You Can Not Keep A Good Market Down

Posted by John L | February 13, 2014  |  13 Comments

Greetings to everyone out there in the enlightened financial community.  I must apologize for my brief absence; I have been putting my money where my mouth is and converting my soon to be worthless pension promises into hard assets. The process has been wrought with difficulties, red tape and bureaucracy.  The lesson here is for those of you who doubt the imminence of the oncoming collapse and have procrastinated; A lot of these necessary moves to protect yourself during the Great Wealth Transfer take time, and should not be delayed.

So, you could cut the tensions in the air of financial markets with a knife.. How eerie and reminiscent is it of bubbles past? Just check the latest charted correlation of DJIA 1928-30 and today’s S&P 500(courtesy of ZeroHedge).



Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the current market will absolutely emulate the Great Depression’s stock patterns.  HOWEVER, something over this time frame with this degree of correlation cannot be ignored.  In a world of high frequency algorithmically synced markets, who’s to say?

I have managed to digress from my original point, but a lot has transpired since my last transmission. The main drive for this article was the downright dispicable comments of the financial MSM.

Let’s recap the last 12 hours(It is currently 330pm EST 2/13/14).

While the American people slept, the EU finally found a way to pay for the exorbitant amount of debt facing the Euro nations. Wait for it, wait for it, YUP! If you guessed personal savings account confiscation, then you guessed correct!


This of course, caused mayhem throughout global markets, shaving 11pts off the Russell 2K, 9pts on the SPX and 100pts on the DIA… All leading up to very important retail and job numbers. Now I shouldn’t have to tell any of our readers how those numbers came out.. DISMAL!!!


Luckily for us, the combination of personal wealth confiscation and dismal economic numbers spelled a 5 letter word for US equities: R A L L Y.

No uncertainties, no pullbacks, nothing.  Just high frequency wash trading across the board.  The Russell went up 26 pts, SPX 18 and the DIA 160 from those bearish results @830am EST.  When asked how this move could be explained, some nameless robotic stock shill replied, ”It’s simple. You can’t keep a good market down.”

In the words of Stan Lee, ‘Nuff said.

Written by John L

John L

John L. Brooklyn’s own Silver Patriot is contributor known for his hard hitting hitting analytical style. His work is circulated by various “private” networks, he is a champion of the Free Market and a thorn in the flesh to the villains on Wall Street.

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John L. Brooklyn's own Silver Patriot is contributor known for his hard hitting hitting analytical style. His work is circulated by various "private" networks, he is a champion of the Free Market and a thorn in the flesh to the villains on Wall Street.

  • silverguru

    Ah yes, but the markets are omnipresent & knew that MyRA is waiting in the wings. I can’t believe the MSM dunderheads didn’t just blister the idea of MyRA, when if you consider the obvious…….it takes money out of the market & into bonds. That’s obvious, right out of your Mid-Crap & Small-Crap & Large-Crap funds to put them into bonds. And, thanks to the ever brilliant J. Lew it is happening now in the fed employee accounts, but hey it ain’t affecting the markets.

    How could it….THEY ARE PHONY

    The whole thing is amazing to watch……or just plain sad

    • John L

      Thanks for subscribing, and for your comments.
      I think you hit the nail on the head. The main problem we face right now, above all other, is the distortion of prices across the board due to central/mega bank intervention. The longer the distortion continues, the more violent the readjustment will be. Just hold onto your hat when it happens, because when it does there won’t be a physical ounce to be had.

  • RandM

    I read a good comment on another site. The commenter simply stated that it’s an election year – of course the markets will go up.

    That made sense to me, but I sure can’t bring myself to get in.

    • John L

      Thanks for subscribing. The whitewash for justification of rallying markets is downright sickening. Saying it will rise due to an election year is like saying it will go up because of the weather; which if you havent noticed has been a widely used excuse lately. I wouldn’t advise you, or anyone to get into stocks right now… They are not only overvalued but at/near all time highs. The goal of CNBC is to get you to buy high and sell low.

  • silverguru

    There is no price discovery, what the market “algos to” is irrelevant. This is why I couldn’t look a man in the eye & sell securities related products to him or her. Literally in post 2008, if I sold a securities related insurance product like a VUL or Variable Annuity I would be forced in to advising the prospective buyer to put their money in the fixed account or liquid asset (Money market). Why because nothing made sense. I deal with business clients who are smarter than your average bear, and they would reply, “then why should I get into a contract that you say is more expensive in it’s fee structure and start out in a truly non market based fund?” I finally realized I was waisting my time. this stuff is just not fun or honest anymore. I gave up the lic. in 2011 & haven’t regretted it even though I lost near 100K of income.

    There is no price discovery in any way shape or form, so representing it as an advisor made no sense whatsoever. Many wall street advisor are modern day versions of the western ‘carpet bagger’, not all mind you, but the others are probably blind and dumb.

    America has lost it’s compass it’s John Wayne so to speak, but I still say it is buried in there & not entirely missing in action, & if wrangled out, Russian, Chinese I don’t care you best not contest them. In NC where I conduct business I like to joke if you go west of I-77 into the mountains & think you are going to force feed those folks you will rue the day you try. I don’t care if it is US military, DHS, Police, Russian Special Ops, Chinese, it will be on like “Donkey Kong” they will not be pushed around.

    SG out

    • RandM

      Hi SG,

      Are you familiar with Ann Barnhardt ( Her story sounds similar to yours. She use to be a cattle IB but was too ethical for her own good – she got out immediately after the Corzine heist. She’s a remarkably upstanding lady and patriot and calls it like she sees it – lots of YouTube’s out there also…


  • silverguru

    Yes I have Rand, and she is a ‘hoot’. She definitely thinks Americans are ‘testicle free’. But, I ain’t as brave as her, I can’t seem to cross the ‘No payment to the IRS bridge’. To be honest Rand I think I have heard all the anti fascist US business model guys. And, many have good points, but only a few like V & Willie to name a few hit home with me.

    Ann is(was) in a tangibles related futures market biz. I myself started in true paper backed fluff, insurance & then it evolved into securities. After the repeal of ‘glass-stegall’, some interesting things began to happen. It wasn’t just MF Global & NDAA, other things had started to smell a bit rank. I wrote enough business that I made year end convention trips, and I was a real “ground pounder”…on the street just me & nobody else. Anyway more and more intrusiveness from the regulators started to invade all sales reps. I kept good records of all sales tickets & passed any and all filed office inspections, but mid 1st 21st century decade they (my broker dealer) decided to withhold 95 dollars from my business account to make sure we were keeping good records. This didn’t smell right to me, as the inspect my office & now they want nearly 1200 a year for doing nothing to be honest. I got mad & called my RSD (regional sales director..a guy who only cares about me submitting lots of biz). “Hey partner what is up with the 95 a month gouge…I think they are trying to get rid of me or more directly guys like me, ‘independents’. (no answer) In other words they have to pay the same in court to defend me as they would a contracted bank facility, am I right? His answer, “Yes that is exactly it, they are trying to get rid of you & other small business operators.” Now the real kicker, which was several years before I decided not to renew my lic. & the huge fees & e&o that went with it.

    A couple months later a surprise in office inspector popped by. She was polite….all was well, & I thought the event was about to end, but NOOOOOOOOO! “SG” I see here you are insurance licensed as well, can I inspect those files. Offended & well aware of HIPPA (agent, doctor, ins. carrier, employer eyes only) I said, “NO”. She responded with, “then we will have to shut you down.” I said, “What grounds do you have to see non securities related files?” She said, “It verifies that you are conducting business in an organized professional manner.” I thought WTF. We stare at each other a second & she says I will just look at 3 random files. I succumbed at the time I could not afford to lose that lic. While she was inspecting the last file, on a guy that between health life & retirement I had probably had commissions on the order of 30,000 dollars, I said “that guy is standing right over there.” She turned and looked and no one, looked back at me & said, “what are you talking about?” I said, “I can feel him, and I can tell you this if he knew what just transpired he would bury both of us.” She nervously smiled, but I said, “this is wrong & the man you just reviewed would be outraged & wanting some damn good answers.” She said everything was fine & she wouldn’t need to be by for another couple years. Good thing & moot point as the MF Global case happened a couple years later & I said “Good riddance”. After her visit I was looking for a convenient exit.

    Folks these regulators have been screwing us for decades, they didn’t need “Zero Care” & the UCA (unaffordable care act) to get control of health ins., the 1993 small group reform act that regulated insurance companies & the finalization of it with ‘Kennedy Casselbaum” in 96 gave them complete control of health care already. Zero Care is nothing more than a way to extract more money, period……Sorry for the rant.

    SG out

    • 7man

      SG, I have observed from many stories that it is women that are the minion enforcers.

      We are taught that women have more empathy but I refute that. In so many areas, women do not look out for the good of others but instead persecute. I have called this fear of scary penis and the patriarchy.

      Look back at history and see who the minions were that formed the movement to promote radical circumcision (Biblical circumcision was not radical) of boys in the 1890s through the 1910s. Look at the present world where women routinely use the family courts to extract onerous financial support during divorce and spin stories of the ‘bad man’ such that a father can no longer have contact with his children. Some men are bad but not the high percentage of men that are reamed.

      Frivorce with cash and prizes to enslave and control men. This is the minion class that became the tools of the elite plan to destroy the family, with the police state as enforcers.

  • silverguru

    7 you are way way way above my pay grade on this one partner. I can say from personal experience, I walked down the isle twice, both times with top notch women. The reason for the second time was my own infidelity with the first. I got my butt kicked in court & deserved it. But, I have written some papers in my spare time on “the natural order of things”, and used biblical verse for reference. Bottom line the natural order of things between a man & a woman has been or is trying to be torn apart. To what end, again is above my pay grade.

    I will say that the best advice my dad ever gave me was get your marriage & family right it is the toughest job & the most satisfying job you will ever have. He went on to say you will notice men who have great marriages can be making low wage & have jerks for bosses, and yet they will be happy. On the other side of the coin you will see guys making plenty of money owning fine things, but married to a witch & they are miserable. Get the marriage right son, and be prepared marriage ain’t no easy nor perfectly smooth ride. I think he is right, but easier said than done of course.

    The biggest problem I have with the entire argument is, who is at fault? Extremely powerful overlords, mind altered women against the natural order of things, or & this is a tough one, men for not saying ‘NO’ long ago & kicking some butt. And, that is where it goes above my pay grade. All I know is the simple natural order that the Bible teaches works, and somewhere we got off that simple premise. Was it starting before my time in the first half of the 20th or after or who knows when? Was it orchestrated possibly? All above my pay grade, it is tough enough for me keeping SG straight.


  • 7man


    This topic is not above my pay grade.

    Since my ex divorced me, perjured herself and almost every person involved in the legal system was a woman, and I can no longer see my daughters because they all believed my ex’s hysterics, I studied marriages, relationships, men and women. I have formed a theory of behavior that takes into account foundational issues, hormonal contraceptives, sexual repression, infidelity, and struggling marriages. In a nutshell, if the foundation is biologically wrong then there is no fix.

    I have developed this and jointly tested it with my future wife. I have never seen anyone else fit the pieces together. None of it is contrary to traditional Christianity or Catholicism but it is so radical in the modern world that few can accept it. The reason for that is they would have to accept personal responsibility for their personal errors and change their viewpoint.

    The use of hormonal contraception actually sows the seeds of marital strife since the biological attraction (that draws two compatible people together) was subverted and the two should not have married. This lead to her unhappiness, sexual repulsion, his begging for sexual intimacy and her acting like a shrew. The result is that men (and women) in their dissatisfaction are prone to affairs.

    How does this relate to economics? The family is the foundation of society and if that is subverted then civilization will fall.

    Read Genesis 3 since we are philosophically repeating it. Woman was made for man and an ‘unclaimed’ or defiant woman is unpredictable (insecure and unhappy).

    Men have failed to LEAD and note that Valentine’s day can aptly be called male supplication day in our modern world.

    I respect you and would appreciate if “V” gave you my email address so we can privately correspond.

    • 7man

      Husband asks wife, “Can we buy some silver?
      Wife replies, “That is stupid.”

      He knows if he does it anyway, there is no sex. This means she has VETO power and it is a femDOM marriage.

      This is an illustration of the modern world. But when the SHTF, he is still responsible.

      Just imagine the strife and marital violence that will transpire as things go bad and the man must keep checking with her before he makes a decision (and she is clueless).

      God designed men to LEAD, take responsibility for the outcome and consider all under his care. Mankind cannot subvert the sexual component of mating, which is based on biological attraction, without societal collapse.

  • silverguru

    7, I completely concur the family is one of the primary earthly foundations of properly functioning societies, with the teachings through our souls via the hoy spirit. And, to be real honest I hate to say I never thought of it as helping to break down the foundations of an economy functioning with true freedom and civil respect (subverting civilization). But, ‘by jimminny’ you are most certainly on to something…


  • silverguru

    That should read holy spirit