief in saviors from the stars as a replacement for ‘organized religion’ which has long suppressed mankind is simply the Great Deception that is being prepared for one world, under one government, one currency, and one ruler. OTOH, I do not think that Orthodox Christianity or even other Christian bodies would simply go ‘poof’ upon disclosure. The Vatican has already said according to Tom Horn if there are intelligent beings in the universe presumably the problems of sin and the need for Christ’s salvific redemption applies to them too:


      Nonetheless, while I hold out the possibility that God has created animals on other planets or microorganisms kept far away from us (for our own biological safety), and even that there was life on ancient Mars (since I don’t believe in a literal reading of the years in the OT/Scripture or that the Earth or even human civilization are less than 10,000 years old), I do not believe that any intelligent life forms that exist in the universe are unrelated to mankind or the angels (or demons). I also think in reply to the argument that ‘why would God have created a vast universe of which our Solar System much less planet is such an infinitesimally small part?’ who’s to say the angels and the cosmic wars are not being waged in those distant galaxies far from our own? Or that after Christ’s return in glory to judge the living and the dead those believers the scripture says will ‘judge angels’ might not be given responsibility over entire star systems?

      1 Corinthians 6:3 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+6%3A3&version=KJV
      Also see The Book of Jude 6-7, 2 Peter 2:4

      Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church describing UFOs as a deception (and being criticized for it by the translator, though he is correct that benevolent aliens establishing ‘contact’ with us and seeking to shepherd mankind to a higher consciousness have no good reasons to sneak around, mutilate cattle, or sexually molest and force to copulate against their will humans, but the demons do)

      Jesus said His second coming would be visible as lightning is from the east to the west. It would be indisputable even by the unbelievers, on the day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD (even if they hate Him and cannot bear to look upon Him). The demons of course, being weak, deceivers and deceiving by their nature, come in stealth and depart as quickly as they came into our reality from the invisible heavenly realms of spiritual warfare. Ultimately the one they are preparing for will come in the same sly way, create great pomp and false miracles, and then go out in destruction when Christ comes not invisibly through a Rapture but once, and for all, destroying the works of evil and the evil one.

      1. On another note, I am gratified to see from Webster Griffin Tarpley and other sources including the NYT describing Saudi Arabia as a ‘an ISIS that made it’, even if that’s alleged Iranian asset Valerie Jarrett’s doing, that the Deep State/Eastern globalists are pushing toward a U.S./French/Russian resolution to the ISIS problem. I do not of course cheer for the eastern globalists but I am most definitely opposed to WWIII so the U.S. can impose Governor Krispy Kreme and Jeb Bush’s fantasy of a NFZ protecting Jabhat al Nusra from Russian bombs. Furthermore, if Syrian/Assyrian/Chaldean Christianity is to survive ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s offshoots must be decisively defeated. However, I am well aware that a common enemy allows many French and other Europeans to start thinking more in terms of greater Eurasia rather than solely Atlanticism. In other words, psychological softening up for the EU/EEU merger which is Mr. Putin’s dream and which goes back all the way to De Gaulle’s ‘common European home’ from the Atlantic to the Urals idea.

        1. James,
          Not the God excuse again. Of all the billions of planets out there it is a little unreasonable to say that there are no lower or higher forms of life out there and that they might be Angels of some sort. If a group of knuckleheads were to take a present day fully loaded Aircraft Carrier back in time say one thousand years one may be able to play “God”. But are they really Gods/Angels? No. Just a bunch of fools with a higher technology with unknown intentions.

          Present day man has just barely begun to go out into Space. We are all just infants learning to crawl at this point. I personally would chose not to write off Extra-Terrestrials so quickly and play the God card from a lack of understanding.

          Why should one be judged by the “Creator”? It created us and gave us free will, attractive women, alcohol, declining Western math skills, and corn hole manipulative leaders. You mean the Creator is unable to logically see the inevitable problems coming? Seems kind of silly to blames us for his screw up.

          1. SJ: We will just have to agree to disagree on this point, but I did try to address the question of ‘why would a Supreme Deity create such a vast cosmos and yet put tiny ole’ us at the center of it by suggesting the vastness of space is not consonant with present human lifetimes, but might fit well with our immortal, glorified bodies like Christ’s raised Body traveling through a new heavens and Earth in eternity.
            Your point about free will being real and not an illusion ultimately going back to its progenitor is a tautology.

            ‘But isn’t that an example of our arrogance’ you may ask? If you look at the more pessimistic takes on the famous Drake Equation, you will see that life is indeed a very precious and rare thing — though of course any life forms that fail to produce radio waves within our immediate corner of the galaxy over the past 100 years or so is a ridiculously, even insignificant sample size, so I cannot prove the negative!

          2. SJ: no worries, these questions have been debated by more formidable minds than our own for decades.
            regarding “This also applies to the current and intentional Islamaphobia”, while we are not PC at RogueMoney and I don’t mind the Allah Snackbar jokes since we’re mocking radical jihadis not all Muslims, the fact is Muslims are the first victims of Salafi terror and the NWO has taken the scum of the Islamic world and essentially put them in charge. The NYT even admitted the truth this past weekend when they declared that the House of Saud are basically the ISIS of yesteryear who ‘made it’ big. The lectures by Sheikh Hosein the Saker’s Muslim cleric friend are very interesting and worth a listen if you want some historically rooted, well-researched Islamic perspectives: http://imranhosein.org/about-imran-n-hosein.html

          3. >SloopyJoeI will go as far as to say any religion that proclaims this horse manure called original sin (basically saying I am already a mistake before I was born) has to be recognised for what it is, another branch of Satanic mind control psy-op to keep us on the reservation.

            This fact alone should have been enough to put religion in the dustbin of history a long time ago.

          4. SJ, SOF: Orthodox Christianity does not promote ‘original sin’. Rather what we have inherited from our father Adam is the capacity or broken down human nature that is prone to sin. We are all still accountable to a Holy God for our sins to be sure, but sin is regarded more as a corruption or sickness unto death than merely a matter of vice (therefore although we baptize infants in Orthodoxy, it is not to wash away their sins because infants are not yet capable of consciously sinning, but as a mark of our commitment to raise them as Orthodox Christians and a blessing for their lives). Christ as the Philanthropos or lover of mankind came to redeem our corrupted nature and give mankind the hope of theosis, becoming like God and redeem the image of God within us. In Orthodox Christianity every believer is an icon of Christ who in turn, is the Word made Flesh Icon of the Father and the Holy Co-Eternal Trinity.

            Augustine of Hippo’s ideas that formed the basis of Rome’s teaching on original sin are why the Orthodox view him as a saint, but treat his teachings far more cautiously than those of the other Fathers.


          5. >RussianAnalyst
            The reason why I am coming out stridently on these issues, not least on a website known for its more secular topics, my 6th sense tells me we have very little time left and looking at what we are still doing to ourselves and to the planet at a collective species level we are asking for our own form of K-T boundary, like the one that marked the end of the dinosaurs.

            Because we have the capability of rational logic, our evolution is much more Consciousness-based than Darwinian. In my view this puts us in a much more responsible place of our own conscious evolution. Its been hobbled not by the original teachings of religion by the real deal types like Jesus and Buddha who I respect greatly, but by the dogma of lesser men that built upon them using fear to benefit themselves and the clergy.

            Earth has sustained us. But when we fail to progress and evolve, like a software that fails to update, it gets discarded. Earth has been around for 4,500 million years. We barely have been around for more than half a million years. It could easily shake us off like a bad flu, just like it did to the dinosaurs, which were around far longer than we have.

            Having being awakened and with some awareness of this puts me in the position of being compelled to say it out. Just so if it all goes to Hades I can’t be served Cosmic judgment for wilfully choosing not to sound the warning when it was in my capacity to do so.

    2. I agree with you that any alternative views presented out in the world do not play out and much of it is meant as a distraction from the honest messages for various reasons. Just because there are hucksters out there should not preclude one from listening to and analyzing the message. Meaning: Don’t write off the whole for the actions of the few. This also applies to the current and intentional Islamaphobia.
      Does the CIA, NSA, and name your alphabet agency do bad things? Yes!! Are all of the workers evil and malevolent? No. Some actually have a conscience and are probably the”White Hats” that Dr. Greer interacts with. While the others are more concerned about their jobs and saving their pensions.

      I would not walk down the road of saying things I don’t understand may be demonic related. Just because you may not understand something does not make it false. This is using the old FEAR to CONTROL tactic that shuts down the thought processes. Organized Religion/Govts have used this strategy for thousands of years on the gullible masses. “If man were meant to fly, God would have given him wings!”. “The Sun revolves around the Earth”. “The Earth is flat”. “9-11 was done by Al-Que-duh”. All of these example are known BS. I would encourage you and other RMers to periodically re-examine what you think you know as correct (I do). Thought processes should not be rigidly set, but instead adaptable and open-minded and flowing like water.

      The eternal wisdom of Bruce Lee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VHJgPJbvZw

      Please re-examine the Extra-Terrestrial and Advanced Technology subjects. Watch a few of Dr. Greer’s videos on Youtube and see if he makes sense before writing him off. So, be water my friend.

      1. SJ wrote:

        Does the CIA, NSA, and name your alphabet agency do bad things? Yes!! Are all of the workers evil and malevolent? No. Some actually have a conscience and are probably the”White Hats” that Dr. Greer interacts with. While the others are more concerned about their jobs and saving their pensions.

        This is a point I’ve been making on the shows the last few weeks. There IS pushback from inside and outside the three letter agencies. There are reasons Michael D. Weiss or other CIA/State Dept neocon sock puppets get cut down to size by Pando, The Intercept or other Omidyar run media. Snowden was depending on your POV either a limited hangout of the CIA cutting the NSA down to size before it got too big for its britches, or a front man for numerous leakers concerned about the Panopticon agenda of the globalist elites (also showing up in the latest Bond movie SPECTRE as the ‘Nine Eyes’). Maybe Snowden was in fact BOTH, the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

        There’s the former DIA chief Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn leaking that ISIS rise was foretold by his agency and ignored, as was the linkage of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to the Salafist jihadists. There are former CIA guys like Phillip Girardi and Ray McGovern doing good work through Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) and NSA whistleblowers like Tom Drake and Bill Binney who did not flee to Russia and wind up in an FSB/SVR ‘fish tank’ like Snowden, even if I doubt Edward Snowden has cooperated all that much directly with the Russians, it’s more on the level of them monitoring his communications and keeping him with certain understandings of what he is and is not to say, though Snowden has criticized Putin on some occasions.

        1. James,
          I agree that there is pushback. The “White Hats” can see the writing on the wall and for whatever reasons are trying to graduate to the adult table in the New Eastern Dominated Paradigm. I’m have yet to make up mind as to what Snowden actually is.

  15. The problem is what is an honest message? There used to be an old commercial, burger king used to do it. It asked, where’s the beef? Well, this is my point. People make assertions, and they’re all over the map, and one story is just as good as another..so what do I do with that? Nothing.
    The reason I mention the demonic is that I directly experienced this myself over 40 years ago, quite by accident, so that has much more reality for me then aliens. The alien explanation also takes care of inertial problems with movement at high speeds and the lack of concern with bacterilogical contamination. The alien explanation is really more cumbersome in these particular ways.

    Keeping an open mind is fine, but in the end since nothing is proven about any of these things and probably won’t in my lifetime, I see no reason to ‘take a stand’. It’s all as I said, nebulous.

    The only thing I know is the hucksters have a plan, and that will possibly affect my world, negatively. I guess it’s hard to explain why any other conversations beyond that have little interest for me, it’s all just speculation. When you reach 60, you’ve heard speculation all of your life about various things, and it no longer carries much weight. There’s no train for me to board, and it has no destination.

    1. Perhaps I should not have used the phrase “honest message”. Instead, I should have said “the most personally researched message with a critical and open eye using reason, logic, known and potential evidence, and common sense”. After all, ultimately its up to every individual to determine what kind of GMO and/or non-GMO brain food to digest.

  16. I know there are people with strong convictions that we have been visited and even controlled by aliens-like beings that are essentially fallen angels. Certainly possible, from my standpoint I find otherwordly explanations more credible than off-wordly ones. That said, I’m in wait and see mode on some of this.
    Humans in my view are something like the unfortunate creature we call a mole. It can sense light, but seeing is really not it’s strong suit. We perceive the spirit world very imperfectly and are very vulnerable to mis-apprehension. In some ways, this protects us, when we realize what our limits are. The unfortunate illuminatti, convince themselves that with training, they can master this dimension that is not native to us, and put themselves in grave peril. Pure foolishness.

    Perhaps the overreach of man is what will bring about the true Revelations, that the spirit world, so thrown out of balance by mankind’s ever building metaphysical ambition, will school us the hard way, not so unlike the lesson of the tower of Babel, but more specifially on this different plane. Basically God’s judgement. My sense is, some of this ET stuff will look irrelevant some years out, the question will have been reframed, and possibly answered from that different perspective.

    I think other life forms, some intelligent, are certainly possible out there, but I think the speed of light is an absolute quarantine, and I hazard that it may never have been breached by physical beings. We on our world have to deal with our own spiritual poverty before God, as would other creatures elsewhere. Am I saying that Jesus has appeared elsewhere? I don’t go that far, as I prefer not to speculate too much on things I can’t possibly know anything about.

    If we are ever meant to learn something like that, I feel it will be shown to us, if not, then it won’t. So open minded I am, up to a point, but as a practical matter, I don’t think man’s future is ‘Star Trek’. It’s much more modest than that, seems to me..

    1. MlytleO – I would just settle for colonizing the Moon and perhaps one manned mission to Mars (plus maybe some near Earth asteroid mining) within my lifetime, at this point. Everything else seems quite far away or too hot/cold to colonize unless there is some true bending of the laws of physics.

  17. I too am releived that the U.S. deep state is losing control. That a less dangerous group is ascendant is good thing. Over time the big threat then will move from war to economics as the most serious deflation in world history approaches. We will just have to see how well this new Asian-centric civilization adresses this. Certainly the West is spent, has nothing worthwhile to offer.

    1. Mlytleo — I didn’t say the U.S. Deep State as a whole is losing control, only that the more Russophobic and Sinophobic elements are clearly losing out. As is the modern nation state of Israel centric lobby.

  18. “the most personally researched message with a critical and open eye using reason, logic, known and potential evidence, and common sense”
    Well my commen sense tells me that we don’t know much at all about this, the evidence is scant, and there’s much more speculation then fact. Just not appealling. Really over time, speculation becomes a complete turn off. A lot of it is like the middle ages when theologians would speculate how many angels could sit on a pin.

    I know there are some huge structures that people say ancient humans couldn’t have built. O.K. fine, maybe true. Until those beings that built it come back and talk to us, we can speculate all day long about it, and waste precious time doing so. Just don’t see it as productive. People in the UFO community jump way past the meager evidence, not unlike anthropogists building whole archaic humans and their culture off of one tiny bone fragment. it’s just a bit too much.

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