The name is Bond… Yuan Bond.

Approximately eight days ago, Britain ushered in the internationalization of the Yuan as a currency to compete head on with the Euro, Pound, Yen, and especially the dollar by opening up the first Yuan denominated bond hub.  Now a little more than a week later, Germany and South Korea are jumping onto this bandwagon and are leaving notice that the days of dollar hegemony are soon to be extinct.
This is because both nations announced their own bond hubs tied to the Chinese RMB on Oct. 29.  And what makes this most intriguing is the fact that all three countries are strong allies tied to the U.S. led system.

Germany’s Deutsche Borse Group has joined forces with the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) to trade yuan-denominated products.

According to the German exchange, the project will start in November under the brand CEINEX and will be headquartered in Frankfurt. The management board will be comprised of senior officers from the three exchanges.

A supporter of China’s President Xi Jinping waves a Chinese flag opposite Big Ben in Parliament Square ahead of Xi’s address to both Houses of Parliament, in London, Britain, October 20, 2015. © Peter Nicholls Beijing issues first government bonds outside China

CEINEX will offer Chinese investment products to international investors, starting with cash market products like exchange traded funds (ETF) and bonds.

The new platform will become the first for authorized -denominated trading outside mainland China. –Russia Today

Prior to Britain’s move to open up the first Yuan bond hub, the city of Frankfurt had been leading the charge towards becoming the next great financial center in what is becoming a new financial paradigm.  But their delays in fully accepting the growing hegemony emerging out of China and Eurasia allowed the City of London to be first in internationalizing the RMB, and proving that their dominions were not going to go down without a fight.

South Korea plans to sell the Chinese yuan-denominated sovereign bonds for the first time as it pushes to become one of the offshore yuan hubs in Asia, people familiar with the matter said Thursday.

The country’s finance ministry picked six arrangers last week for the issuance of the foreign exchange stabilization bond, a sovereign bond floated by the ministry to raise funds for stabilizing its foreign exchange market, said the sources who asked not to be identified as the plan had yet to be officially announced.

Seoul has issued the notes only denominated in the US dollar and euro, the outstanding sales of which were estimated at $4.4 billion and 1.6 billion euros ($1.8 billion), respectively. – China Daily

The only thing that could have made this move by South Korea more shocking is if it has come from Japan instead.  But either way, their decision to jump aboard the RMB bandwagon, and away from U.S. control shows Washington’s falling star just as succinctly as when they pulled their ships out of the Persian Gulf earlier this month.


The world is changing before our eyes, and the paradigm is shifting just as fast.  And like Great Britain at the Suez Canal in the 1950’s, it was a combination of geo-political and economic events that announced the end of the British Empire, and the rise of one that would shine brightly for 60 years before ego and cronyism led to the world rejecting it for a return to nationalism.


  1. Ken as usual you are ahead of the curve I have been searching high & low & can’t find this blockbuster news anywhere else, but it is quite clear, “The Bully of the beach is getting sand kicked in his face”.
    I kind of wonder if this kind of thing would have happened prior to,”What was rumored to be an unidentified BEAR making a fool of the Beach Bully in the sands of the middle east?” Everything with a purpose, and I wonder what’s next???

    The framework for “trade isolation” is being put in place at a rather fast clip. Great article

    Wolf Gray

    1. You have only seen the beginning… Im writing an article at to the death media on this juicy piece of news.
      Russian Law Allowing Seizure of Foreign-Owned Assets Passed by Federation Council

      Think Russia is preparing to confiscate Western assets and default on foreign debts?

        1. Early morning the sun isn’t up, and at the risk of sounding condescending, I can’t say “Spot-on” enough times to properly illustrate the brilliance of the analysis in the above link. I hate to say it, but…….If I had heard about it, thought about it, & then luckily put the pieces together like the above link. Well I hate to be cliche, but “Wish I had thought of that.”
          Great stuff partner

          Wolf Gray

  2. This proves Jim Willie’s prediction late last year I think that Frankfurt would bat London to the punch on Yuan trading. Thanks for staying on top of these events, Ken, and reporting them. Fortunately most of my assets are Yuan-denominated. I think it’ll prove fruitful sooner than later.

  3. Ken,Already posted this on one of James’ posts, but note the symbolism. Princess Kate, 33 all decked out in China’s color red with the lotus flower crown of the Queen Mother:

    The lotus flower is filled with esoteric meaning from uniting to rebirth. I will post it on another post. I’m sure that the symbols were well understood in certain circles.

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