The Empire of Chaos Meets Camp of the Saints: Euro-Destabilization through Migrant Invasion


“No west European leader, absolutely none, has dared to publicly express the idea that the refugees from Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Horn of Africa, Nigeria and Mali are not fleeing dictatorships, but the chaos into which we have deliberately…plunged their countries.” – Thierry Meyssan “C’est toujours l’me qui gagne les combats decisifs” Jean Raspail

The Russia Analyst recently mentioned in this space that our mother in law was asking the wife last week if we’d heard about the migrant crisis in Europe. I said yes, but the vast majority of Americans, caught up in NFL football being back, Bruce Jender’d Kardashians, Trump and #BlackLivesMatter or just plain crazy motivated shootings, probably would have to ask, “What crisis?”.


Like the Late, Decadent Roman Empire, the Barbarian Hordes Are Coming

On Friday it seems Russian media as well as many European countries’ top story was the discovery by police of 71 decomposing migrants’ bodies including those of several children inside a truck trailer in southeastern Austria. This comes after hundreds of migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean and amply documented tales of holiday makers picking up desperate Middle Easterners and Africans from the sea. As AFP reports, the Europeans are doing their typically European thing — scheduling a meeting for weeks out, while their cops and border guards are overwhelmed and citizens are demanding action:

The United Nations estimates 300,000 people have fled conflict and hardship in the Middle East and Africa for a better life in Europe this year alone. Millions more sit in camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Some 2,500 have died in the treacherous journey, most drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean after being crammed into unseaworthy boats.

European Union home affairs ministers are to hold emergency talks on September 14 in Brussels to try and “strengthen the European response,” the government of Luxembourg, which holds the rotating EU presidency, announced Sunday.

“Europe needs to stop being moved and start moving,” Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said, calling again for a fairer distribution of migrants among the European Union’s 28 members.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that people “fleeing war, persecution, torture, oppression, must be welcomed” and should be treated with “dignity”.

And French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius slammed as “scandalous” the attitude of certain EU members in eastern Europe in refusing to accept more migrants.

Pope Francis meanwhile called for “effective cooperation” against “crimes that are an offence to the whole of humanity.

‘Auslander Raus’ — The Growing Backlash to Political Correct, Self-Loathing Surrender to the Influx in Germany

In Germany, the central economy of Europe, the government recently admitted it expects over 800,000 migrants to have arrived this year, with at least 200,000 applying for asylum to stay permanently in the already crowded with foreignerscountry of 80 million. In the small east German town of Heidenau, the ‘refugees’ are being housed in a closed equivalent of a Home Depot store called The Praktiker. The mostly Middle Eastern ‘refugees’ presence was not welcomed by at first peaceful activists, who mustered between 800 and a 1,000 protesters calling for the migrants to leave town on August 23. Some protesters including German families carried old imperial pre-WW1 era Kaiserrreich flags.

When night fell the protests turned violent, with rocks, bottles and firecrackers thrown at riot police who responded with tear gas. Some hotheads in the mob chanted, “Auslander raus” (foreigners out of Germany). Others chanted, “Wir sind das volk” (we are the people), a slogan that was popular during the PEGIDA protests against Islamic immigration into Germany that had been widely attacked by the media and the entire German political class as neo-Nazi and racist. Ironically, the PEGIDA movement itself drew the slogan from the peaceful anti-Stasi regime protests in the old East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down.

Either ‘Europe’ Unites to Stop the Migrant Flood Across the Mediterranean and the Bosporus or the Schengen Zone is History

Not everyone, of course, is accepting the Franco-German approach of trying to shame EU members into accepting the flood of humanity from war-torn Mideast and impoverished African nations, however ‘temporary’ their asylum conditions. The conservative Fidesz government of Hungary, whose Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been a staunch critic of American/EU sanctions against Russia, is bucking the trend and putting up razor wire in an effort to stem the tide. Mainstream media, led by AFP dutifully reflecting the views of the French government, is not amused and thinks Orban’s tough stance is a futile gesture, as there aren’t enough border guards along the over 100 mile long frontier with Serbia to stop the influx:

Hungary, which this month has recorded 50,000 new arrivals, has responded by completing on Saturday a barrier of three rolls of NATO-standard razor wire along the entire 175-kilometre (110-mile) border with Serbia, patrolled by border police with dogs and 4x4s.

Right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government is also building a four-metre-high fence and wants to stiffen penalties for people entering illegally.

Fabius said Sunday that the barrier “did not respect Europe’s common values”.

It is not proving much use in any case, with police saying Sunday that 3,080 migrants crossed over on Saturday, the second-highest daily total.

On Sunday AFP witnessed a group of around 200 migrants passing through carrying plastic bags, rucksacks and bottles of water. They called out a greeting, “salam alaikum” — “peace be with you” in Arabic.

The UK Telegraph‘s Phillip Johnston summarizes the basic problem — the Schengen zone that was supposed to allow visa free travel and work permit status between all Euro-zone members subscribed to it was never intended to cope with a massive influx from outside of Continental Europe. Nor is there any way without keeping the ‘refugees’ behind the wire to keep them from traveling from one EU country to the next as they please, irrespective of ‘burden sharing’ agreements that are supposed to divy up the migrants between EU member states:

The problem for the EU is that the clamour from desperate people wanting to enter its gilded portals cannot be heeded without causing domestic political upheaval. It is all well and good refugee groups and other humanitarian grandstanders calling for the gates to be thrown open to all-comers; this will simply not be countenanced by Europe’s voters. In Berlin,where Angela Merkel held emergency talks with French president, François Hollande, the pressure is mounting on the government after it was confirmed that Germany expects 800,000 refugees this year, more than the entire EU received in 2014.

Unsurprisingly, the Germans are now complaining that they are being asked to take too many migrants, all of whom must have arrived through other countries. The demands for “burden sharing” are growing as the crisis deepens. But what exactly does this mean? Since there are no borders in Europe under the Schengen Treaty, a quota system – whereby, say, Finland takes 50,000, Ireland 30,000 and the UK 100,000 – is meaningless: once the migrants are in the EU, they can go where they want. Conditions could be attached to residency qualifications and working rights, but how would they be enforced? ID cards would have to be issued throughout the entire EU; all incomers would have to be fingerprinted and have their biometrics taken and stored; restrictions would need to be imposed on family reunion.

Controlled Chaos: The Problem, Reaction, Solution Globalist Dialectic of U.S. Proxy War-Fueled Migration

Shades of the classic globalist pattern of problem, reaction, solution. Rather than abandon the precious, politically sacrosanct principal of free movement within the Schengen zone, as some governments like Hungary’s are already proposing (note that Budapest can only put up razor wire on its border with a non-EU member state, not with neighboring Austria that is also being hit hard by the influx). In the United States, those of us in the alternative media are already aware that one of the solutions to the problem of illegal immigration that has been proposed by those ‘national security conservatives’ offering to ‘get tough’ is the introduction of a national, biometric based ID card. The fact that such a technology advances elite goals of control over the masses is of course, incidental rather than one of the intended objectives of breaking apart so many countries on the European and Mediterranean periphery all along. Those who deny the existence of conspiracy and see everything, including the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in Libya and the massive destabilization of Syria and the coup followed by civil war in Ukraine as ‘coincidence’, are powerless to resist the flow.

Whether the ‘solution’ offered is ‘humanitarian’ and Papacy approved refugee re-settlement followed by simultaneous issuance of biometric ID cards and police state crackdowns on ‘racist’ ‘hate speech’ from disgruntled European natives, or the ‘alternative’ of forceful US/NATO intervention in Syria, the globalists are ready to offer it. Turkey, the very ‘front line’ state that is among those governments most responsible for destroying Syria in the first place through its sponsorship of terrorists and assorted ‘rebel’ jihadists, is setting the table for such Hobbesian choices by allowing the influx to flow through its borders and across the Bosporus into Europe. Not coincidentally, Turkey is also the country that mainstream media does not want you to notice permits ISIS to operate unmolested from and into as the Islamic State makes huge fortunes off smuggled Iraqi and Syrian crude. Where does all the crude go, and whose pockets are lined by the kickbacks from it are not questions MSM cares to dwell on too deeply lest the scam of the phoney war against ISIS and a NATO member state’s complicity with its rise be exposed to all.

Globalist Conspiracy to Destroy Borders in Europe or PC Stupidity: How About Both?

Nonetheless, when looking at the general state of Europe, unable and unwilling to stand up for itself and dominated by an elite down for whatever Washington wants if not completely controlled by the U.S. Empire, one does have to allow for general cowardice and subservience as explanations for the present mess, behind which lurk the globalists’ machinations of ordo ab chao. My ‘White Russian’ Floridian friend the Saker, for example, writes with great moral force for The Unz Review:

Europe is in free fall. Nobody can doubt that any more. In fact, the is EU simultaneous suffering from several crucial problems and any one of them could potentially become catastrophic.

The EU is on the verge of a social and cultural collapse

The undeniable reality is simple as it is stark:

  • The EU cannot absorb so many refugees
  • The EU does not have the means to stop them

A massive influx of refugees present a very complex security problem which EU countries are not equipped to deal with. All EU countries have three basic instruments they can use to protect themselves from unrest, disorders, crime or invasions: the special/security services, the police forces and the military. The problem is that neither of these are capable of dealing with a refugee crises.

The special/security services are hopelessly outnumbered when dealing with a refugee crisis. Besides, their normal target (career criminal, spies, terrorists) are few and far in between in a typical wave of refugees. Mostly, what refugees are are families, often extended ones, and while they sometimes include criminal gangs, this is far from always being the case. The problem is that, say, a 10% of Kosovar drug dealers give a bad name to all the refugees from Kosovo and the refugees themselves ended up being treated like criminals. Finally, special/security services rely very heavily on informants and foreign gangs are hard to infiltrate. They often also speak difficult languages which only few local language specialist master. As a result, most of the time the EU security services are clueless as to who to deal with the security problem presented to them, if only because they lack the personnel and means to keep track of so many people.

In contrast, cops have an advantage of sorts: they are literally everywhere and they typically have a good sense of the “beat on the street”. However, their powers are severely limited and they need to get a court order to do most of their work. Cops also mostly deal with local criminals, whereas most refugees are neither local, nor criminals. The sad reality is that most of what cops do in a refugee crisis is provide riot police – hardly a solution to anything.

As for the armed forces, the very best they can do is to try to help close a border. In some cases, they can assist the police forces in case of civil disturbances, but that’s about it.

Thus the various states of the EU neither have the means to lock their borders or deport most refugees nor do they have the means to control them. Sure, there will always be politicians who will make promises about how they are going to send all these refugees back home, but that is a crude and blatant lie. The vast majority of these refugees are fleeing war, famine and abject poverty and there is no way anybody is going to send them back home.

Reading these depressing lines, I feel like Mr. and Mrs. Russia Analyst ought to see the wonderful parts of Austria and Europe that are still preserved by Europeans before they’re gone. Or before some bit of coming unpleasantness turns violent when peaceful demands for redress of population replacement grievances are ignored by a globalist dominated EUro-bureaucratic, technocrat elite.


In its zeal to abolish borders and embrace the cult of multi-culturalism, Europe has disarmed both physically and morally. It was this moral disarmament, the general sense of apathy, self-loathing and powerlessness, that French writer Jean Raspail prophetically foretold back in his 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints(the quote above translates from the French as, “It’s always the soul [rather than technology – JWS] that wins the decisive battles.” A book whose preface, ironically, includes a quote from another prophet of Western moral collapse — the anti-Soviet, Russian Orthodox dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who wrote, “As seen from the outside, the massive upheaval in Western society is approaching the limit beyond which it will become “meta-stable” and must collapse” and gave his famous “A World Split Apart” lecture at the Harvard commencement in 1978. A Jeremiad in which Solzhenitsyn explicitly warned the West that his native Russia could not simply copy Western models when, and not if, the Soviet system would collapse (a collapse Alexander Isayevich foretold, along with the difficulties of Russia reconciling with an independent Ukraine, as early as the late Sixties and well through the mid-1990s when relations were ‘normal’), or it might not survive as a nation (when looking at Russia’s ‘Time of Troubles’ during the 1990s, he was correct, the Russian Federation was widely written off by the West).

These two intellectuals, these free spirits who were not broken by French PC or Soviet Communism, tried to warn us, Europeans and Americans alike, of where we were headed forty years ago. But we did not listen. And some of us scorned them as prophets of doom, Russian romantics, or racists.

If the world has not come to its end, it has approached a major turn in history, equal in importance to the turn from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It will exact from us a spiritual upsurge: We shall have to rise to a new height of vision, to a new level of life where our physical nature will not be cursed as in the Middle Ages, but, even more importantly, our spiritual being will not be trampled upon as in the Modern era.

This ascension will be similar to climbing onto the next anthropologic stage. No one on earth has any other way left but — upward. – Solzhenitsyn, “A World Split Apart”, June 8, 1978, Harvard University

At the very moment that the U.S. and Western European propaganda machines are relentlessly beating the drums of war against the falsified threat of a Russian invasion, it’s ironic indeed that the real threat European armies and navies should be called up to cope with is being ignored by NATO. Where for example, are the U.S. and British Royal Navy ships to assist the overwhelmed Italian, Greek and Spanish sailors with the mission of preventing the migrants from reaching Europe or drowning? Where are the refugee camps in Libya that the U.S. could easily set up to temporarily house the migrants, as the least America could do after it helped France and Britain bomb Gaddafi and steal Libya’s gold and oil? Where are the statements from NATO spokeswomen and men, like Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, so firmly fixated on the Russian invasion that isn’t coming? Is it any wonder that the Russians are now issuing statements reminding Western and NATO leaders that they so enthusiastically urged intervention in Libya and Syria, only to now deplore the humanitarian consequences?

MOSCOW, August 27 /TASS/. Moscow advises the European Union, which is facing a huge illegal migration crisis, to remember what consequences the incitement of conflicts in other countries may have for Europe, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

“We are really ready to develop full-format cooperation with the countries concerned, especially when the European Union is in question, in overcoming the consequences and resolving the illegal migration problem in Europe,” she said.

“The European Union is facing a grave migration crisis with 340,000 illegal migrants penetrating into its territory this year,” Zakharova stressed.

“We can see that our EU partners cannot adequately react to the worsening migration situation. Evidently, there are serious faults in the EU migration policy,” the Russian diplomat went on to say.

Russia is ready to cooperate constructively with its EU partners with an aim to effectively resolve migration-related issues, including in the context of the EU initiative to draft a UN Security Council resolution on a comprehensive approach to dealing with the influx of illegal migrants from Africa into the European continent,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

My friend the Saker goes on to warn — based on his experience living in France (and serving as a French NATO military analyst and Russian interpreter) before he emigrated to the U.S. — that what we’re seeing now may just be the beginning. The Syrian conflict shows no signs of abating, while Ukraine’s economic collapse which thus far has led to a million Ukrainians settling in Russia has not yet hit rock bottom:

Europe is or, should I say, used to be radically different from the USA. There used to be real, deep, cultural differences between the various regions and provinces of each European country. A Basque is most definitely not an Catalan, a Marseillais is not a Breton, etc. As for the differences between an German and a Greek – they are simply huge.

The result from the current refugee crisis is that all European cultures are now directly threatened in their identity and their life style. This is often blamed on Islam, but the reality is that African Christians don’t integrate any better. Neither do the Christian Gypsies, by the way. As a result, clashes happen literally everywhere – in shops, streets, schools, etc. There is not a single country in Europe where these clashes are not threatening the social order. These daily clashes result in crime, repression, violence and the ghettoization of both the immigrants and of the locals which leave their traditional suburbs and move to less immigrant-saturated areas.

[Sidebar: to my American readers who might think “so what? we have ghettos in the USA too” I will say that what the French call “zones de non-droit” (non-law zones) are far worse than anything you could see in the USA. And keep in mind that no country in the EU has the kind of huge, militarized, police forces which every major US city now has. Neither is there the equivalent of the US National Guard. At best, there are anti-riot forces like the French CRS, but they can only do so much.]

The level of aggravation suffered by many, if not most, Europeans directly resulting from this crisis in immigration is hard to describe to somebody who has not seen it. And since voicing such frustrations was considered as “racist” or “xenophobe” by the powers that be (at least until recently – this is progressively changing now), this deep resentment is mostly kept hidden, but it is perceptible nonetheless. And the immigrants most definitely feel it. Every day. And, again, this is why the notion of a US-style “melting pot” in Europe ain’t happening: the only thing Europe has to offer to all these hundreds of thousands of refugees is a silent hostility fed by fear, outrage, disgust and helplessness. Even those locals who used to be refugees themselves in the past (immigrants from North Africa, for example) are now disgusted and very hostile to the new wave of refugees coming in. And, of course, not a single refugee coming to Europe believes in any “European dream”.

Last but not least, these refugees are a huge burden on the local economies and the social services which were never designed to cope with such an influx of needy “clients”.

For the foreseeable future the prognosis is clear: more of the same, only worse, possibly much worse.

He also adds, as a reminder to who truly pulls the strings in Europe, and which power lies behind the crisis that in Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland’s infamous words, will ‘f— the EU’ economically, socially and politically:

The EU is just a colony of the United States unable to defend her own interests

The EU is ruled by a class of people which are completely sold off to the United States. The best examples of this sorry state of affairs is the Libyan debacle which saw the US and France completely destroy the most developed country in Africa [and steal its gold – Jim Willie and JWS] only to now have hundred of thousands of refugees cross the Mediterranean and seek refuge from war in the EU. This outcome could have been very easy to predict, and yet the European countries did nothing to prevent it.

In fact, all these Obamawars (Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan) have resulted in huge movements of refugees. Add to this the chaos in Egypt, Mali and the poverty all over Africa and you have a mass-exodus which no amount of wall-building, ditch-digging or refugee tear gassing will stop. And if that was not enough, the EU committed what can only be called political and economic suicide by allowing the Ukraine to explode into a major civil war involving 45 million [correction now down to 41 million or less with the loss of 2 million in Crimea and the exodus to Russia and other neighboring countries – JWS] people, a completely destroyed economy and a bona fide Nazi regime in power. That outcome was also easy to predict. But all the Eurobureaucrats did is to impose self-defeating economic sanctions on Russia which ended up providing exactly the kind of conditions needed for the Russian economy to finally diversify and begin producing locally instead of importing everything from abroad.

It might be worth recalling here that after WWII Europe was basically an occupied territory. The Soviets had the central-eastern part while the US/UK had the western part. We all have been conditioned to assume that the people living under the “oppression” of what the US propaganda called the “Warsaw Pact” (in reality called the “Warsaw Treaty Organization”) were less free than those who lived under the “protection” of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Nevermind that the term “North Atlantic” was coined deliberately to tie western Europe to the USA, the central issue here is that while in many ways the folks in the West were, indeed, granted many more freedoms than those in the East, the US/UK occupied part of Europe never recovered true sovereignty either. And just as the Soviets carefully nurtured a local comprador elite in each East European country, so did the USA in the West. The big difference only appeared in the late 1980s early 1990s when the entire Soviet-run system came crashing down while the US-run system came out reinforced as a result of the Soviet collapse. If anything, since 1991 the US iron grip over the EU became even stronger than before.

The sad reality is simple: the EU is a US colony, run by US puppets who are simply unable to stand up for basic and obvious European interests.

Finally, we are left with the question of: how deliberate was this massive destabilization, this ‘distress of nations’ from equatorial Africa all through the Middle East and into former Soviet Central Asia, Afghanistan, and tribal areas Pakistan? The answer of course, is very deliberate. And who could have possibly foreseen that millions of Third Worlders would flee the hellholes their countries had become due to native corruption,  globalist interventionism and Saudi-funded jihadism? Especially now that the richest country in Africa and one of the more prosperous non-oil rich Middle Eastern states in Syria have been destroyed by civil war?

Thierry Miessan, a French intellectual with ties to pro-Assad circles in Damascus and think tanks in Moscow, knows the answer: Washington’s masters of ‘ordo ab chao’, order from chaos. It is no accident, surely, at a time when the dollar is under so much pressure, and Washington is desperate to force capital back into the United States, that Europe is being destabilized simultaneously with attempts to take down Russia and China financially. From his May 2015 essay, “The European Union is Blind to the Military Strategy of the United States“:

No West European leader, absolutely none, has dared to publicly express the idea that the « Islamist » attacks which are affecting Europe are not the extension of the wars in the « greater Middle East », but are directed by those who have also directed the chaos in this region. We prefer to continue believing that the « Islamists » are attacking Jews and Christians, although the great majority of their victims are neither Jews nor Christians, but Muslims. We calmly accuse them of promoting the « war of civilizations », although this concept was developed by the National Security Council of the United States, and remains alien to their culture [5].

No West European leader, absolutely none, has dared to publicly express the idea that the next stage will be the « Islamisation » of the drug market, on the model of the Contras of Nicaragua, who sold drugs to the black community of California with the aid, and under the orders, of the CIA [6]. We have decided to ignore the fact that the Karzaï family has taken the distribution of Afghani heroin from the Kosovar mafia and handed it to Daesh [7].

The military academies of the European Union have never studied the « Chaos Theory » because they were prevented from doing so. The few teachers and researchers who risked exploring this territory were heavily sanctioned, while the Press qualifies the civilian authors who show interest in the subject as « conspirationists ». [conspiracy theorists/nuts – JWS]

The politicians of the European Union thought that the events of Maïdan Square were spontaneous, and that the demonstrators wanted to leave the orbit of authoritarian Russia and enter into the heavenly bosom of the Union. They were stupified when Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s comments were published, when they discovered that she spoke of her secret control of the events, and expressed her desire to « f— the EU».

From that moment on, they were unable to comprehend what was going on.

If they had allowed free research in their own countries, they would have understood that by intervening in Ukraine and organising « régime change », the United States ensured that the European Union would remain at their service. Washington’s great fear, since the speech given by Vladimir Putin at the Munich Security Conference in 2007, is that Germany will realise where its true interests lie – not with Washington, but with Moscow.

By progressively destroying the Ukrainian state, the United States has cut the main communication route between the European Union and Russia. You may look at the succession of events from any angle, but you will find no other logical explanation. Washington does not want Ukraine to join the Union, as Madame Nuland’s comments demonstrate. Its only aim is to transform this territory into a zone which is dangerous to cross.

What do the ongoing wars in the greater Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine have in common? They are all producing mass outflows of human beings!

Joaquin Flores, of the Center for Syncretic Studies based in Belgrade, Serbia — one of the ‘frontline’ countries being hit by the waves of migrants — does not think the influx through the Balkans is just a tragic accident. As a descendant of Mexican immigrants to California himself, and a former activist in Mexican nationalist ‘Azatlan’/Chicano politics, Flores clearly sees the hand of Washington behind the manufactured migrant crisis, particularly in the targeting of the weak Slavic Orthodox ex-Yugoslav republic Macedonia for destabilization.

If Skopje already successfully resisted a U.S. State Department instigated ‘colored revolution‘ to block the potential flow of the Southstream/Turkstream pipelines through the country to Russia’s ally Serbia, then it can now get hit with hundreds of thousands crossing into its territory en route to Serbia, Hungary and the Welfare State promised lands of Germany, France and the UK.

Writing for libertarian website, the Russophile author Anne Williamson sees a similar pattern emerging from the ‘chaos’ of Syrians suddenly deciding after years of living in refugee camps in Turkey or Jordan to emigrate en masse to Europe. Who gave them all the idea that they’d be let in, that all they needed to do was plop themselves and their children down on the shores of Greece or France and voila, they’d be given green cards and government benefits? Probably agents of the same globalists such as George Soros who used activist groups and NGOs to spread the ‘word of mouth’ promises of bountiful benefits and green cards that suddenly inspired Central Americans to abandon their teenage and even toddler children on Mexican trains or at the U.S.A’s southern border, hoping for an Obama amnesty:

Those same U.S. policymakers are actively working to inundate the U.S. with millions of  migrants from Mexico and Central America, another imperial playground, on the flimsy  basis of a Barack Obama Executive Order. Eager for a youthful, docile, dependent and cheap population of worker bees, the U.S. federal government is now engaged in draining the last wealth of the American middle class for use in settling and supporting many millions of immigrants, whose children will become the future taxpayers and voters the grotesquely obese federal government requires for its own future survival.

Training to fight the ‘zombie apocalypse’ — or desperate migrants and fellow citizens? Just in case anybody had any questions about the developers of games such as ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ having links to the Pentagon…the Empire of Chaos is determined to burn out much of the planet rather than quietly fade away…


  1. “Pope Francis meanwhile called for “effective cooperation” against “crimes that are an offense to the whole of humanity.”
    For starters consider that he was appointed as damage control when it came out that Pope ‘Maledict’ suppressed child abuse cases and therefore had to be ‘retired’, so he’s just another Cabal agent in fancy dress playing the concern troll.

    The Vatican Church which carried out the Inquisition, destroyed through robbery, enslavement, torture and murder of native cultures throughout the world including Europe’s native Telestai (Gnostic) culture as well as suppressing and destroying ancient knowledge that challenges the Vatican’s strangulating hold over the spiritual aspect of humanity should know a thing or two about what the real offense to the whole of humanity.

    If there wasn’t any interference from NGOs and front companies for western intelligence services channelling Africa’s natural resources and wealth out of the continent, Africa would have had high speed trains and shiny modern cities by now and there wouldn’t be any need for migrating.

    1. Great article which confirms what I have been thinking about for awhile. The U.S. is the true ” empire of chaos”. Those of us living in this country think we are immune to this. But I believe these tactics will be used in our country. What we are doing to the African and middle eastern nations may be a trial balloon for us. The European leaders are betraying their people the same way our leaders are betraying us. The people behind the curtain believe they can take control when our country collapses. They are wrong about that. They will not know what to do. Civil war is not out of the question. I suspect that there is covert conflict in our government. This may become overt if things spin out of control. We may learn how the people of Iraq feel when they face the CIA backed ISIS while being urged to fight them by the department of defense.

    1. Yep I saw that riot outside the Rada that consisted of Right Sector and Svoboda party Nazis attempting to burst into the parliament to stop the vote on granting symbolic (but not actual) autonomy to the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk regions as the Minsk2 deal Poroshenko signed required…wouldn’t you know John McInsane’s Nazi buddy Oleh (“Mila Kunis is a dirty Jewess”) Tyahnybok was in the middle of the mob that threw a grenade that severely injured several cops. Now that the Maidan tactics are being used against Porky the U.S. puppet rather than Yanukovich they suddenly aren’t so cool anymore.

      1. You should of heard the commentary on CNBS today, they had a guest on today that did a hatchet job on Russia and their involvement in the Ukraine. The guy was calling the Ukraine a “NATO” country, James, I had a Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment and thought I was in Superman’s Bizzaro Land where everything being said was the exact opposite of the truth. Just pathetic….the sheeple are being fed a load of horsemanour.

    1. TM,
      Sorry for the delay in response. Been very busy. Thanks for the kind words. I would like to think that we RMers are all like minded varied opinioned escapees from rubber room USSA.

  2. Off topic but I wanted to share something that might be picking up some steam down here in the republic. I just heard about this petition over the weekend, this would go hand in hand with the new gold depository. In addition, should the gold be nonexistent this could be our grounds for implementation.

  3. James,
    Very familiar through first hand observation with the EU and US situation and the article is spot on. Do these elite think they are going to snap their fingers and really “order the chaos”?

    I suppose we’ll be needing those RFID tattoos or implants quicker than we think.

    When the existing financial system goes down you can imagine what the streets of both the US and EU are going to look like. Not a pretty site to envision.

  4. Persistent rumours of the Russians ‘digging in’ in Syria

    More talk of fighter aircraft, and much, much more..

    From Ynet:

    According to Western diplomats, a Russian expeditionary force has already arrived in Syria and set up camp in an Assad-controlled airbase. The base is said to be in area surrounding Damascus, and will serve, for all intents and purposes, as a Russian forward operating base.

    In the coming weeks thousands of Russian military personnel are set to touch down in Syria, including advisors, instructors, logistics personnel, technical personnel, members of the aerial protection division, and the pilots who will operate the aircraft.

    The Israeli outlet needless adds that while the current makeup of the Russian expeditionary force is still unknown, “there is no doubt that Russian pilots flying combat missions in Syrian skies will definitely change the existing dynamics in the Middle East.”

    Why certainly: because in one move Putin, who until this moment had been curiously non-commital over Syria’s various internal and external wars, just made the one move the puts everyone else in check: with Russian forces in Damascus implicitly supporting and guarding Assad, the western plan instantly falls apart.

    It gets better: if what Ynet reports is accurate, Iran’s brief tenure as Obama’s BFF in the middle east is about to expire:

    Western diplomatic sources recently reported that a series of negotiations had been held between the Russians and the Iranians, mainly focusing on ISIS and the threat it poses to the Assad regime. The infamous Iranian Quds Force commander Major General Qasem Soleimani recently visited Moscow in the framework of these talks. As a result the Russians and the Iranians reached a strategic decision: Make any effort necessary to preserve Assad’s seat of power, so that Syria may act as a barrier, and prevent the spread of ISIS and Islamist backed militias into the former Soviet Islamic republics.

  5. And then there’s this piece:

    “Putin has drafted a bill that would eliminate the use of the U.S. dollar and the euro from trade between and among CIS countries. The CIS countries are: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.”

    “This is yet another step in eliminating the reserve currency status of the dollar. I’m sure the U.S. won’t take this move by Putin and lightly and I expect to see an escalation in the U.S. media’s anti-Russia propaganda and perhaps renewed escalation in the United States’ meddling in Ukraine.”

    “You can read the entire news release here: RT Business”

    Looks to me that Putin is finally giving the U.S. the middle finger in several ways.

    1. Mlytle0 — RT is reporting that the Russian Defense Ministry denies the report that Moscow has sent soldiers and its own pilot manned fighter aircraft to Syria (as opposed to delivering the MiG-31s to the Syrian Air Force, about which there are still questions as to yes or no).
      Ft. Russ has an interesting article written and translated today on the Russian view of Washington engineering the Sept.-Oct. crisis — short version is they expect it all to backfire like a Wile E. Coyote scheme and crater the U.S. markets rather than making Wall Street a ‘safe haven’ while Uncle Sam crushes the Eurasian markets.

      The RT headline here though, is unambiguous — the dollar is going to be dumped for all CIS/Eurasian Economic Union trade settlement. And euro will not be far behind in getting ditched. All settlement in rubles or yuan (especially for Kazahkstan having more RMB is important since China is their 2nd biggest overall customer after Russia and top energy consumer).

  6. Just don’t understand why all of these reports from Russia’s adversaries about Russian fighters etc., disinfo? The question is, why? To justify an aggressive NATO response?
    It does seem to me that the fall of Assad would be extremely bad for Russia, as a loss of credibility, for one, and the chance Syria could become a failed state, totally wrecked (like Libya) which would be a disaster all around, for another. I do think the Syrian state is under great duress, appears to be weakening, and that’s why I would expect Russian direct intervention at some point. Syria is not Ukraine, and it seems to me, Russia could be more strategically damaged by losing control of that Syrian port they use, then losing some amount of land in Ukraine. I feel Crimea and Syria share this importance to the Russian Navy.

    Now that the western markets are starting to buckle, which heightens domestic problems, seems like a good time for the Eurasians to up the pressure.

    The market route, by the way, can be shown to have roots in the technicals going pretty far back, I think the collapse was planned for, but I don’t think the PTB have as much control as is widely assumed on the timing…

    1. Mlytle0 — as I’ll explain in an upcoming piece, I do not expect Putin to commit Russian combat troops and pilots directly to the fight — just yet.
      To date the effectiveness of Russia’s military response to U.S. moves has hinged on Putin refusing to repeat the mistakes of his Soviet predecessors in 1980s Afghanistan in fighting American-armed proxies directly with Russian troops. Instead Putin has very cleverly fought U.S. proxies led by the Ukrainian Army with his own proxies, with the raising of the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) consisting of mostly local fighters backed by Russian logistics, money and intelligence (the so-called Voentorg) with Russian generals directing the fights and several thousand Russian citizen and especially veteran volunteers (the Northern Wind). At times Putin’s approach has been maddening to supporters of Novorossiya and civilians living under daily Ukrainian shellfire alike, but it has prevented both the destruction of the Ukrainian Army as a potential government removing force AND a bloody Russian occupation. Putin knows the longer he can go without directly committing Russian troops overtly to the fight in Ukraine, the more the Kiev regime will weaken economically and the more difficult the U.S. goal of keeping all its vassals in line on the sanctions and propping up Ukrainians policy will become. Putin’s objective therefore is to ‘heighten the contradictions’ as the Marxists used to say between Europe and the U.S., whereas the American strategy has been to try and pit Europe against Russia by baiting the Russians into a Ukrainian quagmire, thereby leading to ‘regime change’ in Moscow and ensuring U.S. dominance over the Continent for another generation or more. But if there is no regime change in Russia and the Europeans eventually get tired of their hidden American hand occupiers and their stooges, then Moscow runs the table.

      I don’t think honestly the CIA expected Putin to fight what he called ‘#NATO’s foreign legion’ by creating a Russian Foreign Legion that so far has repeatedly humiliated Kiev’s best troops. One that very well could include career Syrian military men in the near future depending on how many end up evacuating their families to Russia, a process that has already been quietly underway for some time (the richest Syrians closest to the Assad regime buying property near Moscow, while middle class professionals have been re-settled in the Black Sea coast Krasnodar region where there is a small Circassian community with some ties to Syria).

      1. What is happening now may be preparations or involve contingency planning for more direct intervention. But I would expect Putin will try to delay it as long as possible and not want Russians to fight alone save for the SAA if they are directly committed. Meaning he will want to see a greater troop commitment from the Hezbollah (already happening) and the Iranians, with China providing hidden financing support and possibly sending some naval assets to the Med and Tartus as a symbolic show of support to deter the U.S. Instead what I see happening is stepped up shipments of newer Russian arms, the latest BTR APCs equipped with battlefield surveillance and artillery fire direction capabilities paired with drones to more effectively box the Jordanian/Turkish/US supported rebels into artillery and GRAD kill zones (a very effective Russian tactic that almost wiped out the Ukrainian 30th brigade at Saur Mogila) and perhaps a few GRU spetsnaz guarding the spooks and SIGINT guys. Other than the Slavonic Brigade or whatever the mixed group of Russian, Serbian and possibly even Polish mercenaries fighting for Assad and the 1,800 Russians who have joined ISIS or the rebels I don’t think there are Russians fighting in Syria. In fact there are probably more British or French citizens fighting on the ground for ISIS or the various Islamist factions than Russians!
        Remember that for Putin the direct targeting of Russian personnel in Syria using NATO assets especially Turkish would pose a big headache, as Turkey could in theory temporarily suspend Russian naval access through the Bosporus (even if the Russians can bypass Turkish air space via Armenia and Iran to Iraq for airlift). Putin does not want a fight with Ankara and has done his best to avoid confrontation over the U.S. or NWO controlled Deep Staters provocations, like their sabotaging of the Turkstream pipeline. Putin has his eyes on the prize — the head of the snake. The Russian government’s announcement Tuesday that the emerging Eurasian Economic Union will transact in rubles, yuan and local currencies — everything but dollars and eventually phasing out euros in CIS/EEU trade settlement — was a shot at the heart of the hydra. Washington and Langley want Putin to keep fighting the arms, not the heart and brains of the monster.

        It all goes back to the dollar. Kill King Dollar and the arms of the monster go limp. Meaning no more money for the Syria jihadists or the Kiev thugs. Then Russia and Iran/Iraq respectively can deal with their enemies at their leisure.

        1. Right, I do see that a dollar fail is what Putin is waiting on, but I think it could be longer than anyone thinks. Many people feel the dollar death is very close. I tend to think otherwise, not because I’m a cheerleader for it, but because it will take more than a few months for this to happen, perhaps a couple of years. Can Syria survive while Putin waits? Even with Hezbollah and the advanced Russian systems, it’s the Syrian population and armed forces that have taken the brunt of this so far.
          They say the markets can stay irrational longer than a trader can stay solvent, if you’re on the wrong side of that. I suspect the death of the dollar is further out than expected, at least at the level of weakening that would disable the U.S. military machine.

          My worst fear, in fact, is that the U.S., facing collapse, goes full Fascist, and doubles down on the military option near the end. This scenario was outlined well in this article about ‘Triffin’s paradox’, which title notwithstanding, has very little to do with concerns about “peak oil”, it’s more of an elegant explanation of the international payments system based on the petrodollar:

          “All the USA has to do in order to secure an unlimited supply of affordable imported oil after a dollar collapse (Note: or any strategic essential commodity that a failing dollar prices too high) is to threaten to nuke any country refusing to sell oil (or anything else) to the U.S. for that price. Unthinkable today, but in times of national crisis, morals are often the first thing to be forgotten. We like to tell ourselves that we would never allow economic hardship to cause us to lose our morals. But just look at the YouTube videos of riots at Wal-Mart over nothing more than contention over a limited supply of boxer shorts marked down 20% for Black Friday. What we’ll do in a true crisis that threatens our very way of life is anyone’s guess.”

          “If faced with the choice between a Soviet-style economic collapse and abusing its military power, the USA just might resort to tactics previously thought unimaginable. Exactly what those tactics might be and how it would play out are unknowable. The point is, this is a very complex problem, and a wide array of factors including military capability will play a role in determining the ultimate outcome.”

          This is the problem I see with Putin’s ‘wait and see’ if his ‘proxies will carry the day’ gambit. I do see, as you say, that Russian casualties right now would be a headache, but I’m not convinced he can wait this out.

          1. Mlytle0 — while I don’t agree with the ‘hooray patriots’ that Putin made a mistake in not sending in the Russian army in force to destroy the Ukrainian Army or more overtly committing to Syria, I have to agree with your statement that markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. Without a more overt commitment or show of force by China and more Iranian manpower, I am not sure how Assad will hold on. The Syrian Arab Army has proven more capable of absorbing heavy losses and lasting longer probably than anyone at Langley thought possible. That’s a testament not only to Russian/Iranian joint support and fighting spirit, but also to the grim fact that the secular Sunnis, Christians and Allawites expect to be butchered and genocided if they lose. They have no illusions that the Western powers, Jordan or Saudi Arabia would prevail upon their proxies to show restraint. It’s one reason the Houthi are now killing Saudi troops without mercy — I haven’t seen any video of Saudi captives yet, they aren’t apparently taking prisoners when they wipe out the Saudi patrols and at this rate the KSA troops will be terrified to patrol along the Saudi southern border without high altitude (eg above MANPAD range) air cover. A situation not unlike the Russians in Kandahar (the most mujahadeen dominated province) Afghanistan in 1988.

          2. Mlytle0 — it looks like you are right and my Floridian White Russian friend The Saker was perhaps, too optimistic that Russia would find a way to only send equipment, money and ammo to Assad but not fighting men and combat pilots. Although I must caution ZH/RM readers alike that given the number of fakes out there that the images ZH published from pro-‘Free Syrian Army’ Twitter feeds of Su-34s in combat over Syria could be fakes. Especially the mashup with Russian drones, which of course have been operated by the Syrians and Iranians for some time. But the Su-34 has not been previously spotted in Syrian skies, the Syrian Air Force flies the older and not air to air combat capable Su-24.
            It looks like the Russians are still basing their personnel in the Assad regime’s Allawite/Christian heartland of the Latakia coastal region, not in the suburbs of Damascus as YNet reported where they could face hostile rocket fire on their air bases. If ISIS suddenly starts getting Stinger missiles that they ‘captured from the Iraqis months ago’ then the whole world outside the crazy neocons and our MSM will know the dirtiest of the dirty Langley boys are backing them. Maybe that’s part of Putin’s plan when he speaks to the UN later this month, to call out the US for our half-assed air strikes on ISIS while Russian pilots are striking them? To say, ‘Ok Russia is ready to commit to the anti-ISIS coalition, what are you doing besides symbolic and useless air strikes and turning a blind eye to Turkish attacks on the anti-ISIS Kurds Uncle Sam?’

            Will it matter? Will someone in the US military finally leak or say hey, ISIS having Stingers for months is a BFD and a threat to civil aviation all over the world including in the EU and US thanks to all the porous borders and refugees coming in, which include some Salafists and mostly consist of military age Arab/Syrian males?

            As I mentioned in my last RM post and Joaquin Flores has said, the timing of this influx after four years of refugees being created by the Syria civil war stinks. Erdogan has opened the floodgates and NATO isn’t doing a damn thing to help the Greek, Italian or Spanish navies cope. In fact the Hungary bashing and mass flow through Orban’s country to Germany and Austria looks to me like payback for his pro-Russian stance, rather than just a geographic accident. Merkel’s more moral than thou we’ll host all the refugees policy taking in over 800,000 this year (and perhaps it will become a million before long) is the equivalent of the US taking 3 million people in a year! That’s crazy but it seems part of someone’s (eg Merkel’s NATO/US bosses) plan.

          3. OTOH The Saker STILL doesn’t buy it — he thinks these Su34 pics are clumsy photoshop jobs from an Istanbul Internet cafe. And he may be right. As a colleague once said, ‘Assume it’s all bulls–t until proven otherwise’. Seems a safe policy when the primary ‘evidence’ as in Ukraine is ‘social media’. This Administration lies like it breathes so their confirmation shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

          4. The other point I would make, is that for the Saker’s hypothesis to be correct, all of the following actors must be telling the same lie of Russian involvement, according to previously posted links.
            Turkish media
            Israeli media
            American White House
            Syrian media

            All are capable of lying, but I highly doubt they all would agree to the same lie, given their divergent interests.

          5. I think the Saker is paying too much attention to whether certain images are photoshopped. I don’t think it’s all that relevant. The White House has admitted a Russian presence, and if Putin doesn’t want to lose control of that whole area, he’s going to have to act, and in a big way, and very soon. I think the Rubicon has been crossed. If there is any Russian presence there, it will escalate, because it has too. The West will not let up until it gets a bloody nose, as is with most bullies. The Syrians are too exhausted and have too little technology or resources to provide the needed lesson. The Russians can, and they will, IMHO, because there’s simply no other way to deal with Washington.

  7. Very interesting article, along with the occult phoenix bird mural from the meeting room of the UN Security Council.

    The 70th anniversary of UN, the Pope, the Agenda 21 push, the PA State push, the Pope’s talk about income equality, a change in PA leadership, China sent some military fortifications to Syria too according to ZH article ( if I remember correctly) China is also sending ships off Alaska.

    The phoenix bird is the same on that was on the cover of the Economist in 1988, with a pile of burning cash.

    Bill Holter is talking about a crash of “biblical proportions”.

    A lot of people have talked about the repetition of 7s, which also corresponds with the Biblical Shemitah.

    There are other bizarre events this Fall with the CERN reactor being fired up, a little “alien body” ( I don’t believe in aliens) found in Russia.

    As Jim Willie often says, “it’s getting very strange out there.”

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