1. Its cyclical because the belief in an institution of government is belief in authority. Belief in Authority is Belief in Slavery.
    Belief in authority – the false and mentally ill belief system that a group of people have the moral right to be masters over others and these ‘others’ have the moral obligation to follow that group’s orders.

    Government = Govern (Gubarnare) + Meant (Mente) = Control + Mind = Mind Control.

    Natural Law is immutable like the Law of Gravity. Denying it does not change the fact that it exists and violating it results in bad consequences. Walking off a cliff denying that Gravity exists results in bad consequences.

    By believing in the need for Government, we violate one of the basic tenets of Natural Law which states that it is an illusion to believe one has a right to rule over others. And as long as we believe in this Institution of Violence, we will go through this cycle of suffering for as long as it takes until we ‘get it’ and not a moment before.

    Or when we go the way of the dinosaurs.

  2. I would dismiss Nibiru as nonsense if it werent for Robert S Harrington, who was the Chief Astronomer for NASA at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C (not a minuet position) died in 1993.

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